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“I just wanna forget it all.. All i need is for you to f--k out those anger out of ya head..”I said kissing him softly..

“Yes Ma.. You’ll certainly not be able to to stand still when I’m done with you”he whispered deepening the kiss

“I like that”I moaned into the kiss..

His phone began to ring interrupting us..

“Hello Anderson”he said hoarsely nibbing my neck..

Suddenly he pulled away from me as he hung up rolling down the partition

“Driver turn the car around”he ordered angrily..

“What’s wrong??”I asked worriedly

“Jay has f-----g created a messy situation for us all”

“Ooh my God!!”I gasped

“This is what I was afraid of..”I muttered..

He strikes unexpectedly..


I waited patiently for them to leave with an evil grin plastered on my face..

He acts all though and mighty..

He’s acting according to my plans..

They think they have won over me but this is just the beginning of my plan..

I walked up to the podium as I gestured the DJ to turn down the volume of the music..

“May I have your attention please??”I spoke up..

“Sorry for interrupting your romantic moment but I really wanna appreciate my older brother’s effort for organising such buoyant party..”I paused as they began murmuring..

I hide my smirk behind a false smile..

My father stood furiously glaring at me.. I have nothing to regret..

Paparazzi rushed inside taking photos of me..

I’ll give them solid news tonight..

He won’t ever walk around this city with his ego..

“Ooohhh! Sorry I haven’t introduced myself.. I’m Jayden Brown, step brother of Fabian Rois”I smiled..

Fabian Rois will definitely loose his respect which will be very bad for his company’s reputation..

Most investors will withdraw…


“I know most of you had no knowledge that Fabian Rois has an handsome brother like me.. it’s because his ashamed of the truth..

He’s envious of my achievement, but I’m not, that is the reason I came here to celebrate with him..

Fabian Rois??”I called out knowingly that he left..

“Fabian Rois??”I called out again..

“He left with his date”one of the guest spoke up and I smirk..

“Or he ran away from the truth with my fiancé, Nissi Akiko”I answered..

“I’m Fabian Rois, I don’t run away like a scared rabbit”his voice startled me..

What is he doing here???

What the heck is he doing here??


I walked majestically to the podium with shivering Nissi whose shaking hand is wrapped around mine tightly..

She’s tensed up..

She hates the spot light..

She freaks out whenever attention is drawn on her but I’m enticed and drawn to her..

As we walked up to the podium we were bombarded with several questions at the same time..

Mr Brown, My dad and Pauline walked up to us..

“I can handle it..”Mr Brown spoke up.

“It’s too late.. It’s better I handle things myself.. I swear, if any harm comes to Nissi, I’ll kill him with my bare hands.. Mark my words”I said glaring dangerously at him..

“I guess it’s high time you also realize that your wife is a b---h”I said to my father referring to my mother..

His mouth opened and closed the but no word came out of it..

“Welcome brother, I heard you ran away with my fiancé”Jay spoke up..

The paparazzi chorusly asked me several questions at the same time.

I raised my hand to silence them before speaking up..

“It is true, that Jayden is my step brother, he’s a product of my mother’s extra- marital affair with Mr Brown but he had no idea that she was married.. My dad and I found out the day she died..

Jayden Brown is truly my younger brother, but as you know me, I’m a one man army.. I’m not close to any of my family members ever since the death of my mother, so that should also explain why I’m not close to my brother, he also visited dad and I, and was arrested because he stabbed me and tried to kill me..”I paused

Loud whispers and murmuring filled the air..

Jayden was stunned and speechless..

“And I also want to clarify that Nissi Akiko was his fiancé whom he cheated on with her best friend panel, his date for tonight.. Nissi is my best friend but we have no feelings for each other.. I don’t love her and she doesn’t”

Only a miracle can ever make me fall in love with her..

“We don’t love each other”She chipped in..

“Any further questions??”I asked

“No Sir”they answered chorusly..

