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“Ooohhh my God!! You look pale”he panicked holding me tightly..

“I vomited heavily and I’m feeling dizzy”I complained..

He checked my temperature and my pulse…

“Have you been feeling nauseous??”he asked

“Yeah! It started few days ago”i replied

“Have you been eating properly???”he asked

“Not really”I replied

And he sighed..

“When last did you see you period??” He asked..

I gasped out loudly…


“About two months ago..”I answered..

“No cramps at all within these two months??”he asked

“Nope… But I felt it was normal because my period is irregular.. And sometime I don’t see it for a month..”I stated..

“Though this month is not over but there’s a probability that you’re pregnant.. Nauseousness, vomiting, your depreciating eating quantity..”he stated and I panicked..

I can’t be pregnant..

“I can’t be pregnant for him”I thought out loud..

“I don’t want anything that will tie me down to him…

I just can’t be pregnant”I shouted feeling fustrated..

“Calm down Nisei.. let’s not jump into conclusion, let’s do a test to confirm..”

“I can’t be pregnant for that heartless beast”I shouted..

“Sshhh?!!”he whispered placing his finger on my lip to silence me..

“Don’t shout.. Walls have ears..”he cautioned me..

“I think I have some pregnancy test kit in my car, wait here quietly while i get it..”

“Okay.. but bring like four or five..”I requested..

“Okay, I’ll be right back”he walked away..

Ooohhh God..

Please let the test be negative..

I don’t wanna carry a beast child..

I don’t want to have a child out of wedlock..

I don’t want my child to suffer because of his parent mistake..


“What’s wrong with me??”I asked myself..

I pace back and front waiting for Travis to get here..

“Thank goodness”I jubilated

“Here, pee on them”he instructed..

“Yes doctor.. I’ll be right back.. Don’t move an inch from here”I said before walking back to the bathroom…

I peed on all five of them but couldn’t muster the courage to see the result..

I wrapped the results with my handkerchief before walking out of the bathroom door..

“How did it go?? What’s the result??”he asked..

“I couldn’t muster the courage to look at them.. Here, check the results”I said handing over the results to him…

He unwrapped them..

He checked the results before tossing them into the waste bin..

He gave me a sympathy look..

As I began to pray in my mind, that the floor would open up and consume me right now..

“I’m sorry”he cleared his croaked throat..


“Hey! Travis”I called out for him as I hastened my feet towards him..

“Where are you rushing off to??”I asked him..

“To get something for Nisei.” He replied looking worried….

“Is she alright?? What’s wrong??”I panicked..

“She’s fine.. I just need to get something for her in my car.. Ladies stuff”he answered

“Ooohhh!! I thought something bad happened to her”

“Go ahead, I’ll be right here waiting for you guys”I answered, he nodded his head before walking away..

“It’s a good thing to have a doctor as a friend…”I muttered to myself..

“Is he just her friend??”a familiar voice startled me..

“Jayden”I breathed out..

“What was that for man??”I shouted.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to startle you..”he answered


“So, is he just her friend??”he asked again..

“Who are you talking about??”I asked pretending like I don’t understand who he was referring to.

“That Travis guy”

“Oo.. You know his name..”I pointed out..

“Yeah!! I heard it from my sister.. Don’t ignore my question James”he said slightly irritated by my attitude

“Call me Anderson. Only my closest friends have the right to call me James”I snapped at him

“Alright Anderson.. is Travis Nisei’s new f--k buddy??”he asked and I fought the urge to punch his mouth..

“You should mind your business.. Focus on rebuilding your life than interfering in her personal life..

You have caused her more harm than Good..

Moreover, to ease your curiousity, Travis is not a f--k buddy.. he’s a great guy and a good friend..

Stay out of her personal life, Jayden”I warned him pointing my fingers at him..

“What’s going on here??”Fabian asked as he walked closed to us..

“Nothing”Jayden replied him..

“I was just warning your brother to mind his business and stay out of Nisei’s personal life”I spoke up .

“Jayden??”Fabian glared at his brother..

“Drop that caring act brother. Don’t act like you care about her either.. You used her too and then you dumped her..”Jayden fired at Fabian

“What are you taking about?? I did not use her nor did I dump her..” Fabian defended himself..

Which to me, was a lie..

He did use her and dumped her..

“I witnessed the whole thing that day.. I was there even after you walked out on her while she cried, calling out for you.. I’ve never seen her cry so hard before even when she found out that I cheated on her..

Nisei did not shed a single tears before me, I don’t know if she cried when she was alone..

But Nisei is a woman of principles.. I saw her broke down before you.. You’re worst than I am brother..

You’re a heartless beast….”Jayden cursed at Fabian, while Fabian retaliated by slapping him

Knowingly, that Jayden was ready to fight back, I quickly step between them..

