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Crazy Nun - S01 E31

Story 6 months ago

Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 31


I gawked as she came closer holding something on her hand.

What’s going on here?

I stared in puzzlement.

“Please can I have the pictures?” Old Audrey asked.

“Here” patley handed her some photos which Audrey took and showed me.


This is the photo of me lying on the floor with that man at the clubhouse. He was holding me close to himself as we laid both oblivious of our environment.

I stared in shock as my mouth dropped open.

“Speechless huh?” Old Audrey arched

“This is not true. This is Definitely a lie!”

I yelled. Slapping the photos away from her hand.

“A lie? This is an evidence of your dirty act. Lying half naked with a man at a clubhouse. Someone took these photos and sent it straight to patley.

Someone who knows you as a nun.”

“Someone ? What someone?? I can swear that Patley took these pictures herself cause she was there same time with me at the club house. I bumped into her there and guess what? She was liasing with some person’s on how to kidnap the pope!!”

I last out and they all started laughing…

Why are they laughing?? I’m saying the truth for chrissake..! This is no joke!

“I’m not lying okay. Patley is …

“Shut it miriam. You tryna play one of your dirty pranks on us right??” Old Audrey cut in.

“No no no….this isn’t a prank. Patley is a stripper. She sneaks out every night with Samantha to the clubhouse. She strips for the public. She strips for money! She is the one you’re supposed to question… Not me…”

” O’great.. you wanna implicate Samantha on this too? Aren’t you tired of lies Miriam?? You are just compounding issues.”

“I’m saying the truth..

Stephanie can attest to that. Isn’t that right Steph??” I asked turning over to steph who stared speechlessly at me

“Stephanie you know I’m right.. patley and Samantha always sneak out of the convent.. you and I know that. You told me so remember?”

I stared breathlessly at Stephanie’s shaky lips.. just a word from her would save me from this mess. .her eyes drifted to patley,. And then to me.

.”Steph tell them I’m not lying…you alone know I’m saying the truth” I added…

Everyone’s eyes drifted to Stephanie and she gulped hard.

“…I… I don’t know what you’re talking about.. miriam”

“What??” I gawked speechlessly at her.

Has she suddenly forgotten she called me few days back complaining about patley and Samantha’s sneaky night walks?

“Steph Don’t do this … You know…

“Enough Miriam! Don’t try imposing her with something she knows nothing of”

Sister Mag cut in

“I know what I’m saying… She called me ..

“Can’t you see she’s just exasperating? The picture with me tells everything. A week away from the convent and see what she has turned into.”

Patley spoke out waving the photos in the air.

“Why are you doing this Pat? Why not tell everyone here the truth about who you truly are?? You are a stripp…

“No miriam… I have the evidence here with me. You are the slut here. A cheap dirty, meany, crazy slut at that!”

I didn’t think twice before landing a dirty slap on her face for the rubbish she just said.

“Miriam! It’s high time you leave the convent”

“What? I should leave? The convent?…. To where??”

The shock on my face wasn’t hidden.

“You no longer belong…you are no longer a Nun at the St Mathews cathedral..”

“Excuse me …” Patley excused herself out of the Hall.. rubbing her bruised Face..

No one paid her attention as they all focused on me”

“Patley is…

“Leave patley out of This.. you got your own pound of flesh by slapping her.. knowing full well she’s telling the truth. You must leave now … This place is no longer your home”

“Where would I go then?? Where do you expect me to go from here? It’s getting darker by the minute.. please I’m not what you think I am…”.

I cried out .. tears falling freely from my eyes.

Everywhere was calm. I guess my last statement touched them cause I rendered old Audrey speechless..

I sniffled uncontrollably.

“Go back to your man .. go back to wherever you are coming from” old Audrey finally spoke out.

Is she for real??? My man?? I don’t even know sh°t about him…

“Alright…” I breathe in… I’m done arguing.. it’s pointless. Patley has evidence.. I have none..

I wiped off my tears.. picked up my bag and turned to face Steph… She immediately avoided my eyes..

“I understand…” I slowly nodded at her..

I do not know why she denied flat ever calling me .. but…. I understand.

I stared at the whole of them one last time before heading out of the Hall.

Where do I go from here??? I think I better find a way to call mom.

At Least, all hope isn’t lost yet.

Maybe if I walk a few metres from here, I might come across a call center.

I thought within as I stepped out of the gate.

I stared once more at the convent.

Guess things doesn’t always work out the way we planned it to.

I sighed out and began my steps out of the premises..

I haven’t taken five steps away when suddenly a black Jeep stopped right in front of me .. before I knew what was going on… Three guys came out from it. It’s a bit dark so I couldn’t see clearly their faces…

I was about screaming for help when I felt something cover my nose ..

The smell was intoxicating and I found myself loosing strength.

Slowly…. I drifted into Oblivion.







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