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she went inside the sitting room and serve everyone. Alora gulp her own down once” can you see am not Angry with you anymore” Alora said.

“yes I can see it” Tonia replied and also drank hers. Tonia smile to herself. “I will really missed you guys” Tonia said to start a conversation.

“yeah we will missed your troubles also” Alora replied.

“as for me I can’t missed someone like this” Andrew said.

“Andrew you should forgive her also she has realized her mistake and asked for forgiveness” Alora said.

“you said I should forgive this b*tch because you don’t know what she did to me when we are in highschool” Andrew said.

“what did she did to you?” Alora asked. “good question” Andrew replied. “this girl here sent some thug to kidnap me, they kidnap and collected my valuable things because I refuse to have s*x with her” Andrew said.

“Ah that’s very bad” Alora said. “But I later apologize I told you am sorry” Tonia said.

“you’re sorry have you forgotten you asked them to killed me. thanks to one of the thugs, he saved me because I used to help him in his exams” Andrew Said.

“all the same you just have to forgive her, you’re not died” Alora said.

“you know the problem I have with you Alora?” Andrew asked. “no” Alora replied.

“you trust people too much I don’t trust this witch here I can never drink this drink she gave me” Andrew said and went to empty his and Sandra own in the kitchen.

“I can’t drink it also” Xander said and went to empty it in the kitchen since. “you guys can pour the drink away I don’t care” Tonia said.

Mr and Mrs Cole went to there room and Xander come back to take Alora also.

Tonia phone rang and she ran inside her room to picked it. “Hello how’s it?” the caller asked.

“it went well I have poisoned her” Tonia replied. “that’s my girl” the caller said and talk and talk for sometime before they end the call.

Tonia went back to sitting room to watch movies because she’s not feeling sleepy. her eyes came in contact with the cup she drank with.

“wait I put my cup here and Alora put hers here, hope isn’t what am thinking” Tonia said pointing to the center table.

she ran into Alora and Xander room to call Alora. she placed her hand gently on the door and knock.

“who’s there” Xander yelled. “it me Tonia I need to talk to Alora” Tonia said.

“she’s busy” Xander replied. “Don’t mind him am coming” Alora said coming down from the bed.

“you want to escape with style, dawn you Tonia” Xander shouted and Alora burst out laughing.

“I will be right back” Alora said and peck Xander. “am coming with you I don’t trust that girl” Xander said.

“Am here” Alora said. “Erm erm I just want to asked you which cup you drank from within this two cup” Tonia asked.

“what sort of question is that, did you want to do something with it?” Alora asked.

“please just tell me I Know why am asking” Tonia said.

“alright the blue one” Alora said and face Xander and asked “right” “yes” Xander replied and nod his head positively.

“you mean you drank from this cup?” Tonia asked. “yes any problem” Alora replied.

“Am doomed I have finally killed myself” Tonia shouted. “what are you talking about?” Alora asked.

“erm actually” Tonia said. “which one is erm actually” talk to me” Alora shouted.

“The drink was poisoned” Tonia said. “you mean you poisoned her drink?” Xander asked and grab Tonia by her neck.

“please let me explain” Tonia said. “what did you have to explain, you don’t have anything to explain I will kill you first before she die” Xander said strangling her.

Mr and Mrs Cole, Andrew and Sandra ran out when they hear the noise. “what’s happening here?” mistake Cole asked. but no body answered him.

Alora was busy crying on the floor. “Alora darling , what happen who beat you who hurt you?” Mrs Cole asked. but Alora didn’t replied her she keeps crying.

“someone should talk to us now” Mr Cole said. “I….. can’t…. breath…. did you want to kill me before I die” Tonia stammerer.

“Xander please leave her did you want to turn to a murderer?” Mr Cole asked. “I don’t care” Xander replied him. Andrew went and drag Tonia from Xander.

“what have gotten over you Xander” Mrs Cole yelled. “ask her to repeat what she just said” Xander said.

“can’t you tell us yourself?” Mrs Cole asked. “what happen to you why are you crying?” Sandra asked Alora.

“she poisoned my drink, am going to die” Alora said. “no you mean this girl here poisoned your drink?” Sandra asked and grab Tonia by her cloth.

“she didn’t drink it” Tonia said. “she didn’t drink it then who drink it?” Sandra asked still holding her cloth.

“I did” Tonia replied. “are you sure you’re not lieing to us?” Sandra Asked.

“Am not lieing I asked to be sure I didn’t drank the poisoned one but I did” Tonia said. “let take her to the hospital” Alora shouted.

“don’t bother yourself there’s nothing the doctor can do, it’s too late” Tonia said.

“why did you do it why did you poisoned her drink. must you be like your father?” Mr cole asked Angrily.

“someone sent me to it wasn’t my fault entirely. but I kinda deserve this kind punishment” Tonia said.

“who sent you?” Mr Cole asked. “You really wanna know who sent me?” Tonia asked. “yes we wants to know” Mr cole replied.

“Before I say anything I will like to beg Alora she should forgive me, you’re the only one left for my son.

though i have never been a good mother to my child. I blame him because he doesn’t allow me to enjoy my youthful years. I got pregnant out of wedlock.

Xander he is truly your son. and as for the person that sent me it my father, he is not died he his still Alive” Tonia said and everyone gasp. ”

how’s that possible?” Mr Cole asked shocked.

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