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“Sister why are you crying? Talk to me, did mother do anything to you nor say something bad to you?

Rita asked as she placed her hand on my shoulder.

I have been crying since I returned from James”s house, it is so painful to rejected the love I have been waiting for, I know it will be very diffcult for me to move on.

“Sister, what is it nah! Please talk to me”

Rita sounded with so much worried.

“James propose to me”

I sounded still crying.

“Oh my God! This such a good news I have been waiting to hear from a long time, I hope you accept him? But wait oooo, is that the reason why you are crying?

She asked.

“I turned him down, I rejected his love”

I said.

“But sister why? I know you love him and you have been waiting for him to confess his feelings to you then why did you rejected his proposal?

She sounded.

“Rita you know all I have ever wanted for this family is for mother to love me even due I know that am not her real daughter even if it means for me to sacrifice my love to gain mother’s love”

I said with a sadly heart.

“Sister wait oooo! How could you accept mother’s condition? How can you sacrifice your love for the sake of people that hate you with passion? People that have been ill maltreating, that never consider if you are a human being or not, Haba sister! Why?

Rita sounded.

“Rita you won’t understand, I know I love James with all my heart but we are not destined to be together”

I sounded.

“Sister don’t say that! How could you reject a genuinely love, love that will change you forever, love that will give you a better life and future, please sister, You love sir James that’s the main reason you have to go back to him and explain things to him”

She said.

“Rita I can’t go back to him and I have made up my mind not to marry him”

I sounded.

“C’mon sister! Stop pleasing others and consider your own feelings foronce you are a human being as those people are too, please sister I don’t want you to keep on suffering so please go back to sir James”

She sounded.

“wait oooo! Is that not sir James’s voice am hearing calling out your name?

“What’s is he doing here?

“He came to see you, sister this is the right opportunity for you to go and talk to him”

Rita said.

“Am not going”


“Joyce! Joyce! Come out and talk to me”

I shouted.

Lucy and her mother came outside.

“Where is Joyce?

I asked.

“That girl! That thief! Why did you want to marry a thief my son?

The mother asked.

“Thife! No Joyce is not a Thife!

I sounded being confused.

“Have you not heard about the rumors that she is a Thife?

Lucy said.

“Joyce is not a Thife and stop calling her a Thife, where is Joyce Iwant to talk to her”

I said because I know she is not a thief.

“Son! Where did you want to marry a thife, why are you chasing her, she has told you that she can’t marry you because she know who she is, look at my beautiful daughter Lucy, she is what every man want as wife, she is an idea woman, a wife material, why can’t you consider her feelings and accept her in your life and forget about Joyce?

The mother said.

“See James I love you too much, I can’t live without you in my life please consider my feelings and accept me in your life, I promise you, you won’t regret it”

The stupid Lucy sounded.

“I can’t marry you! Is love by force, Joyce is the one I will marry, your daughter is not worthy to be my wife”

I shouted and walked out angrily.

These people must have do something to Joyce for not accepting my proposal, no matter what they do Joyce is the one after my heart.


“What are you doing in my house? Have I not warned you several times to stop stepping those your prostitute legs into this house”

James shouted at me as I want to his house to see him.

“Please James I love you too much, can’t you see my whole body is dying to be with me, am willing to do anything for to make you happy, please accept me as your woman and I promise you, you won’t regret it in your life”

I cried kneeling down and begging him for his love.

“I don’t love you Lucy and I will never marry you even if you are the only girl on this earth, put that inside your skull head”

He shouted with so much anger written allover his face.

“Please James what did you want me to do prove to you that am so much in love with you?

I said holding his legs and he pushed me out.

“I don’t love you Lucy! Is Joyce that I love and she will be the only woman I will marry, oh! You think I don’t know how you and mother had been maltreating that innocent girl simple because she is not your blood and you don’t think I don’t know how your mother warned her to stay away and throw my love for her to the mud, poor Joyce accepted to sacrifice her love for you but you know what it won’t work between us, no matter all you will do to her she is the only woman I will marry”

He shouted furiously.

“No James! I did not say all that to her, she rejected you because she don’t love you, am the one that love you, please consider my feelings”

I cried out.

