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“Nissi…” He held onto me tightly as he came, and I felt familiar waves of pleasure rolling through me at the same time.

Panting uncontrollably, my entire body went limp and I collapsed against his chest.

“That was wow!!!”I breathed out..

And he smiled rolling off the condom off him before dumping it into the waste bin close to my bed..

I licked my lips.. And we both burst into uncontrollable laughter…

He positioned a pillow under my head.

“Are you okay? Was I too rough???” he asked staring at me with concern..

“It was perfect.. Just what i needed too”I replied sincerely..


My phone vibrates in pocket as I hurriedly pulled it out..

I glanced at the caller ID and smiles

“Brownie”I answered

“Big brother, are you busy???”she asked in her usual lively tune

“Nah! On my way to any close eatery.. I’m famished”I replied

“I’m with my friend I told you about at Mc Donald.. Come join us for lunch”she suggested

“Won’t she be uncomfortable around me..”I asked

“Ooohhh no.. she gat no problem at all.. She’s a very beautiful lady, you may fall for her at first sight”

“I don’t need relationship and falling in love is a future impossible aspect of my life Brownie”

“Hmmmm!! Or do you have an appointment with that mystery lady you met with yesterday???”she asked and I chuckled

“I told ya Brownie.. She’s my friend.. We both don’t want a relationship.. We clearly understand each other”

“I gat to go.. Meet us here.. You’re way too young to life a boring life.. Table 15″she said and hung up..

Brownie is kinda pertinacious in nature


I walked majestically into the eatery heading over to my sister’s table..

I met her!!

My heart missed a beat..

How is this possible???

I wanna leave before she sees me but my feet feels stuck to the ground..

She tilts her head to my direction..

Her eyes locked with mine as her lips curved into a bright smile..

She stood up to embrace me..

Brownie raised her brow questionly but I was too shocked to answer her..

“What brings you here???”Nissi asked

“I have a lunch date with my sister but she called that she couldn’t make it because of Jay.. I was about to order something for myself when I saw you”I lied..

“Sit with us.. ooh pardon my manners.. Fabian this is my ex-fiancé’s sister Pauline.. And a very reliable friend of mine”she paused and I shook hands with my sister..

“And Pauline, this is my new friend i was talking about.. Fabian”she introduced and Brownie smiled at me..

“Nice to meet you.. I heard good things about you..”Brownie said

“Pleasure is all mine”

“What would you like to order..”Nissi asked

“I haven’t checked the menu but I’ll like whatever you ordered”

“I’ll get it for you… I also wanna head to the restroom”Nissi excused herself

“Why didn’t you tell me that Nissi was your friend???”i asked Brownie

“I should be asking you the same question. I can’t believe she was the Same lady you couldn’t stop talking about.. I think you may fall for her”

“You’re daydreaming.. So she was Jay’s ex-fiancée??”I asked even though I know the answer to the question..

She had been talking about my brother all this while..

What a small world!


“How can he hurt such a lovely lady like that..?? I feel like smashing my fist on his d--n face”I muttered

“You shouldn’t.. He’s still your brother.. You should be grateful that Jay betrayed her.. if not she would’nt be yours now”Brownie said

“Brownie she’s not mine..”I raised my voice slightly pissed off..

“Though Jay’s mistake led us to be friends.. I’m not happy that he betrayed her.. Don’t forget that I can’t ever fall in love..”

“Hmmmm!!! She’s coming”Brownie said and I readjusted my composure..

“Here’s your lunch”she said placing my food down on the table..

“Thanks.. But you shouldn’t have gone through the stress to deliver the food to me”

“It’s nothing”

“How long have you been friends??”I asked digging my spoon into my food

“For over 5 years”Brownie answered..

“Here I thought, I was your only friend in the whole wide world”I grumbled feeling slightly jealous..

“Fabian.. of course you’re my only friend. Pauline is like a sister to me.. She..”she paused looking for the right word to use..

I could see pain flashed in her eyes.

All because of Jay..

“I was once a part of her family..”Nissi paused..

“You’re still a part of our family Nisei.. Daddy loves you like his own and I love you too.. You’re my big sis.” Brownie spoke up..

“So.. She’s your ex-fiancé’s younger sister???”I asked.. Pretending not to know Brownie..

“Yes”Nissi answered..

“So you told him???”Brownie asked Nissi and she nodded her head in respond..

“You don’t usually share your problems with anyone.. You did not tell me, I had to find out my own way”Brownie grumbled

“He literally compelled me to spill it out to him..”

“He has great hold on you”Brownie chipped in

“He sure do..”Nissi chuckled

“So, how long have you too been dating???”Brownie asked and I almost choked on my drink..

“We are not dating”Nissi and I chorusly answered..