“Thank you all for your understanding.. Please enjoy the party, we shouldn’t allow my brother’s childish attitude to ruin this lovely moment for us.. Thank you very much”I said letting out a deep breath..

The music suddenly filled the air while my guards escorted the paparazzi walked out of the party…

I waited for a while before dragging my brother out to the hallway..

I punched him..

“Let him go”his b---h shouted storming at me, I glared at her which frightened her..

I dailed Anderson’s number

“Yes boss”he answered

“Come to the hallway, bring the guards I ordered for..”I hung up.

“You wouldn’t harm me brother”Jay laughed out loud..

“Don’t hurt him son”my father begged..

“You’ve done enough to him already”my father added

“Really???”I questioned him..

“I only said the truth for the whole wide world to know.. Speaking of damage, I haven’t started at all”

“Boss”Mr Anderson spoke up drawing my attention..

“I want you all to guard this hall.. No body leaves, no body enters”I ordered the guards..

“Does your son deserve my forgiveness and sympathy??”I asked his father..

“He doesn’t deserve any of the afore mentioned.. I’m ashamed to call him my son”his father answered and I smirk..

“Let him go Fabian”my father shouted..

“This is all your fault Father.. I never invited him, I only invited his father and Brownie”

“Let him be.. He doesn’t have the courage to harm his own flesh and blood”Jayden spoke up and I punched his mouth to silence him..

His lips burst gushing out blood…

“Fabian!!”Nissi whispered and I stared at her, she was freaking out..

Probably scared of this side of me, all because of Jay..

“Don’t let your anger get the best of you.. please, don’t do something you’ll regret”she pleaded with hooded eyes..

“A Wiseman listens to the advice of the wise”Pauline spoke up..

“She’s just a condemn c--t”Jayden spoke up infuriating me

“Jayden?!!”I shouted as I smashed him to the wall angrily punching him aggressively until someone hugged me from behind..

That familiar touch, I melted to..


Her hand covered my bloody fist as she smooths it gently..

“Let him go”she whispers..

I don’t want to but my body fails me, I released my grib on him, as he slumps to the floor covered in his own blood..

“You’re free to press charges against me”I spoke up..

“Here’s your car key, I sent the driver home”Mr Anderson spoke up handing over my car keys to me.. But Nissi grabbed it before me..

“I’m driving us home”she declared..

“I’m sorry you had to witnessed what happened..”I whispered to her as she turned on the car engine..

“I’m not proud of this side of me..”I said but she remained silent..

“It’s okay if you don’t wanna be friends with me.. I’m a beast, I’m not proud of it”

“I know who you are.. You’re not a beast.. I’m certainly not breaking my friendship with you.. You protected me and defended me”she spoke up..

My heart filled with joy

“Thank you, it means a lot to me to hear those words of praises from your lips”

“I’m worried about you.. I know this wasn’t easy for you at all.. Tonight was filled with outrageous drama”I muttered..

“I’m stressed up, I need something to take my mind off things.. I wish I could forget everything that happened.. I wish I could sleep peacefully tonight like a new born baby with nothing to worry about”she said biting her lips which was turning me on..

My street was close by but I can’t hold back the need to hear her moans..

She spread her thigh as she stepped on the break, I took advantage of it as I t----t my fingers inside her..

Her moans ignited my cravings for her..

I could hear the screeching sounds of the car tire but I ignored it as I continued to t----t my fingers inside her, while she moaned out my name having difficulties controlling the car.


I couldn’t bare the dual assault from Fabian.. His finger were thrusting deep into my wet cure as the same his mouth is on my neck biting, licking and nibbing my neck hungry..

“You’re clearly not scared to die but i am”I moaned out as I parked the car in his parking lot..

His laughter vibrated on my neck as he unclipped my seat belt..

He stepped out of the car..

I took a quick glance at my self on the mirror, I was shocked by what i saw..

He left several imprints on me..

He is marking his territory yet he doesn’t love me..

I stepped out of the car..

I turned around to look for Fabian but rather, he swept me off the floor lifting me into his arms..

