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“Please!!! Fabian please, don’t do this to me… I love you”

“That’s the reason I’m doing this”he replied

“You promised to protect me.. You said you don’t like to see me cry.. Does your promises and words meant nothing to you???”I asked

“I don’t break promises… I don’t ever wanna see you again”

“You promised to protect me!!”I shouted

“That is what I’m doing Nissi”he said calmly..

“I’m protecting you from myself.. So I won’t see you getting hurt.. I won’t see you in tears.. I’m protecting you from heartbreak”

“You already broke my heart again”I whispered..

“It’s better late than never” he paused

“Goodbye Nissi”he said and he turned around.. Walking away without looking back at me…

He left me with a broken heart…

He broke my heart over again…



My life was a complete disaster after Fabian rejected me .. I was broken.. Physically, mentally, psychologically and emotionally broken..

But then, I realized I never loved Jaybee the way I loved him..

Fabian Rois taught me how to love unknowingly to him but he broke my heart.. He shattered my last hope..

I even imagined myself kneeling before him, begging him to love me.. I imagined myself going to his office, creating a scene just to draw his attention..

I imagined going to the press to confess my feelings for him..

But I promised myself never to stoop so low to anyone..

I can’t step on my own dignity just to win a heartless man..

But I cried so very hard.

I cried from that Saturday morning till on Sunday evening..

But I reported to work on Monday morning…..

I had to use heavy make-up to conceal the dark clouded circles around my eyes..

When i saw him, I pretended not to notice his presence at all..

I did not look at him at all..

But i was in a tough spot..

I wanted to look at him badly..

His secretary Janette and my boss Mr James were the only ones who noticed our wierd behavior..

Though, I told James the truth..

He was disappointed..

Thanks to my new estate, I barely report to work regularly..

I worked from my office..

A week afterwards, we had a presentation which I had to be present..

Fabian was there too..

He looked scarily quiet..

Though we held gaze for a while when I walked in..

Despite his cold attitude, he looked hot and handsome..

But something happened that day, he requested to see me privately..

I could clearly recall what transpired between us..

He spoke up after offering me a cup of chocolate..

“I’m sorry for making you feel uncomfortable”he said..

“I know after what happened between us, it’ll be difficult for you to work with me”he paused..

“I’ll pay off the rest of your salary, you may send in your resignation letter”

“Hey!!”I interrupted angrily..

“I work here as an employee, directly under James Anderson and not you Fabian Rois..

I don’t give a d--n about you anymore, you’re just another great mistake in my life..

I don’t feel anything for you anymore, I don’t feel uncomfortable around you, your presence doesn’t make a difference nor impact to me..

I won’t resign because I had a misunderstanding with you..

If you’re so uncomfortable around me, you don’t need to worry.. I’m a very busy business woman..

I barely report here and even if I do we won’t cross paths except in a conference meeting..

And I don’t see a reason to look at you or being around you..

Your presence is always unnoticed around me..

I love my job, I love my boss and I love my colleagues..

If you have a problem with me put it into writing and submit it to my boss..

I’ll abide my his decision..

If you don’t, stick to your chair quietly and peacefully…

I’m happy I met the real you..

You’ve taught me another great lesson in life… Thank you

But this is an office..

This building is your company..

Be professional..

I don’t mix my personal life with my professional life…

Though I made a mistake of breaking my principles because of my lust for you.. I won’t make that mistake again.

Business is business to me…

Have a nice day”I said and walked out on him…

And I meant every word I said that day.. He was nothing to me..

Days past by and all my pain faded off gradually..

I locked my emotions..

I stopped loving him and I stopped hating him..

I can feel my heart beating Everytime but I can’t feel my heart throbbing fast for love…

It’s empty…

That was the last day I saw Fabian..

I heard he went on a business trip to Canada with his PA Janette..

That was about a month ago..

I stopped listening to gossip about him..

Though, during all this time, my brother was also facing a big challenge..

He was fighting hard to win back the heart of the woman he ever truly loved..

But his hard work and dedication paid off..

My brother is finally getting married to the love of his life, Pauline Brown in a week time..

The soon to be Mrs Akiko..

I’m already having goosebumps…

My anticipation for their wedding is getting the best of me…

“I’m good to go”I said to myself starring at the mirror..

I’ve become fatter and beautiful..

“Nisei”My brother called out for me..

“I’m coming”I shouted grabbing my purse and car keys..

I rushed downstairs before Paul will a reason to pull this roof down, all in the name of calling out for me..

“WOW!!”dad exclaimed..

“You look beautiful”mom drooled…

“Thanks Mom.. thanks Dad”I blew each of them a kiss..

“It’s my engagement party fella”My obvious jealous brother spoke up drawing our attention to him..

