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My phone beep interrupted my thought..

Irritated, I picked up my phone..

Unknown number!!

Due to my irritation, I did not feel the need to view the profile of the caller using my Truecaller..

I just accepted the call..

“Hello”I spoke up, my voice depicting my irritation..

“I missed you..”a very familiar voice replied and my heart miss a beat..

Even in my wildest dreams i never imagined to hear this voice again…

Anger slowly consuming my heart..


How dare she call me??

“How did you get my number?”I asked sounding pissed off..

“That doesn’t matter.. All that matters is that I missed you so much, I felt like I was gonna die”

“Like hell it matter.. Don’t play jokes with me right now, Patricia… How the hell did you get my number??”I shouted..

“I paid someone to do it for me.. I just wanted to hear your voice.. I wanted you to know that I missed you and I love you very very much fabby”

“Shut up!!”I commanded..

“Don’t ever say those words to me.. I don’t give a d--n, if you’re alive or not… I just don’t care at all..”I yelled.

“You do!! Deep down your heart, you do.. You never forgot me.. I own your heart and you know it..”

“You sound so confident.. it’s true, I never forgot you, but that’s because you were and will always be my biggest and greatest mistake of my entire life.. I don’t forget those I despise with so much passion.. I don’t forgive them nor will I ever forget my hatred for them..”

“I don’t believe you hate me so much.. Why didn’t you move on?? Why have you been single all this while?? Why couldn’t you love again??

I’m certain, you never did move on because you love me with all your heart, fabby…”

“Nah!! I moved on.. I loved again..”I lied..

I guess I couldn’t move on…

Was it because I’m still in love with her???

“Is it that lady that’s always sticking around you.. Too bad, I heard it with my own ears and saw it on TV.. Both of you clearly stated that you don’t love each other and more over, you’re the one of the handsome single billionaire… The whole world is aware of that”

“Listen every attentively to me Patricia… I don’t wanna keep my personal life public. Nissi and I are in love”I lied again..

Well we used to be acquaintance..

She used to love me, now she doesn’t..

That’s because I couldn’t unlock my heart for her..

“I’m coming back to claim what’s rightfully mine.. Fabian Rois, you are mine!”with that she ended the call…

That crazy b---h….

A knock on my door interrupted me..

I glanced at my laptop to look at the person behind the door

“Come-on in”I shouted..

The door swinged open as my secretary marched in angrily..

“Did she loose her job??”She questioned in an informal tune..

I can’t fire her even if I wanted to..

She’s just too stubborn to quit too..

“No.. Is that the reason you were banging my d--n door??”i asked..

“Yes..”she paused

“Sorry boss… I got really carried away.. I just don’t want her to loose her job because of the differences between you too”

“I appreciate your concern but we have decided to keep our personal life personal.. We won’t let it affect our professional life…”

“Thank you sir..”

“Well, Patricia just called my private number, I want you to locate where the call came from and find out how she got my number”

“Sir, you did not change your old line.. You only abandoned it for a while..”

“Ooohhh!! That’s true.. I want you to locate the call but before that, I need you to select three best mansion that’ll be suitable for the new couple.. I want a grand mansion..”

“Okay sir.. I’ll get down to work..”

“Thanks alot, Janette”I smiled at her..

“Was the new CCTV cameras also installed in her office??”I found myself asking..

“Yes Sir.. it was as per your request..”Janette replied..

“Does she have any idea about the camera???”I asked

“No.. She doesn’t.. Mr Anderson probably haven’t told her..”

“Tell him not to tell her yet.. I’ll tell her myself..”

“As you wish Sir.. But the earlier she finds out the safer you’ll be..”She said before stepping out of the door, closing it behind her..

I’ll probably tell her after the wedding..

I decided to watch what she was doing at her office..

She was giggling over something that Travis said..

She stood up from her chair and sat on Travis lap when James walked in with three cups of coffee..

“Babe.. I thought I’ll get a reward for getting your job done rather, you’re giggling like a baby..” Travis complained…

She pecked him on both sides of his cheeks..

“WOW!!”James exclaimed as they all chuckled together..

“What would I have done without both of you in my life??”She asked..

“Nah!! That should be our line.. What should we have done without you in our lives..”Travis countered..

“You guys would have been sulking like two little babies whose favourite toy was snatched from them”she blurted out and I laughed along with them..

I missed this side of her..

I closed my laptop with a heavy heart..

If she had not fall in love with me, she would have been here with me..

Riding me to our satisfaction..

If she had not fallen in love with me, we would be in my secret Chambers cuddling, giggling and kissing each other’s breath away..

But if I was able to love her back.. She would have been mine alone..

She won’t be sitting on any others man laps nor looking sexy on his lap…

If only I was capable of loving her back, I won’t be miserable..

My life would have been full of joy..

Why am i incapable of loving someone??

Why am I feeling so lonely??

I used to be contempted even when I had no one to love me….

But why am I so lonely and sad after I broke her heart??

Why am I feeling more miserable each time I see her happy in Travis arms??

