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Crazy Nun - S01 E30

Story 7 months ago

Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 30


I knew that something wasn’t right the moment I saw Miriam with Catherine at the club house.

I knew something was up Even after bumping into Miriam on my way out of Elisa’s Chambers.. and when Catherine Came looking for her, I saw that as an opportunity to sneak out.

After going back to the main club, it wasn’t long before I saw Elisa Walk in too. She’s out of her Chambers meaning Skylar is alone in the room. Does that mean his treat has begun? I couldn’t save my thoughts as I left my seat over to ask Elisa and she gave me a positive answer… His treat has started.

I thereafter went back to my seat. I’m no longer in the mood to dance. I just got busted by Miriam and I do not know what to do. I haven’t told Samantha yet, she doesn’t know anything about Miriam’s presence and I don’t intend to spoil her mood.

I must do something about this. I gotta find out why Catherine Brought Miriam here.

Thirty minutes later

I had this disturbing urge to check out on Miriam. What’s she still doing in the club ?? It’s thirty minutes past and I haven’t seen her.

Or wait….

Did Catherine bring her along for the treat. What is she up to?

I couldn’t wait longer to have a fill of my thought. I took with me my purse and phone….walking out of the club to check on something.

I walked into the passage began checking the rooms for Catherine. Everyone is in the club house except Carla, Catherine , Skylar and miriam.. it’s sure to me that Carla and Catherine are with Skylar for his treat. What about miriam…

I’ve searched every other rooms and she isn’t there.

What if she’s Among the girls treating Skylar? I thought.

I need to go and check on that.

I walked over to Elisa’s Chambers… Pondering on what I’m about to do. I have this feeling that something is fishy. If I decide to knock, won’t I be disturbing their peace? There’s no noise coming out from the room. Is that supposed to be so?

I exhaled deeply and knocked repeatedly but there was no response. I knocked again and again till I finally forced my way in…..

Just to Meet the greatest shock of my life.


Lord Skylar is on the floor unconscious so also is Miriam. And there are some broken bottles on the floor.. what actually happened here?

Where the hell is Carla and Catherine? And why did Catherine leave Miriam here?

Well that’s not my problem. I think I just found a way to play my own game.

Miriam already knows what I do here. And sh will surely report to the authority when she comes back from her visit.

I brought out my phone…..

It’s time to blackmail pretty Miriam… Before she does Same to me…



My head stings! I felt an ache the moment I opened my eyes.

What Happened? I’m on the floor…. Not just on the floor, I’m in a man’s arms who also was lying unconscious. Why am I on the…

Oh God! Catherine!!!

I gasped, flinching away from the unconscious man As reality struck me hard. She had lured me here only to use me?

I stared at my naked self. I’m just on my pant and bra… How the hell did I get myself into this?

Catherine is nowhere to be found. She left me here right in the arms of this man after heartlessly knocking out the both of us. My eyes suddenly became watery… I’m so bittered. I can’t stay much longer here. It’s almost Dawn and I do not intend to complicate things by getting caught here.

Chat MartinMartino on zero eight one eighty thirty fourteen twenty one to be added to his whatsapp group

So I picked up my dress and wore also my sandals. I can’t take the main door out of this place. I could use the window instead. I walked over to the window and opened it… I stopped almost immediately.. just one more thing to do..

I walked closer to the sleeping man and kicked his face. He unconsciously let out a groan.

“That’s for stripping me off my clothes” i spat out before finally jumping out through the window.

This place is sh|t ! I ran as soon as I was out. It’s almost Dawn. Once the morning Ray’s appear, I’ll look for a way to call my mom to come pick me. Cause right now. I’m definitely stranded. I do not know any place around here. I thought within myself as I squatted under a tree.

Far away from the clubhouse.

TWO hours Later

My mom didn’t say a word to me when she arrived to pick me up. My head was bent low all through the drive home.

Yes, I went to a call center and dialed our house number and with the description from people, I told her where I was.

When we finally got home, I had this feeling to just go straight over to Catherine’s apartment , bring her out and beat the daylight out of her. But shocking enough, she wasn’t at home.

I later on narrated everything to my mom. And she felt really bad.

“So sorry Miriam”

That was the only thing she sadly said to me through out the day.

I felt utterly bad and guilt eluded me. I shouldn’t have listened to Catherine. She definitely is bad News.

But Still, I got to find out something there…

Patley is a stripper. That’s the reason for their absence every night from the convent. Though I didn’t see Samantha bit u have this strong feeling she was there too.



It’s finally the day I’m to go back to the convent. I patiently waited for the convent bus to come pick me up but there was no sigh of it.

I patiently waited till evening but no convent Bus came. My mom offered to drive me there herself after much pleading from her.

I kissed Baby Paula goodbye and she couldn’t help crying. I’m so gonna miss them. I promised her that I’ll be back soon. That was the only way she stopped crying. My mom was sad too but she tried to hide it and be happy. I’m not too happy I’m leaving them either. I just hope I come back soon for another visit.

Thirty minutes Later

After dropping me, my mom drove back home.

This is me now. I breathe in as I stared at the big convent gate with my bag firmly on my hand. The gate is always open so it saved me Alot if stress.

I guess they forgot I’ll be coming back today. Maybe that’s why the convent bus never showed up. It’s already few minutes past six.

I walked in and everywhere was calm. Sister mag and old Audrey weren’t in their various offices. No one was on sight. So I decided to check on them in the hall. My guess was good as right , I thought within as I pushed open the door.

They are all here. My sisters.

The noise from the door drew their attention…the sisters turned to face me. And their mumblings increased.

“What are you doing here miriam?” Old Audrey spoke out in Anger… Walking over to where I stood.

“I’m back As you can see…” I retorted with a smile.

“You are no longer welcome here.. since you have proven to be a worker of Satan himself.” She spat out.

“W–what do you Mean? I don’t understand… What offence have I committed??” I arched in puzzlement.

What is wrong with old Audrey?

“Let me save your guesses… Patley please come and show this slut the exact thing you showed us”

Old Audrey frowned..


Where is that coming from???

I gawked at patley as she came closer… Holding something on her hand..

What is going on here???




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