“Not convinced..”Brownie stated..

“It’s the fact..”Nissi firmly stated..

“Okay.. I withdraw my statement.. Nisei, tell me about your new boss.. Is he handsome?? Is he too bossy??? Do you enjoy working for him more than your time with father???”Brownie asked Nissi..

I could feel her shift uncomfortable in her sit..

“I kinda lied.. I’m actually resuming work on Monday.. And Fabian is my boss”Nissi answered

“Ooohhh my Gosh!!! Office romance in the air!!”Brownie chuckled

“Brownie??”I blurted out before realizing the name I just called her..

“Brownie???”Nissi questioned staring at Brownie and I .

“Brownie is your pet name that JB gave you.. How did you know that name??!”Nissi asked staring at me..

“I forgot her name. I decided to give her a nickname by the color of her hair”I defended.. Partially lieing but partially saying the truth..

“Wow!!! My brother also calls me that because of my hair color..”Brownie spoke up..

And I let out a deep breath..

“And that name suits her alot”Nissi chipped in..

That was a narrow escape..


“Lunch was awesome”Fabian said as he opened my car door for me

“You always make me feel so alive and special. Thank you”

“You shouldn’t thank me.. We both need to be happy.. You deserve all the happiness in life”

“Ooohhh come on.. You can prospone your romantic moment”Pauline grumbled loudly..

Fabian and I chuckled..

“Have a lovely day”he pecked me

“You too”I waved at him before entering into my car and zoomed away.. Pauline’s questioning gaze on me but I pretended not to notice as I focus on the road..

“You like him”she finally spoke up..

“Don’t be silly.. Why would you assume such a thing??”i asked staring at the road as I feel myself blush thinking about him

“You’re blushing again”she pointed out and I blushed harder..

“He’s just a friend dear..”I chuckled

“Is he?? Is he just a friend??”she asked

“Yeah!! Don’t push it further.. Drop it please”I requested

“Okay”she chuckled..


I parked my car in my parking lot.. Pauline and I stepped out of the car marching towards my door..

She exclaimed..

“This house is way bigger than the one at Los Angeles”Pauline stated

“Yeah!! That’s the reason i bought it.. It has alot of space”

I opened the door

“Welcome to my humble abode”I say locking the door behind her

“WOW!!! I’m jealous of this place sis..”

I led her to my wine bar as I poured her, her favorite vine wine.

“So what do you wanna discuss??”I asked

“JB”She said

“I don’t wanna talk about him…”

“He’s here.. He came to seek you”She opened up sipping her wine..

“He’s crazy, crazier than I imagined”

“Dad suspended him from the office..”She added and I gasped

“Why would he??”

“Dad is mad at him.. They got into an argument after you left and JB said something that pissed dad off.. So dad told him that he was his biggest mistake and also a mistake giving him such vital position in the office which he never laboured or earned for”Pauline explained and I sighed

“Who is handling the company now??”I asked curiously

“Dad himself.. He’s back into work.. He wants to specially supervise his new project..”she said drinking her wine…

“He once had a plan to open another branch in another state to expand the business”I said

“That must be his new project idea”Pauline concluded

“I don’t want JB anywhere around me.”

“My lips are sealed dear.. Don’t he deserve a second chance??”she asked drowning the last drop of her wine

“He doesn’t deserve a second chance.. I don’t want him messing things for me here.. My life is gradually falling back into place and I will never forgive anyone who tries to ruin it”

“I don’t support the wrong..”Pauline chuckled..

“Thank you so much”

“I’m gonna head back home now.. But we’ll catch up before I leave”Pauline said as she stood to her feet..

And I accompanied her to the gate

“Should I drive you back to the eatery to get your car??”I asked her

“That wouldn’t be necessary.. I’ll hail a cab from here”

“I’m so happy you visited me..”I hugged her..

Luckily for us a cab came opposite my house to drop someone and she board the cab..

“Nisei” she called out and I halted..

“JB still loves you alot”She muttered and close the door..

I stood dumbfounded as the driver drove away.

I stood like a statue as I watched the cab finally disappearing out of sight before forcing my feet inside my house..

My past is far from over!

My past is haunting my presence, if I sit idle and watch, it will haunt my future.

Jayden Brown is a pain in the ass..


Last night, I deliberated on how to make peace with my past..

Though the road ahead may be rough and tiring especially when I’m facing a block head like JB..

I’ve made up my mind to face it.

I called Pauline about an hour ago and told her to inform JB to meet me at a cafe few blocks away from my church..


A part of me still feels this meeting would be a disaster and would yield no result.. Another part of me wish for him to search helplessly for me..

But I know how much JB likes doing things the easy way..

