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“You should have stayed at home.. Come let me take you back”I said as I tried to take a step but felt a sharp pain in my back..

My dad, Nissi and Brownie screamed..

I touched the spot.. I felt the steel of the knife buried in my back..

I pulled the knife out..

Before turning around furiously glaring at my brother..

“You shouldn’t have done that..”I glared at him..

“Fabian don’t!!”my father begged..

But I ignored his pleas as I stalked towards Jayden with the intention of stabbing him back…

“I’m surprised you do feel pain..”he said mockingly at me..

“You shouldn’t have done that”I repeated as I raised the knife to stab him but I heard Nissi’s screamed at me not to do it….

And I toss the knife away and landed my fist on his nose and i blacked out..


I heard low whimpering as I forcefully opened my heavy eyelids..

The brightness that penetrated into the room compelling me to close back my eyes..

Hearing the low whimpering sounds from a familiar voice and vibration beside me..

I forced my eyes to open again ignoring the brightness that’s affecting my eyes..

“Nissi!”I exclaimed… Amazed to find her laying beside me her head next to my hand..

She raised her head up lifting her eyes to behold me, she looked shocked, kinda happy, I think sad..

“Fabian???”she stated but sounded more like she was asking me a question..

I lifted myself up raising my back on the bed board..

And i whimpered in pain..

“My back hurts badly”I grumbled..

“I’ll send the doctor in..”she stood up to leave but I quickly caught her wrist pulling her to lay on the bed…

“I’m okay”I hissed.. As my back stings a bit..

She placed the back of her palm on my head..

“Ooooo my gosh!!! You’re running temperature… I should call the doctor to examine you”she said obviously panicking..

“How long was I asleep???”I asked..

“Over 6 hours now”she muttered

“Oohhh! I slept for a long time.. You should have welcome me back with a heated kiss..”I grumbled pretending to be upset..

“Why the long face Fabian..???? I’m more concerned about your health right now rather than pleasure”she said and I almost got carried away by the movement of her lips..

“I have you here with me.. Where’s Jay??”I asked..

She was about to answer when a light knock on the door interrupted her..

Wrong timing!!!

“He’s awake!!”Brownie shouted rushing inside happily..

Dad followed soon after she entered before he walked in..

I’ve never met him face to face before but Jay is a replica of him, that’s how I knew he was Jay’s father.. My mother’s lover..

Anger slowly consumed my heart as I closed my eyes trying to suppress it..

As if reading my mind, Nissi started to caress my head for me, as I drew strength from her touch..

“Should I call the doctor??”my sister asked..

“No!”I sharply answered opening my eyes widely..

That’s when I observed that Jay was not here..

“Where is Jay??”I find myself asking..

“He was arrested”Nissi answered..

“By who???”I asked curiously looking at my father..

Hoping he was the one who ordered for Jay’s arrest…

“I did!!”he spoke up..

As i gasped loudly..

“I was upset to see him ranting and raring when I arrived, he felt no concern nor regret for his actions.. He wasn’t meant to wander around like a free man which he is not”he stated..

My anger towards him subsided..

For he has done what my father could not do..

What kind of a man is he???

“I know we haven’t properly met each other but I’m Davis Brown and I’m sorry for my son’s actions.. Mind you, I did not order his arrest to gain favor or audience from you but because I felt he deserved to be punished.. I don’t tolerate such insolence attitude, I’m surprised your father did, guess he is really a soft hearted man”Mr Brown said and I find myself chuckling..

“It’s nice to finally meet you after so many years of avoiding you, we meet here in an awkward situation”I said feeling a slight headache..

“You did a great job avoiding me and your actions were justified.. But now you’re a grown up man with mature mind, I believe you’re due to understand and perhaps forgive me”Mr Brown said..

And I remained quiet..

Struggling with my conflicting emotions..

“Maybe not”he answered himself..

“Father has promised to talk to JB for me.. And I believe he’ll be compelled to listen to him”Nissi said..

“That’ll be better for us all.. Because I want him 5meters away from me because I don’t know if I can control myself any further around him”I said..

“I’ll put that into consideration..”

“Let’s all step out for you to rest.. We can talk when you’re better”my dad finally spoke up..

I thought cat caught his tongue..

My dad sighed before walking out of my room, Brownie also walked out.. Nissi was about to stand up when I held her tightly..

