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“Little Bro….. what the hell is that?!!!!”

Santa looked at the huge monster like carriage (heavy machine), as it continued construction on what seemed an uncompleted building.

It’s been a month since Landon had asked for several police stations, military and Navy posts to be built.

He felt like his brain had just witnessed something that was supposed to be impossible.

If he ever told what he saw to anyone else, no one would believe him.

For sure, they would call him a liar.

Where were the horses that were supposed to push the carriage?

Was it magic?

“Little bro…. is it for sale?

Ah!!!… dont smile at me so mysteriously!!

Little bro… how can you tease me like this?

You know that I’m a merchant, yet you allowed me to see such a thing?

How is this fair?”

The more he looked at the machine, the more he felt like crying.

It’s been a long time since something could get him all excited like this… and yet it wasn’t for sale.

He knew the reasons to why his bro didn’t sell these carriages… but still, he was a merchant for heaven’s sake.

Just watching these machines operate made his eyes bleed out.

Looking at Landon’s smile, he coildnt help but wonder what else felt Baymard could be hiding.

This place wasn’t as simple as everyone thought it was.

It wasn’t just him….. his own crew felt like they had just seen a miracle.

“Bro, tell me the truth…. what the hell is going on in your city?” Santa asked excitedly.

He could feel his whole body shake, the more he looked at the carriage.

“Hehehehe…. don’t worry, you’ll know in July.”

“July?” Santa asked curiously.

“Yeah July….. I plan to open Baymard to the public in July.

Oh… that reminds me, here are10 passes for you.

When and if you decide to come over, bring anyone you want to and use these passes…. Of course don’t forget keep one for yourself as well.

Basically, these passes will allow you or your family to have easy access into Baymard when you arrive.”

Santa was so amazed by the ‘V.I.P passes’ that he forgot to respond or even thank Landon for them.

Was this still paper?

How come it had a different color and design from the normal yellowish colored parchment paper?

The passes were thicker than normal paper, and were all black in color.

To be honest, they were as hard as a credit card back on earth.

These passes were deep dark blue in color, and had the words: ‘V.I.P pass’ and ‘Baymard’ on them.

Of course the expiration date for the passes was also written on them as well.

And each pass had a rope around it, for the owners to wear around their necks.

Santa looked at the cards in amazement.

E wanted to ask how they were made… but something in him told him that this little bro of his wouldn’t give up for no one.

Sigh… the disappointments of a merchant.


“So how do these passes work?”

“Normally when you arrive, you’ll need to get your documents made at any of the checkpoints.

But this will pass, you could just use the V.I.P station… rather than waiting on line like everyone else.

Youll be attended to immediately, and your documents will be processed A.S.A.P.”

For the passes, Landon was the only one who could give them out.

Hence when the workers saw Santa, they would immediately know that he was his person.

Santa had aided Baymard for months now, and Landon thought that it wouldn’t be fair to let him have the same treatment as others.

Apart from Santa and his family, everyone else ad to wait in line…. even if they were kings of other empires.

“Wait… wait wait!!

Little bro, you lost me there!!

Documentations?” Santa asked confusedly.

He had traveled all around the Pyno continent, and usually…. he just paid his say in.

No one checked if he was a bad person or good person, provided there was enough money to pay.

He had no idea what Landon meant by documentation.

“You’ll know, when you come back in July.

Speaking of which, did you get my message?”

“Sorry bro… I got it, but I was a bit tied up at the moment.

That’s why I couldn’t rush back since then.” Santa replied, as he puffed out his jaws and batted his eyelids at Landon.

His pleading puppy dog face had truly made Landon speechless.

‘This guy was as shameless as ever’, Landon thought.

Truthfully, Santa had wanted to come as soon as possible.

But would Penelope let him go? Nope!!!

She had insisted that since he was almost killed, then it was her job to protect him and also ensure that he trained more.

She had watched him like a hawk watching its prey for the past 4 months now.

Honestly, he had attempted to flee on multiple occasions.

But of course, he was always caught.

She had placed posters and sketches of him around the empire, as if he were a wanted criminal.

If anyone saw him escaping, they were to report it immediately and get their reward.

She had also stationed her most trusted knights to block all entrances and exits of his estate.

Wherever he wanted to go, they would follow.

In his opinion, she was a bit too protective.

Sigh….. what could he do?

This was definitely his punishment for falling in love with an overly caring woman.

Could there be anyone more pitiable than he was?

He had even been caught once, when he tried to climb a tree and scale the fence.

Within this period, Penelope had organized her feelings and had told her family that he was the one she was going to marry.

She had truly treated him like a wife instead… not that he minded anyway.

She was a domineering and stubborn woman, and he was a chilled person…. so they were a perfect fit.

Of course within this time, her family had given him HELL.

How could they allow a softie like him to be with their princess?


They trained him day and night, until his legs became wobbly.

His weight glad also gone done, and he was more fit than he usually was.

But so what?… he wanted to go back to his carefree days, where he would eat, sleep, and think.

And to make matters worse, his own father would come to his estate and train him as well.

Yes… he had finally made up with his father and brothers.

Previously, they didn’t get along with him because he had chosen to be a merchant instead of a knight.

How could anyone not want to serve such a noble and good royal family?

Anyway, now that Santa had sat down with them and explained his reasons for being a merchant…. they had become close.

But instead of sympathizing with him, his family continued training him like he was about to go to war.

He had never been so happy to escape from Carona.

When Penelope gave him a pass, he almost cried with joy.

The pass only granted him to go to Baymard and come back.

If he even thought about delaying his trip, then he wouldn’t be able to travel for another 2 years… that was his punishment.

Of course, he wouldn’t even think about it…. since he knew how strict Penelope could be.

Seeing Landon now, he felt like crying and complaining to his bro.

Other people’s wives would blush and get shy, but why was his own case different?

“Bro… you have no idea what I went through okay?

Anyway, I too have something important to tell you as well.”

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