“Lucy leave my house! I have heard enough of this your nonsense”

He shouted.

He pushed me out from the door to the gate, I was pleading and begging him to love me but all to no avail.

“Open that gate!

He shouted to the gateman who hurry up immediately and opened the gate.

“I don’t want to see her in my house again, if I do I will not hesitate to sack you”

He shouted and pushed me out from the gate.

No! I can’t loose James just like that, I love him so much, I will not sit down and fold my hands and allow her to marry that stupid girl, over my dead body will that happen.

James is the only man I love and I must fight for him even if it means for me to do the unimaginable things.

“Mother! Mother!

I shouted and rushed into her room crying.

“What Is it? It didn’t go well with you and James?

She asked as I sat at the bed.

“Mother it turned worst, he threw me out of his house saying that he will not marry me even if am the last woman an earth, he said all that to me because he still want to marry that wicked girl Joyce, mother you have to do something because I can’t loose James for that girl oooo!

I cried out.

“Calm down my daughter, you won’t loose him”

Mother sounded wiping out my tears.

“Mother we have to do something ooooo! If I can’t marry James I will be a dead person”

I cried out.

“God forbid! You will not die, what did you suggest we should do?

“Mother will have to take that girl out from the picture”

I wishpered to her.

“You mean to kill her?

She asked surprisedly.

“Yes mother, if killing her will make James to love me then let do it beside she is not part of this family and her destiny is to be a dead person if only father did not picked her from the river”

I sounded.

“You are correct Lucy, You have to marry James and not that thing”

She said.

I whispered to mother how we will arrange the boys that will carry the work for us so quick and it must be tomorrow.


I was coming back from the stream and I met this three boys coming at my back , they were looking so strange, I became so scared, I turned my back there’s no other people coming expect the three boys so quickly my steps.

I threw my bucket and started running and they ran after me, i ran and ran breathing so fast, they are very fast in running too.

As I was running I hit my leg on a stone and fell down, they came to me and one of them grab me.

I wanted to shouted but one of the guy raised up his shirt and showed me his gun.

I was so scared, my heart was beating so fast, he carried me on his shoulder, I was hitting him and kicking him.

I don’t know who they are and why they kidnap me either the person that sent them.

He carried me to an incompleted building, threw me down and tied my hands together with my legs.

I was crying and pleading for them to let me go that I have nothing to give them nor did I have somebody that will give them a ransom but all my pleading went on a deaf ears.

Two guys went out leaving me and the other one, I pleaded him saying all the words I know that can touch his heart and sent me free but his heart is like a rock.

I aslo try to find out the reason they kidnap me but he was not saying anything to me.


It is getting late and sister is not back from the stream, where could she has gone to? Could it be that she went to sir James’s house? No! I know sister won’t go back there but where could she be?

I decided to look for her at the stream but I didn’t see any sign of her, I even asked people if there have seen her but they told me that they saw her at the stream today.

I went back to the house and asked mother if she send sister to an errand but she said no and the look I saw on mother and Lucy’s seem to me that there’s something going and they knows sister’s whereabout.

I don’t know what to do anymore I thought of going to Sir James’s house and ask for help.

“Rita what are you doing by this time of night?

He asked as soon as she opened the door.

“Sir, have you seen my sister? Is she here?

I asked looking so worried.

“No, I have not seen her, what happen?

I asked so worried.

“Sister went to the stream by 5pm and this is 7pm she is not back”

I said even crying out.

“Where could she has gone to? Have you ask mother if she sent her an errand?

“I have done that and they were looking so strange like they knows where she is”

I cried out.

“Looking so strange! Are you they know something?

“I don’t oooo! I have gone to the stream but there’s no sign of her”

I cried out.

“Did you check her friend’s house?

“My sister don’t have any friends at all”

I cried out.

“We have to go and look for her”

He said.

“Where are we going to look for her?

“To the stream, we must find something that will lead to her whereabout”

He said.

We went back to the stream, dark has covered the surface, we searched thoroughly with torch light without being scared, calling out her name.

We got to a point we saw her bucket.

“This is the bucket she uses to fetch water, what has happen to my sister?

