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Crazy Nun - S01 E29

Story 6 months ago

Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 29


“I’ve been looking all over for you Miriam… I thought I told you not to come out??” She ranted out with her palm on her forehead.

“I…I was actually ….I….”

I stuttered, unable to find a suitable excuse for my disobedience.

“Miriam let’s go…”

“No please wait… I need to talk to her ..”

I cut in .

“Who?” She arched

She’s asking who? Can’t she see someone behind me?

“Patle….” My voice trailed off the moment I turned and couldn’t find her.

“Where did she go??…” I asked in puzzlement.

“She left Miriam. You didn’t notice”

Christ! I didn’t even notice.. how stupid

“Come with me. We have to go back to the dress-room”

She uttered, gesturing her hand towards me.

I sighed out and took some steps towards her.

“Why do I have to stay in the dress-room? Can’t we just go home? I’ve seen enough already…” I trailed off. Getting obviously tired of everything.






She’s tired already? She wants to go home?

We haven’t even accomplished the purpose she’s here with me and she’s already tired?

“Just one more thing to do Miriam and we’ll go home in no time.” I replied trying as much as possible to calm her down.

She let out a nod which caused a relief in me. We were about taking a U-TURN when Elisa chamber’s door opened…

I quickly stood in front of Miriam in order to Block her from Elisa’s view.

“Catherine you’re ready?” She trailed off…. The moment she set her eyes on me. Bet she was surprised to see me.

“Yes I am Elisa ….” I faked a cheeky smile.

“Hmm? Who’s that behind you?..” she asked stretching her face to see who it was.

I perfectly hid Miriam behind my back so she wouldn’t see her face.

“Uhn… My friend… My good friend Elisa” I retorted.

“Oh I see??” She arched in a questioning way…

“Skylar is ready for his treat. I’ll go fetch Carla ….

“Oh no no…. Let me fetch her myself. I think I saw her a while ago…”

I cut into her words. I don’t want any one to suspect what I did to Carla.

“Ohkay. Go get her then. I’ll be in the main club. Guess I’ve missed Alot” she nodded with a wierd smile before walking out of my sight.

I watched till she was finally out of view.

Crap! That was close… I breathe out then turned to Miriam.

“Now, this is why you are here” … I smiled

“Uhn??” She arched…

“Why were you his hiding me from that lady? Not like I’m scared of her anyway”

She twirled her eyes.

“I know you aren’t… No more questions now. Just come with me”

I pulled her along into Elisa’s Chambers

Where do we start from? I smiled, staring at the half-naked Skylar lying sheepishly on the bed with a wide-chicken grin on his face.

If only he knew what I planned already for him. He won’t be so excited about this.

“What do we have here..” he smacked his lips.

“Your that Lord Skylar..” I gave out a slutty laugh leaving the Ever-confused MIRIAM over to Lord Skylar’s bed.

“What are we doing here Catherine??”

The confusion in her voice wasn’t hidden at all. I sighed out. It isn’t her fault. Bet she hasn’t seen man barely on clothes before.. though Skylar isn’t totally naked, he’s without a shirt…

I can’t really tell for his waist cause he has a blanket covering down there to his legs.

I took close steps towards Miriam and all I could sense was tension…

“Just play along Miriam” I whispered into her ears.

“Catherine I don’t…

“Sshh…. Do as I say Miriam..it’s no big deal… Just follow my lead sweetheart” I whispered closely to her and she breathe out a sigh of relief.


I found it very difficult to concentrate on Skylar for two reasons

1. Skylar finds Miriam so attractive and he wants her so bad. He has forcefully stripped her off her clothes leaving her in just her pant and bra.

2. Miriam isn’t flowing well with all of This… I could sense fear in her eyes. It’s all my fault I didn’t drag her down here to get laid by this idi0t.

She’s just a cover-up and I do not like the way he’s touching her either.

So I’ve concluded. Skylar gets no treat from me. I’m pushing through with my plan.

I got hold of an empty bottle and smashed it on Skylar’s head which made him fall on the floor… Unconscious.

I quickly covered Miriam’s mouth to shut her up from screaming.

But she didn’t get my point. She’s just too stubborn. Her muffled screams were still loud and I didn’t know how else to calm her down. I don’t want to get caught in between this mess. And I fear Miriam’s scream will just lead suspicious eyes down here.

She left me no choice… I hit her hard on her face with my fist and she passed out too.

I gently laid her on the floor. Not too close to Skylar.

“I’m so sorry Miriam” I whispered softly..

It’s just me from here. She was never part of this plan ..

Without hesitation, I went into Skylar’s bag and grabbed as much valuables I could grab. His wristwatch wasn’t left out.

I made sure to leave no dime/money behind..

I cleared up all his jewelries..and stucked them into a bag… With caution,

I made out with everything through the window…

Without being seen by anyone..






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