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“Fabian”I muttered out his name as the wild desire overwhelmed me.. His lips left mine to my neck licking and nibbing me which will probably gonna leave his mark on me..

The thought of him imprinting on me send chills down my spine..

Suddenly he pushed me off him..

And I stare at him confusedly..

“Sorry about that.. You don’t do office romance”he blurted out..

What the f--k!!!

Why is he using my words against me??? Especially now that I’m f-----g in need of him..

He walked back to seat and sat down..

“You may leave now..”he said not even sparing me a glance nor an apology for making me so wet..

I spun on my heels as I walked out of his office angrily and h---y with my unsteady legs..


I stepped out of his office and stide off to the ladies restroom few steps away from his secretary desk..

Why would he start what he couldn’t finish?? Why did I foolishly let him have his way with me??

I hate it when my body betrays me..

It’s like he has total control of my body..

I will die if I don’t have sex right now..

“Darm it!!”I cursed at myself..

Staring at my blushing face.

“I’m suffering from his little tease while his seated in his office relaxed and happy”I huffed..

“I won’t let him deprive me of my orgasms like that.. it’s pay back time”I said..

I walked out of the restroom with the best seductive smile, luckily for me, his secretary was still not on seat..

All things work together for my good..

I pushed my boobs out a little tempting..

I paused wrapping my hand around the cold metal of his door knob..

“It’s Pay back time”..

I pushed the door open, walking seductively towards him..

He looks shocked and lost as I stood before him with a sly smile..

I intertwined my fingers into his hair making it into a mess.. convolving my hands around his neck..

I never knew he was credulous..

Who would have thought that the mighty Fabian Rois is gullible…??

He stare at me speechless..

I used my leg to part his leg as I squat in between his legs..

“What are you doing??”he asked hoarsely lifting my chin to meet his gaze..

“I’m here to satisfy your burning desires”I whispered lifting myself up, wrapping my hands around his neck..

His hand wrapped around my waist as he hoisted me up to sit on his lap..

I felt my n----e harden at the sudden contact..

I tried to hide my blushing face as he stare down at my exposed boobs..

I suddenly felt totally naked before him.. And I love it alot..

I gasped as his cold lips came crashing down on mine and I made no attempt to stop him, rather I opened up to him as his hand tightly gripped my hair..


I’m dripping wet already..

“Fabian”I moaned out as I tried calming my raging hormones..

My hands drape around his neck over his shoulders as I moaned into his mouth when I felt his hardness brush against me..

The urge to grind my hips on him filled me.. I don’t wanna look too desperate to be f----d..

But rather, I broke the kiss forcefully as I peppered kisses over his neck, s-----g and nibbing his skin..

“Nissi”he growled..

His grip tightened around my waist, as his free hands started exploring me..

He’s taking control over me..

I forcefully push myself off him..

“See you later boss”I said avoiding his gaze.. I turned around to walk away but his hands pulled me from behind, he hoisted me off the floor as he carried me away into a secret room, I never knew existed..

“What the hell are you doing??”I grumbled pretending to throw a fist..

“I’m putting an end to this frustrating game I started”he answered..

He gripped my gown tightly..

“Don’t you dare rip off my dress”I warned him glaring dangerously at him..

A sly grin grew on his face as he began to fumble with my zip to unzip my dress and hurriedly discarded it..

He hurriedly discarded his own clothes..

I sat up enjoying the view..

I bite my lips staring down at his hard on fully aware that he’s watching me..

“Look, how hard I am for you”he said caressing his d--k before climbing unto the bed with a grin on his face..

He growled against my neck, in one swift moment, he slide my underwear off me..

He stared down at me with dark possessive eyes and began to rock his fingers into my c--t, I gasped as million sparks exploded within me.. He captured my gaze with his as he added another finger inside me..

I became a mourning mess..

He added another finger inside my c--t, increasing the pace of his t----t.

My body shook as whirlpool of emotions erupted inside me, leaving me a limp as I collapse unto the bed..

This is f-----g awesome..

His eyes shone deviously as he slowly slide his fingers from inside me and surprisingly he pooped them inside his mouth.. His face fixed on me as he s----d on his fingers..


She taste delicious..

Her jaw dropped open as I continued to watch her like a predator staring down at my limp prey..

In one quick movement, I entered her..

We both groaned simultaneously as I began to t----t my hip forward..

She grabbed unto me, letting her head tilt backwards…

I grabbed unto her legs, pushing them further apart as I began to rock my hip into hers with speed..

The harder I slammed into her, the louder she moaned out my name..

Her moans triggered my pace..

A wave of lust and fire rushed through me as I continued to ravish her like a wild animal..

