Heart Breaking - S01 E23

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Cristine’s Pov:

He walked out of my office slamming the door.

Smiles escaped my lips as I picked up the card.

I kssed the card and giggled.

So she wasn’t his girlfriend or wife all along?

He’s such a darling! 💕

He insisted on dropping his card!

Of course I wanted the card but I just had to decline in his presence.

I quickly put his card into my handbag.

I stared at the ceiling absentmindedly smiling at nothing in particular.

I was so absentminded that I didn’t notice when Dani walked in with some documents.

“Hey! Crisy… Crisy!!” She called but I wasn’t even listening.

I was just smiling.

She scoffed and looked around in confusion.

“CRISTINE!!” She screamed aloud as I flinched.

“Ye… Yes!” I answered sharply

“Duh! Are you here at all?” She asked

“Uhm… You startled me Daniella” I said defensively

“Oh please… I’ve been calling you” She said as I sighed softly.

“What do you want best?” I said trying to change the topic.

“Spare me that Miss Cristine Cruz… Why were you smiling crazily?” Dani asked in akimbo

“Smiling? Was I?” I pretended

“Tch…you know lying doesn’t fit you” She tuts

“Well it was nothing… I just remembered something” I lied

“Oh no! There is more to that smile I saw a while ago” She insisted

“Hell no!” I snapped

“Oh hell yeah girlfriend…. I hope you ain’t hiding any gist from me” She pouted her mouth as we laughed

“No Dani… Gosh! You’re such a talkative… Let me have the documents already and shoo OK” I said as we shared a laugh.

“You have a meeting with Mr Wong tonight right?” She asked

I exhaled deeply as I nodded in agreement.

“Yeah!” I said

“Do you want me to come along? You know it’s gonna be a late night stuff” She said

“Don’t worry best! I’ll be fine by myself” I said as she shake her head.

“As you like” She said winking at me before leaving.

I burst into laughter.

“Silly” I yelled at her before going back to my desktop.

🌙 🌙

I drove into the very quiet estate.

Thoughts kept running through my mind.

Why will Mr Wong choose such a quiet place for the meeting by this time of the night?

Yikes! If not for the fact that him partnering with my company will fetch us billions, I wouldn’t even agree to come to such a place.

I just need to get him sign the papers.

I drove into the quiet condominium.

I pull over and parked at the garage.

I picked up my handbag and got down from the car.

I stared around and shook my head.

As directed, I walked to the condominium and knocked.

The door throw open.

He smiled broadly showing off his brownish teeth.

I forced a smile at him.

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