“We know.. They are my parent too”

“Today should be all about me”

“Of course.. let’s go”

“It’s not even his wedding day and he’s acting like this.. He loves attention”I muttered to myself..

“I heard you”Paul shouted..

“It’s not a big deal..”

“Alright see you kids at the party”dad said entering into his car and he zoomed away..

“Are you okay??”Paul asked looking worried at me.. Unlocking the car while I turned around to open the passenger seat..

“Of course, why wouldn’t I be??”I asked opening the door for myself

“Hmmm.. I know you Nisei.. I know when you fake your smile, you can deceive dad and mom with it but not me.. You’re my baby girl..”

“What’s all this sermon about??”I jammed the car door irritated by my brother’s attitude..

“If you’re worried because Fabian maybe attending the party, you don’t need to.. I told you brother, my heart throbbing faded a long time, I don’t feel anything. And if you’re worried about Jayden, you don’t need to be, I lifted off the restraining order for him.. Today is his sister’s engagement..”

“I’m worried about you Nisei.. I’m worried because I think my engagement will remind you of yours”he said looking very worried..

“Cool it off brother… Today is ya day.. I’m fine.. The smile on my face may be fake but it’s genuine.. Turn on that darm engine, you shouldn’t be late to your own engagement party..

If I’m too bored, I’ll sneak out without a second thought”

He chuckled..

“I feel I’ll meet my Mr Right tonight..”

“If it’s that sexy therapist you’re hanging around with lately, I support your decision..”

“He’ll be my Mr Right if he shows up tonight, if not I’m still up for auctioning..”

“I hope you fall in love before marriage”

“That’s not for me.. Love is not in my destiny brother.. If a man can take care of my needs and give me due attention that I deserve, then I’ll gladly marry him..”

“You’re obviously hard to please”he murmured to himself..

I laughed at him remark…

The rest of the drive was in silence..

The night is young but I’m hoping it comes to an end soon..

This party is superb..

Beyond my expectations..

Pauline looked extremely beautiful tonight..

Doctor Travis graced us with his presence few minutes we arrived…

Though he’s my doctor, he’s also my friend.. I’ll say, the only friend I have now apart from Pauline who will soon be my sister legally..

Jayden and his b---h have been keeping their distance, which is good.

I still can’t believe this day is here..

It wasn’t easy for my brother to win back his love..

She was dating another guy just to make him jealous..

But here we are celebrating with them.

“You keep staring at them enviously”Dr Travis spoke up.

“I am envious of them, but in a good way.. They fought hard to sustain their relationship, here they are reaping the fruit of their hardwork and we are all gathered here to celebrate with them..”I said gulping my wine..

“You’re getting better…”

“Ooohhh come on doctor, I’m not ya patient here.. You’re my friend..

Don’t activate your doctor mood on me in a party”I grumbled..

“Noted.. Sorry about that..”

“Keep this in mind Travis, you were my friend before you became my doctor..”

“My beautiful Nisei!”James interrupted us..

“I’m glad you made it.. I was planning on smashing my fist on that lovely face anytime we cross path..”

“Wooohhh! Easy tigeress..”he turned to Travis

“Nice to see you man”he stretched forth his hand and Travis covered his open palm with his..

“Now that my only friends are here with me, I pronounce this engagement party a success.. Let’s cheers” We made lousy noises together..

“Cheers to Pauline and Paul”James spoke up raising his glass..

“Cheers to their happiness”Travis raised his glass up..

“And cheers to our friendship.. The three musketeers”I raised my glass and we cheers with a loud noise, not giving a d--n on people around us..

“Wooohhh!”I exclaimed

“Let’s hit the dance floor”James spoke up..

“That’s a good idea”Travis chipped in..

“James, That lady has been giving you green light for a while, take up her offer”I said gesturing for him to look at the lady opposite us on green gown..

He hasn’t been with anyone since his girlfriend eloped with another man..

“One of us deserve to have real fun.. We should forget our past and move on..

This may be a better chance for a better future..

Don’t keep her waiting”I pat his shoulder playfully..

“Watch over our Queen”he said to Travis, before walking away..

“Playing matchmaker ehh..”Travis spoke up, while James was heading to the dance floor with the lady..

He’s smart..

“I’m heeding to my doctor’s advise..”I spoke up..

“Let’s hit the dance floor”I suggested..

“I haven’t dance in a while.. I don’t wanna embarrass you”he replied

“You don’t need the perfect steps to dance, you just need a perfect dance partner. Lucky for you, I’m here”

“Let’s go..”he said chuckling..

We danced together to the beat of the music.. From one song to another..

Then, a ballad song was played..

I was walking out of the dance floor when Travis held my hand preventing from walking away…

“It’s a ballad song”I grumbled…

“It doesn’t matter.. You’re a great dancer”

“I haven’t danced ballad for a while now”I complained..

