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“Houston you need to sign this paper now you’re delaying me” Mrs Houston said.

“he is not signing any paper nobody is leaving” Alora said from the door.

“my darling how did you get here” Mrs Houston asked.

“how I get here is not important the important thing is why I am here” Alora said.

“did you came here because of me” Mrs Houston said.

“yeah mum I invited her here to talk to you” Sandra said.

“Alora my darling why don’t you go back home and wait for me, this is nothing you can settle, I have made up my mind” Mrs Houston said.

“am here cause I don’t want my aunt to make a mistake she will later regret” Alora said.

“this is not a mistake Alora I Know what am doing” Mrs Houston said.

“let me Asked you a question aunt. will you go ahead marry someone else if you divorce his Excellency or you wanna stay without husband” Alora asked.

“I can decide to marry someone else or be single forever. I don’t even need a man again. I have you here with me isn’t it?” Mrs Houston asked.

“yeah you do but we can never be like your husband. come to think of it aunt. if you decide to marry done else.

did you know the kind of man you wants to get married to, did you know if he’s worser than your husband.

the devil you knew a long time ago is much better than the angel you just met. and if you says you don’t wanna remarry, there are sometimes you will a man in your life. how will you do it”? Alora asked.

“Alora you have some point but I have already made up my mind” Mrs Houston said.

“I am very sorry please help me convince her” Mr Houston mutter’s quickly.

from his expression someone can tell he’s really sorry and Alora felt sorry for him.

“Aunty he made a mistake and he have realized is mistake. everyone makes a mistake in this life and there’s always a second chance, give his Excellency a second chance and I promise he will change for good aunt and am sure you have made one or two mistakes before.

he is ready sorry forgive him and if you insist on not forgiven him. you won’t see me my brother and Sandra again. we will go far away from you” Alora said.

“it isn’t up to that am just tired of this marriage” Mrs Houston said.

“your husband is sorry, he is even kneeling down for you, this is so romantic” Alora said.

“Am sorry my love I was very foolish and stupid then forgive this foolish husband of yours and let me make it up to you” Mr Houston said holding her legs.

“Awww so romantic” Alora and Sandra said.

“fine I am not divorcing you again all thanks to Alora” Mrs Houston said.

“Aunt if you want me to be sure give me the divorce paper and call your lawyer you aren’t divorcing your lovely husband again” Alora said.

Mrs Houston handover the paper to Alora and she chew it.

“that’s not hygienic” Sandra said.

“I knew, this one won’t kill me” Alora replied.

“you may now kiss your bride” Alora said and they all burst into laughter.

“they have finally laugh, I think am done here” Alora said.

“no you’re not done, thank you very much I really appreciate you” Mrs Houston said.

“you don’t need to appreciate me I did it for my aunt, it you hurt my aunt again I will forget you’re a president and deal with you” Alora said.

“I promised not to hurt her again ma” Mr Houston said and put his hand on his chest.

“I never knew Alora is smart and brilliant like this” Andrew said from the window.

actually Xander and Andrew followed Alora and Sandra in without them knowing. they told the security at the gate that they came together with them.

“that’s because you’re so dumb.

didn’t I told you how she did a work that will took me two days or more to do in a day” Xander replied.

Mrs Houston, Mr Houston and Sandra did a family hug. “am very sorry my daughter I knew I haven’t been the best father to you but I will surely makes it up to you” Mr Houston said.

“I have forgiven you a long time ago dad and am happy you have come back to your senses” Sandra said.

“Alora what are you waiting for come and join the hug you are also part of this family” Mr Houston said.

“thank you, his Excellency” Alora replied. “you can simply call me dad” Mr Houston said.

“when are you moving in” Mr Houston asked.

“she’s not moving in anytime soon Mr president” Xander said coming in.

“whattt!!!!!!!! what are you doing here, how did you get here and who let you in” Alora asked shocked.

“did you want to killed my Lovely brother with questions, that questions are too much reduce it please” Andrew said.

“but you said you’re not stalking me, what are you two doing here now” Alora asked.

“Erm actually I have an appointment with Mr president” Xander said scratching the back of his head.

“what!!! I don’t even know you, I don’t book an appointment with anyone today” Mr Houston said.

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