“What are you doing??”I whispered but he ignored me as he continued to carry me into the house straight to his room..

Then he placed me gently on his bed..

His eyes were dark..

I could feel his desire for me radiating from his body matching up to my needs..

I can’t get enough of him..

He held his gaze with mine as he shred off his clothes, standing before me gloriously naked..

Gosh!!! He’s freaking hot..

I sat up staring at him

He climbed unto the bed spreading my legs apart, his eyes never leaving mine.. It’s like I was hypnotized from his mere gaze..

He moved my hair behind my ear..

Trailing his fingers along my parted lips, then down to my neck as I quivered at his touch..

He pulls down the straps of my gown as he pulled my dress down..

My bare breast saluted him and my n----e hardened..

He pulled the gown completely off me, his gaze never leaving mine watching my every move..

I caught a glimpse of tears in his eyes but he doesn’t look away, he fought back the tears from streaming down his eyes..

He is sorry for what happened today..

I could see how vulnerable he is for the first time..

He is showing me his weak side..

Unknowingly to me, I was already crying.. He kissed my cheeks licking off the tears that fell from my eyes..

Isn’t this love??

If this is not love, what could it be??

‘He can’t love’ I reminded myself..

I just have to enjoy these moments because soon it’ll all fade away..

It would become history..

He kissed me full on the lips.. His kisses made me hot and craving for more..

He pressed my back lightly until I laid my back on the bed..

He lifted my legs to his shoulders..

He t----t inside me and we both moaned out at the sudden contact..

I closed my eyes briefly..

“Look into my eyes” he commanded hoarsely thrusting in and out of me..

He was hitting every right angle inside me, I gripped unto the bedsheet as I moaned out of pleasure holding gaze with him, his t----t became harder, harder and faster..

It was as if, my moans were urging him to t----t faster and deeper inside me, I heard him groaned while sliding deeper inside me..

He increased his tempo, gripping on my waist firmly..

I bucked my hips forward to meet his t----t, each t----t deeper than the other..

“Fabi…”I moaned out..

His t----t became more erratic and faster, he arch his back as he t----t deeper into me..

His soft moan sent me over the edge as we both came together…

He remained still as he released his hot c-m inside me..

We laid side by side facing each other, in silence..

We laid like that, until we both surrendered to sleep…


It’s a lame idea to love someone, especially when you’re fully aware that the person can never ever love you.

Once before, I vowed never to fall in love with anyone after my painful experience from my ex..

But here I am today, in a worst dilemma..

I could never forget that one night..

It wasn’t like our regular sex, it felt as if he was making love to me..

It was definitely the best moment we’ve ever had together..

That night has been engraved deeply in my heart..

It gave me a little hope..

But I doubt if my dreams would true..

As one question keeps ringing in my head.., Would he ever love me back???

“Shall we??”Fabian asked.. Stretching out his hands for me..

Oops.. when did we arrive.??

I placed my hand on his as he held me firmly leading me out of the car..

“This building is massive and beautiful?”I said drooling over the building before me..

“I can’t believe you’re drooling over a building instead of a man”he whispered but I ignored him..

“Just in time princess”father embraced me as I greeted him..

“This design is elegant”I said to him..

“Congratulations Mr Brown”Fabian spoke up..

“Mr Brown??? I told you to drop the formalities, if you can’t call me dad, then call me Philip” Father replied him

“Philip will do” Fabian chuckled..

“Welcome”Pauline spoke up walking towards us with a bright smile on her face..

“You look beautiful”I complimented her..

“Awwwn!!! You look extremely gorgeous..

But this building doesn’t looks like a company..

It looks like a hotel or rather a shopping complex…

“What’s bothering you??” Fabian whispered..

“The building structure doesn’t looks like a company?? But this has been father’s project.. It’s kinda weird”

“All your questions will be answered soon”

“I can’t wait.. I’m really curious”I muttered to myself..

“Pauline, Is JB also attending this event??”I asked nervously..

“That Psychopath can’t be predicted, He may or may not come”

That’s a relief but I have a hunch that he would never miss the opportunity to get back at me and Fabian..

