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Suddenly, I saw Mr Thomas and panel heading the same way..

I quietly excused myself as I sneaked up on them, trailing quoeto behind them to the hallway..

I halted when I heard them arguing..

“I’m sorry ma, but treasure deserves a better life and only Miss Akiko can give that to her”Thomas said calmly

“I think you are doing this deliberately.. If you don’t get that child back to your house, I’ll report you to the police that you stole my best friend’s infact because you lost your child..”Panel threatened..

“You can’t do that Ma.. She doesn’t even know that Treasure is her own child..”Mr Thomas countered..

I covered my mouth as I gasped quietly..

I quietly sneaked out of the hallway..

How is this possible??


I’ve never had sex without a condom when I was with Jayden..

Treasure is Six years old..


I volunteered to be a surrogate mother for Panel’s friend elder sister..


What’s that her name??






“Cassie… Cassie… Cassie Davis…”I thought out loud..

Is Treasure that child??

But even if she’s the child, how can she be my child??..

Jayden was the one that disflowered me, but I barely remembered that night..

All I know was that I was drunk..

He told me he used condom..

He swore he used condom…

Did he truly use the condom???

Did the condom leaked???

“What the hell is happening??”

Panel followed me to the hospital when they transplanted cassis’s seed into my womb…

“What the hell happened to me, seven years ago…???”

“Ooohhh my Gosh!!! That child was a girl, she had similar birthmark that I have on my waist..”I thought out loudly…

I need to dig out the truth..

I need to know if Treasure is my child..

And if she is my child, then Jayden is the father of the child…


This can’t be happening to me..

“Is Treasure truly my child?? Could that explain why I feel so attached to her??”

“I need to ask Mr Thomas alot of questions..”

First, I have to escape this party as soon as possible..

Second, I need my laptop.., I need to find out who the hell is Cassie Davis.

Thirdly, Mr Thomas gat a lot of explanations to do..

Fourthly, I gat to question Jayden..

And last but not the least, I’ll arrest Panel but after beating her to my satisfaction..


I counted my steps as I walked back to the party..

My heart leaped with joy, as my gaze flittered on Treasure..

My Treasure..

James and Travis, seems so engrossed in a conversation with her..

I smiled as I watched them laugh together..

“She’s a lovely child..”Mr Brown spoke up walking towards me..

“Yes father..”I replied

“I couldn’t help but notice that she has few of your features..”

“What do you mean, father??”I questioned curiously..

“Look closely at her.. She looks just like you.. She gat your eyes, the same hair color though different skin color.. She has your smile, child..”

“I just noticed it, father.. But she’s Mr Thomas daughter, I’m adopting her”I kinda lied..

“I know.. But all I’m emphasizing on, is that, she looks so much like you..”

“Babe…”Travis interrupted us..

“Treasure is feeling sleepy.. We have to take her home..”He said..

“Ooohhh okay.. Take her to the car, while I bid my family farewell..”I said..

“Okay..”he walked away..

“Good night father..”I said to Mr Brown.. and he hugged me briefly.


“You look troubled”Travis pointed out..

“Yeah, I am..”

“I’m all ears, if you wanna talk about it..”

“I overheard panel and Mr Thomas talking about Treasure..

Mr Thomas said Treasure is my child..

But when I was Jayden, we’ve never had sex without condom..

Though I know there may be a possibility that the condom leaked or so..

But I was never pregnant..

Though I was a surrogate mother for Cassie Davis..

Panel’s friend elder sister..”I explained..

“Hmmmm!!! Did you ever meet this Cassie Davis??”He asked..

“Yeah, I did..”

“Did you ask Thomas about his wife??”He asked

“No..”I replied

“Though I need to find out who the hell is Cassie Davis.?..

Then tommorow morning, we’ll pay Mr Thomas a visit, he gat a lot of explanations to do..

Afterwards, I’ll ask Jayden some serious questions because to be sincere I have faint memories of my first time.. If necessary, a paternity test should be done..

And last but not the least, I’ll arrest Panel but after beating her to my satisfaction..

I’ll strangle her with my bare hands”I explained..

“Nice plan.. I believe your answers lies within Thomas and Panel..

As a therapist, I think Jayden is also a victim of this game..

The solutions to your problem likes with Panel..”he said

“Thanks alot..”

