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“Nissi you’re to report directly to him and Anderson….” I was cut off when my door suddenly swung open and my brother storms in looking angry..

“Why am I restricted from seeing my own brother???”Jay questioned glaring angrily at me..

But his anger suddenly disappears into shock when his eyes met with Nissi’s…

“Jaybee (JB)”Nissi gasped..

Then she glance back at me questioningly…

Her eyes filled with hurt, anger and regrets.

But I’m too shock to utter a word…

This is certainly not how I wanted her to find out…

I watched as she took several retreating steps before storming out of my office…


I nervously walked into his office hiding at the back of my boss Anderson staring at the floor..

But i could feel his eyes on me before it suddenly fanishes…

“I’m glad you called Sir, I was about to call your PA regarding the proposal we submitted”Anderson spoke up

“Please be seated”he replied..

“Nissi, I’m very impressed with your strategic ideas you brought up with”he said avoiding eye contact with me..

“Thank you Sir”i replied with a smile to hide nervousness as our eyes meets briefly but intensively..

“We’ll be holding a meeting with our top investors.. I would like you to present your idea to the board members for the final approval”he said to me looking very professional..

“Thank you, Sir, for the privilege”i muttered

“Anderson, I want you to specially supervise the presentation”he instructed like the boss he is..

“Okay Sir”Mr Anderson nods

“Nissi you’re to report directly to him and Anderson….” He was cut off when the door suddenly swung open as a very familiar cologne filled ny nostril…

I know for a fact that He is here!!!

My worst nightmare JB..

And his voice filled my ear saying angrily..

“Why am I restricted from seeing my own brother???” And i let out a small whimper..

Out eyes met together immediately..

But his anger suddenly fades off into shock when his eyes met mine..

“Jaybee (JB)”i gasped..

Alot of questions filled my mind..

Then i glance back at fabian questioningly…

His silence answering most of the questions in my mind.

He is aware that His brother was my ex..

But when did he find out???

Why didn’t he tell me that JB was his jay???

Did he know his Jay was refering to me when he came here???

Was that the reason he was very angry???


He knew!!!

That could be the only logical reason why he knew where to find me…

I was used by both brothers..

I meant nothing to him…

Tears filled my eyes and i took several retreating steps before storming out of his office…

I don’t wanna create a scene here..

‘I don’t mingle my personal life with my professional life’ i reminded myself..

As i hurried to the safety of my office..

And i locked it and stumbled on my sit..

“Fabian could not have betrayed me”i said to myself confidently…

I may not know him very much but the little time i’ve spent around him, i’m confident that he would never lie to me nor betray my trust..

Though he may have hidden the fact that JB is his brother but he must have a reason for his actions..

He has my best interest in heart..

I shouldn’t have doubted Fabian..

He is cetainly not like his brother JB..

“Miss Akiko”my boss called as he knocked on my office door lightly…

I wipe sweat off my face with my handkerchief before walking to the door to open it..

“Yes Sir, please come in”

“Are you alright???”he asked his eyes filled with concern..

“Yes Sir..”I replied..

“You looked pale a while ago in the boss’s office…”he stated..

“I’m better Sir”I replied

“Do you wanna talk about it???”he asked..

I should talk about it..

He may have a better advice for me..

There’s no use acting dumb..

He witnessed my minor breakdown in Fabian’s office..

“His brother was my ex fiancé and also my ex boss in Los Angeles and I just found out today that they are brothers.. But I’ve been able to come to terms with it.. I was just shocked”

“You’re a very smart lady.. The boss and his brother are like fire and ice..

The last time he was here was when he was in highschool..

I was also shocked to see him too..

Jayden and I were childhood friend up to our University days.. But I chose a different part from him and we got separated ever since then we never communicated with each other..”he explained

“WOW!! What a small world we live in.”I exclaimed…

“It’s a very brave step for you to share your problems with a stranger like me”Anderson chuckled

“You’re not a stranger.. You’re my boss”I corrected

“And Fabian taught me how to share my problem.. He told me that a problem shared is half solved”I added

“He is right.. He looks tough but he is weak.. I barely ever see him smile since I’ve known him but for the past few weeks he has smiled a few times.. Thank you..”