“Don’t ruin your sister’s engagement”I warned both of them..

“I don’t give a f--k..”Jayden hissed

“You do.. if not you wouldn’t be here.. Don’t create a scene here..

You guys can finish this fight at home but not here..

Nisei will never forgive you guys if you ruin this party even if Pauline does..”I said and walked out on them…


“I’m sorry”he whispered again before bursting into laughter..

“You’re not pregnant”he said as he laughed at me…

Immediately, I attacked him playfully..

“I’ll kill you. “I cursed hitting him with my purse..

I stopped when he flinched in pain.

“Sorry.. But seriously, the look on your face was priceless”he chuckled softly..

While I glared dangerously at him..

“How can you joke with something so trival as pregnancy.. You’re lucky I’m not a weekling, I would have fainted”I grumbled..

“I’m sorry but seriously you should consult a doctor as soon as possible, to know what’s going on with you, I’m afraid this maybe something serious, like real bad news…”Travis advised

“Yes Sir.. But as long as it’s not pregnancy, I’m happy”

“Let’s celebrate, dude”I shouted happily dragging him back to the party..

“Easy babe.. You’re gonna steal the spotlight again”Travis grumbled..

I released my grib and pout my lips..

“Ooohhh! Don’t do that”he sighed closing his eyes with his hand.

“Don’t cower like a scared baby”I mumbled..

“I’m not..”he dropped his hand down.

“Then let’s rock and roll..” I suggested with a charming smile.

“You promised not to steal the spotlight from Paul..”he reminded me..

“Paul is a big boy.. You don’t need to worry about him, after all, I’m his baby sister.. Look over your shoulder”I paused, gesturing at him to look at Paul..

“See, Paul is engrossed with his bride.. He would be grateful I’m entertaining his guest”

“You’re a smart ass”he winked..

“Smart ass, I’m not..”

“Glad you know you’re not smart..”Panel interrupted us..

“You look hasty.. Are you hurrying away just to be f----d??”Panel asked with a devious smile on her face….

I would have slapped her but this is my brother’s party..

I can’t create any choas..

I can’t crash his party..

It’s better I tolerate her today..

I wonder how I never got to notice this side of her..

This b---h used to be my d--n best friend..

“That shouldn’t bother you dear”I answered with a fake smile..

“I’m just worried about you.. I heard your f--k buddy rejected you.. Seems your life is filled with rejection.. First Jayden, second his sexy hot brother Fabian and now, this new gorgeous catch of yours..”she paused licking her lips seductively..

“I must compliment you.. You have a very good taste in men… I’m very impressed with your taste..”

“Thanks.. At least, you have finally appreciated something good for the first time in your life..

Humble yourself and step aside quietly..”I requested..

“Awwwn!!”she said mockingly..

“Too h---y to chat with your bestie.. Or, are you hurrying off to look for my man.. Wait… Wait.. I can’t believe you’re f-----g two men and they both have no idea”

“Pa..”I paused calming myself..

Fighting the desperate urge to smash my fist on her face..

“Don’t”Travis held my hand..

I need to disfigure her f-----g face..

“What’s going on here??”my brother spoke up glaring suspiciously at Panel..

“Nothing”I breathed out..

I can’t ruin his party..

I shouldn’t ruin his mood..

“There’s something.. I’m not dumb..” My brother insisted…

“We should talk outside.. We are drawing unwanted attention”Travis murmured..

“Let’s go..”My brother commanded

“Paul..”Panel whispered but my brother snapped at her..

“I said let’s go outside panel”Paul raised his voice a little louder..

I won’t forgive this b---h..

Thanks to the loud music which was aired immediately Paul shouted, the guests attention was successfully diverted..

“What’s going on here??”Jayden asked curiously..

“Meet us outside”Travis answered..

“Where’s that b---h??”Pauline shouted walking towards us angrily.

“I’m not a b---h!!”panel shouted

“Yes you are”I yelled at the same time landing a thunderous slap on her face..

“Nisei!!”Jaybee shouted rushing to panel’s aid..

I’ve had enough of them..

I won’t endure any mishap or humiliation against me or my family

“What the hell was that for???” Jaybee shouted at me

“Don’t you dare!! Don’t you dare raise your voice at me!!”I yelled glaring dangerously at him..

“Ya gat no idea what ya b---h has done. Do ya??”I asked using another accent..

He looked at me in awe..

I’m furiously mad right now..

Seems like he truly gat no idea what he’s b---h has done..

Surprisingly he turned to his b---h glaring at her, he asked

“What did you do??”she opened her mouth to explain but no word came out of her mouth..

I can’t believe Jaybee has so much effect on her..

Guess, she truly love him…

“Ya girlfriend is a wily coquette”I muttered..

“It’s becoming very obvious day by day..”Jayden murmured…

“Apologize to them right now”he commanded in a no tolerance tune..