Could it be possible that I’m jealous??


That can’t be the case..

I may be possessive but jealousy is not part of my manly traits…


I watched her mesmerizingly as she stare at her dress over and over again.

“Don’t you think I’ve overdressed??”She asked the tenth time..

“You’re perfect..”I replied carried away by her beauty..

“Have you heard from James??”she asked grabbing her car keys..

“He’ll meet us there”I replied..

I embraced her from behind..

Holding her close to me tightly..

“What wrong???”She whispered..

“Nothing.. I just felt the urge to hold you close to me”I replied..

I’m scared you’ll vanish..

I’m scared of losing my bestie..

I love her so much..

I don’t want her to die..

I fought back the tears that tried to stream down from my eyes..

She wrapped her hands around mine tightly..

We stayed like that for a moment or two before I released my hold on her

“Let’s go”I said…..

We listened to several hip-hop musics as I drove us to the party.

On getting there, we met James waiting outside for us at the junction of the street..

Nisei and I carried the presents as we stepped out of the car..

“This is the end of the road.. We’ll walk on foot from here..”James explained . Shared on whatsapp by Martino

“Ooohhh!! I hope we won’t have to trek a long distance??”I asked curiously..

Because Nisei isn’t healthy enough for such stress..

“Nope…”James answered..

“Thank goodness, I’m not wearing heels..”Nisei muttered and we chuckled softly…

“Alright, let’s match on, the three musketeers..”Nissi said and we made small joyous noises walking majestically..

The house was not hard to locate..

Someone screamed as soon as they saw us..

It took me few minutes to match the resemblance of the little boy to Thomas…

People rushed out to see what was happening..

“Ma’am” Mr Thomas muttered in disbelief..

“Hope we are not too late for the birthday party??”Nissi asked with a charming smile plastered on her face.

How can someone like her not be granted long life..

“Ahhhhhhh!!!”The birthday girl screamed as she ran to embrace Nisei..

I watched how lovely they both looked together..

“This is so emotional to me”James whispered with a smile on his face..

God please grant her long life..

“Happy birthday Treasure”Nisei pecked her..

“She knows my name… Ooohhh my gosh!!!!”she ran back to her parent

“Ooohhh my gosh!!! She knows me”Treasure shouted jumping up happily..

“I told her about you today..”Her father Thomas explained…

“Thank you ma . I never expected to see you here”Thomas said to Nisei..

“Thanks alot too boss”He said to James..

“I don’t know your names”Treasure said staring at James and I

“I’m Mr Anderson James..”James introduced himself..

“I’m Doctor Travis”I spoke up..

“Thanks for coming to our slumps”The woman I believe would be his wife spoke up..

“Don’t call this a slump.. As long as you reside here.. it is your house.. And I couldn’t resist such party..”Nisei replied her..

“Ooohhh!!! My manners.. Please come in..”Thomas ushered us in…

We ate cookies and drank juice as we celebrate with Treasure..

Nisei was glued with Treasure, who was scared that Nisei would leave her.

Treasure loved all her birthday presents she received..

She told Nisei that she always wished to have a pink ball gown and Nisei had unknowingly fulfilled all her greatest wishes in life..

Funny enough, Treasure thought Nisei was my girlfriend..

But I explained to her that we were just best friends..

Treasure ask matured questions..

She’s too smart for her age..

I noticed that Nisei’s expression changed as soon as she excused herself.

I gestured for james to follow me..

As we rushed after Nisei..

We met her vomiting blood..

I rushed to the tap nearby as I used my juice can to fetch water for her..

“Babe!!”I whispered washing her face..

I gave her small quantity to rinse her mouth..

“Ma!!!”Treasure exclaimed..

How did she get here..???

“You’re…. Sick??”She gasped..

“Hmmmm!!! Come here”Nisei stretched forth an open arm to her..

“This should be our little secret too.. okay”

“Yes ma… My lips are sealed..”

“So we are the only ones that knows about your illness..”Treasure asked

“Yes”I replied..

“I’m planning on telling my family after my brother’s wedding I told you about”

“What’s the name of this illness??”

“Cancer. Stomach cancer..”

“I heard that people die of cancer alot.. My mom also died of cancer”Treasure said in a sad tune..

“Sorry about that”james and I said..

“Actually, I thought Venice was your real Mom”I Said

“She’s my aunt, my dad’s only sister.. She took care of my brother and I… Very soon she’ll start her own family with our neighbor..”Treasure replied..

“I’ll pray harder to the most high.. I won’t eat for days.. Maybe he’ll answer my prayers this time..”Treasure sobs loudly..

Nisei embraced her, as she consoled her while she sobs quietly..

“I won’t quarrel with my brother.. I won’t taunt my aunt or her boyfriend again so that God will answer my prayers..”Treasure cried heavily..

“God won’t ignore your tears dear.. He’ll save our Nisei…”James spoke up..

“She won’t die..”I whispered struggling within myself not to cry along with them..

I’m becoming too soft recently…

Even when my parent died I did not cry as hard as I cried when I found out about Nisei’s illness..

