Heart Breaking - S01 E22

1 month ago

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Andrew’s Pov:

I arched my eyebrows in confusion.

“Girlfriend?” I asked surprised

“You heard me Andy! Go back to your girlfriend or should I say your wife?” She said as she blinked hard but tears roll freely down her cheeks.

I shook my head in confusion.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about Cristine” I said as she wiped off her tears.

“Stay away from me Andrew! I saw you at the mall with her so there is no need denying it” She said defensively.

That was when I understood her.

I burst into laughter and coughed slightly.

She looked at me embarrassed.

“Get out of my office or I’ll get the security to throw you out” She said furiously

“Am sorry! But you got it all wrong” I snapped

“I don’t need your explanation Mr Andrew… Please use the door” She said sternly

“Listen Cristine…. Zoe is only my cousin sister and I was treating her since it was her birthday yesterday” I said as she gulped

“Really?” She replied more calm this time

“Yes! Am not lying to you” I said sharply as she turned her face away again.

“I didn’t ask you for any explanation Mr Andrew…. Please get out!” She said coldly again.


This lady is so unpredictable….

Just when I thought we were cool.

“Here… My card! In case you need me” I said handing my card with a charming smile.

She only sneered.

“Thank you! Get lost with that” She said with her eyes fixed on the desktop in front of her.

I only smiled slightly.

I kept the card on her table.

“It’s still here just in case you change your mind and keep it instead trashing it” I said as she glared hard at me before looking away

I quickly walked out of her office.

She’s the weirdest but most interesting person I’ve ever met.

I hopped into my car and speeded it out of the premises.

My face beamed with smiles.

Does this mean that she likes me too?

I mean she got jealous when she saw Zoe?

I can’t wait to make her fall for my charm 😜

Am so in for her though.

I speeded along 🚗

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