“I didn’t do anything”

“You did a lot of things.. keep up the good work”

“Yes Sir”I salute him

“Please drop the formalities… I’m Jameson but you can call me James”

“Okay Sir”

“Miss Akiko!!!”he warned

“Sorry si… Emm.. James”

“Good.. You may get back to work, be rest assured that Jayden would never come into this office”James said

“Okay si… Sorry.. James..”

“You’ll get used to it in time”he chuckled walking to the door

“You should also call me by my name James…”I spoke up bravely..

“You may not be comfortable with the name I may call you..”he said

“What do you mean???”I asked

“We’ve met once before Nisei.. I did not get to see your face clearly because it was dark”

“Ooohhh!”I paused

“I’m good with it.. You can call me Nisei..”I said and he nods and walked out closing the door behind him..

Moreover, only Fabian has the right to call me Nissi… I like the way my name sound from his lips…

My phone buzz on my table disrupting me from my thought…


“Hello”I answered

“He left”he spoke up hoarsely

“Thanks…”I replied..

“Are you busy???”he asked..


“Let’s WhatsApp..”he suggested..

“Okay”I replied and hung up..

I switched on my data..

Immediately his message buzz in..

“I’m sorry”he texted

“You don’t have to be sorry for anything Fabian”I replied

“I should have told you when I found out my brother was your ex”

“When did you find out???”I asked curiously

“The lunch we had with Brownie.. she called me to meet her up in Mc Donald’s but I was shocked to see you there.. That was how I found out that the bastard who broke your heart was my own brother..”he explained and I believed him…

I could clearly remember how tensed up he was that day…

“I believe you.. But why didn’t you open up to me.??.”

“I don’t know!!😒😒😒”

“When did you plan on telling me???”I asked

“I haven’t decided when to tell you but I certainly wanted to make sure he never hurts you ever again”

“How did you know where to find me yesterday..??”I asked

“I hacked into his phone..”he replied

“Thanks you so much for everything”

“Is that a goodbye???”he asked

“No.. I won’t let him deprive me of my happiness…”I typed

“He’ll go extreme length to destroy me”I typed

“I’ll protect you from him”

“You shouldn’t involve yourself.. I’ll never forgive myself for separating two brothers”

“We are more like strangers than brothers”

“He’ll use the Media as his weapon”I stated…

“Why don’t we involve the media before he gets the chance to speak with them”he suggested

“What’s your plan???”I asked

“The company always holds dinner party last Friday of every month… He’ll like to create a scene there when he sees us together..”

“I’m in..”

“But we may be compelled to say we are dating”

“It’s not a problem.. We both know we are not dating.. it’s just a show”

“That’s good…”

“I need you now..”

“I need you too but I don’t do office romance..”I replied..

“Give an excuse to your boss.. Meet me at your house..”

“Won’t it be suspicious to leave the office at the same time??”I asked

“I left the office about 30minutes ago..

I’m inside your house.. Thanks to my brilliant idea..”he typed..

He added his finger print last night for security reasons..

“Hmm.. I thought you said you’ll only use it when I need you to rescue me”

“That’s what I’m about to do.. I wanna rescue you from being bored with office work..

Get your ass here..

You have 5minutes left to be here..

Or else! I’ll drive down to the office and f--k you on your table”I whimpered as I feel myself dripping wet..

“You like the sound of it.. Don’t you??”he asked..

Yes I do..

“Nah!! I’m on my way”I texted as I gathered my belongings and shut down my office laptop…

Fabian makes me hungry for sex..

Never knew I had high libido until I met Fabian Rois..

And I love the way he satisfies me all way long..


“Dad!!”I shouted barging into his library..

“Jay dear.. What’s the matter with you??”he asked

“Your son.. Fabian, is bitting more than he can chew”I shouted

“Take a deep breath dear.. and have a glass of water first.. Then we can talk about your issue with Fabian”he said handing me a glass of water…

“Why is JB shouting like a mad man??”my sister questioned walking inside dad’s library.. And I glared at her..

