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“can you imagine you are here with a bowl of popcorn and this little boy haven’t eaten” Alora said and collect the popcorn from and she empty it on Tonia head.

“How dare you empty popcorn on my head?” Tonia asked Angrily.

“do your worst am ready for it, it obvious you don’t like this child why don’t you give him to me and go your way” Alora said.

“am not going anywhere am here to stay cause Xander is mine” Tonia said. “I am not yours and will never be yours” Xander said.

“Tonia I will advise you to Leave this house cause you’re not different from your father your family is bad luck I don’t care if you’re going with your son or not” Mr Cole said.

“No you shouldn’t let this fool go with him Everett is also Xander child” Alora said.

“Alora you really surprised me you aren’t angry that Xander has a child outside. you’re even fighting for the child that’s not yours” Mrs Cole said.

“mum it Doesn’t matter if Xander has given birth to or not what matters is we are in love with each other” Alora said.

“you’re a very good lady thank you for standing by our son” Mr Cole said.

“it nothing” Alora replied and carried Everett to the Kitchen. “What will you like to eat my darling” Alora asked Everett.

“pancake aunt” Everett said and Alora smiled she put on apron and light the gas.

“Aunt put me down I want to help you” Everett said. “you don’t need to help me sit down and watch you will be the one to cook for us as from Tommorow” Alora said.

and Everett smiled happily. “Aunt can I asked you a question?” Everett asked.

“yeah go ahead” Alora replied. “who are those people in the living room?” Everett asked.

“oh they’re your grandparents your uncle and my sister” Alora explained.

“but that old man didn’t love me” Everett said. “why did you say that?” Alora asked.

“he said my mummy should go away from this place with me” Everett said.

“oh don’t mind him he loves you” Alora said. “please don’t let my mummy take me away from this place” Everett said.

“don’t worry you’re not going anywhere” Alora replied him. “thank you” Everett said and hug her leg.

“what are you two talking about am sure you guys are talking about me” Xander said.

“Everett greet your dad” Alora said. “good evening” Everett greet. Xander open his hand wide open for Everett to come in.

“how are you hope you are okay?” Xander asked. “am okay, did you love me?” Everett asked.

“Ahh this boy have come again with his questions who asked me to come here” Xander lament.

“you need to replied him my dear he needs to know” Alora said.

“Fine I love you, why did you asked?” Xander asked. “I just want to know Everett replied.

“where’s Sandra?” Alora asked. “he is with Andrew in his room” Xander replied.

Xander moved closer to Alora and whisper to her ear am h---y I wanna go out to f--k a b*tch Xander said.

Alora removed the spoon she used to turn the pancake and hit it on his head.

“ouch what have I done?” Xander asked.

“Everett darling I will be right back I wants to show your daddy something in the room” Alora said and drag Xander to the room.

she locked the door. “why are you locking the door?” Xander asked.

“you can call any btch you want inside that room you wanna take what I haven’t tasted to a btch not in this life not when am still alive” Alora said and went inside the kitchen.

Mr and Mrs Cole room his near to Xander room. they heard what Alora said and burst into laughter. “this girl is drama” Mr cole said between laughter.

At night.

“Hi how’s it, how far have you gone with the assignment I gave you” someone asked from the other end of the call.

“I haven’t done anything this girl is making everything hard for me I thought she will go after knowing Mr cole has a hand in her parents dead but she’s so stubborn” Tonia said.

“let go for plan B we don’t have more chance am sure they will kick you out any moment from now if you kill that girl we will have a chance with Xander” the caller said.

“Alright I will do as you say” Tonia replied.

Tonia put on her slippers and head to the sitting room she was happy to see Everyone sitted there.

she clear her throat to get the attentions of everyone.

“what’s this b*tch doing here, what are you doing here aren’t you supposed to be in your room?” Andrew asked.

“relax am not here for trouble. I came here to inform you guys I will be leaving a day after tomorrow.

I won’t go with Everett after all he is Xander son” she move closer to Alora.

“Alora I am very sorry for all I have done to you, you’re a very good lady and you deserve to be happy, I am just obsessed with Xander and nothing more please take care of my son and forgive me” Tonia said faking a tears.

“don’t worry I will take care of your son and I have forgiven you” Alora said.

“if you want me to be sure you have forgiven me let me bring a drink for everyone” Tonia said.

“mummy bye bye” Everett said and Tonia shut him up with a glare she smiled back at Alora.

“should I bring it?” she asked. “sure Alora replied” and Tonia went inside the kitchen.

“I don’t trust her” Sandra said. “you need to I can see she’s very sorry and thanks goodness she’s leaving soon” Alora said.

Tonia pour a drink in different glass. she added a slow poison in Alora drink and shake it properly.

she went to the sink and raise her hand. it’s a slow poison and no one will know she killed her.

she went inside the sitting room and serve everyone. Alora gulp her own down once” can you see am not Angry with you anymore” Alora said.

“yes I can see it” Tonia replied and also drank hers.

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