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Currently, time had passed by very quickly… and just like that, it was April again.


During the winter, Landon and the workers had been working tirelessly to reach their goals.

In January, Landon had thoroughly focused on Construction.

He began by allocating several workers towards the construction of the Navy’s Base within District L of the coastal region.

One should know that this region was to be divided horizontally from the beach.

Hence each sector here would have it’s own mini-beach in front of it.

District I: Shipping dock and ports, Merchant stores and so on.

District J: Luxury beach hotels, and beach entertainment

District K: Space which Landon just wanted to keep, between the other districts and District L.

This space was to create ample distance between the other sectors and military posts in district L…. and it also had the Waste and Recycle Management industry within it.

District L: Baymard Marine, Coast guard and Navy stations and posts.

So during January, Landon began building the Navy’s Base… which he estimated to be completed in 7 month’s time (June)

He decided to build 15 massive buildings and 10 moderate size buildings within the base, as well as several extremely tall fences that kept people out.

There would be 3 main fences that workers would have to pass through, before successfully entering the first sector of the base.

From there, there’ll also be several other gates and checkpoints needed before the workers reach the second, third and fourth sector of the base.

And each sector will have multiple weapons to deal with intruders.

With the way Landon designed everything, no stray person could easily walk in without access.


Apart from the main Navy Base in District L, Landon had also decided to build several police stations, Navy posts and Military bases within the other coastal region Districts as well.

The Navy posts in the other coastal districts will be fenced, and have just 1 building within it… as well as a lighthouse.

This lighthouse will be used to scan through the waters of every District, just in case someone wanted to sneak attack them at night.

If the navy men notice anything, they were to immediately notify the military, as well as the Navy’s Base at District L.

As for the military posts, although Landon didn’t want it to be large… it still needed to be properly fenced as well.

It would have 4 main buildings and a lot of space to keep army tanks and so on

What if an enemy ship successfully made it to the shores?

He expected the military to handle them.

The Navy had to focus on the sea, but… the military had to kill those enemies who managed to make it on Baymard’s soil.

These police stations would definitely have prison cells as well.

For example, if some visitors and merchants cause trouble at the docks within District I… Landon expected the police officers to handle the situation immediately.

And since these police stations will have cells, then they can just lock then up for a few hours or a day until those involved in brawls calm down.


Well… apart from assigning men to start building police offices, Military posts and the Navy’s base, Landon also began construction of a radio station within the District C (Upper region).

He just wanted to construct the station now… so that when the workers were ready to build the radios, there wouldn’t be any hiccups on the way.

And lastly, he decided to construct a train Manufacturing and Maintenance Industry.

These people would be responsible for building trains, fixing and maintaining them whenever an issue arises.

He had planned for this industry to have an assembly line as well, so as to ease manufacturing.

Lastly…. Landon wanted to start constructing a Train Manufacturing and Maintenance Industry.

Transportation was a serious problem within Baymard.

People would walk for 2 to 3 hours just to go to their job sites at the lower region and so on… it was utterly ridiculous.

Trains, cars and buses were a must.

Hence Landon decided to focus on this Train manufacturing industry which will take 2 months (March) to complete.

But while this industry was being constructed, Landon had still gotten another group of workers to start making the train tracks… as well as placing them all over Baymard as per the City Plan.

In his mind, it was better to start now, than to wait for the industry to be built first.

Time was money.


Once February came, the workers started constructing the Landport and all the military buildings within King’s Landing.

Construction would be a breeze… since they had cranes, loaders, excavators, aerial work platforms, and so many other heavy machines available.

Landon had estimated that construction would only last for 5 months… Hence it was essential for the men to begin immediately.

As for the fortified city walls, they had started working on them in October…. and by May (8 months total), everything should be completed.

Up next, Landon focused on making Antennas, Receivers, transmitters and other parts needed to produce these radios.

The workers had been taking his classes for 2 months now (December to January)… so it was time that they start making all the parts, as well as building all those massive Antenna structures all over Baymard.

Within this month, paper money also began to circulate… and the people and workers at the bank became more pleased.

No more heavy pockets, no more loosing coins here and there…. money became more convenient for them.

There were 5 types of bills that were made: 100, 50, 20, 10 and 5 BM bills..(where BM was short for Baymard).

Landon’s face was on a pale yellowish ‘100’ BM bill, while his mother Kim’s face was on a green ’50’ BM bill.

Of course Lucius’ face was on a reddish 20 BM bill, the image of Lucy was on a bluish 10 BM bill and the image of the Castle was on a purplish 5 BM bill.

And of course, each bill had the words Baymard on it… as well as several letters and numbers on them.

Well….. with creating these papernotes, the images, words and numbers were all engraved on a steel plate.

From there, a special dye was placed only on the engraved sections of the steel plate.

Of course following that, a light sheet of plastic was placed on the steel sheet and baked for 8 minutes in low heat.

And once it was done, the dye on the sheet transferred to the plastic… forming the exact image and design outline on the plastic.

In fact, the process was somewhat lengthy…. but long story short, the printing industry had successfully created papernotes for all the citizens.

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