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“Get used to being disappointed”I said and grabbed the door knob

“I’ll find you.. And I’ll make you mine”he threatened

“Quietly shut up.. And save yourself from further embarrassment..”

“I’ll pay back every humiliation you put me through”he cursed

“Pay back is a b---h”I huffed and walked out.

Holding back the tears that threatens to fall from eyes.

I once loved him…

I think i still do!!

And it hurt!!!


I walked into my father’s mansion eager to see the surprise he has in store for me..

Lo and behold!!!

The surprise was beyond my greatest imagination..

My step brother Jay whom I haven’t seen or heard from for years with his sister her name I can’t really remember..

Masking my surprised expression with a bright Charming smile..

His sister whom is much more closer to me than my own brother rushed to embrace me..

“Long Time no see”i spoke up.. Breaking the hug..

“We spoke on phone last week..”She replied..

“Of course we did.. I was referring to Jay.. We haven’t spoken to each other in years now.. The last time I heard from him was when he called to inform me about his fiancée.”

“I’m sorry I have been busy with work”Jay spoke up..

“That’s a lame excuse.. You could have called to check up once in a while.. You seems to be carried away with your lover”I teased..

“You could have also called to check up on him son”my dad chipped in..

“Taking sides dad”

“No dear.. I’m just pointing out the fact that both of you are at fault.. Come on shake hands. You boys have alot to talk about”dad advice and we laughed

I walked up to Jay at the same time he walked up to me and we evolved in a tight brotherly embrace..

“I missed you”he whispered

“So did I..”I whispered back..

“That’s more like it”dad chuckled and walked upstairs..

“Feel at home kids”dad added and we chuckled together..

After lavishing our lunch we all sat down in a triangular form on different couches..

“What brings you home suddenly???”I asked curiously..

“I came to seek for my friend and also use that opportunity to see you in person.. Video call soaks in portraying your handsomeness”sister said and I chuckled at her last compliment..

“I came to see my big brother” Jay replied and I rolled my eyes..

“Cut the chase Jay.. You’re too busy for that”I rephrase his statement

“I second the motion”sister chipped in..

“Tell him the truth or I will”she threatened Jay

“What am I missing out???”I asked curiously..

“My fiancée left me and I came to find her here”Jay said

“You could use the media to find her.. You love doing things the easy way”I suggested

“Not unless, he’s the guilty one”she added

“I hate being kept in the dark Jay”I reminded him

“I cheated on her with her roommate and she caught us in the act”Jay explains and his sister glares at him..

His confession provoked me but I tried my best to remain calm as I composed my expression..

“And her roommate happens to be her bestie”Jay sighed

“That’s heartbreaking”I muttered.

But I could not see any signs of regret in him. Which is very bad..

“I regret my mistake and that’s the reason why I’m here.. To make amends”

“I’m not convinced he’s a changed man” sister chipped in

“Shut up Brownie”Jay snapped at her..

“Jay????”I snapped at him too

“I need your help.. You know this city better than I do”Jay muttered

“That’s because you don’t visit here”I paused

“I’m not in agreement with what you did.. But you know how I despise to be involved in any relationship issues..”I said

“You’re still the same brother.. Too scared to love”Jay said mockingly

“And you’re still the same.. Pretending to love just for your personal benefit.. At least, I don’t proclaim false love to anyone..”I defended myself..

“I like that about you alot”Brownie chipped in..

“I can’t help you. You made a mistake alone and you should rectify your mistake alone”

“I least expected you to help”Jay said

“And I least expected you to come over here”I added

“Stay as long as you are welcome Jay because I’m not dad.. I don’t welcome strangers into my life”I stood up..

“I’m your brother”Jay pointed out

“Step brother”I chipped in..

“It doesn’t matter.. I remain your only blood related sibling”Jay shouted

“Yet you are stranger to me because you act like one.. And point of correction Jay.. Brownie is my sister as much as she’s yours.. As long as she’s your step sister, she’s automatically my sister..

And I don’t need to have blood relationship with her before I can call her family..

We came from the same mother yet you are more of a stranger than a brother to me”I poured out..

“You’re also an hypocrite” Jay said

“Jay that’s enough” Brownie spoke up standing in the middle of us..

