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I rushed to him as I smashed my lips on his forcefully..

He wrapped his hands around my waist as I leaned closer to him rubbing my center on his center..

Rocking him slowly as we moan into the kiss..

The cloths between us is making me feel fustrated as the urge to rip them off filled my mind…

I could hear the footsteps of someone approaching us but I’m too engrossed with Fabian to spare the person any glance..

Fabian deepens the kiss seizing my breath away..

Suddenly someone pulled me forcefully from behind causing me to break the kiss aggressively biting Fabian’s tender lips and a slap landed on my face..


I retaliated immediately..

Landing two slaps on her cheek..

“Are you mad???”I shouted angrily at her..

“I should be asking you the same question Nisei”Panel shouted as she raised her hand to hit me..

“Who are you??”Fabian asked stepping in the middle of two of us.

Panel glare angrily at him..

“Why did you intrude our private moment???”Fabian asked looking pissed off..

“I owe you no explanation.. Tell your b---h to stay away from my man”Panel shouted..

The urge to slap her filled my mind but Fabian is blocking my view..

As if reading my mind, he steps aside looking furiously at me..

“Go ahead!!”he muttered and I wasted no time..

I slapped the darkness out of her..

And her lips began to bleed..

She covered her face groaning in pain..

“I don’t know how you got here but let this be the last warning to you.. You and that lowlife JB should stay out of my life. Or else??!!!”I paused and turned around facing Fabian..

He looked furiously at her and at the same time I find him sexily hot and handsome..

What has come over me???

“She’s a prostitute.. She moves from one rich man to another.. She ruined many lives in the past.. she’ll ruin yours.. I am warning…”panel shouted pointing at me..

I silenced her with another slap..

The force I applied made her to loose her balance and she hits her head on the wall..

I pulled her by her hair roughly as I landed another slap on her face..

She began to scream for help but I continued to land more slaps on her face venting out all my anger..

“Let her go!!”Fabian commanded as he forcefully dragged me off her guiding me back to my car..

He opened the passengers door for me and I slide in vibrating in anger..

He entered into the car ..

While I stare at my window, I saw crowd of people suddenly surrounding Panel..

Fabian revised the car as he drove away but I caught a glimpse of JB consoling panel..

“You shouldn’t have dragged me off her..”I grumbled as I continued to fume in anger..

“I really wanna disfigure her face with my nails..”

“Her cup has over filled up today.. I’ve had enough of her.. I wanna beat the madness out of her so badly that I’m angry you pulled me off her.. That lowlife tramp..”I shouted clenching my fist together..

He remained quiet as he parked the car in my garage..

He stepped out of the car and opened the door for me..

Carrying my bag for me without uttering a word at me..

I angrily hit my fist on my car with low pressure and I screamed in pain..

“What the heck!!!”he exclaimed as he used his handkerchief to wrap my fist..

“What was that for???”he shouted

“So you can talk”I shouted at him, hissing in pain

“Of course”

“But you’ve been ignoring me.. Acting like a dumbass”I complained

“Because I’m angry.. I’m angry you had to face such humiliation and betrayal.. I’m angry that I can’t hit a lady.. I would have smashed that idiots face on the wall.. I’m angry at your Ex.. I’m angry at myself that I was helpless and couldn’t defend you the way I ought to..

I’m mad..

I’m furious, Nissi”he shouted his eyes like flames..

“I had no idea”I whispered..

“I swear, that lady would have been hospitalized if she was a man like me.. I protect what is mine”

“I’m yours??”I stated but sounded more like a question.

“Yes!! You’re mine.. Mine to protect”he answered..

“I wanna kill that bastard that hurt you but I’m helpless”he muttered staring lovingly and furiously at me..

And I smiled..

“You’re all I need right now”I whispered and he covered my lips with his..

He lifted me into his arms walking towards the door..

I broke the kiss as I placed my fingerprint and the first door opened..

“Another fingerprint”he grumbled as we reached the main entrance

“Fabian”I spoke up and the door opened..

