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We both fell on the bed..

And wave of dizziness hits me hard..

“Ooohhh! I’m dizzy”I whimpered counting my words..

“Surrender to sleep.. by tomorrow morning you’ll be fine”he said breathing heavily on my neck..

As we cuddled closer to each other..

“Good night Nissi”he whispered kissing my neck..

“Good night too”I said and he held me tighter..

“I love you”I whispered, and he stiffened beside me, his hold on me loosened..

I couldn’t bring myself to see his reaction better as I subconsiously surrendered to darkness due to the power of alcohol..

Hoping that we both won’t remember anything tommorow..


I watched in amazement as she staggered to the bed..

I relunctanly stood up from the floor, as I wrapped my hands around her waist guiding her to the bed..

We both collapse on the bed..

And she muttered some incorrect statement which I could barely comprehend..

“Ooohhh! I’m dizzy”she whimpered counting her words..

“Surrender to sleep.. by tomorrow morning you’ll be fine”I said breathing heavily on her neck..

I’m intoxicated.. I’m also feel dizzy

I sighed as we cuddled closer to each other..

“Good night Nissi”I whispered kissing her neck..

“Good night too”she said and i tightened my hold on her..

“I love you”she whispered, and I subconsciously stiffened beside her, my hold on her loosened..

How can she love me??

She wasn’t supposed to love me at all.

I can’t stay with her anymore..

I lift myself up to stare at her face only to find her asleep..

I continued to watch her closely as she suddenly stir uncomfortable in her sleep..

“Don’t leave me”she pleaded in her sleep.. rolling uncomfortable.

“I love you”she groaned in her sleep..

She looks drunkily hot when she’s sleep talking..

Could she be talking about JB..


I hope she’s not having a panic attack..

I Patt her back as she suddenly relaxed to my touch..

Even after everything I did to take her pain away, she misses him alot.

This is the irony of Love..

This is one of the reason I can never ever fall in love with anyone..

Betrayal from someone you love, rips off one’s heart making you vulnerable and weak..

It slowly makes you liveless..

It sucks away your happiness..

“I know how you’re feeling Nissi”I whispered holding her closer..

“I won’t give Jay the privilege of having the last laugh.. You deserve to have the last laugh.. I’m here for you”I kissed her forehead..

Holding unto her, listening to her small whimper until I drifted off to sleep..


I sat adjacent to my dad and sister as Panel tries to caress my hand but I removed my hand from her reach as she groaned silently..

I watched as my dad and sister murmured to each other literally gossiping about me as I fume in annoyance..

“I’m right here old Man.. And I’m waiting for your decision”I spoke up..

“That’s obvious, but I don’t care.. I’m not done talking to your sister, don’t interrupt me again…”he warned me..

I opened my mouth to retaliate but he beat me to it muttering

“It’s of your benefit if you shut your mouth”my father raised his voice at me.. He has developed the attitude of being pissed at me, all because of Fabian and my woman Nisei…

Fabian’s dad is nice to me but my dad is the direct opposite of him..

Maybe we were swapped..

It might be possible that Fabian’s dad could be my real Dad..

Because this man seated before me, is f-----g cruel and harsh towards me, I wish I could knock some sense into him..


I need my position back.. The company belongs to me..

It’s my birth right.. I need the power and money, only then, will I be able to get back my woman..

Nisei, means the world to me..

I love her.. I love her more than I’ve ever loved anyone in my entire life..

Is it a crime to fight for love??

I made a mistake, but I can’t get her out of my head..

“Okay son, I’ve made my decision”my dad paused..

Let it be to my favour..

“I won’t hand over the company to you until I’m confident that you’re worthy of handling the business..”

“That’s bullshit!!! I am Worthy of handling the business and you know it dad”I interrupted him raising my voice at him..

“I doubt that.. If you truly want this company, you need to prove yourself to me.. You’ll be working as the acting CEO, you don’t have the rights to make any decision without my permission.. But since I’m at home, and I don’t wanna see your sorry ass often around me, I want you to report directly to your sister”

“That’s unbelievable!! She has no idea for business..”

“She does, don’t underestimate your sister’s capability!! She’s home for one week.. So you have one week to prove yourself worthy of running the company without taking advantage of your power for your personal desires”

“Baby say yes”panel whispered

“This is bullshit Dad.. I can’t let my baby sister boss me around”I shouted..

“Very well then, You leave me no choice but to use my plan B”

“I don’t give a d--n about your plans okay. I want the company”I shouted standing on my feet..

