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Once February ended, Landon and the workers immediately began working on all his plans for March.

The first thing he focused on was radio manufacturing.

Communication was also essential in times like this.

If there was a serious crisis at hand, how were the citizens supposed to prepare themselves?

Running up and down was never the answer.

Word needed to get out fast, and having a proper means to communicate was key.

When the workers started making these devices… there were a lot of issues, like finding the right wavelength and so on.

But after 3 weeks of constant failure, they had finally reached a breakthrough thanks to Landon.

Landon had just let them be, because he wanted them to make their own discoveries on their own.

Everyday, the workers would focus on their radios and try to solve problems here and there.

It was like a school assignment that they had to finish.

Anyone who had ever gone to university back on earth, would know how much energy one could put in, when they wanted to complete an assignment.

They sat in groups around their radios, took the device apart and tried to make it perfect.

They had sleepless nights, as they tried to get the answer from their textbooks.

Where did they go wrong?

At the start of the month, Landon had created 10 samples for them to follow.

They had used their calculators… as well as the formulas within their physics books, and were stuck on it for a while.

They had erased, drawn and calculated the same thing over and over again…. but could never arrive at the right answer.

This was sorcery!!!

When they were at home, their minds would wonder back to the problem they were facing… and they immediately felt like all the studying that they had done from December to February, was for nothing.

That was 3 months for heaven’s sake!! (Back on earth… that would be a whole semester)

Where they truly that stupid?

All the main formulas was short and simple, so what were they missing?

Like… they had understood and read the concepts, but why was practical work always so different from theory?

They felt like even if they studied for several more years, they might never get it.

But fortunately, his majesty took pity on them and after 3 weeks, they corrected all their mistakes…. all the while explaining where they went wrong.

And once they finally realised their errors, they redid their work and tried creating these radios from scratch all by themselves.

Some of them could even create frequencies and waves using other metal pieces… and even coins.

It was so surprising.


Moving on, Landon decided to focus on the newly constructed industries.

The Ship & Boat Manufacturing Industry had been successfully completed, hence he decided to start making Navy warships….. as well as fishing boats and ships.

The Train Manufacturing & maintenance industry that began construction in January.

Of course, Landon immediately put the men to work in creating new trains.

With this new industry completed, Landon began assigning workers to build several train stations at different locations within Baymard.

At this point, these construction workers were always busy.

When they finished building anything, Landon would immediately give them a new project and ship them off.

And at the start of every month…. each construction group would increase in size, due to the addition of new citizens.

Without these new citizens, how could Baymard have enough workforce for all these projects?

For now, it was okay… but once July came, Landon would put a stop to taking in more citizens, unless it was absolutely necessary.

One of the industries that had just been completed this month, was the Weapon Manufacturing Industry.

With its completion, Landon began producing long range artillery weapons.

He had decided to focus on creating stationary Howitzer guns and rocket launchers on the city walls.

For these weapons, one could imagine the guns or rockets launchers that were usually placed on war tanks.

What Landon wanted was to place these machines on the city walls…. as well as on the different military posts within the coastal region.

One could never be too prepared when tackling an enemy.

He also decided to make Taser guns for the guards and police officers… as well as bullet proof vests, and other safety gears.

Walkie Talkies were also made and distributed to all military, guard, and police personnel within this period.

For now, Landon was focusing on strengthening the soldiers and safeguarding the city walls and perimeters.

July was coming fast, and the safety needed to be guaranteed before that.

Up next, Landon had decided to focus on traffic lights and car sensory detectors.

Soon, highway contraction will begin…. so it was essential for these lights to be readily available before then.


Finally for the month of March, Landon had began construction of the people’s Temple.

Yes…. a Temple.

The people had been requesting that he build one.

Their reason was simple.

They felt grateful to their ancestors, and wanted a way to thank them.

Landon wasn’t opposed to the idea at all…. Like he said, no one had the right to deny anyone of their beliefs.

All major cities had temples.

There were money temples, worshipping temples and even sex driven temples.

And since some of the slaves were sensitive to the word ‘Temple’, Landon decided to change its name and call it a ‘Church’.

The people had requested for a place where they could pray, have heavenly teachings, and give offerings, money and other worldly possessions to their ancestors in exchange for blessings.

With all this in mind, Landon had decided to let them appoint several church leaders and members themselves.

But the leaders amd members would have to meet Landon weekly, to say how these offerings were being used.

Landon had decided that the church would have its workers and leaders have services on:

•Weekdays at 7 A.M

•Saturday at 9 A.M and 5 P.M

•And Sunday services at 9 A.M, 11 A.M and 5 P.M and 7 P.M.

These leaders would have to take these jobs full time.

They would also have to visit the sick in the hospital, as well as do charity work here and there.

Landon expected the church leaders to encourage and lead the people towards the path of righteousness and goodness.

In fact, for this one… Landon was ready to fabricate a whole Bible about their ancestors just for them.

What he wanted to do was build their character.

He didn’t want them to think that raping, beating or killing people with no reason was fine.

Greed and other sins would always lead one to their end… so he wanted the people to grow a coincidence whenever they were tempted.

But of course, he also wanted to paint a vivid picture of hell for them.

For their offerings, he would allow them to choose what they wanted to do with it.

Did they want to send the money to unfortunate people outside Baymard?

Then maybe Santa could open up an orphanage around his stores and take care of the people.

Of course of that truly happened, Landon would also travel to those places to also see things for himself.

He would never allow for money meant for the poor or the sick to be advised by greedy people.

Even though Santa was upright, that didnt mean that all his subordinates were like him.

And when people live around areas were crime is okay in the people’s eyes, temptation was always present.

In Landon’s opinion, Santa was truly upright because he grew up in Carona.

As a noble, it was rare for one to be upright… they existed, but it was truly rare.

And sometimes, even the best people could change due to their environment.

That’s why Landon wanted to make the people grow a conscience.

Sometimes, no matter how much one is tempted… their conscience wouldn’t allow them to sin.

As for the church leaders and members, of course their salaries would come from part of the offerings as well.

They too are human beings as well…. they needed to eat, pay their bills and even drive good cars.

So should they suffer and dress in rags because they are holy people? That’s ridiculous!!

It’s wasn’t a crime for a holy man to live well… provided he or she didn’t steal the money.

Anyway, Landon had used these 4 months to completely focus on construction.

And now, spring had come and April was finally here.

Time for Baymard to move towards phase 2 of his plans.

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