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It was around 10pm aunty Stella came back,have prepared dinner already, bath the kids,feed them and pet them to sleep,I quickly had dinner before she gets back, cus I have that feeling she won’t want to give me food that night, I turned on the TV so as not to sleep off even though I was feeling sleepy,cus I know if she gets back and knock and I don’t open the door quick, nah die be that, I focused on the prog I was watching then I heard a knock at the door…ko…ko..ko

Me:who is that?

Aunty Stella:are you mad?you are asking the owner of the house who is that,if u don’t open this door now ehn u re dead she threatened..

Chai,I don enter am,I ran as fast as I could towards the door,immediately I opened the door,I never even commot my hand from the handle, she landed me a very dirty slap,gbosaa!! At first I thought they were singing jingle bell in my ears…. She pushed me away, I fell on the floor holding my cheek,tears dropping down my check……

Aunty Stella:next time u ask me such stupid question u will be in soup and by the way what are my kids?

Me:still in tears,they are sleeping ma.

Aunty Stella: have u prepared dinner and what did u prepare?

Me:vegetable soup and semovita ma…I was still shaking trying to avoid another slap.

Aunty Stella:so what did my children eat cus they dont eat semo.

Me:I prepared indomie for them ma.

Aunty Stella:with a angry and suspicious face….have u eaten?

Like say I don know I thought in my mind.

Me:no ma,was waiting for your arrival, l lied.

Aunty Stella:God save u,cus u re not eaten in this house tonight, that’s your punishment.

Me:yes ma.

I didn’t even argue with her cus I knew gave eaten to my satisfaction, nah God say make I don chop o,so nah so this woman no go give me food.

Aunty Stella: serve my food, and I don’t want ri see you around, after serving my food carry that your yeye body to your room.

Me:yes ma.

I ran to the kitchen served her food and went to my room, I looked at myself in the mirror again,guess the mirror is my only friend for now, I was in tears cus I knew this is just the beginning, many question crossed my mind,why is aunty Stella treating me this way? Have she been pretending all this while, God u have to save me, my mind flashed back to nurse titi it been a while I saw her, I dont even have a phone talk less of having her number, how do I get to her,or maybe she is busy, I find it hard to sleep that night,I could not sleep but I had to force myself to………

I woke up very early has possible to avoid another problem, it was a Sunday morning, I knew Aunty Stella is not the church type,ever since have gotten to her house we have not gone to church, and I felt I need to go to church that Sunday even though I don’t know which church to go cus an not familiar with the area well enough, but I sha know I will see someone to direct me.I did all the house chores as quick as possible, cooked breakfast,bath the children and feed them, it was about 7:30 but aunty Stella was still sleeping. I decided not to wake her,I made up my mind that when am about leaving I will inform her,I rushed to my room, took my bath,clean my body and put on one of my best cloth long body hugg black gown, thank God she did little shopping for me before she changed to a lion I thought in my mind, I packed my hair neatly tied a scarf round my hair and looked at the mirror, I knew within myself that am what they should call epitome of beauty, I don’t use makeup,I don’t even like it,it makes me uncomfortable, I cleaned my leather sandal, put it own,I didn’t have a Bible, I just picked up my small purse and ran to the sitting room on getting there I met aunty Stella, oops she is already awake,good timing I said to myself, aunty Stella was looking gorgeous that morning, it Seems she is expecting someone,probably one of those her sex partner,she wore a bum short, and a Short crop top,she packed her ponytail neatly,I must be sincere with u she is d--n pretty……..

Me:good morning aunty.

Aunty Stella:and where are you going.

She no even reply my greeting nawa o.

Me:am going to church ma,just wanted to inform you.

Aunty Stella:and who gave u the right to do whatever u like in this house a harsh tone…

Me:confused…. Ma today is Sunday ma.

Aunty Stella:ehn ehn I think say nah Friday before I open my eyes ehn fly to your room now.

Me:yes ma.

I was about running, but she called me back angrily.

Aunty Stella:idiot come back here.

Me:confused…yes ma.

Aunty Stella:shebi is because you don’t have work to do thats y u feel u can leave the house anytime u want abi,since you don’t have what to do, go to my room pack all the dirty cloths and wash them… Idiot.

Me:OK ma.

Chai what’s with this woman now ehn,I reluctantly Went to her room packed all the cloths including her children own,packed then to the compound to wash, for how long will I continue like this God?

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