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“did you just called me darling?” Mrs Houston Asked. “yeah you’re my wife I have the right to call you my darling” Mr Houston said.

“go and say that to your Mistress. am done with this marriage” Mrs Houston said.

“we don’t need a divorce this is a little thing we can solve it amicably” Mr Houston said.

“did you just called being in a prison all in the name of marriage is a small thing” Mrs Houston asked. “am very sorry I was ignorant then” Mr Houston said.

“why are you even stopping me from going, or have you finally believe me that I didn’t killed your so called mistress” Mrs Houston said.

“yeah her husband killed her” Mr Houston said. “her husband is Felicia married?” Mrs Houston asked.

“let’s forget about Felicia let’s talk about us” Mr Houston said. “us there’s no us anywhere” Mrs Houston replied.

“am sorry” Mr Houston said. “you’re sorry did you think sorry can fix my broken heart,

I did many things to makes you see am innocent, I said sorry even when am not wrong, you brought your mistress to this house just because I didn’t conceive on time.

I accepted her wholeheartedly but you’re not satisfied. did you remember when you came back home years ago and met your dead mistress and your conscious wife on the floor.

you rushed your dead mistress to the hospital and you never came back to carry your unconscious wife. I got shot when I am trying to safe your so called mistress.”

Mrs Houston said. “I am very sorry, I was very foolish then, can you please forgive your foolish husband and let start over again.

I promise to be the best husband for you” Mr Houston said. “is too late my dear husband or should I say ex husband.

remember I told you I will go when I found what am looking for, I have finally found them.

I now have three children. me and my child don’t need you anymore. you will sign this paper if you want me to be happy” Mrs Houston said. “Susan is not up to that we can settle this we don’t need this papers” Mr Houston said.

“sorry to disappoint you my dear ex husband I am done with this marriage” Mrs Houston said.


“Thanks for coming” Sandra said. “it nothing you’re my sister after all” Alora said. “Alora I am very sorry for what I did, I am nothing like that, I did it out of desperation.

I was very desperate to have a man in my life. I thought my father will loves me, if I marry Xander.

but all my effort prove abortive. I am done pleasing my dad or anybody” Sandra said.

“you don’t have to be sorry I should be the one apologizing for ruining your relationship I am sorry for that” Alora said.

“me and Xander are not in a relationship because Xander doesn’t love me” Sandra said.

“Am sorry for that I pray you found someone that will loves you for who you’re” Alora said.

“Alora I need your help” Sandra said. “for what hope no problem” Alora asked. “it about my mum” Sandra said.

“Aunt” what happen to her?” Alora asked.”I need you to talk to mum cause she wants to divorce my father” Sandra said. “for what” Alora asked.

“my dad haven’t been a lovely husband to my mother and a caring father to me” so mum vow to divorce dad as soon as she founds you guys” Sandra said.

“oh that’s bad what did you want me to do about it?” Alora asked. “I want you to talked to her am sure she will listen to you” Sandra said.

“fine I will go with you” Alora said. “thank you very much, you don’t know how happy I am right now” Sandra said happily.

“is that not Xander and his brother” Sandra asked. “where did you see Xander and her brother I left them in the house” Alora said.

“just turned and see” Sandra said and Alora turned back. she was surprised to see Xander and Andrew.

“what are they doing here” she asked no one in particular. “I will be right back” Alora said and move towards Xander and Andrew table.

“what are you guys doing here” Alora asked. we should be asking you that cause we came here to clear our heads” Xander said.

“are you sure you’re not stalking me” Alora said dragging Xander ear. “ouch it hurt, we aren’t stalking you, why will we do that” Xander asked.

“fine if you say so, where’s I brother” Alora asked. “he went out with his friends” Andrew replied. “you guys should enjoy” Alora said and went back to there table

“Brother are you dating that lady?” Andrew asked.

“which lady?” Xander replied.

“Alora cousin sister” Andrew replied.

“no why did you asked” “nothing” Andrew replied.

“are you lieing to me, common you can talk to me” Xander said.

“I love this new Xander” Andrew said blushing.

“did you just blush am sure you’re not blushing because of me but because of the lady you just asked of” Xander said.

“fine I like her” Andrew said.

“why don’t you go there and tell her you like her” Xander said.

“as if it’s easy to say, if it’s easy why don’t you tell Alora you like her” Andrew said.

“did I told you I like her?” Xander asked.

“not until you tell me, action speak louder than words if you didn’t like her you won’t asked us to followed her here”

Andrew replied. Sandra and Alora stand up ready to leave. “where are they going to” Xander asked Andrew.

“I don’t know you can go and ask them” Andrew replied. “let go after them Xander said. “we aren’t going anywhere, I won’t allow you to go with them, am not sure they’re going to see a man, cause am sure Alora doesn’t have a boyfriend” Andrew said.

“are you sure?” Xander asked. Andrew burst into laughter.

“I said it my brother is in love” Andrew said. “I am not in love I just wanna be sure she’s safe” Xander replied. “jealous freak” Andrew said.


“Houston you need to sign this paper now you’re delaying me” Mrs Houston said. “he is not signing any paper nobody is leaving” Alora said from the door.

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