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That’s it. I’m leaving. Sleeping with the other girls was one thing but sleeping with Cassandra was another. I couldn’t bear to do such a thing as that. I hadn’t the guts to do it and I’m certainly not going to do it.

Cassandra didn’t bother to search for me after I escaped from her room.

I thought I had outsmarted her but I was wrong. I had packaged my last things and was on the verge of leaving the Covent when I paused at the gate.

It was locked with a big padlock. I was devastated. I stared at the padlock and the padlock stared at me.

What the hell is going on here? I almost yelled.

Cassandra must’ve guessed I was going to leave the Covent and probably expose to the public the things we did in her room.

So she had me trapped in this Covent. The walls were too high and risky to climb. The only way out was through this big gate and only one person had that key.

Cassandra and possibly the old man but I haven’t seen the old man for sometime now. He only comes to supply the Vegetables and firewood then it’d take another three weeks before he returns.

Meaning I was trapped here. What was Cassandra up to? I asked myself as I walked back to my stable, burning in rage. Did she just want a sexual mate or was she just trying to drive me crazy.

I paced up and down my room, thinking of the best way to get out of this covent. It was bad enough that I had six sexually active girls on my heels already and Cassandra topping that list was ten times worse.

I wouldn’t last long if I continued this way.

I’d had my fun. Now was the time to leave. If I can’t leave, then I won’t sleep with any of the girls. When next they come, I’d let them know they are not incharge of my body.

But if I’d thought I’d get away with that, then I was horribly wrong. That night, as expected, the girls sneaked out of their rooms to come get their daily dose of their sexual medicine. I stood my ground and made them to understand bluntly that I’m wasn’t going to do anything stupid with them that night.

The girls stared at me confused. I had never resisted before. Whenever they stripped naked as usual, I’d relax and let them have their fun but today I was resistant to their nakedness.

I wouldn’t even let them touch me.

I made them to understand through my gestures that I’m in charge of the show now and there was nothing they could do about it.

” What do we do now?” One of the girls asked, seeing I was being stubborn and determined.

Mary frowned. ” Then we’ll force him. I’m Soo h---y right now I need to get his d*ck inside me. If he isn’t going to comply then we’ll force him to.”

” But he’ll shout,” Sandra exclaimed.

” Use your head, foolish girl,” Mary barked. ” He’s deaf and dumb. He won’t be able to make a sound.”

I was shocked to my bone marrow. I was like, seriously? These girls are really going to rape me?

And they did.

They raped me. Believe me, I struggled, I punched, I pushed I scratched but these girls overpowered me and pinned me down. They each took turns at me until they were satisfied. Then they left me.

I couldn’t stand. I laid down on the ground, paralyzed and weak. My sperm tank was nearly empty. If they’d gone one more round, I would’ve died.

The next morning, I stole a bag of milk from the kitchen and drank four cups of milk. I didn’t step out that day. I locked myself in the stable.

I was going to die. I could see it now. I have to get out of here.

From now on, I was going to be raped and once I was overpowered and my sperm drops to zero, I’ll only ejaculate blood and I’ll die.

This was a mistake. I have to leave. I would’ve contacted Jide but I had no phone with me. No phones were allowed here.

If I was going to survive, then there was only one option. I was going to confess to the public. I was going to tell the girls that I wasn’t deaf and dumb. Maybe if they saw me for what I truely was and my mission, then they’d let me leave the Covent.

But that was stupid. They’d kill me. Once they knew I could speak and hear, then they’d get rid of me. They can’t bear to have their images damaged.

So that plan is out.

What if I commit an offense like Jide that’d have me sacked? Yes that was an option but the only person Superior to get me sacked was Cassandra and she was just as perverted as those other girls.

This was serious. I had to leave but how.

Just then, I heard someone coming. It was a lady with a tray of food, my lunch.

She set it down and left. I was hiding when she came in. As she left I came out from my hiding place and ravaged the food like a hungry lion.

Suddenly, I started feeling dizzy and sleepy. I felt my eyes growing heavy and before I knew it, I fell to the ground and dozed off. The last thing I saw was the same lady who’d brought my food approaching me where I laid.


I was in Cassandra’s room when I woke up. I was on her bed and I was tied to the bed post. Both my hands and legs were tied down. Someone had placed a piece of cloth in my mouth to gag me from screaming.

I became scared.

What in God’s name is going on? Why I’m I here?

I struggled to break free but the ropes were new and strong.

Someone came into the room. It was Cassandra. She was in her black and white flowing gown.

She walked up to me and stared into my eyes. ” So you wanted to run didn’t you?”

I didn’t say anything.

She placed her finger and ran it down my chest. ” Don’t worry, your secret is safe with me.”

I was like, what secret?

She got up and walked up to her cupboard where she drew out a roll of satchet milk and a cup of water.

She placed them on the bedside and turned to face me. ” I knew you weren’t deaf and dumb. I also knew you sleep with the girls. I’ve known this day would come. But don’t worry. I’ll take it easy with you. Right now, your sperm tank is empty. I’ll make sure you get enough food and meal. You won’t have to do anymore hard job. Your only job now, is to put your devil into my hell.”

I was blown away. I was electrified. Just then, the bell ranged. Cassandra got up and moved to the door, ” see you tonight.”

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