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Crazy Orphan - S01 E17

Story 1 year ago

Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 17

Authoress p.o.v

Inspector Charles brought the criminal to Mr Houston house.

“Charles is this the criminal that killed my mistress” Mr Houston asked.

“yes your Excellency” Charles replied.

“young man who sent you” Mr Houston asked.

“no one sent me” the criminal replied. “so why did you killed Felicia” Mr Houston asked.

“because she’s my wife” the criminal replied.

“I don’t get you, Felicia is not married” Mr Houston said.

“that’s what she told you Mr president she’s my wife and those children you have been talking care of are my children not yours” the criminal said.

“this is unbelievable, how did you want me to believe you”Mr Houston asked.

“that’s the problem you have trust issue, that’s why you have been maltreating your wife and only child” the criminal said.

“how dare you talk to me in that manner” Mr Houston shouted angrily and bang his hand on the table.

“your Excellency you have to calm down” Charles intervene.

“so why did you killed her” Mr you asked.

“because she forgets me, we both planned to collect enough money from you and travel to of the state. but she prove stubborn and wise, she doesn’t wanna take my along those girls are mine, if you don’t believe we can go for a DNA test” the criminal said.

“I don’t wanna believe want you just said anyway we will surely go for the DNA test today” Mr Houston said and pick his phone to call his daughters.


Xander searches Alora phone he smile to hiself when he didn’t see the pictures on her phone.

he carried her to her room and change her cloth.

it was a bright Sunday morning, the alarm wake Alora up and she jerked up from the bed.

“who put this alarm here” she asked.

Know one in particular. “I do Xander” replied.

“ahhhhhhhhhhhhh” Alora shouted.

“what are you doing here” she Asked.

“I came to check if you’re still alive cause this is past one in the afternoon and that lovely brother of yours Bryan have been crying all day thinking his crazy sister is dead” Xander said.

“how dare you” Alora haven’t completed her statement before she hold her head.

“hmm somebody is having an hangover after drinking 10 bottles of alcohol, am not that bad i bought you a drug and water” Xander said and handover the drug and water to her”


“I remember getting drunk and I slept off” Alora said.

“yes any problem” “who changed my wears” Alora asked.

“I did” Xander said and look away.

“ahhhhh did you just say you change my wears” Alora asked.

“yeah that’s not a big deal this is not the first time am seeing woman nakedness” Xander said.

” you pervert, you mean you saw everything, you saw the things I have been keeping for my future husband” Alora said and bounce on Xander.

“hey dont kill me for my future wife” Xander said.

“how dare you change my wears, you have seen everything” Alora said crying and beating him.

“somebody please help me” Miss crazy have killed me” Xander shouted.

“you haven’t seen beating am gonna kill you” Alora said.

“Tell me you are sorry” Alora said.

“Don’t you have the fear of God, am too big to say sorry to you” Xander said with a smirk.

“I can see the beating doesn’t have an effect on you” Alora said.

“no I have fainted” Xander said and fall down flat.

“oh I will be right back” Alora said and went inside the bathroom.

she came back with a bowl of water but she doesn’t met Xander in the room again.

“oh he have escape, I still need to teach him a lesson he will never forget.

Alora said and went inside the bathroom to freshen up.

“good afternoon sisi” Bryan greet his sister.

“Afternoon my darling” Alora replied.

“and the princess finally decided to wake up” Andrew said.

“how was your night” Andrew asked.

“it was fine and where’s my boy” Alora asked.

“I am no longer your boy” Xander replied and everyone burst into laughter.

“why’s everyone laughing, anyway am hungry I need you to prepare dirty rice for me, don’t add anything this time, cause I won’t spare you if you do” Alora said.

“and who are you talking to” Xander asked.

“you of course” Alora asked.

“you must be joking, didn’t they told you that you’re no Long in power” Xander said.

“what are you talking about” Alora asked.

“I knew my nude aren’t with you anymore, you told me Yes that you have deleted it and I confirm it myself” Xander said and Alora burst into laughter.

“why’s she laughing” Xander asked.

“you’re a fool, you only checked my phone but you didn’t check my laptop.

I deleted it on my phone because I don’t want anyone to see it apart from me, I am not that dumb” Alora said.

“really” Xander asked and set is face in a funny way.

“oh see how your face is like that of a chicken with a short lifespan” Alora said.

“how do you expect me to believe your lies, if you want me to know you aren’t lieing show me the picture on your laptop” Xander said.

“my laptop is down” Alora said. “how can you laptop shutdown down when their is frequent light in the house?” Xander asked.

” you talk too much anyway my laptop Is somehow faulty” Alora said.

“I think I believe you cause you haven’t lie to me before” Xander Said.

fool Alora muttered.

“I don’t need the food again you don’t need to bother yourself, am going out with my friend” Alora said.

“A Friend is that friend of yours a female or a male” Xander asked.

“both” Alora replied.

“you shouldn’t be going out with a boy they will corrupt you” Xander said.

“says who?” Alora asked.

“says Me” Xander replied.

“who I goes out with is none of your business” Alora said.

“you aren’t going anywhere then” Xander said.

“stop me if you can’t” Alora said and went out.

“why don’t you stop her?” Andrew asked. laughing.

“just tell her you love her and stop behaving like kid” Andrew said.


“here sign it” Mrs Houston said.

“what’s this” Mr Houston asked.

“Divorce paper of course, what else are you expecting” Mrs Houston asked.

“it’s not up to that darling, we can’t settle this amicably” Mr Houston said.

“did you just called me darling?” Mrs Houston asked.

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