I cried out.

“Stop crying, nothing will happen to her, we will find her I assure that to you”

He said with so much confidence.

“Are you sure we will find her?

“Am hundred percent sure, my love for her will not let anything bad to happen to her”

He sounded with so much confidence.

We searched and searched and got to the point we saw uncompleted building, we walked slowly and saw two guys sitting on window.

“Sister must be in their custody”

I whispered to him.

“Why did they kidnap her, who could behind this?

He whispered to me.

“Sir, we have to do something to help her”

I whispered.

“I have to call the police”

“Call the police! Won’t it take time before they will come here, you know how Nigeria police used to do”

I whispered.

“Don’t worry, trust me they will come and nothing will happen to Joyce before they will arrive”

He whispered.

I walked so slow like a tortoise to peep and see the condition sister is, I know they want to kill her because we are not rich for them to kidnap her and ask for ransom.

Sister’s hands and legs were tied together, she was crying and pleading for them to let her go.

Sir James called the commissioner of police who order the age-wife/”>village police to carried out their work immediately, the police asked sir where are through text message and we texted back to them.


I was still crying and pleading for them to have mercy on me and release me but all to no avail.

One of them came down from the window and started looking at me one can.

“Guys is girl look so hot and s£xy, don’t you think we should have a taste of her before we send her to her creator”

He sounded and smoked out.

“Oh boy! Nah true wan you dey talk”

The other one said.

“Please don’t touch me, i beg you with the name of anything you serve please don’t do this to me”

I cried and pleaded as one of them was loosing his belt.

“E be like say I will be the first to taste her ooo!

He said.

Oh God! Please send a helper to come and rescue me, I don’t want to die, please God don’t allow them to do this”

I prayed.

I was shouting and screaming for help as he was about to remove my pant, I don’t know what to do both my hands and legs were tied together.

“God Is this how you will allow them to reap me”

I cried out.

All of a suddenly, i heard,

“This is police and everywhere is surrendered, surrender yourself”

On hearing of that my heart calm down and I breathed.

Polices shouted and came inside, they surrendered and one tried to escape they shot him at the leg.


Rita rushed inside crying and untied me.

I looked and I saw him standing there with smiles.


That’s the only word that can out from my mouth at that moment.


After she altered James’s name she fell down.

“Sister! What happen to her”

I cried out.

“Nothing happen, she just fainted, don’t worry she will be fine”

He said and carried her.

The police took the kidnappers with handcuff on their hands.

By the time we could have come out from the bush it is already morning.

Sir James took sister to his house while the police followed to the house because the kidnappers has confessed the people that send them.

And I find it so diffcult to believe that my own mother and sister will have hands in this, I hate them for wanting to kill sister.

We came to the house, Lucy came out from the house and was shocked to see the polices and those guys, she wanted to run inside.

“Young lady you are under arrest for the attain to murder of Joyce”

The police shouted and handcuff her.

“Where is your mother?

He shouted.

And mother came outside and got the shock of her life.

“Madam you are under arrest for the attain murder of Joyce”

The police shouted and handcuff her too.

They did not say anything because they know that there’s nowhere to deny it and there’s evidence and also they cups has filled.

The police took them, I felt no pity for them because they deserve it.


I brought Joyce home and lay her at the couch, mother was sitting beside her, mother came yesterday.

“Mother had it been the police did not came on tim, I could have been mourning for my love”

I said.

“Such a poor girl, how could a mother have the heart to kill her own daughter on in the name of selfishness”

Mother sounded.

“Mother Joyce is not her real daughter that’s why she has the heart to kill her”

I said.

“Even at that, she must have been a very wicked woman”

Mother exclaimed.

Few minutes later, she waked up, trying to stand up.

“My dear, don’t stand”

Mother said.

She looked at me looking so pal and I smiled at her.

“Wait ooooo! How did you get this mark?

Mother asked as she looked at the mark that is on her neck.

“The mark has been there right from when I was a baby”

She said with a weak voice.

“Could this be real?

Mother sounded so shocked.

“What is it mother?

I asked.

“She is my daughter”

She said.

“No this can’t be! You mean?

We both shouted with so much shocked.

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