“Relax sweetie, I took a restraining order against him, He’s to maintain minimum of 10feet away from us”Fabian spoke reassuring me..

But he can create havock even if he’s ten feet away from us..

“Watashi no subete ( my everything )” my brother calls out opening his arms to embrace me happily..

“O nīchan, koko de nanishiteruno..?? ( Brother what are you doing here??”I asked smiling helplessly..

“Mr Brown invited us” brother answered..

“Us???”I asked slightly confused..

He gestured for me to turn around..

I gasped happily as I hastened my footsteps to embrace my parent..

“You look extravagantly beautiful”Dad pecked me..

“I’m so happy to see you all”I drooled..

“Our house is close by, yet you barely visited us”Mom complained..

“Mama, gomen’nasai ( Mama, I am sorry)”

“Spare her the scolding.. This is a party love”dad said and we chuckled..

I walked in front of my parent leading them to meet Paul and My Big boss who were engrossed in their discussion..

“Dad, mom, meet my Big boss Fabian Rois”I said..

“Nice you finally meet you”Fabian said as he exchanged pleasantries with my parent..

“Kare wa anata no jōshi dakedesu ka? ( Is he just your big boss?)” My brother asked..

I tried to hide my blushing face to save myself from his tormenting compliments..

” Anata wa sekimen shite imasu.. ( You are blushing..)” he pointed out tickling me playfully..

“I can’t help it, especially when you’re tickling me”I chuckling softly..

“Both of you still act like kids even in public”Dad said laughing at us..

“May I have your attention everyone”Father spoke up..

“I’m not the guest honour of this grand opening, But this was a very important project to me..

Because it was the dream of my beloved treasure..

Ladies and gentlemen,

Raise on your feet with a clapping innovation as we welcome Miss Nissi Akiko to cut the ribbon”i gasped loudly..

It took me few minutes to regain myself before walking elegantly to cut the ribbon..

“Ooohhh my Gosh!!!”I exclaimed happily with my mouth wide open in shock..

“This is an estate”I shouted happily..

“Not just an estate my dear.. it has several shopping complex, spa saloon, swimming pool, gym center, you can rent some space.. You can also open your fashion designing center and most importantly there’s an event center and many more”

I embraced him happily as tears of joy stream down from my eyes soaking my cheeks..

“It’s not time to cry.. It’s party time.. Enjoy yourself” Father Pecked me before walking away..

“Congratulations sweetie..” Fabain embraced me..

“I’m so happy”I said as tears of joy falls down from my eyes..

“You’re wierd!!.. I hate to see you cry”he murmured wiping off the tears from my eyes..

“Congratulations my Angel”my dad said from behind..

I turned around and embraced him happily..

“I was dumbfounded when I heard your name.. I’m so proud of you”My dad said..

I heard low muffled sound of sobbing and I turned towards the direction..

“Mom…”I whispered..

“I’m so happy”she said sobbing quietly..

“Now I know where she got that attitude from”I heard Fabian murmuring and my dad chuckled..

“Please stop crying.. people are beginning to stare at us”I said hugging my mom tightly..

“I can’t help it.. I’m very very happy”

“Ooohhh! Mom not again”my brother Paul grumbled..

“I’ll handle this.. Your attention is needed on the dance floor”My brother said…

“Thanks”I mouthed him as I walked towards the dance floor with Fabian trailing behind me..

As I stepped towards the dance floor with the spotlight on me, music filled the air..

I used to hate spotlight on me but it is for a good reason…

“Shall we??”Fabian asked with an outstretched arm..

“My pleasure”I muttered locking my hand with his..

We danced to the beat of the music..

Afterwards I danced with father, my dad, Paul, Mr James Anderson and here I am again dancing with my heartbeat.. Fabian Rois..

“So what are you gonna do now??”he asked referring to how I’ll handle my office work and this new estate..

“I’m submitting my resignation letter first thing on Monday morning”I said

“Hmmm!”he paused..