“Easy man!!!”she exclaimed..

“What happened???”Fabian’s dad asked me..

“I went to see Fabian at the office regarding the issues that brought me only for me to find my girl in his office”I paused


“She fled away from me before I could run after her Fabian pulled me back.. from the looks of things he seems to be aware that she’s the lady I am looking for… He back stabbed me and robbed me of my chance of reconciling with her.. Now I know the real reason behind his refusal to assist me find her”I explained bitterly…

“Are you aware of this Pauline??”he asked my sister

“Kind of, but Fabian found out a few days ago but they already knew each other very much.. Don’t listen to JB”

“Tell your son to return my woman.. or else!!”I paused as I stood up in full force and rushed out of his library..

Brownie yelling my name as she chased after me..

I kicked my room door open as i pulled off my shirt roughly..

“Go back home JB”Brownie spoke up

“Stay out of this Brownie.. This is between me and my brother”I warned her pointing my index finger at her

“Like hell.. He is also my brother as much as you are to me.. chat MartinMartino on zero eight one eighty thirty fourteen twenty one to be added to his whatsapp group.This has nothing to do with Fabian and you Know it..”

“No.. No.. No.. It has everything to do with him sister”

“Don’t put a blind eye to the fact that you and I know very well that Fabian has no feelings for her.. You know he doesn’t have emotions like we do.. He only feels anger”she stated..

Though I know what she said is the truth, am too angry to be reasonable

“Fabian can’t love..”she said and I looked deeply into her eyes and I confirmed that she is speaking the truth..

I paused for a while staring dumbfounded at her..

That’s bullshit!!

“Even if he can’t love, he can still f--k her.. or his he also deprived of such feelings???”I questioned and she opened her mouth to defend him but she couldn’t utter a word..

“Nisei belongs to me.. No man will ever own her except me”I glared at her and she shivered

“What are you planning to do??”she asked obviously panicking

She will wanna warn Fabian..

I will send my warning through her to them..

“I’m gonna get back my woman.. If I can’t get her the easy way, I’ll tarnish her reputation, break her pride slowly and painfully, nothing there’s nothing left of her.. Then I’ll abandon her. The same way she abandoned me”

“You’re a sick bastard”she cursed at me

“I’m far worst than that baby sister.. Since Fabian doesn’t feel neither love nor pain.. I should probably give him a reason to be angry”I grinned evily and she gasped in fear..

“You’re not the loving brother I used to know anymore”

“I’m not.. I changed the moment Nisei left me and I became worst when father took the company away from me.. I need to reclaim my rights”I muttered..

“She did not abandon you.. You betrayed her.. You compelled her to leave you”

“I f----d up.. I apologized.. I tried to be faithful but I couldn’t.. She was too dedicated with work, she barely spent time with me.. I have needs.. I have desires.. She was too busy to fulfill them, I had to accept help from another, what’s the big deal about it?? I love her more than I’ve ever loved any woman, she completes me..

Don’t I deserve to be happy with the woman I love??”

“You do.. But you broke her heart.. You could have satisfy your needs with any other lady, but you chose her bestie.. That was the biggest mistake of your life”

“I know.. You don’t need to remind me.. I’m here now.. I get what I want.. Not even Fabian nor you can stand in my way.. Nisei is mine”

“You leave me no choice but to involve father in this issue again”she said referring to our father and marched out of the room…

I’m getting back my woman by any means necessary..

Even if I have to go an extreme length to get her..

She’s mine alone to have…


I wrapped my hands tightly around her bare waist as she lays her head on my bare chest tracing circle around my n----e..

“Why can’t you feel any other emotions apart from anger??”she spoke up Breaking the silence between us..

“My mother’s death and betrayal affected me greatly.. I’ve told you story”I replied trying not to recall those moments..

“But I can feel pain and joy now”

“Really???”she raised her head staring at me..

