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“Finish her off with your pistol”

“Yes boss”I replied and hung up..

Suddenly she opened her eyes weakly and I pointed my gun at her..

“Save him”she begged..

How can she ask me to save the man beside her when my gun is pointed at her..

“You can kill me but promise me you’ll save him”she pleaded holding unto my trouser..

“You must be mad.. Instead of pleading for your life you’re interceding for a dead man’s life”I blurted out..

She released her grib on my trouser as she crawled closer to Fabian rubbing his cheeks tapping him to wake up.. Weeping heavily..

Irritated by her attitude, I pulled the trigger aiming at her fore head..


I sat down helplessly beside my sister as tears streams down from my eyes..

“I won’t spare the bastard responsible for putting you in this condition”I swear caressing her hair wetting her face with my tears..

I won’t forgive both of them..

No one have the right to hurt you like this..

No one have the right to attempt to take your life..

No one has the right to snatch away your happiness and laughter.

I won’t let the person responsible for this, go unpunished..

If the law fails to punish the culprit I’ll punish the culprit with my own law harshly..

Even if panel denies her involvement in attempt to your life, I’ll compel her to speak the truth..

I won’t spare her nor JB..

D--n my feelings for her..

Please wake up baby sister..

“You’re stronger than this.. You have to overcome this pain..”I sob

“Open your d--n eyes young lady!”I raised my voice as I sob loudly grabbing a fistful of the bedsheet tightly..

She’s my only bestie..

My baby sister..

My everything..

Suddenly, I felt a movement beside me..

My voice stilled for a moment as I silently pay attention to my sister hoping the movement came from her..

She moved her finger again, and again as I joyfully press the alarm button..

I rushed to the visitors Chambers beside my sister’s ward, and broke the wonderful news to everyone screaming like a player who just scored a goal..

Happily, we assembled ourselves before my sister’s ward waiting for the doctor..

The door swung open as the doctor and nurses stepped out of the room..

I sighed!!

Dad and mom rushed to the doctor attacking him with several questions that I could barely comprehend..

“She’s awake and stable”The doctor spoke up..

I bye-passed them walking into my sister ward anxiously to see her..

“Nisei!!”I whispered

“Paul”she whispered softly stretching out her hand and I covered her hand with mine.

I thought I lost you..

“I know I scared you”she whispered faintly

“Yes you did”I replied her as I struggled within myself to stop myself from crying..

“You thought you lost me”she said and I nodded

“You know me better than anyone”I chuckled forcefully

“I’m your bestie”she said

“You’re my everything, babygirl”I answered pecking her forehead..

The door interruptedly swung open as a familiar guy who is obviously a patient barge in..

Seconds later, Pauline walked in closing the door behind her..

I forced my gaze back to my sister, tears were already streaming down her eyes..

I quietly stood up from the chair.. As I excused myself, I stood beside Pauline..

“I’m sorry”the familiar dude muttered as he sat beside her..

“I’m okay”my sister whispered sobbing quietly.

“Hug me, please”my sister literally begged and I immediately spun around walking out of the door..

“Ahhhhhhh!!!”I breathed out

That was kinda weird..

I felt like an intruder watching them…

I wonder where mom and dad went to..

“It’s good to see you again Paul”Pauline spoke up from behind startling me.

“That’s was creepy”I grumbled

“You’re still the same old Paul, always getting startled by me”she chuckled.

“Of course, I am”I muttered to myself…

“How’s your brother doing??”I asked her as we sat down beside each other

“You can see for yourself, he’s healthy and alive”she replied and I stare at her confused by her reply

“Ooohhh! I was referring to Fabian.. The dude that barge into Nisei’s room”she explained

“Ooohhh, Never knew he was your brother.. I was actually asking about that blockhead in prison”I said

“I haven’t visited him.. Fabian and Jayden are step brothers, the brother of my brother is my brother”

“(Chuckling)of course”

“Panel was released today”she spoke up..

“Why??”I raised my voice angrily

“Due to Fabian’s statement.. The real culprit has been found”she explained

“That’s a relief.. I’ll strangle that son of a b---h for endangering my sister’s life”I swear

“Let the law handle her.. Focus on Nisei”

“How have you been??”I asked changing the topic

“After you dumped me??”she asked..