“Don’t you know that it is a bad omen to cry on your birthday??”Nisei asked Treasure..

“I won’t cry again…”Treasure replied..


“I have to leave now.. I’m feeling very dizzy.. I need to rest, tommorow is my brother’s wedding..”

“Okay!!”Treasure nods her head..

We walked back inside the house..

We bid everyone farewell..

“I would like Treasure to attend my brother’s wedding tommorow”Nisei said to Mr Thomas..

“Okay ma.. But I don’t know the address”

“I’ll send my driver to pick her up..”

“Can I wear the dress you bought for me??”Treasure asked..

“With your father’s permission, you can.. I’ll see you tommorow”They pecked each other…


She whispered in my ear that she loved me before pecking me..

I stood up with a bright smile..

As I turned around walking away when she shouted..

“Good night Mom!!”I halted..

I spuned around happily, eyes locked together as she waved at me..

“Good night love..”I blew her a kiss before walking away with Travis and James..

“I talked to her father, I want to adopt treasure.. I want her to live with me… I want to give her all the motherly love that she deserves..”I told my besties as we stood beside my car..

That’s when I noticed that James did not come with his car..

“We’re sleeping at your house tonight”James declared opening the passenger door for me.

“What did her father say???”Travis asked..

“He said he’ll talk to her tonight about it.. He’s worried about her little brother Justin but I assured him that he can visit her at anytime..”I explained..

“She’s a lovely girl”James said..

“I feel attached to her.. If I don’t survive the treatment, please make sure you take care of her..”I said to Travis and he nods his head..

“Don’t talk rubbish.. You’ll make it out alive..”

“Okay…”I shuttered before blacking out…


I forced myself out of the bed..

I saw an empty blood bag in my trash can, that’s when I observed the pain on the back of my palm

I met Travis in my kitchen Making lemon juice..

“Good morning”I spoke up..

“How are you feeling??”He asked blending the juice..

“Weak.. But better.., What happened to me last night???”I asked..

“You fainted.. I panicked so I explained everything to your doctor.. He brought a bag of blood for you..”

“Ooooh!!!”That’s when my eyes caught a glimpse of the time..

“Ooohhh my Gosh!!!”I panicked..

“It’s almost 10:00am”I shouted..

“Everything is under control, don’t freak you.. Paul called, I told him you were in the bathroom, he requested you help him to check the reception arrangements… you have 30minutes to get ready.. Service just began”



We arrived late..

Though I met the most important part of the wedding….

We are currently at the reception..

The party is going smoothly..

People are lined up, presenting their gifts to the couples..

“Congratulations, Mr and Mrs Akiko”I embraced them handing over my gift..

“You came late.. But we forgive you”Pauline said..

“MOM!!”Treasure called out running towards me.

All eyes fell on her, watching her intensively..

I saw her father standing beside James

“My treasure!!’i whispered as she embraced me..

“You look beautiful”I said to her.

“You too Mom.. I brought my luggages..”she said happily..

“WOW!!”I kissed her forehead..

The sound of throat clearing interrupted our blissful moment..

“Paul, Pauline meet my daughter Treasure.. And that’s her father over there beside James”I introduced her..

They embraced her..

“Welcome to the family.. Treasure”Paul said to her

“Thank you sir”

“Not sir.. you’ll call me uncle..”Paul said

“And call me aunt”Pauline chipped in..

“You did not tell me about her”Paul whispered..

“I’m sorry… I was preoccupied..”

“Congratulations sister”Jayden spoke up standing beside his sister..

“Thank you..”

“Happy married life”I said before excusing myself..

I held Treasure’s hand as we walked back to my table..

There’s a strong connection between the two of us, I can feel it…

“Hey!! Evil auntie”Treasure called out pointing towards panel..

“Do you know her??”I asked curiously..

“Yeah!! She came to my neighborhood few months ago.. Then days later, I saw threatening my father..”Treasure explained..

Why would panel threaten her father??

What’s her relationship with them???

Something fishy is going on…

“Have you ever seen her before then??”I asked..

“Yeah!! I can’t remember when but it would be like a year ago..”Treasure answered..

“Babe”James embraced me from behind..

“People are watching..”I grumbled..

“I know..”James replied..

“Hello pretty lady!”He stretched forth his open arm to Treasure..

“Hi, my handsome uncle..”

I chuckled softly..

Suddenly, I saw Mr Thomas and panel heading the same way..

I quietly excused myself as I sneaked up on them, trailing behind them to the hallway..

I halted when I heard them arguing..

“I’m sorry ma, but treasure deserves a better life and only Miss Akiko can give that to her”Thomas said calmly

“I think you are doing this deliberately.. If you don’t get that child back to your house, I’ll report you to the police that you stole my best friend’s infact because you lost your child..”Panel threatened..

“You can’t do that Ma.. She doesn’t even know that Treasure is her own child..”Mr Thomas countered..

And i covered my mouth as I gasped quietly..

I quietly sneaked out of the hallway…

How is this possible??

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