Crazy Orphan

9 months ago



Crazy Orphan ??

( His weakness)

Written by Aishat kemisola

(Three star)

‘Kim Kim, the alarm wake me up from my sweet dream. I took the alarm and throw it across the room.

who put this alarm on my bed I thought I turned it off yesternight I thought.

“good morning Angel my kid brother greet laughing.

” Hey what’s funny I asked him. “hmm you love sleep Alot,

the way you throw that alarm is alarming he said pointing at the alarm on the floor.

“now I knew who put the alarm on my bed. why did you do it I asked.

” do what he asked giving me that innocent look. “who place the alarm on my bed I asked.

Crazy Orphan - S01

Crazy Orphan - S01

9 months ago