Heart Breaking - S01 E24

1 month ago

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Yikes! If not for the fact that him partnering with my company will fetch us billions, I wouldn’t even agree to come to such a place.

I just need to get him sign the papers.

I drove into the quiet condominium.

I pull over and parked at the garage.

I picked up my handbag and got down from the car.

I stared around and shook my head.

As directed, I walked to the condominium and knocked.

The door throw open.

He smiled broadly showing off his brownish teeth.

I forced a smile at him.

“Good evening Mr Wong!” I said as he smiled creepily.

“Same Miss Cruz! Please sit!” He said as I sat on the chair.

“So Mr Wong let’s get to work immediately cos the time is late already” I said

“Won’t you like a glass of brandy?” He said

“No! Thank you” I said already irritated by the stench of alcohol filled in the room.

“OK… Business it is then” He said as I smiled.

“That’s good! Errr… About the contract it will be best if the two companies partner so that we can join forces to…. I said as he stood up.

He walked closer to me and I seized my breath a little.

He slapped my bu.tts and my eyes widened in shock.

“Mr Wong?” I screamed at him.

He grinned.

“Let’s just get a one night stand then consider the contract signed” He said as I gulped hard.

“What are you talking about?” I flinched.

He seized me by my hand and tried touching my b©©bs.

I quickly pushed him away and slapped his face.

I rushed to the door with my handbag but he regained balance and pushed to the ground.

He climbed on me tearing my dress as I struggled and pleaded in tears for him to let me go.

I wailed bitterly but he covered my mouth with his palms.

I was already half nked when my hand caught with a bottle.

I quickly landed the bottle on his head.

He screamed in pain and let go of me.

I struggled up.

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