“You need to rest.., see you tomorrow” he stood up, walking towards the door

“Thanks alot, Travis.. Good night”I said walking towards him, i pecked him…

“Drive safely”I cautioned him as he stepped out of the door.. I shut the door ..

I walked back to my room..

I grabbed my laptop, as I searched for Cassie Davis..

“They’re so many Cassie Davis..”I muttered..

It took me half an hour to find the real Cassie Davis Thomas..

I read carefully on the information before me..

I connected my laptop to my printer, as I printed out the evidence…

Cassie Davis was Mr Thomas’s late wife, who died of cancer..

I won’t spare the Mastermind of this game..

I won’t spare them..

They had no right to separate, a child from her mother…

Everything started seven years ago..

The same year, I lost my virginity to Jayden, a night I barely have memories of..

That same year, I volunteered to become a surrogate mother..

Now, everything is truly making sense..



I woke up earlier today.

I made breakfast for myself and Treasure..

I texted James and Travis to come over to my house..

The anticipation to unravel this game energised me..

Travis had already informed James on the matter on ground..

James volunteered to baby sit Treasure while Travis and I went to visit Mr Thomas..

Mr Thomas welcome us warmly as he ushered us in..

“What may I offer you??”he asked..

“Nothing.. I came here to discuss something important.. I’m not in the mood to beat around the bush..

I overheard you and panel yesterday..”

His expression changed..

He looked shocked and scared..

“I need an explanation..”

“Ehmmm… Ma’am…”

“Don’t test my patience..”I interrupted him angrily..

I searched my bag for the report I printed out last night..

“This report shows that Cassie Davis was your late wife, and I also volunteered to be a surrogate mother for her..”

“Cut the chase Thomas.. Explain yourself.. Else I won’t mind calling the cops over here..”Travis spoke up glaring dangerously at him..

“It was a conspiracy between my wife, your friend and Miss Patricia..”Thomas spoke up..


Could it be the same Patricia that Fabian told me about..??


That’s not possible..

“That doesn’t explain anything..”

“Was your wife truly caring a seed??”I asked..

“No.. Justin was our only child.. Panel paid us alot of money to take care of the child and also we were in desperate of a child..”

“Ooohhh my gosh!!!

I was truly pregnant.. but how??”

“My wife told me that panel and Patricia drugged you, they switched you with Patricia’s boyfriend.. Patricia boyfriend was the man that disflowered you that night, he was also drugged..

While your boyfriend disflowered panel.. Everything was a conspiracy between panel and Patricia..”Thomas explained..

Ooohhh my gosh!!

A stranger took my virginity…

That means the stranger is my daughter’s father…

“This is all I know ma..”

Travis held me up tightly…

“Do you have a photograph of Patricia?? Do you have any idea on her where about?? Do you know her full name??”I asked curiously raising my voice at him….

“There’s a photograph in my wife’s album…”he excused himself…

Few minutes later he came back with a photograph..

This was a photograph of the three women that ruined my life…

“My lawyer will contact you.. I want full custody of treasure.. I’m gonna tell her the truth, I’ll like you to be there when it happens…

We have to explain everything to her.”I stood up..

“Why did you come to me for an autograph??”I asked.

“I wanted Treasure to have something that belongs to her mother.. I had no idea what really happened, it was on my wife’s death bed she told me everything..

I only knew you by name, i searched for you but failed… it was Treasure who found you, she saw you on TV with Sir Fabian…”Thomas explained..

“For this kind act, I won’t arrest you”I said…

“Thank you ma’am..”said Thomas but I ignored him as I walked out of his house..

I dailed Jayden’s number..

“Nisei!!!”he said in disbelief..

“Is ya b---h with you..??”I asked

“Yes..”he replied…

“Where are you?.”I asked

“At Mr Rois mansion.. What’s wrong??”he asked..

“I’ll let you know when I get there.. Do me a favor”

“Tell me”

“Don’t tell anyone I called… I’m coming over”I said and hung up before entering into my car…

“Under that seat, there’s a gun.. Help me load it..”I said to Travis..

“Why do you need a gun..??? I recorded the whole conversation”

“Panel will not confess so easily.. I’ll shoot her if necessary”I proclaimed..

And I meant every word I said..

Relunctanly, Travis loaded the gun and handed it over to me…

I drove maniacally to Mr Rois house.. I almost crashed into a trunk..

