Crazy Nun [Completed]

3 weeks ago

★★★★ Crazy Nun ★★★★★


Written By:: ngel Louis (Faith Louis Ebirim)




My body is Holy

My mind is Dirty

Miriam Mendez Oliver has lived almost all her life in the convent.

She’s a nun at the St Mathew’s Cathedral in Brooklyn city.

She’s twenty years of age. The youngest and prettiest of all.

Spending twelve years in the convent and been taken care of by the Rev’d sisters didn’t change the fact that she’s naive of the outside world.

She croons to experience this life outside the convent and she’ll definitely stop at nothing to achieve this.

Patley, another sister from the convent is very familiar with the doctrines and Creeds of a nun. To be always pure and holy for the creator.

But her mind has a Creed of it’s own.

Her BODY is Holy

Her MIND is Dirty.

Find out from this interesting story the crazy acts of sister Miriam.

And how her dirty Adventure landed her into a big mess.

Crazy Nun - S01

Crazy Nun - S01

3 weeks ago