“Jay…”she mumbled but he shunned her..

“I said apologize.. Right now!!”he yelled causing her to shiver.

“I’m sorry…”She babbled before running away..

D--n it!!!

I missed the pleasure of disfiguring her crafty face..

“Thank goodness, your b---h didn’t create a scene at my party.. or else, I wouldn’t have forgiven the both of you…”Pauline spoke up..

“I know.. I shouldn’t have come, sorry for her actions..”Jaybee apologize looking sincerely remorseful..

“You sure shouldn’t have come at all”Pauline hissed..

That’s unfair..

“He had every right to be here.. He came here despite knowing how unwelcoming his presence is just to celebrate in his baby sister’s happiness.. But here you are condemning him for his Wily coquette’s mistake.. That’s unfair”I paused..

“I’m sorry”Pauline apologized to him

“I just wanted my party to go smoothly.. I overreacted… I’m glad you came Jayden.. Thanks alot..”Pauline said and they embraced each other..

“I may not have been the best brother to you but your happiness matters alot to me..”Jayden pecked her..

“Awwwn!!”my brother drooled…

“Let’s get back to the party..”my brother suggested..

“You acted very matured..”Travis kinda complimented me..

“It’s that a compliment or an insult. Are you insinuating that I wasn’t matured before???”I faked a frown at him…

“Nah!!! It was a compliment.. I wonder why it sounded like an insult.. Aren’t you matured???”He asked..

“I am..”

“Why were you defending him a while ago??”A very familiar voice asked startling me..

“Don’t creep on me..!!”I hissed..

“I’ll be waiting inside…”Travis spoke up excusing himself..

“Don’t fist fight, Tigress” he added waving at me..

“Ooohhh!! I won’t crash such an important party”I huffed..

“Sorry, I startled you.. I didn’t mean to be creepy..”Fabian spoke up.

“Apology accepted”

“Why did you defend him like that??”he asked walking closer to me like I was his prey..

‘What’s ya d--n business big boss..??’i asked myself..

“I don’t owe you any explanations.. But to ease ya curiousity, I supported the truth.. I did not defend him.. Pauline’s actions were wrong, so I corrected her..”

“Just the way you corrected me by yelling at my face months ago..”

“Yeah!! I don’t support wrong doings”I replied..

“So, will you call me out on things, if I’m wrong..??”he asked stepping closer to me..

Too close, that I can perceive his after shave..

And his cologne filled my nostril..

“If there’s a need to, I’ll.. But you’re not a type of person that heeds to corrections.. It’ll be a waste of time and strength on you..”

“Really???”he asked closing the little space between us..

Why is he trying to intimidate me.??

Why I’m I giving him the power to dominate over me???

“You look like extremely beautiful tonight..”he breathed out wrapping his hands around my waist..

I let out a surprise gasp.

What I’m I doing with this idoit??

Is he mad??

“And sexy!!”he added..

I pushed him away from me aggressively and land a slap across his face..

“Don’t ever touch me like that, jerk”I shouted before walking out on him…


“Don’t freak out on me babe”Travis held my hands

“You don’t expect me to be calm and relaxed.. What if I truly have cancer?? Will I live up to a month??”I asked panicking..

“Husssshhh!! I’m here with you.. You have to be strong, you’re not a weekling..”he stated

“Geeeezzzz!!! I’m not a weekling”I stated shaking my head..

I let out a deep breath..

No matter what happens, this will always be better than being pregnant with Fabian’s child..

“Miss… The doctor is requesting for you” A short slender nurse approached me..


I’m not a weekling…

“Thanks…”Travis spoke up

“You’re welcome Doctor Travis..”

“Let’s go”I breathed out..

The nurse accompanied us to the doctor’s office…

He offered us a sit as he placed some files aside..

“Good day doctor”Travis and I greeted chorusly..

“Good day Miss Akiko..”he said to me

“I’m surprised to see you here, Doctor Travis… Is she your girlfriend??”the doctor asked and I fought back the laughter that was at the verge of erupting out of my mouth..

“My best friend..”Travis replied him.

“So bad news or good news??”Travis asked..

“It’s bad news dear.. Everything about cancer is bad news.. isn’t it doctor??”I asked staring at his name tag..

“William???”i added…

“She’s a smart ass..”Travis muttered

“It’s not that bad Miss…”

“Just call me Nisei”I said interrupting his speech..

“The test result shows that you have Gastric cancer (Stomach cancer)and..”he paused..

I feel like crying right now but I forced a smile on my face..

“And???”I questioned..

“It’s at it’s third stage.. I’m afraid to say this, but this is an advance stage., The cancer have gone through all the layer of the esophagus and have spread extensively to the lymph nodes.”

“What the cure?? What’s the treatment??”Travis asked..

