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“Miss Akiko, I’m sorry onbehalf of my employees.. They had no right to question your personal life..”He apologized and a bright smile creeped its way back to my face..

“But.. Your egoist attitude is not tolerated in my firm.. We have no forum to tolerate such arrogant behavior..”His words stabbed my heart..

My chest tightened as I forced myself to smile..

I courageously stood up from my sit and walked closer to him..

“I was on my way out of this building when you came in.. I don’t plan on working in a firm that have no respect nor regard for my personal life and my qualifications”

“If you’re done blabbing.. You may use the exit..”Fabian fired as he glared at me..

“With all due respect Sir, She’s the best candidate we have for this job and we owe her our honest apology.. It’s just a misunderstanding that can be sorted out.. “Mr Anderson spoke up

“Miss Akiko use the Exit”He commanded and I marched towards the exit not sparing him a glance….

But I could feel his eyes on me..

I should never have opened my heart to accept his friendship..

They are all betrayers..


“But Sir..”Anderson paused

“This attitude is uncalled-for”Anderson added and I sighed as I hold the door knob tightly..

“She’s my friend Anderson”Fabian spoke up and I halted..

Spunned around staring at him in disbelief..

“What???”I heard them gasped..


I wasn’t the only one who is Shocked by his statement..

Fabian smiled as he walked closer to me, his blue eyes holding me captive

All my anger fading away with each steps he takes closer to me

“She’s my only friend in the whole wide world”Fabian added walking towards me.. Taking in my reaction

“Only I have the right to make her mad and smile at the same time.. Nisei”he added as he embraced me tightly..

“I’m sorry.. it was just a prank”he whispered in my ear and I stepped roughly on his foot and he whimpered in pain

“And only I have the right to inflict and heal his pain”I said as I chuckled softly.

“She’s right”Fabian confirmed as he chuckled with me..

“So Sir, is she hired for the job??”Mr Anderson asked

“It’s her choice to make.. I’m strictly prohibited to interfere in this decision”Fabian stated..

He adhere to my warning..

Very sweet of him..

“Will you work for us??”Mr Anderson asked me

“I don’t know.. I can’t!”I answered with uncertaintity

“Can’t you work here until you get a better job opportunity..?? We need your brainstorming ideas..”Fabian requested

“Do it for your friend”his PA Janette added and I relunctanly agreed..

“You’re welcome onboard”Miss Augusta spoke up..

“Thank you”I replied smiling..

“When do I resume??”I asked staring at Fabian

“Monday”He answered as he led me out of the room..

His PA trailing behind us..

“This is my office”He spoke up

“Sir, I’ll head home now..”Janette spoke up

“See you tommorow..”He dismissed Janette waving at her..

And she nodded her head, walking away smiling..

“I wanna grab my coat.. Then I’m taking you home today”

“Is that an excuse to know my house..??”I asked as I glanced around his office..

It’s twice bigger than my ex-boss office

“Yeah and that’s also an excuse to do this”He spun me around and smashed his lips on mine taking me by surprise.. His arms went around my waist, his fingers deftly unfastening the belt of my coat. Keeping his mouth against mine, he pulled open my lapels and pushed the coat off my shoulders and onto the floor.

Briefly letting my lips go.. I bite my bottom lip eager to feel his soft lips against mine, he slid his hand up my dress, staring into my eyes.. Probably waiting for me to stop him.. He wrapped his free hand around my neck.. His lips swollen from the kiss…

“Please stop me now”He pleaded, his eyes filled with stormy desire.. Reminding of the look he gave me that night at the bar…

“I can’t do that”I whispered and his lips came crashing on mine..

He kissed me until I was breathless, before gently pulling away..

Like the spell was suddenly broken..

We sat in silence avoiding each other gaze..

“I don’t do office romance”I broke the silence finding my voice..

“Neither do I”he replied

“But there’s a first time for everything”he added

“And this should be the first and last”I warned

“We’ll see to that”

“Fabian??”I glared at him

“Okay Nissi.. Your will is my command.. I just couldn’t resist it today. I’ll try harder next time. “He said

“There won’t be a next time as long as I’m working for you”I stated

“There won’t be a next time as long as you’re happy”he added

But I strongly hope a mistake will happen in the future..

Because I’m missing his soft lips .



I gat a call from Mr Brown telling me to report back to my office..

He just got the news from my secretary that I resigned and also broke off my engagement with his son..

And here I am in a cab few blocks away from my ex- company..

The cab came to a halt.. And I let out a deep breath..

I stepped down from the cab as I walked majestically inside the building with my head held up high.

Humming and smiling to my ex co-workers as I head towards the conference Hall..