“Stay please!!”I whispered literally begging her desperately..

And she nods..

Mr Brown stood on his feet as he turned around walking to the door.

“It’s high time we talk”I spoke up and he halted before walking back towards me with a sign of relief clearly visible on his face..

“I’m sorry I avoided you Everytime you made an attempt to reach out to me.. I was angry at you”I said

“You had all the rights to be angry dear.. I know we shouldn’t speak Ill of the dead but your mother also deceived me as much as she deceived you and your dad”he said

“I found out recently from Dad you had no idea she was married”

“That’s correct.. I knew her as Camilla Rois.. She told me she was an orphan at an early age and was adopted by Justin Rois who I believed was her father..”

“Yeah.. Though she was an orphan and she lived with my grandparent after her parent death, she was never adopted into the family, she became a part of the family through my dad.. He fell in love with her at first sight”I explained..

“I was planning on meeting her supposed parent after the birth of Jay but she claimed that her parent will disown her, if they find out that she had a child out of wedlock.. That was the reason why she left Jay with me..

She usually visits us every weekend..

I never knew Rois was her husband’s family name until after her death.. I called your dad thinking he was her father to break the news to him but I received the worst news of my life too..”he explained..

“She betrayed us all.. I’m also sorry on her behalf..

Sometimes, I wished she was never my mother nor had any relation with me.. That’s how hurt I am by her betrayal”

“But we need to forge ahead with our lives.. Everything happened for a reason”

“Thanks”I said..

“You’re like a son to me, so you start considering me as family too..”he requested

“Of course.. I like principled men like you..”

“You sound like my daughter, Nisei”

“He mingles alot with me recently.. It’s bound to happen “Nissi laughed..

And he got up to leave with a bright smile on the face..

Then he paused..

“Nisei is like a daughter to me.. She had a tough life back in Los Angeles, don’t make her life tougher, she deserves alot of happiness”he spoke up..

“Roger that Sir”I replied and he opened the door and walked out closing the door behind him..

I also desire to make her extremely happy..

But I suddenly feel like, I’ve failed her even before I tried..

I feel like I’m gonna loose her..

Maybe she’s gonna leave me too..

Of course she will, when she falls in love with someone else and eventually gets married..

“Lay next to me please”I pleaded..

She complied and laid next to me resting her head on my shoulder hugging me tightly..

We lay quietly..

Why I’m I suddenly scared of loosing her??

I hope nothing bad will happen to her!!

Because she’s my only true friend in the whole wide world..

I’ll fight to keep her happy and safe, there’s none like her to me.

I slowly feel my self drifting off into sleep, as my eyes became heavier and I surrender to darkness that creeps in with force..

“I thought I lost you”I heard her whispering, I wanted to answer but I was too weak to open my eyes as I surrender totally to darkness..


I don’t remember falling asleep but I woke up to an empty bed..

The daylight brightness illuminated into the room, I could tell that it was another wonderful dawn of a new day..

I did my normal morning business in the bathroom before walking downstairs to join the rest of the family..

‘Did I just call Fabian’s family, family???’i asked myself

‘yes you did’i answered myself..

When I got downstairs, I found him sitting opposite his father and Jay’s father…

He was chatting with Jay’s Father and his father when his eyes caught mine.. He flashed me a bright encouraging smile and I reciprocated with a shy smile to him..

“Look who is finally up.. I gat this feeling you had a rough wild night”Pauline teased embracing me with a devious smile..

I pinched her gently and she whined slapping my hands..

“I overslept, so drop that crazy thought of yours”

“Hmm.. isn’t it strange that he became stronger this morning, he must have extracted strength from your luscious boobs”she teased..

“Pauline?? When did you become so naughty??”I chuckled as I feel myself blush..

“You’re blushing again.. But then you deny the fact that’s clearly stated on your face.. Your smile is a prove that something went down last night”

“Nothing of such nature happened.. I’m famished”I grumbled..

“Of course you need to be.. follow my lead”

And I chuckled as I trailed behind her..

I hungrily lavished my food to my satisfaction before Fabian graced us with his company..

“You’re looking better this morning”I whispered to Fabian..

“I deserve to look better, you slept beside me and I woke up next to you, in my own childhood bed..”he replied and I chuckled..

“Hope the pain has subsided??”