“My name”he muttered and I nod recapturing his lips..

I could feel his hard on piercing into my centre and it’s making wet..

“I’ll f--k you very hard today.. And I want you to scream my name every time I t----t into you..”he commanded and I smiled at him..

He peels of my gown while I unbotton his shirt hurriedly..

He assisted me to remove his shirt displaying his bare chest..

He removed his pant and brief while I watched him mesmerized by his naked body..

“Like what you see??”he asked

“I do”I replied licking my lips..

I unhooked my bra and threw it onto the floor..

“Leave your panties on for a while”he requested and I nod..

“I wanna watch your ass sway, as you walk upstairs to your room”he said and I feel myself dripping heavily wet..

I obeyed him as I walked upstairs while he trailed behind me..

He stepped into the room few seconds after I entered..

He leaves the door opened as he stare deviously at me.

“Grab as many condoms as you can.. in one attempt”

“I only have two condoms left”

“That won’t be enough today”he stated and I bite my lips.

“I’m clean”he said

“So am I.. never gone without a condom before.. And you’re the second man I’ve ever been with”I said ripping off the first condom..

And I placed it back on the table..

He pulled me to himself..

His hands wrapped tightly around my waist..

“You’re the second woman I’ve been with.. What a coincidence!!!”he whispered huskily in my ear..

His hand trailing down into my pantie….

He played around my center before inserting two fingers inside me..

And I moaned out..

He t----t deep into me..

He added two more fingers as he increased his pace and my moans grew louder and bolder..

I was about to c-m when he pulled his fingers out of me and I grumbled..

He placed me on my dressing table as he pushed my pantie aside giving him greater access to c------s….

He t----t his fingers back into me bringing me closer to my c----x..

And I groaned loudly as I c-m..

He immediately removed his fingers and t----t his d--k into me swiftly..

As we both moaned at the same time. Though his eyes were filled with desire, I could feel his anger each time he t----t into me..

He spread my legs apart lifting them high..

I held unto the table for support..

Moaning his name..

“This feels good”he groaned taking me deeper and faster..

My moans instigating him to t----t deeper..

“Yes baby.. say my name”he moaned..

“Fabian!!”I moaned as his t----t became slippery and fast..

He dragged my pantie as he tore it off me..

Increasing the pace of his t----t..

“Nissi”he moaned as I c----x again..

He pulled out of me as he c-m at the same spot where he dumped my torn pantie..

“I’m never ever using condom with you”he hissed staring at my c--t..

“That’s mine too”he hissed as he bend down to devour my c--t like a starving man..

He licked around my c--t before digging his tongue inside me..

While I moan at his Mercy..

He ravished me until I c-m on his tongue before setting me free..

“WOW!!!”I exclaimed feeling satisfied..

“I’m not done yet”he warned and I gasped in awe..

“I wanna f--k you until you have no memories of your ex.. The only master of your body and pleasures should be me.. Babe…”he stated lifting me off the table unto his arms as he captured my lips..

Suddenly, I felt my back on my soft bed and his hard on teasing my c--t as he continued to ravish my lips hungrily.. He deepened the kiss as he uses his d--k to tease my c--t at the same time..

I groaned in fustration as I tried to pull him inside me but he stiffened his body…

He released my lips, staring down at my boobs.. He began to feast on my breast, suckling me hard and fast..

All his attention focused on my right breast and he continued to tease my c--t… Sending wave of pleasure down my spine..

And I surrendered to him enjoying the pleasure that filled my body…..

Unexpectedly, he t----t into me, releasing my breast and I cried out his name..

He flashed me a wicked and devious grin as he t----t into me..

With a faster pace than the previous one.. He has a great stamina..

He angled himself inside me.. Raising one of my leg in the air..

He gently t----t into me looking into my eyes..

His eyes filled with different emotions that I could barely comprehend..

It was like he was speaking to me with each t----t he made..

But I couldn’t understand anything..

He hissed..

