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how’s that possible?” Mr Cole asked shocked. “it’s very possible cause there’s nothing money can’t do” Tonia replied him.

“but he’s my family doctor” Mr cole said. “yes my father bribe him” Tonia replied him.

“Why did you came to stay with us when you knew your father is alive?” Mrs Cole asked.

“As for that the doctor called me and inform me my father is in coma that it will takes some years before he recover, he told me not to tell anyone he is still alive cause someone is after his life.

I came to stay with you guys cause I don’t have anywhere else to go” Tonia said.

“but how did you go to visit him that we didn’t know?” Mrs Cole asked.

“I went there twice but the doctor didn’t allow me to see him neither did he tell me who’s after him he told me not to come again until he calls me himself.

I tried all my possible best to see him but all to no avail. but i came across him 6years ago” Tonia said.

“who did you came across?” Mrs Cole asked. “my dad of course. I came across him and was surprised and happy at the same time.

he explained everything to me without leaving a word behind. he told me he wasn’t in coma he did that so you can believe he’s Dead.

he asked me to help him I accept without thinking twice. after all I am my father daughter.

I came back that day to seduce Xander being who he is he fall for it” Tonia said and Alora twist Xander ear.

“ouch baby it hurt, that was then I am now a change person” Xander said.

“did I asked you any questions?” Alora asked. “no” Xander replied. Mrs Cole shake her head and signal Tonia to continue.

“I ran away with my pregnancy when I discovered am pregnant. because I don’t want xander to know.

he will forced me to terminate it if he knew am pregnant then. and I don’t want that. I went to meet my father in Spain I and my father was living happily cause I can’t say we are living happily cause my son is not happy.

I came back when my spy told me Xander now has a girlfriend. we didn’t know is Mr George daughter.

so I decided to come back cause we won’t achieve our aim if Xander has a girlfriend.

Alora is not my father problem. we wanted to killed her because she’s a distraction to me” Tonia said.

“can’t we do something about the poison cause you don’t deserve to die?” Alora asked.

“there’s nothing you can do my dear I kinda deserve it my father have ruin so many lives likewise me, so I deserve it I don’t need you to pity me transfer all the care to my son cause he need it Most.

as for my father we are arresting him tommorow cause I have videos that can send him to death by hanging he doesn’t deserve to Leave either cause I knew by this time tommorow I will be died.

I will make a video before I die cause I knew my father will used my death against you he is very cunny. Tonia said and went inside her room.

“poor girl” Alora said and shake her head. “poor girl indeed, she’s not poor at all she’s a devil incarnate” Andrew said.

Tonia went inside her room and met her ringing phone. “hello how’s it?” the caller asked from the other end.

“it went well she will be died by this time tommorow. just make sure you wait for me in our meeting place” Tonia said.

“Alright my dear take care of yourself” Mr Collins said happily. “Cole think he’s smart he doesnt know I am one head ahead of him” Mr Collins said smiling.

Tonia burst into tears. I am finished I have finally kill myself with greedy. mother where are you?

I really missed you am sure my life won’t be like this if you’re alive but father killed you, yes he killed you so his dirty secrets will be save I am so foolish to follow his step.

I knew all along but I still choose to follow his way I am sorry cause I have

dissapointed you I will see you soon but you’re also at fault because I will be a better person if you’re still alive” Tonia said crying.

“you don’t need to blame the poor woman cause she’s not at fault, you choose to follow your father step which nobody force you to do” Alora said coming to her room.

“you’re right but she would have guide me to the right way if she’s alive” Tonia said.

“you have a point. take a look at me I don’t have a father neither do I have a mother and I behave well. they’re some people that have both parents and still misbehave.

your father didn’t forced you to do it, you did it yourself it’s nobody fault but you choose the path you want.

I really wish there’s a second chance for you” Alora said.

“God have already given me a second chance but I misused it” Tonia said.

“so if Tonia didn’t change the drink I will be the one to die, thank you God for saving me” Alora thought.

“Alora please help me bring Everett I want to be with him before I die” Tonia said.

“alright I will be right back” Alora said and went out. she came back with Everett.

“mum why are you crying?” Everett asked his mother. “cry I am not crying something enter my eyes” Tonia said cleaning her tears.

“come” Tonia said and spread her arm wide open for Everett to come in. Everett was surprised cause her mother haven’t hug him like that before, except she wanna used it for a show.

“I will be in my room” Alora said and went out.

The next day.

They all dressed up and prepare to go. “Alora you are not going with us” Xander said.

“but why?” Alora asked. “if you go with us no one will be with Everett” Xander said.

“I am not going also” Sandra said. “alright hope you have inform the cops?” Alora asked.

“yes we have inform the cops” Xander said and peck her cheeks. “I wish you guys luck please be careful” Alora said and wave at them.

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