Her moans green louder and bolder..

I growled as she cried out my name..

Her nails dipped deeper into my back..

“Fab…”she groaned..

“A little harder…”she groaned wrapping her legs around my waist tightly….

I surrendered to her wishes..

“Right there..”she moaned..

I grunted loudly, leaning my forehead against her chest as I exploded inside her while she shuddered in my arms moaning my name as she came..

I collapse beside her..

I wished I met her earlier than I did..

My life would have been less miserable..

Thanks to my proposal of EXTRACTION, I’m a happy and satisfied man once again..


I toss my bag unto the couch as I grumbled within myself, suddenly my phone began to ring..

“Hello father”I spoke up .

“I saw your missed call”

“Ooohhh! I wanted to appeal to you on Jayden’s behalf..”

“Does Fabian know about your request??”he asked..

“Yes, JB is still your son father”

“That’s the reason why I locked him behind bars.. He doesn’t deserve to bear my last name.. He doesn’t deserve to roam around the city like a free man.. I need to cut down his excesses..”father explained..

“I’m not against you disciplining him at all, if he stays any longer in that cell, it’ll draw unwanted attention towards you..”I said

“I understand your point of view, I’m not happy locking him like that but he got what he deserves.. I’ll take out my order tommorow”

“Thank you so much father”

“We’ll be going back home tomorrow”father muttered

“Take good care of yourself and stay out of excess stress”I cautioned him..

“I will.. Eat properly”

“Yes father”I said smiling and he hung up.

I bounced on my couch staring at the ceiling..

What a lonely night ahead!!

“When did you get in??”a familiar voice asked from behind, startling me..

I screamed out loud standing up from the couch..

“How dare you!!”I cursed grabbing a pillow and throwing it at him..

“Ouch!! I didn’t mean to scare ya”Fabian murmured..

“But you did, you wanker!”I sighed..

“Ooohhh come on, you should be pleased to see me..”he said pulling me down to sit next to him..

I’m more than pleased to see you

“Why would I be Sir??”I asked raising my gaze at him..

“Because you missed me”he answered

I crave your presence more than I acknowledge..

“Ooh don’t humour me.. I was actually planning on taking a nap before dinner..”

“Touché”he said holding his chest..

“Do you have any plans for tonight??”he asked..

“Nah!!”I replied resting my head on his shoulder..

“Let’s have wild crazy sex”he said and I swiftly raised my head to meet his gaze..

And he began to chuckle..

“That’s not funny”I hit him playfully..

“Your reaction was priceless… D--n it!! I should have recorded it”he said chuckling

“Ooohhh!”I replied resting my head back on his shoulder..

And we fall back into silence..

“Let’s go out tonight”he whispered

But I pretended not to have heard him..

“Let’s go out on a date”he spoke up louder..

Thank you..

You don’t know how long have waited for this moment to come..

“But we are not dating nor into any relationship”I said

“Ooohhh! Sweetheart, I know..

I want to create new memories for you..

I don’t want ya to always remember those painful past..”he said..

But I couldn’t help but notice that he called me sweetheart..

He has never called me any pet name before..

“Ooohhh!”I whispered..

“Don’t think too much about it.. it’s my duty to make you happy.. All you need to do is enjoy every moment”he said capturing my lips briefly..

“Okay.. let me get ready”I said attempting to stand up but he pulled me down..

“You’re good to go like this..”he said..

“Really.. I think my eyes are puffy and I kinda stink right now”I said..

“Nah! I like ya the way you are.. And you don’t stink.. You look rather delicious to me, and I’m craving to consume you but after the date.. My craving can wait while I put a smile on your face by creating new memories for you”he said

“Roger that!! Let’s go..”

“Wait!”I paused catching his attention

“I don’t wanna be involved in any media scandal.. You’re one of the hottest single billionaire in Town.. I don’t want the media to invade my privacy”I said

“I know.. I’ve already made the reservations and I promise to always protect you, I won’t ever fail in that aspect.. Tonight is about you and me.. our happiness”he said assuring me..

And I nodded my head..

“Do you trust me??”he asked

“Of course Fabian.. I trust you”I replied

“Good! That’s all I need to hear”he pecked me lightly..

The host directed us to our table.. I was pleased by the interior design of the eatery.. classic decorations and elegant combinations of multiple colors and the view outside was breathtaking…

“What would you like to eat??”he asked me scanning the menu

“I’m having difficulty deciding what to eat because everything on the menu looks delicious”I said and he called the waiter to order our food

“Spicy tuna, crab avocado, fried chicken, salad and delicious desert.. And a bottle of champagne..”he ordered and I chuckled..