“He’s acting like a saint.. Yet he’s transferring past aggression at me”

“I’m not Jay.. This has nothing to do with Mom”I warned him..

“It has.. Or else, how did you know I was referring to mom??.. I clearly did not mention her name..”Jay answered

“What is all the yelling all about”dad asked looking unhappy

“Your lovely son calls me a stranger because I’m mom’s son”Jay answered

“Fabian???”dad questioned

“He is stranger dad.. But not because he’s mom son.. But because of his actions”I defended fuming in anger..

“That doesn’t makes him a stranger.. He is your brother even though, he’s of another man.. He is my wife’s son. My son”dad shouted

“I’m not you, dad.. You loved mom with all your heart but she had an unhealthy relationship with another man while she was married to you..”

“Don’t judge your mother”dad warned me

“I’m not judging.. I’m stating the fact. You forgave her because you loved her and because he was the reason why she died. That’s the only reason you’re so soft towards him”I shouted back

“Don’t judge the dead”Jay shouted

“Don’t talk back at me especially when I’m talking to my father Jay”I glared angrily at him.

“You may be right or wrong but I love him because he is my wife’s son and because she risked her life to check up on him”dad muttered

“You can’t force me to accept your opinion”I shouted..

“You have to forgive your mother.. No body is perfect”Dad said

“I’m not perfect Dad.. I know but he’s just like Mom.. He cheated on his fianceé too..

Like mother like son”I stated firmly..

“Take a deep breath and relax”Brownie advised and I tried but I couldn’t..

Alot of hormones flowing through me.. All I can think of is the result of mom’s betrayal has alsonresulted to another betrayal.

The lady must be heartbroken just like dad and I felt when we heard the truth..

“I’m heading back home Dad”I muttered clenching my fist..

“I’m going with you”Brownie spoke up

“Drive safely.. And call me”Dad said and I nod my head.. Before I spun around vibrating in anger..

I need you now Nissi..

I need you badly..

Before I do something drastic..


My phone rang loudly as I fumbled with my purse zip..

“Hello”I answered

“I need you urgently”Fabian sad mono tune murmured

“I’m arranging my new apartment”I answered

“Send me the address”he requested

“Okay..”I replied and hung up..

Immediately, sending him my new address..

I rushed into the kitchen as I quickly cook pasta and prepared pineapple juice..

After cooking, I went upstairs to my room to take a warm water shower..

I scanned through my wardrobe for a simple dress..

Just as I wrap my hair into a bun.. I heard the sound of the door bell..


He’s here!!!

I rushed downstairs as I opened the door to usher him in…

My heart melt as I saw his facial expression.. I’ve never seen Fabian look so depressed before..

As the urge to take away his pain filled my mind..

“Can I come in??”he asked in a mono tune

“Sorry.. Come in”I replied opening the door wide for him to enter before locking the door bolt..

“I made pasta.. Do you want some??”I asked as I sat beside him on the same couch..

“Nah!! I’m not hungry”he responded staring uncomfortable at me..

“What’s wrong??? Do you wanna talk about it???”I asked but he remained quiet.

“You once told me that a problem shared is half solved..”

“I shouldn’t have come here.. I’ll head back home”he stood up and I grabbed his hand restraining him from moving..

“You don’t pull that kind of stunt on me Fabian.. We have establish an agreement.. You can’t bolt away from me like that.. I have all the right to know what is troubling you just as you do with me”I paused..

“Not right now Nissi.. I wanna forget it.. I don’t want to talk about it.. The more I think of it, the angrier I become.. And I’m afraid I might do something I’ll regret for life .”he spoke up..

His eyes yearning for something..

Something I wished I knew, so that I could provide it for him..

“I can’t help you.. if I don’t know your problem”I stated and he sighed.

“My stepbrother came back home after so many years with his sister.. He asked for my help to find his ex-fiancée who caught him red handed sleeping with her bestie.”he let out a deep breath..

The story is similar to mine..

My old wounds were slowly re-opening..

His brother must be a heartless son of a b---h to have done something like that to a lady..

“I got angry.. I felt his repeating the same mistake my mom did.. I lost my cool.. I called him a stranger and many more.. I’m angry at him for cheating on his woman but I’m more angrier at my mom for producing a mistake.. If she did not cheat on my father, that lady’s heart would not have been broken..