“Jayden Brown, you’re officially demoted from being the CEO to the Managing director.. I want you to report to work tommorow before 8: o’clock.. Pauline Brown will be the new CEO of my company.. See yourself out of my house”my dad shouted..

“You’ll regret this father..”

“You don’t deserve to bear my last name.. You’re a disgrace to me.. I’m ashamed to be called your father Jayden.. Get out of my house!! Else I’ll call my security to drag you out of my house”

“F--k you old Man”I shouted as I stormed out of the house..

I’m also ashamed to be a product of your mistake..

I curse you mother..

This is all Fabian’s fault..

Nisei and Fabian have surely conspired against me..


I’m nervous.. I’m having cold feet which is a strange feeling to me..

‘It’s just a company dinner party’ I reminded myself..

I shouldn’t be freaking out but I am freaking out..

I wish I could run out of my skin, and hide somewhere far away from him but that would be a waste of time because it’s only but a wish that’ll never happen..

“Calm down Babe, I’m here for you”he murmured caressing my thigh with such seductive gentleness..

“I’m not nervous”I lied..

“You are! We’ve gone out multiple times but you’re freaking out on me for a mere company’s dinner”

“This place is crowded with reporters.. I hate being the center of gossip.. I don’t like unwanted attention drawn towards me”I explained bitterly..

“I know but I won’t let anyone harm you.. I promise”his fingers trailing upwards obviously heading to my core..

“What are you doing??”I asked feeling myself dripping wet in anticipation..

“I’m gonna help ya to relax.. Feel the sensation”he whispered as his fingers t----t into my c--t..

“Ahhhhhhh!!”I groaned biting my lips to stop myself from screaming..

“Scream all you like.. This ride is sound proof.. I wanna hear you moan my name”he growled adding another finger.. As he increased the pace of his t----t..

“Ooohhh God!!!”I moaned..

“Scream my name, babe”he commanded..

“Ahhhhhhh!! F--k”I groaned disobediently..

“F--k babe!!”he growled pulling his fingers out of my c--t..

I grumbled hitting him angrily..

He pulled me to lie down, as he dragged my gown up to my waist..

A moaned escaped his lips as he stared at me..

“You’re becoming a bad girl lately.. And your disobedience is f-----g turning me on”he groaned spreading my thigh..

His lips touched my lap as he kissed it lightly..

Suddenly he began to spread pepper kisses all over my lap as I felt his breath fanning my arching core..

“Please don’t tease me!!”I begged arching to satisfy the burning desire within me.

“I won’t disobey you again”I promise moving my hips to meet his lips..

His mouth cover my c--t, as he roughly s--k me.. Then, he t----t his tongue inside my c--t as I moan out his name.

“Ooohhh God!!… Fabian”I cried out continuously as I feel myself at the peak of my release..

Then he removed his tongue and insert his fingers inside me deeper and deeper and deeper and deeper until I c-m crying out his name..

He released his grib on me as he chuckled s-----g his fingers..

“Your taste is intoxicating”he whispered adjusting his tie..

Staring down at me hungrily..

He wants me!!

I straightened my gown as I stare at his d--k..

He’s hard for me..

I placed my hands over his d--k through his pant as he groaned sharply..

I unzipped his pant releasing his d--k as it shoots straight at my face.

Wrapping my hands around his aroused d--k, his head falls back as he moaned lightly closing his eyes for a while before opening them..

I swallowed his d--k into my hungry mouth as I s----d on him gently..

He gripped my hair encouraging me to take him deeper as he shut his eyes again..

I meet his demands as I set a pace thrusting my head up and down, s-----g him like my life depended on him..

He moans out my name as his grip on my hair tightened..

I moved my fingers into my core as I t----t into it pleasuring myself at the same time..

I moaned along with him as I s----d on him while fingering myself..

His eyes suddenly flew open..

He pulled me up, as he pulled me down to sit on his d--k….

He grabbed my hands as he s----d on my fingers that was inside me..

‘how did he know??’i asked myself..

“Your pace changed and your moans vibrated on my d--k”he replied as if he was reading my thought…

“This is gonna be real quick”he whispered as he turned me around positioning us in a doggy style and began to t----t his hip hard to meet mine..

His t----t was quick and fast as we both find our release almost at the same time..

He wiped off his c-m with tissue as he toss it into a trash can in his car..

“Ready??”he asked..

“Yeah!!”I exclaimed..