If he doesn’t find me, he’ll create a fuss to bring me out..

Though he has been able to locate my parent’s house yesterday but my brother and father embarrassed him to my taste..

I don’t like the media interfering in my private life but the reverse is the case for JB.. He loves the publicity..

I’m still surprised he hasn’t involved the media in our issue..

I let out a deep breath as I stepped into the cafeteria..

Walking majestically to our reserved table..

JB was already waiting for me dressed in his casual outfit. Something I onced admired about him. I think I still do..

To hate someone you once loved whole heatedly is quite stressful and difficult because sometimes the memories of the happy moments will unintentionally consume your mind..

I’m currently facing that challenge right now…

“I’m so glad you could make it”JB spoke up with a smile on his face as he pulls out sit for me to sit..

Like a gentleman he used to be..

This his goody-goody attitude is because he wants something from me.. Soon he’ll display his true character..

“I called for the meeting in first place, so I ought to be here”I answered

“You were always on time to every date we had.. I began to doubt if you will still grace me with your presence”

“This is not a date JB ( I pronounced it as Jaybee )”I paused..

“I missed the way you call my name.. You know the kind of effect it has on me.. Are you trying to tease me??”he asked..

“Why are you here??” I asked changing the topic purposely ignoring his question..

“I came back for you.. I came to plead for a second chance.”he answered

“Really??? Or you came to earn favor in your father’s sight.. so he’ll give you back the control of the company??”I asked with a sly smile on my face..

He looked dumbfounded..

My question caught him off guard..

“I see Brownie have filled you in on the latest update”

“That’s not the answer to my initial question”

“I came back for you and also to get back in father’s good book.. But I’m here for you.. Because I love you alot more than I imagined”

“You wanna use me as a key to unlock your position in the company.. You don’t do anything without an ulterior motive..”I stated..

“You know me too well.. Your assumptions are true but my profession of love towards you is also true.. Why don’t you believe me??”he asked

“Because you betrayed me.. You cheated on me.. If you truly love me you wouldn’t cheat nor betray my trust in you.. I loved you with everything I have. I gave you everything”I paused as tears threatens to fall from my eyes

“I gave you my heart, my body..

You became my world.. I loved you..

I placed my pride at your feet and you stepped on it like it was a filthy rag.

What more do you want from me??

I have nothing to offer you anymore..

You have drained me dry..

Why do you want to ruin my life???”I questioned as tears drop from my eyes and I quickly wiped it off before he could see it .

I hate how weak I’m feeling..

“I want you to forgive me.. I want your love.. please Nisei, give me a second chance”he requested holding my hands tightly..

I pulled my hands away from his grib..

“You have Panel.. I don’t need you in my life, there’s no space for you in my life anymore”I stated looking deep into his eyes..

“I’ll create space for myself.. Please give me a chance”he pleaded..

“You’ve wasted every opportunity you had..”

“You love me”he stated confidently..

“My heart isn’t yours anymore.. I don’t love you”

“If not me, who does your heart belong to??”he asked

“You’ve lost the right to question me or interfere in my private life”I answered

“You belong to me”he brags

“I’m not a property you can own nor lay claim on.. I own myself.. You wanker”I raised my voice a little louder..

“I’ll do anything to make you mine.. Read my lips, Anything.. You know what I’m capable of doing”

“Are you threatening me?? In my own city… Don’t provoke me JB”I warned

“This is your city, I agree.. But I know how much you hate publicity.. I don’t play fair.. I get what I want..”

“Be my guest.. JB.. I plan to disappoint you and ruin all your plans”

“You belong with me Nisei.. I won’t let any other man have a taste of you except me.. I own you”he shouted and I shut him up with a thunderous slap..

“You’re my biggest mistake..”I muttered as I walked out on him..

Holding back the tears that filled my eyes..

I rushed to the parking lot..

Shockingly, i met Fabian leaning his back on my car, his hands folded as he waits for me.. His eyes locked on mine..

I don’t know how he got here but I’m happy to see him here..

I rushed to him as I smashed my lips on his forcefully..

He wrapped his hands around my waist as I leaned closer to him rubbing my center on his center..

Rocking him slowly as we moan into the kiss..

The cloths between us is making me feel fustrated as the urge to rip them off filled my mind…

I could hear the footsteps of someone approaching us but I’m too engrossed with Fabian to spare the person any glance..

Fabian deepens the kiss seizing my breath away..

Suddenly someone pulled me forcefully from behind causing me to break the kiss aggressively biting Fabian’s tender lips and a slap landed on my face..

©Winner Godwin and

Grace Aghedo


Who do you think is the unknown person that slapped Nissi???

Do you think JB truly loves Nissi??

A word of advice for Nissi…

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