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The Nunnery

Cassandra was in her office, waiting for me. I had just made it back in time before the early morning mass started that Sunday morning.

After Mass, I wore my mask and went for my meeting with Cassandra.

She sat behind her desk and gazed at me through her tiny little spectacles.

” I know you are dumb and can’t speak. But I hope you can understand what I’m about to say to you,” she spoke, gesturing to me. ” I have observed you for a very long time and I’ve discovered something.”

I became startled. Had she suspected anything?

“The Covent cleaner is dead. She died last night from a heart attack. It’s such a great loss to us. May her soul rest in peace. For now, we are limited on working staffs. It takes a hell of time to get someone trustworthy before employment for this is a covent. I’ve been watching you and I must say, I’m impressed at how hard-working you are. Therefore I’m going to let you fill in the position for our late cleaner until we employ someone new.”

To say I was surprised was an understatement.

I was blown away. Does this means I get to clean up the house and the ladies rooms?

It was insane. I had to looked the way I was looking to show her how confused I was about the whole thing.

Cassandra shrugged. ” I know why I gave you that job. You can’t do the girls any harm. Besides I spoke to a good number of them about you and I learnt they hate you. I’ve instructed them to always keep their intimate things out of sight before you start cleaning their rooms. Moreover, you’ll only Clean their rooms when they are at class or prayers. Other than that, you maintain your usual job of firewood chopping and gardening.”

I gestured that I understood her.

She nodded. ” One more thing. Don’t get any funny ideas. If for any reason it is reported to me that you are getting intimate with the girls, I’ll not only fire you, I’ll have you locked away In jail.”

I nodded. At the back of my mind I was thinking about her. There was something funny about this lady. For giving me such a strict job of cleaning the girls room, rose my suspicion.

I began my new job the next day. Whenever the girls were t class o prayers, I cleaned their rooms. There were over a hundred rooms in all. It was a miracle how fast it took me to clean up before the girls returned.

Its amazing what you can see in a girls hostel. I had originally thought boys were the most dirty set of human beings ever created but I was wrong. These girls were not good home keepers.

They had obeyed the mother Superior for one thing. That’s keeping their underwears and bras away from my sight.

When the girls saw me leaving their already cleaned rooms, they began talking amongst themselves.

Later in the evening, I learnt that some of the girls were begining to like me. Even Cassandra was pleased with my work. Her room was the only room I haven’t cleaned but I didn’t mind because I wasn’t interested in her.

It’s been two days now and I haven’t seen nor heard from Mary or Sandra.

I was glad though.

Don’t get me wrong, those girls were lions.

The way they craved for sex these days scares me. I now took a lot of milk inorder to help with my sperm production.

The one thing Sandra and Mary loves more than anything is me releasing inside them. Sometimes I get worried they might get pregnant but it seems like they must’ve been very calculative of their monthly flow.

Perhaps they’re on their period now. Thank God.

Then it happened.

On a Saturday afternoon, I was cleaning Mary and Sandra’s room. Then the door locked and Sandra and Mary came out from their hiding place and fell on me.

This was too risky. Class was almost over and the other girls would soon be back any moment from now.

But Sandra and Mary didn’t consider that risk. They were too h---y to think.

And Soo these two girls had their fun with me. Unknown to us, four girls from class were walking down the pavement. One of them heard Mary’s moaning and she tiptoed to peek.

Suprised at what she found, she signaled to the other girls and they gathered around.

They watched us as Mary and Sandra rode me. They were still watched us as I spill my creamy seed into their mouths.

” We must tell mother Superior about this,” they whispered amongst themselves.

” Wait,” one of them spoke. ” I have a better idea.”


” We won’t tell on you unless you two agree to our terms,” one of the girls said to Mary.

” It’s not as enjoyable as you may think,” Mary lied, trying to find a way to discourage them. ” It’s really painful. You might even bleed from your private part.”

” Don’t play dumb with us,” another girl spoke. ” We know you two were having fun. We just want to experience this pleasure as well. If you two can’t share, then we’re telling on you.”

Mary and Sandra had no other choice but to agree.

Meanwhile, I was sleeping peacefully in the stable while all these were happening.

Next thing I knew, I heard movements and turning, I saw six girls standing around me. They all told me to be quiet and they began stripping themselves off their clothes.

Mary and Sandra were standing at the doorway, keeping guard.

I looked at Mary and frowned. She shrugged sadly. ” I guess we all have to share you with them.”

I almost cried.

I tried to get up but they held me down and Sandra and Mary helped the first girl in obtaining her disvirginity.

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