“I did not dump you Pauline.. I walked away”

“That’s the same thing to me..You chose an ungrateful b---h who ended up stealing your sister’s fiancé”

“D--n it young lady!!”I cursed

“I did not choose panel over you.. All I had for her was a f-----g crush and am way over her.. I left because I was indecisive”

“Are you still indecisive??”she asked..

I’m not..

I want you Pauline..

But I’m not stable..

I need to reconstruct myself to be a man well deserving of you..

“Your silence have confirmed my doubt.. It may be too late for you when you finally realize your mistake”she said and walked away.

I hope it’s not too late..

Because I really wanna be a man worthy to be called your man..

I wanna be worthy of you..

Please wait for me!!


“I thought I lost you!!”he muttered

“I thought I lost you”I whispered softly staring at his pale face..

Our lips brushed together swiftly..

“I was very scared when he said you were dead..”I spoke up

“I just held my breath for a while, why weren’t you scared when he pointed the gun at you”he asked

“Because all I could think of was you…”I said sincerely..

I wanted to die to be with you..

My life would have been lonely without your presence in it..

“Thank you for saving me”I kissed him briefly

“It’s my duty, moreover, I was the reason your life was almost terminated..”

“Have you found the culprit??, Hope it’s not Jayden??”I asked hoping Jayden has nothing to do with the attack

“No.. it was my ex-secetrary”he replied..

“Why would your ex-secetrary hire gunman to kill us??”

“I fired her because she tried to seduce me and she claimed she was in love with me”

“Ooohhh!!”I breathed out..

“But you don’t have to worry about her, she’s never gonna bother us again.. I promise”he said

“I trust you”I said

“Don’t trust too blindly”he warned me covering my lips with his..

“You need to rest”he said breaking the kiss and I grumbled..

Even though, I felt like sleeping. I wanted him to kiss me..

“I will make it up to you once you havee fully recovered”he said..

“Don’t leave me”I pleaded slowly dozing off..

“I won’t”he whispered holding me tightly as I dozed off..


I’m finally resuming work today.. And for the first time in a long time, I’m nervously anxious..

One, because I don’t trust myself around my big boss.. Fabian Rois..

Two, because I think I’m falling for him… (I rolled my eyes)

Well, i think I’m falling for him is just a balloon idea, which has not been scientifically proven.. Until When my thought have been proven scientifically, then it’ll be a fact..

Only then, can I confidently say that I’ve fallen in love with Fabian..

I inhale and exhale a deep breath before walking out of my car..

I brace myself walking elegantly into the building flashing a warm smile at my co-workers.. As I head to the third floor using the elevator..

“Looking gorgeously beautiful this morning Nisei”my boss, James Anderson spoke up..

“Thanks alot.. it so good to see ya”

“Same here.. Hurry up, our team has executive meeting with the big boss in the next 10minutes” he said making two cups of coffee..

Oohhh! I love the smell of chocolate

“I had no idea”I grumbled

“You were on sick leave.. 5minutes is enough for you to rap up things at your office”James said handing me a cup of coffee..

“Of course James.. Thanks for the cofee..”I inhaled the smell of chocolate

“Just the way I like it”I muttered

“The big boss told me”James said

“He’s the best”I waved at James before walking into my office savoring my chocolate cream coffee..

I glanced through my teams project while I sip my coffee before grabbing all I need for the meeting..

“Good morning Miss Akiko”Janette greeted me

“Lovely morning to you too”I greeted her walking into the executive hall..

I exchanged greetings with everyone inside the hall.. Though I’m not very familiar with their names nor positions..

“Hope you’ve cross checked the project”James asked me..

“I’m did not too pleased with a few things”

“Noted! The big boss is here”

My heart began throb faster..

‘calm down Nissi, you’re gonna scare him away if he finds out’..

We all stood up, as he walked in like a king he is.. He sat down majestically on his sit before gesturing for us to sit down..

My heart throbbing automatically normalize..

“Good morning everyone”he spoke up

“Morning to you Sir”we greeted chorusly..

“Let me see your presentation”he requested.

Miss Augusta stood up as she explained the content of the project..

While I focused my gaze on Fabian staring at his lips as he asked her question..

His eyes is fixed on the projector..

He looked impressed and hot..

I divert my gaze as I stare at the presentation taking cognizant of the error..

“Thank you”Miss Augusta bowed before taking her seat as we applauded her simultaneously..