“You glitter..”he whispered…

He stepped out of the car, he turned around as he opened the door for me..

Camera light flashed on my face as I stepped down from the car..

“I don’t feel nervous”I assured him.

“You won’t.. Because you look freshly f----d”he whispered in my ear as he wrapped his hands around my waist as we walked side my side.

We sat at the rear end of the podium as the waitress filled our table with wine and appetizers..

“Dad has arrived”he groaned sipping his wine..

I watched as the usher, led him to his table..

He paused at our table, as I stood up to greet him but rather he pecked me and hugged me..

“You look lovely this Evening”he said and I chuckled softly

“Evening father” Fabian greeted his father as the hugged briefly..

“Good to see you with a smile”his father said as he followed the ursher who led him to his table, which was beside our table..

“Don’t like the way you blushed at my father’s compliment”Fabian complained and I stare at him in disbelief

“He’s your father.. I wasn’t blushing, I was smiling.. If I didn’t know you better, i would have concluded that, that there was a hint of jealousy in your tune”

“Thank God you know me.. But he’s my father, mind you, I’m possessive in nature”he stated..

“I like your possessiveness..” I said eating my fruit salad..

“Ooohhh! Shit!!”I groaned staring at him in awe as he walks like the whole world revolves around him, and his b---h holding him tightly..

“What the hell is he doing here??”Fabian growled..

“Father???”Fabian said grinding his teeth angrily..

“He’s family”his father mouthed..

I lost my appetite for my appetizer..

I suddenly relaxed as I saw father and Pauline walking inside

JB and Pauline walked past us as they sat on the same table as Fabian’s dad..

Father and Pauline sat at the table directly opposite us..

“You look beautiful”Father spoke up.

“You look dashing as always, I’m glad you came”I said

“Evening Mr Brown”Fabian greeted..

“Drop the formalities boy.. You make me feel like an old Man”father said..

“Dad you aren’t young”Pauline interjected..

“I disagree with you babe.. Father looks way younger than his peers”I said..

“That’s my girl..”

“Enjoy the party”Fabian said before focusing his attention at me..

“His father is here, he wouldn’t misbehave in his presence”Fabian said..

“I know.. But I know JB better.. He strikes unexpectedly.. When you least expects it..”I replied..

“I won’t let him hurt you at all”

“I trust you.. I don’t trust him”

He was about to say something when he was called upon to give his speech..

I stare at his ass, as he walks to the podium..

“Good evening distinguish ladies and gentlemen.. I feel very happy that you all honoured this invitation..

I’m very happy because you set out time out of your busy schedules to celebrate the success of my company..

Thank you for being a part of this happy moment..” he paused as the crowd clapped for him..

“To all my wonderful employees who strive hard for the growth and success of our company, A big thank you to you all..

I also wanna appreciate the presence of my father”the crowd clapped..

“My friends and family”he said pointing at Father’s table and the crowd clapped chorusly..

“And to my only friend, my best friend which is also my date for tonight, person of Miss Nissi Akiko”he introduced me and the crowd clapped chorusly..

“And to my employees and every one of you seated here.. Enjoy the rest of your dinner”he said dropping the microphone before walking back to me as low background music filled the air..

“Nice speech.. I thought you only knew how to talk dirty”I teased him and he chuckled softly..

“Don’t underestimate my capabilities sweetie, I’m a man of many talents”

“I’m thrilled”I rolled my eyes..

“Your order Miss”the Waiter spoke standing beside my seat..

“Fried rice and chicken with salad”I replied and he writes it down

“Your order Sir”he spoke to Fabian

“The same thing she ordered and a bottle of whiskey for me but get my lady pineapple juice”Fabian answered.. the Waiter took down his order and excused himself

“Whiskey ehh!”

“I won’t drink much.. moreover, I have good control over my actions especially when I’m under the influence of alcohol”he defended himself and I sighed dropping the issue, rather than prolonging it..

He’s angry..

I could feel eyes on me..

I know JB is also watching me but I don’t give a d--n about him..

All that matters to me, is my smoky hot big boss sitting before me..

I stretched my hand to cover his as I caress him gently..

“Let’s eat and sneak out of here”I said, which made him to laugh..

“That reminds me, have you seen James..??”I asked..

“Right over there at your left beside father’s table”he answered and I gasped..

“I can’t believe I didn’t see him, and I looked over there several times”I chuckled, bowing my head down as James eyes caught mine..

He waved at me flashing me a bright smile…

I turned around as I also saw Janette talking to someone..

