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I reluctantly packed the clothes to the compound and was set to wash them,I was so pained cus I never planned such a life for myself,I never knew aunty Stella could be so mean and wicked to me,God u really need to intervene….. Musa interrupted my thoughts….

Musa:keji,y u kon pack cloth for front like mountain koo?

Me:musa pls is too early ok,just go back to your post.

Musa:wallahi keji me no like how madam dey do me koo,she too maltreat me koo,sorry keji ehn.

Me:musa have heard you thanks,you can go now before u talk me to death.

Musa:ok nah keji.

Ah this musa self,anyways he is Just trying to care for me,I looked at him leaving and I felt I was about to cry,I hate it when people pity me,it makes me feel bad, at that moment I felt I should be with my family once again, have missed them so much,I can’t imagine a life without them, death why are u so callous, you took 4 loved ones away from me just in a day,why didn’t u kill me too ehn,so you deliberately spared my life to punish me right….

I felt a gentle touch on my shoulder, I looked back to see who it was,James!!!

James:why are u crying.

Me:stammering no…a..m not.

James: but u are ehn,using his hand to caress my shoulder.

I brushed his hand from my shoulder.

Me:am not crying thanks.

James:anyways if u say so…. What of your aunt,is she at home?

No wonder she dressed sexily,so it was because of this smh….

James:am talking to you,is she home?

Me:yes sir.

James:OK…..and he walked straight to the main building.

I was just stating at him till he left,so bah because of james Aunty Stella wear bum short,after she go dey call me b---h,who kon be b---h now, Mtcheew I hissed and continue washing the clothes… I was still washing the clothes,then I remembered James was caressing my shoulder earlier,come o,why James dey carees me nah,I hope it is not what am thinking o.I continued with the cloth I was washing, it took me time to finish the washing cus the clothes were much,finally I washed it finish and spread them on the spreading wire in the compound, I washed all the buckets I used in washing and arrange them together, carried them at went to the main building……….

I opened the door without knocking what I saw really shocked me, have forgotten James and aunty Stella was at home, I was shocked I could not even move from where I was…

James hurriedly wore his boxer,even before he could put it on have already seen his d--k,mehn that was the first time I saw a fully grown up man d--k,aunty Stella was also d--n naked,I was seeing in full in view her boobs and everything that made her a complete woman.. .by am finished o,God y didn’t I knock,have forgotten they are inside,but come to think of it here nah sittingroom nah,not bedroom, it wasn’t really my fault,why didn’t they make use of the room instead…..

Aunry Stella:how dare you enter the house without knocking ehn,in an angry tone.

Me:stammering a…m I didn’t know u were in the sitting room.

Aunty Stella:in a more angry tone,you didn’t know or u deliberately came to spy on us?

Me:in a defending tone,no ma I really didn’t mean to,I knelt down begging her to forgive me.

James: baby she might really not know ok,just forgive her.

This one that James is defending me,see the way he is even sweating like goat… See me oo,instead for me to look for a way to scape through aunty Stella punch and slap, am busying looking at James… God…

Aunty stella:in an angry tone, run to your room now idiot.

Before she even finish her statement I ran as fast as my leg could carry me,straight to my room and I shut the door

Me:God am finished today, which kind wahaka is this one now in tears….

I knew I won’t escape Stella’s beating, that made me cry more,after a while I heard the sound of her car moving out of the compound, it seems she wants to go and drop James…

Me:ah,if Stella comes back am nothing but a dead rat,I tried to stop crying but I could not,cus I knew am finished… But wait o,is it really my fault,sitting room no be bedroom nah..but James d--k is big oo,eh so this how this thing use to be… Keji are u but,you are thinking of James d--k,instead of how you will escape Stella’s beating…I slapped myself so as to come back to my senses,cus what I was seeing at that moment was the picture of everything, how James shockingly withdraw his d--k from aunty Stella p---y and hurriedly wore his boxer,I slapped myself again..keji you are really nut….I closed my eyes and decided to sleep,waiting for what’s coming my way.

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