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Nissi Akiko popularly known as ‘Nisei’ an American whose parent were Japanese immigrants.

She owned a duplex in which she lived in with her high school bestie Panel in Los Angeles after being hired to work as an Assistant Sales Director to her Fiancé Jayden Brown..

Dedicated to work, setting aside her personal affair around the four walls of her office, despite being envied by most single ladies and colleagues at the office..

She always standout amongst all odd..

Just when she thought that her life was perfect, an unplanned event strucked her gravely, leaving her disheartened and heartbroken.

She left everything behind and returned back to her hometown in Las Vegas..

After purging her heart out by crying heavily for several days.. She decides to pick up the remaining pieces of her life and move on..

One gracious day, she went out to a bar, there she crosses path with a charming stranger..

Despite being a stranger, she felt a strong connection with him.

This connection lurred her closer to him against her will..

As if, he felt the same way, he also couldn’t resist her charm and unique nature. He yearned for her presence..

Despite her rejection toward his advances, he felt possessive towards her and also because he understood her pain.. He felt the need to protect and comfort her.

Proposing a mutually based agreement to set aside their past to EXTRACT wramth, comfort, and happiness from each other.



Don’t Judge a book by it’s cover because all that glitters is not gold..

I ignored this wise important saying.

I formed a blind eye to most obvious errors and made several mistakes unknowingly because I pictured my life as a perfect achievement..

But the truth destroyed me.

It broke me into several little pieces..

I found out about a great secret..

All my life was a lie..


After all, All the world is a stage!!

And I’m just gonna rewrite my story and develop a new motto…

A new direction..

That’s the reason why I moved back to my hometown in Las Vegas..

Some called me a coward for running away but I don’t care what they think of me.. I know who I am..

And I know I needed space to think.

I felt really suffocated over there..

I needed a fresh air and I’m happy I moved away..

I would not have met my protective stranger..

Fabian Rois…

He understands my pain mainly because he also, is an unfortunate victim like me..

I’m determined to make my life extremely happy at all costs necessary..

Quitters are no winners, Winners do not quit..

And I NISSI AKIKO, I don’t quit..

I don’t accept defeat..

I’m born to be a Winner…

© Winner Godwin and

Grace Aghedo

February 2020

All rights reserved

Extraction - S01

Extraction - S01

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