“Good morning Miss Akiko”my ex secretary greeted and I halted

“Sandra!! It’s Nissi”I corrected her

“Sorry ma’am.. Mr Brown and the CEO are awaiting your arrival for the past one hour”

“I’m worth the wait”I replied as Panel walked past me staring at the floor…

“She was also assembled by the big boss”Sandra explained refering to Mr Brown as the big boss and I nod my head

“The whole family members must be here..”I murmured to myself..

Sandra and I walked side by side as she opened the door for me and I walked in alone..

Time to officially burry my past..

“Welcome”Mr Brown spoke up gesturing for me to sit down beside him but I ignored him and sat at the rear end opposite his direction, where I can get a clearer picture of their faces..

Mr Brown, Jayden, his sister Pauline and also Panel were all sitted.

“Morning Mr Brown”I greeted

“Mr Brown??”he questioned raising his voice

“Father”I corrected myself

“That’s more like it”he replied..

“Nice to see you all again”I said looking at each of them.

“You’re looking gorgeous”Pauline spoke up..

“Thank you”I replied

“I need an explanation.. I want to hear from you Nisei”Mr Brown spoke up

“I found out that your son has been s------g this lady here panel and I called off the engagement and i resigned from work..”

“I’m aware of that.. You once told me that you don’t mix your personal life with your professional life.. What changed??”Mr Brown asked

“Of course I don’t.. But I can’t work with a boss who betrayed my trust and come to work and pretend nothing happened. And most importantly, I gat a better job offer in my hometown.. And I’m a business woman.. Profit is my major aim”

“Even at that, I employed you. You don’t report to my son”

“You resigned”I pointed out

“I’m still the d--n owner of this company Nisei.. You owe me an apology”

“I’m sorry father.. But we can’t cry over spilled milk.. The did has been done.. it can never be undone”

“But it can be rectified.. I want you to report back to work..”Mr Brown stated firmly

“Father is right Nisei.. You helped establish the growth of this company.. You deserve to be here and not in Las Vegas working for someone who doesn’t know your worth”Pauline chipped in..

“Jayden doesn’t know my worth.. I’m happy where I am”

“I forgot you’re a stubborn lady… Whatever we say now will just fall on deaf ears”Mr Brown stated

“And I’ve made up my mind”I added

“And I know better than anyone.. Once your mind is made up no one can change it”

“Yes sir”

“Let’s move on to the next reason for this meeting.. But keep in mind that I don’t agree with your decision NISEI… Jayden on your feet”Mr Brown instructed

“Father”Jayden spoke up

“You have no right to speak until you’re requested to”Pauline warned him.

“Don’t be-little me”Jayden warned

“You be-littled yourself”I answered defending her..

“Explain yourself”Mr Brown commanded

“I made a mistake and I apologized.. She won’t listen to me”Jayden spoke up

“A mistake???”I asked

“A continuous act is not a mistake”I added

“Agreed”Mr Brown and Pauline said chorusly..

“Young lady.. Do you have anything to say??”

“Yes sir”Panel answered

“I’m not ashamed of anything. I love your son and he loves me too”Panel shamelessly stated

“You must be mad”Mr Brown cursed at her

“I’m madly in love with your son”panel interjected

“That does not give you the right to back stab your friend”Pauline shouted…

“You don’t talk back at me like that”panel glared at Pauline

“And you don’t talk rudely to her. Have some manners in father’s presence”I shunned her.

“Thank you dearest”Mr Brown said to me..

“Father, the did have been done and you know me better than anyone here, I don’t go back to my vomit”i said standing to my feet

“I can’t change your mind I’m aware of that.. But I wish you visit me once in a while especially when you finally find your next Mr Right”Mr Brown requested and nod my head in agreement..

He walks up to me and hugged me tightly..

“I’ll miss your presence alot Nisei”he whispered before walking out of the door with tears in his eyes..

Pauline also embraced me before running after her father..

“I’m sorry you found out this way.. I never meant to hurt you”Jayden spoke up. Walking closer to me with Panel by his side

“I don’t regret anything.. I love him.. I gave him everything he deserved while you buried yourself with work.. You’re a smart woman with no brains”I shut her up with a thunderous slap across her face..

“You’re a disgrace to your motherhood.. I sheltered you. Cloth you and fed you.. You paid my kindness back by sleeping with my fiance… Nemesis will catch up with you when you least expect it”I yelled at her..