I feel like my mother’s mistake has produced another great mistake..

I wanna forget everything!!!

You’re the only one that came to my mind..”he stated wrapping his hands around my waist..

“Help me forget”he pleaded and I smashed my lips on his..

Taking control over his vulnerability.

I kissed him deeper than we have kissed before..

His anger has also infuriated me to wrath too..

I want to forget JB…

I need him just as much as he needs me right now..

“Make me forget too”I requested In between the kisses and my confession triggered him to deepen the kiss ..

Each kiss seizing my breath away..

I hastenly unbotton his shirt as he pulls it off..

“Don’t hold back Fabian.. I want this just as much as you do.. Make me forget my past.. Please”I pleaded desperately..

Too turned on to think straight..

“You won’t regret it??”he questioned tracing circle on my exposed neck as he stare at me..

“No”I replied..

“You don’t do office romance”he reminded me my own statement

“I’m not your employee until Monday, and right now, right here I’m seeking for my happiness as well as yours.. It our agreement”I reminded him..

The lust and longing I had denied myself ignited. My body burned for him as he was holding back, and i could clearly see the same desire flaring in his blue eyes

“EXTRACTION”he breathed

“For our happiness.. I need you badly”I find myself desperately begging..

What has come over me???

He lifts me off the ground into his arm swiftly taking me by surprise..

“Lead me to your room”he commanded and I obediently obeyed..

18+ AHEAD..

****( Don’t say I did not warn you… Enter at your own risk)


He slowly undressed me taking his time, as he adores my body with feather kisses that’s making me drip wet..

Before capturing my mouth hungrily..

He plays with the band of my pants as I couldn’t hold back from his teases

“Please?” I whispered, literally begging him but I was not certain what I was asking…

And he chuckled..

D--n him..

I moved my hand down to his pants, pulling his zipper.

“Off it goes!!” I chuckled as his pants hits the floor and he kissed me harder, trapping my bottom lip between his teeth.

He pulls my pants, and then he pushed me back onto the bed. Breaking the kiss..

I smiled as he climbed on the bed next to me, caressing my breast..

Squeezing it gently, staring deep into my eyes..

“For years, I haven’t being with a woman.. I can’t promise you that I’ll be gentle because I’m starving for you” he said

“You don’t play with your meal if you’re indeed starving”I countered and my statement triggered him like a challenge and he took the challenge seriously.. .

D--n!!! I loved the result..

His warm mouth swallowed my breast as he s----d one of my nipples into his mouth.

Paying equal attention to my breasts.. His hand roams around my ass before finally dipping two of his fingers into my c--t..

He is pratically ravishing me like a hungry lion.. And I love being his prey..

“Do you have condom???”he asked releasing my breast

“Yes.. The drawer next to you”I answered and he grabbed the condom. Hurriedly ripping it open before placing on the bed stand..

He grabbed my hands and rolled me on top of him. He put on the condom and slowly positioned me over his hardened c--k silently commanding me to lower myself onto him

I took my time, filling myself with him inch by inch, and when he was completely inside of me, I entwined my hands with his and rocked against him…

“Nissi …” He breathed as I tried to reduce my speed but he gripped my hips and forced me to increased my speed.. creating a new rhythm…

Driving me crazy..

As he hits every part of me…

Our moan grew louder and bolder..

Sweat dripping from us making our contact sloppier

“Fabian!!!”I cried out..

He pressed his fingers deeper into my skin, controlling the movement of my hips. He moaned my name, and my muscles tensed as I felt his c--k throbbing inside of me.

“Nissi…” He held onto me tightly as he came, and I felt familiar waves of pleasure rolling through me at the same time.

Panting uncontrollably, my entire body went limp and I collapsed against his chest.

“That was wow!!!”I breathed out..

And he smiled rolling off the condom off him before dumping it into the waste bin close to my bed..

I licked my lips.. And we both burst into uncontrollable laughter…

He positioned a pillow under my head.

“Are you okay? Was I too rough???” he asked staring at me with concern..

“It was perfect.. Just what i needed too”I replied sincerely..

©Winner Godwin and

Grace Aghedo

February, 2020

All rights reserved…

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