“Is that lady his wife??”I asked curiously..

“Nah! But they have been dating for a while now”

Immediately, our food arrived..

“I can’t stand the way he’s staring at you”Fabian grumbled..

I thought he didn’t notice..

“Ignore him..”I said chewing my food slowly..

“Father is here, he wouldn’t like to create a scene now”I added drinking my juice trying not to ruin our mood..

“I don’t wanna let my guard down, you said it yourself, he strike unexpectedly..”

“You’re over thinking this.. He’s ruining our moment just by staring at me.. He’s not the only guy who have been staring at me..”

He did not reply me, he focused on his food and whiskey..

I lost count of many shot he has taken..

“Lovely evening to you all..” James spoke up drawing our attention..

“I’m glad you all came to merry with us, but I would like to welcome my assistant, the person of Miss Nissi Akiko.. A very special friend to me as we open the dance floor” he said as loud applauses filled the hall..

“Go ahead!”Fabian said clapping his hands..

I walked graciously to meet him, he wrapped his hands around my waist as he led me to the dance floor..

“I’m not a good dancer”I whispered..

“I’ll be the judge of that”he replied..

“I’ve seen you dance before, you have great moves but your partner was just terrible at dancing”he said refering to JB and I..

I chuckled softly..

I closed my eyes as I sway my hip at the beat of the song..

We danced together until the music came to an end..

As I opened my eyes, I saw Fabian standing before me, staring at me like his prey..

The crowded applauded for us…

While Some of the guests walked towards us with their dance partner..

James chuckled as he walked away to meet his date..

Fabian closed the space between us as he pulled me closer to him..

“What are ya doing??”I asked chuckling softly..

“Were you trying to tease me??”he whispered to my ear as the smell of alcohol filled my nostril while he rock his bulge on my ass..

I shivered within me..

“Don’t ever dance with any man like that again”he warned me and I find myself nodding my head..

“I almost wanted to climb on stage to rip him off you..”his breath fans my neck..

“You’re very possessive”I spoke up wrapping my hands around his neck as I sway my hip rocking his hard on.

He groaned sending wild sensation down my c--t..

“Let’s get out of here”he growled nibbing my neck..

“The party isn’t over”

“You’re driving me crazy.. I’m at the verge of f-----g you right here”he confessed and I gasped..

“Won’t your absence be noticed??”I asked trying to be reasonable..

“Stop trying to be reasonable when you’re turning me with your seductive dance.. Either we sneak out of here or I f--k you right here and now”

“Let’s go”I replied..

He grabbed my hand pulling me away from the dance floor when that c--k blocking bastard corned us with an evil grin on his face..

“Rushing somewhere??”he said with a sly smile plastered on his face..

Oh! Shit!! Father isn’t here..

“Father is quite busy dancing with Pauline, he’s attention won’t be divided.. He loves to focus his attention on her..”Jayden grinned

“If I didn’t know James better, I would have thought he was also f-----g you.. You shameless…”

“Jay!!!??”Fabian shouted drawing attention at us..

I held his hand tightly, and he stares down at me furiously..

“Ooohhh brother! We can have a threesome, She has a tight c--t, I can f--k her ass”I slapped him..

As I heard low murmuring around us..

“You’re obviously talking under the influence of alcohol, sleep over it, when you’re sober come over to my office we could talk better then….”Fabian said professionally hiding his anger with a fake smile..

“Sorry for disrupting you all.. Enjoy the evening” Fabian said to the guest whose attention were on us.

“Thanks”I said as we got to the car..

The driver was already waiting for us outside the hallway..

“Take us to my house”he said to his driver, Rolling up the partition..

“Yes Sir”he replied closing the door for us..

“I’m sorry for drawing unwanted attention toward us..”he said hoisting me up to sit on his lap..

“I just wanna forget it all.. All i need is for you to f--k out those anger out of ya head..”I said kissing him softly..

“Yes Ma.. You’ll certainly not be able to to stand still when I’m done with you”he whispered deepening the kiss

“I like that”I moaned into the kiss..

His phone began to ring interrupting us..

“Hello Anderson”he said hoarsely nibbing my neck..

Suddenly he pulled away from me as he hung up rolling down the partition

“Driver turn the car around”he ordered angrily..

“What’s wrong??”I asked worriedly

“Jay has f-----g created a messy situation for us all”

“Ooh my God!!”I gasped

“This is what I was afraid of..”I muttered..

He strikes unexpectedly..

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