“Or you could just be a part time worker.. You will still continue to work under Mr Anderson but you don’t need to report personally to the office.. You can work at home or from here”he suggested..

“That would be awesome.. I love the idea”I answered grinding my butt on his hardness..

“We need to sneak out of here.. or else I’ll f--k you right here in public”he threatened…

“My absence will be noticed”I grumbled..

“Hmmm!! But it’s worth it”he whispered hoarsely..

“Let’s go!”I breathed out..

I stood nervously waiting for JB..

He sent a text message this morning requesting to see me urgently…

I wonder why he chose to meet me in this old rejected building..

“I’m glad you came”JB spoke up walking towards me..

“I don’t have much time to waste.. So go straight to the point”I spoke up feeling unease….

“I know I’m breaking the restriction order against me but I wanted to apologise for everything have done to you, for the harm I’ve caused you..

For cheating on you”he said looking pitiful..

But I have a strange feeling about this..

Jayden Brown is not the kind of person to admit his mistake and he is certainly not the kind of person to accept defeat so easily…

Something is off..

“Is this another scheme to hurt me??”I asked..

“I know you would say that.. I know you wouldn’t believe me.. But I’ve learnt my lesson.. I really need your forgiveness, that way you can plead on my behalf to my brother..

I don’t have the courage to stand before him…

Please forgive me”he said kneeling down before me but I held him..

Could he be sincerely sorry??

Could this be another dangerous scheme???

“It’s okay.. I forgive you”I muttered..

“Thank you..”he embraced me happily

“Thank you so much”he muttered breaking the hug..

“And I also want to tell you that I’m getting married to panel”he added

“That’s great”I said

“I know you wouldn’t be hurt since you have Fabian now”

“Yeah! I’m so much in love with him”I blurted out..

“I’m glad you cured him.. I’m so happy that you’re in love with him..

Fabian is a great guy..”

“I agree with you.. I’m glad i met him..

I love him with all my heart and soul”I announced happily

“Nissi???”I heard his voice…

I gasped loudly..

Ooohhh my Gosh!!!!

What have I done???

“JB??”I questioned..

And he grinned evily..

This was a trap..

JB betrayed me over again..

He called both of us here..

He just used my outspokenness to leak out my feelings..

“I won’t let you two live happy”JB cursed at me..

He pushed me lightly as he ran off through the other entrance..

I quickly maintained my balance..

Fabian stood like a statue staring at me furiously..

If looks could kill I would have been dead already..

I walked towards him with my trembling feet..

“Is it true??”he asked..


“Is it true??”he shouted..

I sob quietly…

Not knowing what to say..

Should I lie???

But I can’t lie to someone I love??

“Do you love me??”he yelled louder..

“Yes I do”I blurted out sobbing loudly..

“I love you with all my heart despite knowing you could never love me..

I helplessly fell in love with you Fabian”I said sobbing loudly..

“You betrayed me.. You confessed your feelings to one person I despise so much…”

“You should have told me!!”he yelled..

“I tried to.. I did.. You just won’t accept it..”

“Really??? I don’t believe anything that comes out of your mouth anymore”

“Why??.. is it that you don’t believe or you don’t wanna accept me??”I asked.

“I don’t know.. Both of them..

Starting from this moment, your presence disgust me”

“Please!!! Fabian please, don’t do this to me… I love you”

“That’s the reason I’m doing this”he replied

“You promised to protect me.. You said you don’t like to see me cry.. Does your promises and words meant nothing to you???”I asked

“I don’t break promises… I don’t ever wanna see you again”

“You promised to protect me!!”I shouted

“That is what I’m doing Nissi”he said calmly..

“I’m protecting you from myself.. So I won’t see you getting hurt.. I won’t see you in tears.. I’m protecting you from heartbreak”

“You already broke my heart again”I whispered..

“It’s better late than never” he paused

“Goodbye Nissi”he said and he turned around.. Walking away without looking back at me…

He left me with a broken heart…

He broke my heart over again…

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