Because I’m too angry to drive slowly ignoring Travis warnings..

Stepping out of my car, I slammed my door shut as I stormed into the Rois’ house..

Lo, and behold, I met Fabian, his father, Mr Brown, Jayden and Panel sitted on the parlour couches engrossed in a discussion..

Sorry to crash this happy family reunion..

I slammed the door to gain their attention…

“What the heck, Nisei..”Jayden yelled at me but I ignored him…

“Sorry we barge in like that, but we have some urgent matter to discuss”Travis spoke up while I toss courtesy away..

I stepped in the middle, facing panel, glaring dangerously at her….

I bent my shoulder to her level, I grabbed her neck pulling her forcefully to stand on her feet..

Someone tried to stop me but father shouted…

“Let her be?!”

I graced my palm across her face..

I landed another thunderous slap on her face before pushing her to the floor..

“Babe…”Travis panicked..

“Babe, why don’t we talk like civilized adults??”Travis said but I glared at him and he shut his mouth immediately..

“Are you mad??”Jayden pulled me by my wrist to himself..

“Yes..”I barked..

“I’ve gone mad…”I shouted..

Suddenly I’m beginning to feel dizzy again…

“Let her be son… She needs to vent it all out..”Father said and Jayden relunctanly released me..

“No!!”Mr Rois interjected..

I ignored him as I walked over to Panel..

I pulled her hair aggressively, dragging her to the wall..

“Tell me about the conspiracy you pulled on me seven years ago…”I shouted..

“I don’t know what you’re talking about..”she sobs…

“I hate crocodile tears… It’s better for you to start talking, or else…”I paused

“I swear to God, I don’t know what you’re talking about”she sob and I punched her face…

Bursting her lips…

“I don’t know anything..”She cried out, I replied her my stamping my feet on her face forcing her to hit her head hard on the wall..

The wave of dizziness increased as I staggered backwards..

“Babe!!!”Travis panicked as he rushed towards me..

But I blocked him..

“Let me be…”I said firmly…

“Child, what’s going on???”father asked me handing a cup of cold water to me..

I dranked the water before sitting down.

“Panel conspired greatly against me.. She deprived me of my virtue and my pride.. she stole my child away from me, she robbed me of my pride… She played an unforgiving game on me… She has ruined my entire life”I shouted…

“What is she talking about??”Jayden asked panel who was crying on the floor..

“I don’t know anything..”She cried out and I rushed towards her and kicked her head…

Someone pulled me from behind, lifting me up and disposed me on the sofa..

“Sit down calmly and talk”Fabian said before releasing me..

“I overheard her conversation with Thomas last night.. That treasure is my child…”I said..

“That’s not possible, you were never really pregnant.. You just volunteered to become a surrogate mother for Cassie..”Jayden said..

“being a surrogate mother doesn’t mean the child belongs to you…”he added.. chat MartinMartino on zero eight one eighty thirty fourteen twenty one to be added to his whatsapp group

“It turns out that, Cassie never had a seed in her womb, I was actually pregnant.. They all fooled me..”

“If you were really pregnant then who was the father???”Fabian asked..

“That would be Jayden.. He was her boyfriend then..”Father said..

“Nah!! I think I usually wear condom except the first time.. Wait!!! Our first time, I don’t think I used a condom then..”Jayden replied..

“Even if you did or did not, you’re not the father…”I replied sharply..

“What do you mean??”Fabian asked this time..

“Were you cheating on me??”Jayden asked..

But I ignored his useless question..

“You know I told you, that I don’t have much memories of our first night..”I asked Jayden

“That’s true.. we were too intoxicated..”He replied..

“Something fishy happened.. You slept with her, while she drugged me too and swapped me up with her friend Patricia’s boyfriend..”I explained and they gasped..

“Cassie was in need of a child, somehow, panel knew I was pregnant and so she offered Cassie my child..

This was a game…

They gammbled with me..

Cassie, panel and Patricia gambled with my pride..”I shouted…

They all exclaimed…

“That’s not possible”Jayden said…

“I did not do anything…”Panel sobs infuriating me…

“Listen to this…”Travis said as he played Mr Thomas confession…

“They’re framing me… I swear I did not do anything…”Panel cried…

“She won’t talk easily”I murmured to myself..

I stood up and walked towards her, while she shivered backwards..