“I’ll advice she undergo chemotherapy and radiation therapy before surgery..”the doctor advised..

“I’m I going to die, if I don’t do the therapy???”I asked..

“Be sincere”I added


“Do you have any assurance that this treatment will work on me??”I asked again

“It’s a 50/50.. it depends on your will to survive.. If your body respond positively to the therapy, it’ll work perfectly fine”doctor Williams replied..

That’s not a relief..

It’s a probability..

A waste of time..

“When can she start the treatment??”Travis asked, his eyes filled with tears..

“As soon as possible.. The earlier the better for her”

“Thanks… Let’s go, Travis”I said jumping up on my feet..

I rushed out of the office.

“Wait!!”Travis called out but I ignored him walking away..

My feet led me to his office as I pushed the door open..

I slumped on the floor in tears…

I heard Travis mumbling something to his secretary before walking in on me.

He wrapped his arms around me and I melted into his warmth..

We cried together…

At least, I’m not alone..


“You can’t tell anyone about this”I spoke up with my croaked voice

“But they deserve to know about this”

“After the wedding… I’m feeling sleepy”I lied changing the topic..

“I’ll drive you home..”

“Nah!!! I can go by myself.. You don’t have to cancel all your appointment because of me”

“Staying here isn’t good for me either, I won’t be able to concentrate.. Please no arguments, let’s go home”

“Okay..”I said Standing up…

The drive to my apartment was in silence, none of us uttered a word to each other..

Travis made lunch while I went upstairs to shower..

By the time I came downstairs, lunch was ready…

“Smell good”I said grabbing a plate for myself..

“By the look on your face, I guess you have made a decision..”

“Yeah!! I’m not getting treated..”I stated..

“Why???”he shouted slamming his fists on the table..

“Because the treatment would be painful, moreover, it’s a waste of time, if the sickness does not kill me, the treatment will…

All those treatment have side effects”

“It’s better than dying..”Travis muttered..

“I want to live too.. I’m still young and unmarried… I wanna get married, I wanna have kids with my loving husband… I wanna grow old to see my children’s children..

I wanna live too…

But it seems like I’m not destined too”I yelled…

“You can’t loose hope now.. You have to fight to survive…”

“My case is a hopeless case, there’s no need to hope for a hopeless case.. There’s no need to fight…”I sob…

“You’re not thinking straight.. Eat your lunch”Travis said eating his food….

I sighed as I concentrated on my food… Forcefully, I chewed and swallowed my food..

After eating to my satisfaction, I washed the dishes before jumping on the couch beside Travis..

“Thanks for lunch”

“You’re welcome… See you later”he said grabbing his car keys .

“Don’t leave me alone… Please!”I requested..

“My presence doesn’t make a difference… You’ve made up your mind to die without fighting…”

“Just like you said, I’m not thinking straight… I don’t trust myself to be left alone… Stay with me, please… I’m scared…”I said sincerely..

“What are you scared of??”he asked looking irritated at me..

“Are you scared to die alone??? Are you scared of this loneliness?? What exactly are you scared of???”

“I’m scared to fail.. I’m scared of failure.. I’m scared of leaving a void in the heart of my loved ones..”

“You’ve already created a void in my heart the moment you decided to die without fighting.. You condemned yourself to death.. Imagine the kind of void you’ll create in your family… How would they react to this???”

“I’m not thinking straight, Travis… Everything is happening too fast.. Few day ago, I was thinking it was pregnancy.. Now it’s cancer…

I’m in shock…

I need my friend beside me…

I need you to help me think straight..”

“I prefer you being pregnant than you having cancer..”he puffed

“I prefer none of the afore mentioned..”I began to shiver…

He rushed towards me, holding me closely to himself..

“I wanna live.. I don’t wanna die..”I panicked as tears falls down my eyes..

“You’ll survive… You won’t die..”

“I wanna live . I wanna grow old.. I don’t wanna die”I repeated

“Look at me!!”he cajoled..

And I relunctanly, raised my gaze to meet his..

“Shhhh!!!”he whispered placing the strand of my hair off my face, behind my ear and wiped off the tears from my eyes using his thumb..

“You’re not a weekling.. you’re the strongest person I’ve ever known.. people weeker than you have survived this cancer… You can also survive, if you believe. Trust me”

“I trust you..”I breathed out..

“I don’t like to see you break down like this.. You won’t die..”

“I won’t die.. I’ll get treated… I won’t die”I rumbled

“That’s it… You’ll get treatment immediately after the wedding.. I’ll drive you to the hospital”

“Yeah!!! I’ll start the treatment after the wedding.. I won’t die”

“You won’t die”he pecked me..

“I won’t die”I whimpered hugging him…

“Why would you die???”a familiar voice spoke up and I pulled away from Travis warmth..

Staring at him in awe..

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