“I don’t owe you anything”she shouted back in tears

“You have nothing to offer me.. A penniless fool will never have anything to offer.. That’s what you are Panel”I shouted back


“That’s enough panel.. Please excuse us”Jayden shouted at her

“JB”she questioned

“Just do as I say”Jayden glared at her and she rushed out in shame

“I’m sorry for everything.. You weren’t made to find out like that”Jayden spoke up

“You sound like I wasn’t meant to find out at all”I said and he was rendered speechless

“Did you ever wished to tell me???”I asked

And he remained silent

“You made me look like a fool.. The signs were obvious but I kept a blind eye to the truth… It wasn’t a day mistake.. You weren’t drunk.. You were in your right sense coolval stories when you f----d her.. If you were tired of our relationship you should have been man enough to face me and call it off”

“I’m sorry.. I love you”

“Love me.. How insane of you to say something like that.. JB you must be insane”

“I’ve always loved you Nisei.. Sleeping with her was a mistake”he said and I rolled my eyes..i don’t believe his story..

JB can go to any length to get what he wants.. Even if it entails kneeling down in public..

He doesn’t fight fair and so will I..

I won’t faith fair..

“Give me your phone”I requested

“Why???”he questioned

“Call Panel here.. I want her to witness and personally hear what you just said”I requested and he looked at me in awe

Seeing my determination, he relunctanly called her to come into the conference Hall..

We sat down next to each other.. Few seconds later, she walked inside her face obviously swollen from crying..

“JB, Why don’t you repeat what you earlier said”I said with a sly devious smile

He sits uncomfortable as he stare at Panel before he spoke up saying

“I’ve always loved you Nisei.. Sleeping with her was a mistake”he muttered out loud and panel gasped..

“Panel, this is your worth.. The beginning of the repercussions you will face for your betrayer..

He has been sleeping with you, calling you sweet pet names and making countless promises to you but sitting before you, he is using that same mouth to call you a mistake”I elaborated laughing gently yet my heart hurts alot.

“It was a mistake.. One night I came home to you drunk and I ended up in her bed.. I don’t know what transpired between us but later on she claimed she was pregnant for me. She also claimed her sexual hormones were high due to the pregnancy and that’s when I started sleeping with her but she lost the baby and I couldn’t quit..

It was like I was addicted to her.. Sex was great but nothing compared to you”he explained and I slapped him..

I feel like my wounds have been reopened..

“Don’t you dare compare her to me.”I warned him before diverting my attention to panel

“This is where your loyalty lies.. You tied him down with pregnancy.. But I’m one hundred percent sure you were never pregnant.. I’m I wrong??”I asked but she remained quiet

“Am I wrong???”I asked again

“Yes”she replied sharply..

And I slapped her thunderously again my five fingers leaving an imprint on her face..

“Am I wrong???”I asked again

“No!!!”she sobs

“What the hell!!!???”Jayden muttered

“Don’t act like a saint either.. You could have confined in me when she told you, she was pregnant.. You could have quit your relationship with her but you’ve gat extra sex patner and you couldn’t let go.. You’re an intelligent illiterate..

You’re a disgrace and you’re certainly not worthy to be called Brown..”

“NISEI.. please.. I’m sorry”Jayden sighed looking sincerely sorry..

I cried for this coward..

He doesn’t deserve my sympathy..

He should learn the lesson for his mistakes..

“Jayden, with all honesty.. I was hurt deeply hurt by both of you..

I did not deserve that kind of ill treatment I got from both of you.

Your betrayal is unpardonable..

I don’t feel anything left but hatred and anger towards you…

I despise your faces..

My skin is already itchy me by being close to the both of you..

I don’t wanna ever see you both..”I picked up my bag and walked out ignoring Jayden as he chase after me yelling my name…

I was almost at the exit when he pulled be back forcefully..

He held me tightly begging me earnestly not to leave him alone..

The scene drew all the workers attention on us and it infuriated me

I step on him and he whined in pain..

“Don’t make me mad Jayden.. I don’t love you and you’re the biggest mistake of my entire life”

“NISEI.. I’m sorry.. Give me one last chance.. I love you”he pleaded not minding the crowd surrounding us..

He d--n doesn’t fight fair..

But I won’t back down today..

“Too bad I don’t love you.. I told you once before that I don’t go back to my vomit and you JB.. Jayden Brown is my vomit.. I have great class and standard”I spat angrily at him.

And he grab my hand forcefully..

“I don’t take No for an answer NISEI”he glared at me..

I struggled with him freeing myself from his grib..

Then I slapped him..

My action made everyone to gasps and murmur within themselves

“Get used to being disappointed”I said and grabbed the door knob

“I’ll find you.. And I’ll make you mine”he threatened

“Quietly shut up.. And save yourself from further embarrassment..”

“I’ll pay back every humiliation you put me through”he cursed

“Pay back is a b---h”I huffed and walked out.

Holding back the tears that threatens to fall from eyes.

I once loved him…

I think I still do!!

And it hurt!!!

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