“And I haven’t danced at all for a while too” he challenge

“Challenge accepted..”I smirked, stretching forth my hand to him..

He circled my hand around his neck and placed his other hand firmly on my waist hoisting me off the ground…

Thank God for the kind of dress I was wearing, it was easy for me to split my legs on air….

He placed me down holding my hand waist while I pull myself away and he released his grip on me smiling..

I rolled myself away and he walked towards me grabbing my hand he pulling me to himself wrapping his hands around my waist..

I bend to his left while he trailed his finger on me, then I lifted myself up and he chuckled..

He held my hand firmly and I bent down rolling myself thrice..

Then he pulled me up to himself..

“Woaooooh!!”the crowd roared clapping for us..

“Excellent steps”Travis spoke up..

“I had a great catcher..”

“Nice ballad step sis”my brother hugged me..

“Thanks, hope you’re not jealous I stole the spotlight??”I asked

“Nah!! I’m glad you’re becoming comfortable with spotlight on you..”

“Where’s your bride??”I asked..

“Ooooh!”he faced looks worried..

I saw her a moment ago..

I hope she’s fine..

“She’s okay… She’s with him..”my brother answered

“Fabian???”I asked slightly nervous

“Yeah!!”he replied..

“Are you okay??”he asked me

“Why wouldn’t I be?? I’m perfectly fine.. ”

“I’m here for her.. You shouldn’t be worried.. He doesn’t affect her”Travis spoke up..

Yeah! He doesn’t affect me..

“Yeah!! I can see that . Please don’t leave her side”my brother requested

“I won’t..”Travis replied..

“Enough of these sentimental talks.. Let’s go say hi to him”I suggested

And my brother stared at him in shock..

“Paul!”I snapped my fingers..

“Lead the way”I muttered..

“I’m worried”my brother whispered

“I won’t crash your party nor will I steal your spotlight again..”I promised..

“Fair enough”My brother chuckled as he led us to where Fabian was..

His back was facing us when we met them..

He seems to notice our presence, when he suddenly stopped talking..

Pauline looked worried seeing me..

“Hello Fabian”I spoke up..

And his shoulders dropped…

Why is he tensed up??

“Big boss!! I’m talking to ya”I spoke up a little louder and he turned around slowly..

“Sorry.. Good evening Miss Akiko”He greeted..

“Drop the formalities dear.. We are not in a business party nor in the office.. We are officially in-laws for Goodness sake…”I said smiling sheepishly..

I stretched forth my hand and he shook my hand…

“Nice to see you again”

“It’s my pleasure, Nissi”he answered..

“Oops my bad… Travis, meet Fabian, my big boss I told you about and also an ex- friend of mine”I said

“I’ve heard alot about me you.. Good and bad”Travis said shaking hands with Fabian and I chuckled..

“Please to meet you..”

“I’m gonna steal my bride away, while you guys catch up”Paul spoke up and we laughed at him..

“I would have landed my fist on your face if you weren’t here today.. I knew you for punctuality but you arrived late..”

“I’m sorry about that.. My flight was delayed due to bad weather..”he explained..

“It’s a good thing you came even though you arrived late.. Your presence means alot to her..” I paused..

“I just came to say hi.. Enjoy the party”I saluted him before walking away with Travis..

“I thought you wanted to use me to make him jealous”Travis spoke up when we got back to our table..

“No dear.. I don’t need to make him jealous because I don’t need him..

I’m dead serious when I said, I’m over him.. He’s nothing to me now”

“Now I’m fully convinced.. You’re a rare gem.. You have great self recovering speed..”

“Thanks doctor”I said mockingly and he chuckled..

“I wanna make use of the restroom..”

“I’ll be right here waiting for you”

“Okay.. if I’m not out before 10minutes, look for me”I said jokingly..

“Yes ma”he laughed..

I continued to smile as I walked hurriedly to the restroom..

“I almost pee on my pant”I breathed out after I’ve urinated…

I washed my hand before walking out of the restroom..

Suddenly I started to feel nauseous again..

A sudden wave to vomit filled me as I rushed back to the restroom..

I pushed the restroom door open, as I began to throw up..

I vomited everything I ate..

I became very weak and dizzy..

I sat down on the floor tiles close to the door..

“Nisei”Travis called out for me..

I sluggishly got up and opened the door..

“Ooohhh my God!! You look pale”he panicked holding me tightly..

“I vomited heavily and I’m feeling dizzy”I complained..

He checked my temperature and my pulse…

“Have you been feeling nauseous??”he asked

“Yeah! It started few days ago”i replied

“Have you been eating properly???”he asked

“Not really”I replied

And he sighed..

“When last did you see you period??” He asked..

I gasped out loudly…

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