Heart Breaking

1 month ago



💕Will hardened heart falls in love again?💕


Have you ever been a situation where you trust someone so much….?

A situation where you believe everything the person says?

And later found out that you’ve been betrayed by the one you love the most….?

Meet Christine Cruz Dantes…

The only daughter and heiress of the Cruz’s family.

A business tycoon and a very rich one at that

After the heartbreak she went through in the hands of her husband Mr James Dantes.

She hardened her heart towards love?

But will that last? 🤔

What if she finds love again?

Will James let her be happy?

How did her husband break her heart?

Find out in this breathtaking story… 💋

You won’t regret it!


By: Pinky Preshy Chioma✍️

💕Will hardened heart falls in love again?💕

Heart Breaking - S01

Heart Breaking - S01

1 month ago