“You’re gonna tell me the truth..”

“What happened seven years ago..?? Where can I find Patricia???

And who is the father of my child??”I asked grinding my teeth..

“I swear… I don’t know… Someone has framed me..”She pleaded and I shut her up with a thunderous slap..

I pulled out my gun from my boot…

“Tell me the truth..”I shouted pointing gun at her head…

“Drop the gun…”Fabian’s father shouted..

“Child please drop the gun..”Father begged walking towards me..

“She won’t listen to anyone..”Travis spoke up..

That’s when Fabian spoke up

“Please, don’t do anything stupid that you’ll regret… Your daughter needs her mom with her and not in prison for murder”

Though he had a point but I don’t give a d--n right now…

I’m in rage..

“You won’t kill me.. You need me alive to know the truth..”Panel challenged me..

I smirked at her as I cracked the gun and I shot her left foot…

And she screamed loudly

“Get the first aid..”Travis shouted

“Will you talk or keep infuriating me more???”I asked still pointing the gun at her head..

“I will talk..”she screamed..

“Tell me the truth…”I shouted..

But instead of talking she continued to groan and cry..

Travis stepped forward with the first aid and I pointed the gun at him..

“Don’t touch her.. She won’t get treated if she does not talk”I stated firmly and he stepped aside..

I just hope she talks…

“Don’t test my patience Panel.. You better start talking now….”

“I was in love with Jayden but all his attention was on you.. When we all went on a vacation to Paris, i was disheartened seeing you guys all over each other… I went out one night to the bar, that’s where I met Patricia…

We drunkily shared our problems, her boyfriend thought she was a virgin and she promised him sex.. So I brought up the idea for her to use you..

Coincidentally, their room was directly opposite yours..

So I spiked your drinks…

I took you to their room, while I went to Jayden..”Panel finally confessed and I slumped on the floor..

“I never knew you were this evil..”I whispered…

“I sheltered you after your parents demise.. I help you financially.. You were like a sister to me.. How can you ruin my life..???

Is this how you repay me???”I yelled…

“Where was the innocent girl I used to know..??? Where was my bestie whom stood up for me???”I muttered as I tears streamed down from my eyes…

I quickly used my thump to wipe off the tears…

“I was in love.. I loved Jayden too”she groaned in tears..

“That does not give you the right to ruin my life…”I shouted..

The room suddenly filled with silence..

Travis took that time to extract the bullet from Panel and cleaned her wound..

I sat down watching her as I catch my breath…

“How did you know I was pregnant..??”I asked breaking the silence..

“At first, I didn’t.. Patricia called me up, she told me that her boyfriend didn’t use the condom she left that night..

So I decided to monitor you..

Your taste began to change… You complained about feeling dizzy and tiredness and you slept alot..

That’s when I called Patricia up to inform her on your sudden change..

So she introduced me to her Cassie..

We told Cassie to lie about being pregnant and desperate in need for a surrogate mother…

So that’s when I convinced you on the issue and relunctanly you agreed..

When we got to the hospital, the test they conducted was a pregnancy test..

Patricia blackmailed the doctor..

We did not transplant anything into you, we gave the child to Cassie..”

“You deprived a mother from her child…”Fabian’s father muttered..

“I was doing her a favor, if she had known the truth, we would abort the child..”Panel said and I shot her other leg…

She cried out…

“You had no right to interfere… Who is the guy??”I asked…

“I swear I don’t know.. only Patricia knows that..”She groaned…

“Where the hell is Patricia???”I shouted pointing the gun at her…

“I don’t know..”she cried…

I pulled out the photograph from my pocket and i threw it at her…

“You guys looked like you’ve known each other for a while… So tell me where I can find her”I asked pointing the gun at her.”

“She’s in Australia…”Panel blurted out..

“Australia???”Fabian questioned.

Then he walked past me and picked up the photograph..

His expression changed…

He knows her….

“That b---h…”he groaned squeezing the picture…

“Ooohhh my gosh!!!!”I muttered…

He’s the one..

“I’m the father…”Fabian blurted out…

Immediately, the door swung open..

“Hello fabby”a feminine voice spoke up and I turned around..

“Patricia…”Travis exclaimed..

And I averted my gun towards her direction aiming at her leg, I shot her and she slumped on the floor groaning in pain…

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