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The Nunnery

” What happened back there?” Sandra asked as she and Mary sneaked back into their room.

Mary sighed and began cleaning herself up. ” I don’t know but it was such an experience. I’ve never felt anything Soo amazing and satisfyingly since I was born.”

Sandra fell on the bed and stared fixedly at her. ” But you were crying. After everything, you started bleeding underneath you.”

” I’ve cleaned up,” Mary said. ” He released something hot inside of me. I don’t know what it is but I don’t care. I’m going to do it again tomorrow.”

Sandra looked suprised. ” Tomorrow? Won’t you get caught?”

” I would be careful. I need to get more of those white milky stuff inside me again. It felt soo good. What about you?”

” Me?” Sandra asked. ” I’m not going to join you in commiting such an offense like that. I’m going to confession in the morning.”

” Suit yourself,” Mary said and laid down to sleep. She sighed with satisfaction. ” This is the best thing that has ever happened to me.”

Sandra laid down too but she didn’t sleep. She kept thinking about what happened at the stable. And just when Mary fell fast asleep, she began feeling some really strong sexual urge.

Her hands went to her panties and she rubbed softly. It sent a stabbing pain of pleasure throughout her body.


Mary was a horse. She was insatiable. At the cool of the evening, when everyone else had gone for evening mass, she’d sneak out to be with me in the stable. Sandra was no where to be found at such time. I guess she was too scared to take such risks. I wasn’t complaining.

I was happy to have Mary with me

I had just taken a bath and was in about putting my clothes on when she came in. I didn’t see her sneaking up on me

The next thing I knew, she’d descended on me, grabbing my p*nis. Stroking it with a big smile on her face.

I tried breaking away from her but she held me tighter. ” Come on, I know you want it.”

Ofcourse I want it. But isn’t this very risky? I mean, anyone could step in here at any moment. It’s not dark enough.

I tried to guesture to her that it wasn’t safe but Mary was soo h---y to reason that out. She pushed me on the bed and saddled me.

” I want to feel you inside me,” she said, not caring that I was deaf and dumb, literally. ” Give me your milk.”

Milk? I have no milk.

Then I remembered last night. Ohhh, that milk.

But I can’t do anything with her now. I don’t want to get into trouble. I became stubborn and struggled out of her weight.

Then everything became more complicated. Mary, seeing that I was going to be difficult, smuggled me into her room.

Sandra was praying when I came in. She stiffened and started up to her feet the moment she saw me.

This was awkward and I didn’t like the idea of staying with these nuns in their room.

” What is he doing here?” Sandra asked.

” Shhhh,” Mary giggled and began dragging me close to her. ” I’m sure you wouldn’t mind, Sandra.”

” Mind?” Sandra exclaimed. ” Are you out of your mind?”

But Mary wasn’t listening. She was busy removing my trousers.

” Mary,” Sandra protested. ” I’m praying.”

” Then go ahead and pray,” Mary said, smiling as she brought out my d*ck. ” Hmm… I wonder what would happen if I put this in my mouth.”

” Mary!” Sandra exclaimed.

” Mmm hmmm?” Mary purred. Wrapping her mouth around the cap of my d*ck.

Sandra looked away and frowned. She fell on her bed and covered her ears with her pillow.

Mary was busy. I couldn’t believe my luck. Here was I in a nun’s Room getting a BJ by Mary.

I felt my p*nis doubling in size.

” What a size. It tastes nice,” Mary laughed looking over to Sandra. ” Won’t you join us?”

Sandra didn’t answer. Just then, she turned and looked at us.

I was standing over Mary as she furiously got herself out of her clothes. She drew me close and spread her legs wide open for me on the bed.

I went inside her without stress and I heard her catched her breath.

I began bouncing on Mary’s bed. Mary held a piece of clothes between her teeth to stiffled herself from moaning too loudly.

Mary’s bed was a spring bed soo we made a lot of noise as we got lost in our love making.

Squeak, squeak, squeak, squeak!

Sandra watched us for as long as we rode each other. Then we exploded and fell down in perspiration.

Mary hugged me close to herself and closed her eyes. She was satisfied and I felt really grateful. I was way too tired to do anything. I just wanted to sleep.

Mary made sure I stayed around. She and Sandra both went for evening mass, locking me inside the room. When they returned, Mary had some food wrapped in a polythene bag.

Mary watched me as I ate. She also brought out a carton of malted drinks and gave me two bottles.

From the looks on Mary’s face I was certain there was going to be more lovemaking tonight.

Her father must be a wealthy man for she and Sandra shared the most nicest things. They had sexy pink night gowns, expensive wrist watches, necklaces and beautiful wallpapers that hanged on the walls. They even had their own private bathroom.

I couldn’t imagine why a girl like her would chose to live in a covent.

Mary and I took our bath together. She washed me and I washed her as well. She seemed happy and she whispered to me as we bath.

” Sometimes, I wish you could talk.”

I didn’t say anything because I knew my silence was more appreciated.

Before long, I was sleeping peacefully on top of Mary. She insisted I sleep on her body for she wanted to feel my head on her br**sts.

All these while, Sandra would just look away from us with a righteous scares look on her face.

By midnight, I bagan feeling some movement on my body. Someone was stroking my manhood.

I looked down and to my shock, I saw Sandra.

She shooked her head at me, gesturing me not to make a noise inorder not to wake Mary.

She moved hastily without making a sound. She climbed upon me and fixed my joystick into her. It went in without friction. I then noticed the Vaseline in her right hand.

She winced in pain as she rode me. She put a cloth between her teeth to aviod Making a noise.

But that didn’t stop the spring bed from making some creaking noise.

I thought of sleeping Mary. She’s probably deep in sleep by now.

” What is going on here?” Mary asked.

Sandra and I turned sharply. Mary was up and awake. She had a frowning scowl on her face.

” So you’re stealing my stuff from me, eh?”

” I wasn’t….” Mary stuttered. ” I just….come on…you can’t just….can’t you just share?”

Mary smiled. ” Share? Hold the phone, weren’t you the one pretending just a while ago–”

” I was stupid. Can I have him. I can’t take it anymore. He feels soo good inside me.”

” Well, it’d cost you,” Mary said thoughtfully.

” How much?”

” Your diamond necklace. I want it Soo badly.”

Sandra sighed. ” Alright you can have it. But at least can I move my hips?”

” Sure,” Mary giggled and joined Sandra in helping her in the rituals of disvirginity.


The next morning, as I chopped firewood for breakfast, I received a disturbing news. I am to have a meeting with Cassandra, that is the mother Superior.

I have no idea why I was called up but I had a bad feeling it wouldn’t be something good.

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