“The innovation done here made this eatery extremely beautiful.. I can’t believe this was the same restaurant my brother and I used to buy hamburger from”I said which made him to laugh..

“Las Vegas is a very beautiful city better than Los Angeles”he said..

“I disagree to agree on that term.. You have to bring concrete facts to prove it to me”I said chuckling

“Of course I will, this city has been innovated.. I’ll give you a tour to wipe out those old grumpy memories you have here”he said confidently

“I look forward to that moment.”

My mouth watered when the food arrived as I subconsciously began to salivate..

“You should bring me here often”I said ravishing my food hungrily..

He chuckled softly chewing his food slowly..

“So what’s ya favorite color??”he asked me..

“Why do you ask that all of a sudden??”I asked him back..

“We’ve known each other for a while now but I don’t know much about you like your hobbies, your favorite food and so many other little things you do.. I only know about ya family, friends and ya ex”he explained

“Ooohhh! That’s true..”

“But I observed that you love to wear gowns alot.. You love to eat pasta, chicken, chocolate, and hamburger alot.. You kinda love fashion but you’re not a die-hard fan of fashion like most materialistic ladies.. You don’t usually wear makeup which is good because to me you’re extremely beautiful without it.. You also look hot on trousers especially on tight-skinny trousers which brings out your figure.. You blush alot especially when you’re h---y and I say dirty things to you..”he said and I almost choked on my food..

I never knew he took cognizant of those things..

I’m impressed..

“You know alot about me then”I said drinking my wine..

“I’m very observant”he said..

“Well, my favorite colour is black and blue, so what’s yours??”I asked

“Black and Ash”he replied..

“One thing is common, we both love black”I said

“We do have alot in common.. So what kind of movies do you like??”he asked

“Less romantic film, more of actions movies”I replied

“I told ya, we do have alot in common.. But I don’t watch romantic films at all.. It’s filled with lies, impossible scenario such as love at first sight, happy ending, unrealistic outcome..”

“I agree on that, that’s the only way for their movies to sell..”I added

“What are your hobbies??”he asked sipping his wine..

“I love to read.. I read novels alot, I also love music but I’m terrible at singing.. I also love gymnastics”

“No wonder you’re flexible.. I do love novels but I’m too lazy to read, so I go for audio books.. i also love gymnastics.. I love football alot but I’m always too busy to have any time for such leisure activities”

“Your life seems to be more boring than mine”I pointed out..

“It was, until you came”he replied and I chuckled..

“Thanks for the meal.. I loved it”I said use my nakpin to wipe my lips gently..

“I need alcohol to top down this delicious meal”I added..

Which made him to chuckle as he called the waiter..

“Someone once told me that, ‘beautiful girls don’t drink in public alone’ “I said while he paid the bill

“I did.. but tonight we are drinking at home.. We’ll buy beer on our way home”he said wrapping his hands on my back guiding me out of the chair..

He entwined his hand around my waist as he led me out of the eatery..

I wish this night will never end..

He opened the door for me like a gentle man, while I entered inside the car..

“Thanks for tonight.. I had a great time”I said to him when he entered inside the car.. He winked at me before turning on the engine of the car..

Yeah! We stopped by the grocery store to buy the beers..

But when we got home, we were attacking each other like rabbits f-----g like two h---y teenager who just got disflowered..

It was raw, wild, rough but filled with passion..

It was like we were being deprived of sex for a long time, so we eagerly devoured each other immediately he dropped the bags down..

Afterwards, we move down to alcohol..

I don’t remember how many bottles of beer I’ve had but I’m tipsy..

“You’ve had enough”he said dragging my bottle away from me..

“Don’t be too uptight with me now”I Grumbled snatching my bottle away from his grib..

“I feel so alive”I slurp as I drank my beer..

“Today is the happiest moment of my life”I shouted..

“I had alot of fun tonight”he said..

I stood up from the floor as I staggered to my bed, his cold hands wrapped around my bare waist as he guides me to climb on the bed..

We both fell on the bed..

And wave of dizziness hits me hard..

“Ooohhh! I’m dizzy”I whimpered counting my words..

“Surrender to sleep.. by tomorrow morning you’ll be fine”he said breathing heavily on my neck..

As we cuddled closer to each other..

“Good night Nissi”he whispered kissing my neck..

“Good night too”I said and he held me tighter..

“I love you”I whispered, and he stiffened beside me, his hold on me loosened..

I couldn’t bring myself to see his reaction better as I subconsiously surrendered to darkness due to the power of alcohol..

Hoping that we both won’t remember anything tommorow..

© Winner Goodwin and

Grace Aghedo

February 2020

All rights reserved…

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