“I’m impressed.. Good job team A”he spoke up

“Janette any observation??”he asked his PA

“No sir”she replied

“Any observation or contribution Mr Anderson??”he asked my boss

“Personally, no observation Sir”James replied

“Any observation or contribution Nissi??”he asked me..

“Yes Sir..”I replied

“Go ahead”he said..

I stood up from my sit and walked towards to the projector..

“This is an advertisement for our new product which haven’t been in the market.. From my research, this new iPhone 8pro has similar capabilities like Tecno camon X11.. I think instead of organising a launching party we should buy airtime in all the global dish for advertisement and also upload it a week later on our You-tube page”I explained..

The whole room was quiet for a while before they all applauded..

Miss Augusta was shooting darger at me with her stares but I chose to ignore her hard stares..

“Thank you”he cleared his throat and I walked back to my seat..

“I have a question??”Miss Augusta raised up her hand and Fabian gestured for her to go ahead nodding his head

“Miss Akiko, how can you be sure that Tecno camon X11 has similar capabilities with our product when Tecno Camon X11 is not out in the market??”

“That’s because, I worked at the Tech firm.. And I was in charge of the phone.. Moreover, this is a competing market we need an advance strategy..”I replied..

“In the absence of no other observation and contribution.. I want the airtime space to be bought before the end of today while Miss Augusta and the rest of the team should restructure the advertisement to be submitted on my desk before lunch time.. Have a nice day”he said..

My phone vibrated distracting my attention from his ass as he strode off..

‘See me in my office..’fabian instructed and I sighed..

“You did great today”Mr Thompson praised me and I flashed him a warm smile..

“I’m so proud to be working with someone like you.. You saved our company from huge loss, Nisei”James embraced me for the first time and I hugged him back..

“Thanks alot.. it feels good to have someone with brilliant ideas around..”he said breaking the hug..

Miss Augusta glared angrily at me before walking out of the executive hall..

I took the elevator to the top floor..

I let out a deep breath as I stepped out of the elevator..

His secretary was not on seat, that’s a relief..

I knocked twice before opening the door..

He was seated majestically on his chair which suits him like a throne.

“I knocked and you did not reply”I spoke up walking closer to his desk..

“You weren’t suppose to knock”he replied glaring at me..

“Are you angry at me??”I asked..

“I wasn’t when I sent you the message but I think I am after seeing this”he turned his laptop to face me..

It was a CCTV footage of me hugging James back or rather James hugging me..

“James is my boss.. He was just overwhelmed with happiness”

“So you address him by his first name now??”he said striding closer to me

“Of course I do, he’s like a friend”

“Here I thought I was your only friend”he muttered

You’re becoming more than a friend to me..

“I know you did not call me here for that”I said changing the subject

“Yeah! That’s true.. You’re looking extravagantly sexy this morning”he wrapped his hands around my waist and I feel my body sparkling with sensation..

I suddenly crave the desire to feel his touch everywhere..

“It was hard not gaze towards your direction”he kissed me lightly

I couldn’t keep my gaze away from you either..

“Then you stood before me looking tempting.. I felt the urge to rip off every male who were lusting after you”he captured my lips again.. This kiss was longer than the first..

I could feel myself already dripping wet.

I wanted him to rip off my dress and f--k me hard on his desk..

“My sexy tempting friend.. How should I punish you for turning me on so badly that I had to leave with a hard on”he whispered, his breath fanning my face sending jokes of sensation to my core..

Punish me by f-----g me senselessly..

His hands were in my hair and his lips hungrily devouring mine as our tongues fought for dominance, making me mourn out loud..

“Fabian”I muttered out his name as the wild desire overwhelmed me.. His lips left mine to my neck licking and nibbing me which will probably gonna leave his mark on me..

The thought of him imprinting on me send chills down my spine..

Suddenly he pushed me off him..

And I stare at him confusedly..

“Sorry about that.. You don’t do office romance”he blurted out..

What the f--k!!!

Why is he using my words against me??? Especially now that I’m f-----g in need of him..

He walked back to seat and sat down..

“You may leave now..”he said not even sparing me a glance nor an apology for making me so wet..

I spun on my heels as I walked out of his office angrily and h---y with my unsteady legs..

© Winner Godwin and

Grace Aghedo

February 2020

All rights reserved…

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