“Yes nurse.. Thank you for taking good care of me”

“I also took care of you, I deserve a big thank you”Pauline chipped in

“A big thank you Brownie”

“I’ll head down to the office since you’re better”I said

“There’s no need for that, Mr Brown called the office asking for an urgent leave for you and Anderson couldn’t refused him.. And I gave my approval”Fabian explained..

“WOW!! Thank you.. I’ll have enough bed rest today”I said happily..

“I hope so”Pauline chipped in..

“I know so..”I replied her

“Don’t be too confident”I heard Fabian murmuring to himself but I chose to ignore him..

“I’m heading back to my house, get your things let me drop you off first..”Fabian said and I rushed upstairs to grab my bag..

I decided to pay farewell to father before leaving..

I met his room door opened and he urshered me in

“I’m heading back to home father, I hope you’ll visit me before leaving the state”I said to Jay’s father..

“Of course child.. I can’t neglect the opportunity of tasting your food..”he pecked me

“Take care of yourself”he said and I nodded my head before walking out of his room..

I was close to the staircase when I saw Fabian’s father..

We’ve barely spoken to each other but I know his a great father..

“You’re leaving”he stated

“Yes sir..”

“Hope to see you some other time, the doors to this house are always open to you”

“I’ll keep that in mind.. You should also rest, don’t over stress yourself again”

“I won’t dear..”he replied and I hurried downstairs..

Fabian grabbed my bag from my hand as he led me to his car and drove away without uttering a word..

The ride back home was in silence, each of us glued to our thought..

I sighed as I saw the round about that leads to my estate but he took a u-turn..

“I thought you were gonna drop me off at my house!!” I murmured..

“I changed my mind”he answered hoarsely..

The sensation of his voice filled me, as I bite my lips..

I could feel his desire for me..

“You need me??”I asked even though I already knew the answer to the question.. I just wanted to hear it from his lips..

“I do!! I need you so badly..”he groaned..

“Won’t the stitches on your back reopen again??”I asked..

“I don’t think so.. And I don’t give a d--n if it reopens..”he replied..

“I feel like I’m loosing you.. I can’t explain but I need sex to clear my mind”he said..

His confession rendering me speechless..

Suddenly a truck from opposite our direction hits us from behind, lifting the car into the air as I felt myself rolling, Fabian unbuckling his belt holding my hands..

“I’m sorry i couldn’t protect you”he whispered..

And we both stare out the window at the same time and I gasped out loudly panicking..

“Don’t panic please.. I’m here”he said but I could see the fear in his eyes.. Deep down in my heart, I had faith in him..

“I trust you.. We’ll survive together”I whispered..

“Good!!”he said unhooking my sit belt.. As I felt him wearing a parachute on me hastenly..

“Jump!!”he ordered opening the door..

And I jumped out with him jumping after me..

“We are saved”I said happily as I saw the car crashing below me..

“Yes!!”he coughed out blood..

As he slowly began to loose consciousness, holding on to me.

“Fabian!!”I cried out but he did not respond..

I tried landing but we crashed on a rock and I smashed my head on the rock…

I suddenly began to feel dizzy..


I rushed towards the rocky area of the cliff where I saw my target crashing unto..

I smiled to myself as I saw both of them lying weakly on the rock..

I cracked my gun marching towards them..

My phone began to ring..

“Hello boss”I said

“What’s the update??”my boss asked

“The truck ran over them as planned but I want to confirm that they are both dead” I said

“Good.. I kinda want Fabian alive for a while but I desperately wanna see Nisei’s corpse..”

I crossed check Fabian but couldn’t find a pulse, then I checked Nisei’s pulse it was low.

“Boss her pulse is low”I said

“Finish her off with your pistol”

“Yes boss”I replied and hung up..

Suddenly she opened her eyes weakly and I pointed my gun at her..

“Save him”she begged..

How can she ask me to save the man beside her when my gun is pointed at her..

“You can kill me but promise me you’ll save him”she pleaded holding unto my trouser..

“You must be mad.. Instead of pleading for your life your interceding for a dead man’s life”I blurted out..

She released her grib on my trouser as she crawled closer to Fabian rubbing his cheeks tapping him to wake up.. Weeping heavily..

Irritated by her attitude, I pulled the trigger aiming at her fore head..

© Winner Godwin and

Grace Aghedo

February 2020

All rights reserved…

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