“I felt your pain that night.. And I feel your pain Everytime you’re sad… And I’m always happy around you.”I explained and she smiled..

“That’s an improvement.. Perhaps in the nearest future, you may be able to fall in love again”she said..

And I chuckled softly..

“That’s future impossible tense”I replied sincerely

“Really??? Why do you say so??”she asked..

“I have philophobia..”I answered

“Ooohhh!!! You told me.. It can be cured.. You just need to visit a therapist”

“I’ve had countless season with several therapist, they’ve gone bizarre with my problem.. They couldn’t help me”i said..

“For helping me.. I volunteer to be your therapist..”she chuckled softly

“Hmm.. A very sexy therapist, I won’t mind bending you over your office desk and taking you from behind..”I teased her and she moaned softly

“Feeling excited already???”I questioned

“You always have your way of stirring up the desire in me”

“It’s my honor.”I captured her lips..

Suddenly her phone began to ring..

“Hello”she spoke up climbing off me..

“Kare wa watashi no bosudesu ( he is my boss)”she replied wearing her pantie with her free hand..

I’ll have to learn Japanese too..

I don’t understand a word she said..

“Kashikomarimashita (yes sir)”she replied looking angry…

“Mochiron.. (of course)”she hung up tossing her phone on the bed.

“Your brother went to my house to threaten my parent.. He told them that I was f-----g his brother”she said..

“Jay must be mad”I stated..

And her phone rang again

“Your sister”she said before accepting the call putting the phone on loud speaker..

“Open your d--n door”Brownie shouted..

And I chuckled..

Nissi hurriedly wore her gown and rushed out. I got off the bed as I also hurriedly dress up..

I switched on my phone and shove it into my pocket as I marched downstairs..

My phone began to vibrate in my pocket..

“Yes Dad”I answered

“Come home Immediately.. Your brother is throwing tantrums”my father grumbled and I hung up..

“I’m going home”I spoke up..

“I’ve already called father.. He’s on his way here”Brownie spoke up referring to their father..

I hated him for a while..

Until I was mature enough to understand that my mom also lied to him..

“I’m coming with you..”Nissi grabbed her purse..

“It’s dangerous”I stated

“I’ve seen him throw a fist before.. I can handle him better”

“But he’s also angry at you”Brownie chipped in..

“Let’s go”I grabbed my keys not in the mood for an argument..


I stepped into the parlour only to behold the mess Jay has created..

My anger boast up as I clenched my fist..

“Ooohhh my gosh!!”Brownie and Nissi gasped chorusly..

“Sort things out calmly”my father advised but I hissed

“Jay!!”I called out angrily but no response was heard..

“Jayden”I shouted again and he marched downstairs…

“I told you father.. That she’ll come along with him.. He was probably f-----g her when you interrupted them”Jay spoke..

“She’s mine”he stated

“I’m not.. You’re a psychopath”Nissi spoke up..

“She doesn’t want you.. Why don’t you go to your b---h you cheated on her with”I said mockingly..

“Acting all righteous now brother.. Isn’t she sweet in bed.. She moans louder when you take her deeper…”I silenced him with a punch..

He retaliated but I dordge his fist and twisted his hand smashing his back to the wall aggressively..

“Let him go son”my father commanded..

And I relunctanly released him..

“Are you okay???”I asked Nissi..

She nods her head slowly..

“You should have stayed at home.. Come let me take you back”I said as I tried to take a step but felt a sharp pain in my back..

My dad, Nissi and Brownie screamed..

I touched the spot.. I felt the steel of the knife buried in my back..

I pulled the knife out..

Before turning around furiously glaring at my brother..

“You shouldn’t have done that..”I glared at him..

“Fabian don’t!!”my father begged..

But I ignored his pleas as I stalked towards Jayden with the intention of stabbing him back…

“I’m surprised you feel pain..”he said mockingly at me..

“You shouldn’t have done that”I repeated as I raised the knife to stab him but I heard Nissi’s screamed at me not to do it….

And I toss the knife away and landed my fist on his nose and i blacked out..

© Winner Godwin and

Grace Aghedo

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