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“what!!! I don’t even know you, I don’t book an appointment with anyone today” Mr Houston said.

Xander signal Sandra to help him out.

“Actually I forget to tell you. Xander company is one of the company that summit for the contract and he’s my friend” Sandra said.

“oh I never knew you are my daughter friend, what’s your company name” Mr Houston asked.

“X and C sir” Xander replied.

“Alora look between Sandra and Xander suspiciously.

“congratulations you’re the one we wanna give the contract to before, because you qualified for it” Mr Houston said.

“thank you Mr president” Xander said.

Alora move closer to Xander and drag him with his ear. “Dad mum I will be right back” Alora said and drag Xander out.

“ouch did you wanna kill me” Xander said.

“you and Sandra thought am a fool right, I can see through you guys lies” Alora said.

“we aren’t lieing it’s true” Xander defended.

“shut up one more lies from you, say bye bye to your ear” Alora said.

“Actually the contract side is true. but we followed you here because the house is empty and bored without you” Xander said.

“are you sure you’re saying the truth” Alora asked.

“why are you asking if am saying the truth” Xander said.

“are you sure you’re not lieing” Alora said giving him a suspicious look.

“no I am not why should I lie to you” Xander asked.

“you said you’re stalking me because house is boring, what If I went to my boyfriend house” Alora asked.

“did you have a boyfriend?” Xander asked jealousy written all over his face.

“why are you asking is it a bad thing to have a boyfriend, don’t you want me to have a boyfriend” Alora asked.

“I never said that” Xander replied.

“hi Andrew greet Sandra” “hello” Sandra replied with a smile.

“how are you doing” Andrew asked. “am good” Sandra replied.

“I love your hair is this your hair real color” he asked.

“yeah that’s my hair color any problem with that?” Sandra asked.

“no dear I love girls with blonde hair” Andrew said.

“oh I see” Sandra replied.

“oh gosh have forgotten everything I wanted to say to her, I was asking unnecessary question, when did I start behaving like Xander”Andrew thought.

“and what are you guys celebrating without us” grace asked rudely.

“you can go in and asked your father that” Mrs Houston replied her.

“am not here for you” grace said and walked passed her.

“I won’t watch talk to my wife like that again” Mr Houston said.

“but dad” grace replied.

“no but grace that woman is old enough to be your mother and I have a surprise for you” Mr Houston said and gave her a paper.

“dad what’s this?” grace asked.

“why don’t you check it out yourself” Mr Houston said.

“DNA test what for” grace asked.

“check it out my dear” Mr Houston said.

“am sure this is Sandra own I knew she’s a bastard” grace and go through the paper.

“what!!!! she shouted.

“what happen to you?” Alora asked.

“dad what’s the meaning of this” grace asked.

“wow so you’re the bastard and my sister is a legitimate child” Alora said.

“this is none of your business” grace said.

“it’s my business since you don’t have respect for your elders, you came here speaking gilberish and I was here looking at you like a fool. Alora said.

“Alora you don’t need to disturb yourself God have already fought for me” Mrs Houston said.

“grace I showed you this so you can knew you and your sister aren’t my children. but I will still be talking care of you as my children.

I have found the person that killed your mother years ago as I promised. the person is your biological father and he is in the police custody. Mr Houston said.

“no” grace shouted and ran out Mrs Houston ran after her.

The next day

Alora wake up and was surprised to see Xander in her room.

“what are you doing here” Alora asked.

“I came to wake you up we are running late for work” Xander said.

“you’re being so obvious” Alora said and walked into the bathroom to freshen up.

“what are you still doing here” Alora asked.

“am waiting for you” Xander said.

“why will you be waiting for me” Alora asked.

“nothing just felt like” Xander said.

“Xander I don’t know why you’re waiting for me in my room. go out I want to dressed up” Alora said.

“I just want you to know I like you I really do” Xander said.

“we are getting late as you said earlier we will talk about this later” Alora said.


lunch break

“Sandra what are you doing here” Alora asked.

I came to take my sister out for lunch” Sandra replied.

“really am very happy for that this place is so boring” Alora said.

“why don’t you tell me you are coming” Xander asked his cousin sister.

“I just wanna make it a surprise, I missed you don’t you missed me the girl said and hug Xander.

“go and wait for me in the house I will be back soon” Xander said “alright” his cousin said and peck him on his cheek.

“wow so romantic” Sandra said and Alora looked toward Xander and his cousin direction.

“ahhhhh Xander he is such a cheat. he is already cheating when the relationship haven’t started” Alora said and sat on the floor.

“am lost” Sandra said.

“didn’t I told you xander told me this morning that he likes me. I shouldn’t have believe him” Alora said.

“why don’t you asked him who the lady is” Sandra asked.

“there’s no need to asked, it’s obvious he is a cheat I don’t even know why I believe him” Alora said.

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