Bracing himself up a little, he quickened his pace..

“Ooooh Nissi!!”he moaned out..

Increasing his strokes

“I wanna c-m inside you”he moaned out. And I nodded my head in agreement, I moaned out his name..

His t----t became sloppier as our sweaty bodies slams together..

“I’m about to c-m”he groaned as he shifted inside me hitting my G-spot..

The wave of my c----x drew nearer with each t----t he made..

I screamed his name as we both came together..

He collapsed beside me..

As we breaths heavily..

“Are you ready???”he asked.

“No.. You’ve exhausted my strength.. I feel like a limp right now..”I grumbled

And he chuckled..

“I wanna f--k you until you can’t stand, this is just the beginning”

“D--n it!!!”I hissed as he pulled me on top of him, guiding me to take him in gently..

I moaned as he filled me completely..

“Ride me baby!!”he groaned.. As I felt the vibration that erupt from his body and pleasurable waves filled me..

I rocked my hips against his d--k, moaning as he slid his tongue licking my breast and neck. His hands were gripping my waist steadying me as I began to shake.

“Oh Fabian.. ooohhh Fab…” I cried out, holding onto his shoulder tightly as I finally c-m..

I increased my pace as I rocked him faster.. my c-m making my pace sloppier and quicker…. He groaned biting my neck as he released his hot liquid inside me….

And I collapsed exhaustively on top of him breathing heavily..

He wrapped his hands tightly around my waist, with his d--k buried inside of me…

Our breathing slowly returning back to normal while his d--k recovers it’s strength..

“I can’t go for another round”I groaned..

“The boss is awake!!”he stated referring to his d--k and I chuckled softly..

“I’m exhausted.. I can barely move a muscle right now”I grumbled raising my face staring at him..

“Shhhh!!! Sleep….”he urged me laying me on the bed beside him..

Shutting my eyes, I felt my legs go slack,and I also felt him covering my body with the duvet..


I sat on my office chair cross-checking the new sales strategy Nissi propounded…

I smiled to myself, satisfied by her brainstormy idea and strategy she proposed…

I dailed my PA landline..

“Yes sir”she answered

“Please put a call across to Anderson, tell him to report to my office along with his assistant Nissi”I instructed

“Okay Sir”she replied and I hung up..

She doesn’t want any kind of office romance..

I’m trying to act professional around her… I don’t wanna give her any reasons to quit the job..

The truth is that, I don’t trust myself to be alone with her behind closed doors..

I heard a knock on my door..

“Come in”I answered and Anderson walked inside with Nissi behind him

I almost got carried away by her long legs but I quickly compose myself readjusting my tie..

“I’m glad you called Sir, I was about to call your PA regarding the proposal we submitted”Anderson spoke up

“Please be seated”i replied..

Trying my best not to look at Her.. I don’t want her to feel uncomfortable with my stares..

“Nissi, I’m very impressed with your strategic ideas you brought up with”

“Thank you Sir”she replied with a smile..

“We’ll be holding a meeting with our top investors.. I would like you to present your idea to the board members for the final approval”I said to Nissi

“Thank you Sir for the privilege”

“Anderson, I want you to specially supervise the presentation”

“Okay Sir”he nods

“Nissi you’re to report directly to him and Anderson….” I was cut off when my door suddenly swung open and my brother storms in looking angry..

“Why am I restricted from seeing my own brother???”Jay questioned glaring angrily at me..

But his anger suddenly disappears into shock when his eyes met with Nissi’s…

“Jaybee (JB)”Nissi gasped..

Then she glance back at me questioningly…

Her eyes filled with hurt, anger and regrets.

But I’m too shock to utter a word…

This is certainly not how I wanted her to find out…

I watched as she took several retreating steps before storming out of my office…

© Winner Godwin and

Grace Aghedo

All rights reserved…..

Team Nissi and Fabian say Hi…

Team Nissi and Jayden say Nay…

Could this be the end of Nissi and Fabian’s story or just the beginning.??

We love y’all….

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