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“Rita are you sure, we are in the right house?

I whispered to her.

“Yes, is the house she showed me”

She whispered back.

I guess he is the owner of the house and am coming to work for him, oh no!

“What a surprise Joyce!

He said with smiles and he finally come down from the stairs.

“It be like say you know her Oga”

The gateman asked.

“Oh yes! Am her customer”

He answered with smiles.

“That means she don finally employed nah”

The gateman said and made his way out.

“Please you guys should have a sit”

He said.

“I don’t know you accept my offer”

He said.

“It just a coincidence because I never knew you will be the one I will be working for”

I said looking at somewhere else.

He laughed and said, “And I love that coincidence that happened now, so are you accepting the offer?

“I got no choice beside I have already quit my job so when am I starting work?

I said.

“I will like you to start today if it is okay by you”

He said.

“I will start tomorrow because I still need to inform my mother about the job”

I said.

“Okay no problem, your time schedule for the work will be twelve hours that is you will be coming around six in the morning and be going six in the evening”

He said.

“It is okay by me but how much will be my salary?

I asked.

“Your salary will be base on weekly because I will not stay too long in this age-wife/”>village so you weekly salary will be fifteen thousand naria”

He said.

I was so surprised that I will be playing fifteen thousand for a week.

“Sister fiftteen thousand Naria for a week”

Rita wishpered to me with her eyes wide opened.

“Thank you sir, I will start work tomorrow”

I said as we stood up to leave.

“Imagine I did not offer my guest something”

He sounded.

“Don’t worry si, we will be on our way”

I replied.

“Okay, see you tomorrow morning”

He said and we made our way out.

“Sister fifteen thousand naria a week!

Rita shouted as soon as we came out from the gate.

“I was so surprise when he said that, I only got payed at Oga Ik’s shop six thousand a month”

I said still find it diffcult to believe that I will be paying with such amount.

“Sister did you knowhow much you will make if you calculate the money times a month, this is comfrim salary for life”

Rita shouted with so much happiness.

“Salary for life indeed, he onces offer me the job but I rejected it little did I know that I will soon accept the offer later”

I sounded.

We got home feeling so excited.

I informed mother about the new Job and the awesome salary I will be paying for a week, she accepted it sharp sharp without waisting any seconds because of the amount I will be paying beside mother and money collaborate together.

Iprepared dinner, eat happily and slept peacefully without any troubles or nagging from mother.


I just acted so foolish, I did not even collect his number now that am missing him without am I going to me.

I said pointing at myself at the mirror.

How could you be this foolish to forget to collect his number”

I said still poniting myself at the mirror.

When am I going to see you again, my handsome James?

I thought as I walked around my room looking so worried.

I miss your smiles, everything about you so badly now I don’t know where you live, how will I find you?

I thought.

I was so worried and lost in thought that I don’t even know when mother came inside and Scared me by tapping me on the shoulder.

“Mother! You scared me.

I said in a low tune.

“What is bothering you Lucy? I have been calling you for all ages and watches you murmuring to yourself, what is it?

She asked as she held my hand.

“Mother you won’t understand”

I said.

“Talk to me, am your mother I will understand yo, come and sit and tel me what’s bothers you”

She said and I sat down on the bed.

“Mother am in love with this man, I can’t get him out from my head, he is always on my mind and the worst part I don’t have his number nor know where he stays”

I sounded.

“Is that why your face is like this? Abeg cheer up”

Mother said, it seem she don’t understand what am going through now.

“Mother this is not a matter of cherring up, I misses him and I want to see him”

I said.

“Who is the man?

Mother asked as if she will know the manif I tell her his name.

“Mother he is not a age-wife/”>village person”

I sounded.

“I said who Is the man”

She asked being so serious to know.

“His name is James but I don’t know his father’s name and he came back recently”

I said expecting to hear I know him from her.

“Wait oooo! Can you describe his look?

SHe asked.

“He is tall in average, chocolate in complexion, gap teeth with pointed nose that suit his handsome face and he is very rich too”

I described him.

She paused awhile probably thinking if she meant recall somebody like that.

“He meant be James the only son to late Chife Kanu a propular rich man in this age-wife/”>village and the mother is our president of the woman wings, he just came back recently”

She said.

“Yes mother! He must be him”

I shouted and jump with so much joy.

“Mother let start going”

I shouted and rushed to the wardrobe.

“Lucy come back here, your blood is too hot”

Mother shouted.

“Mother you don’t know how much I misses him”

I said as I went back to her.

“We can’t just go like that, for the first time in this house you have to prepare something for him and you will look so s£xy so that he can fall for you”

Mother explained.

“Thank you mother, you are the best mom in the whole world”

I said and hugged him.

“What are we going to prepare for him?

She asked.

“Ehhhhhheeeehh! I think we can go with a delicious rice and stew”

I said.

“No nah! That’s too common, let prepare Oha soup with pounded yam, you know men like home made food especially soup”

Mother said.

I nooded my head, “Mother that’s a good one, let start going to the kitchen right a way”

I said with joy.

We rushed to the kitchen and start preparing the food.


Today Is my first day at work by six am sharp am ready at his house, I don’t to be at my first day.

“So early?Oga never wake up ooo”

The gateman asked.

“My work start by six so I need to be early”

I said and walked inside the sitting room.

I starred at the big sitting room, I smiled at the moment I saw a statue at the center table.

I walked closer to the center table.

“He must be his father, they look so much alike”

I said as I touches the statue.

I looked around wondering where I will start today’s cleaning up.

I decided to check the kitchen and know how far.

The kitchen is so big too, the kitchen equipment are well organized.

I went back to the sitting room, swept it, dust and mop it.

Went back to the kitchen and cleaned it up too, before 7:30 am done with everything waiting for him to come.

I sat at the dinning table humming my song as I keep waiting for him.

Few mintues later, he came down.

“Good morning sir!

I greeted him, still wearing his pajama.

“Morning Joyce, how was your night?

He asked and sat at the sitting room.

“It was good sir”

I answered and followed him.

“You came early”

He said.

Have he forgotten he Is the one that gave me time schedule.

“Sir you gave me a time schedule to be coming around six am”

I said.

“Oh! That’s true”

He said.

“Sir what will you like to have for breakfast?

I asked.

“C’mon Joyce! Enough of this sir of a thing am not old to be addressing as sir just call me by my name James”

He sounded.

“Okay sir, what will like to have for breakfast?

I repeated it.

“Sir again!

He sounded.

I scratches my head and apologized.

“I will like to have toasted bread with fried egg and coffee”

He said.

I went back to the kitchen, prepared his breakfast and dished it out at the dinning table and called him to have his breakfast.

“Where are you going Joyce, won’t you have breakfast with me?

He asked.

“Thank you sir, I have eaten”

I replied.

“I still insist for you to join me, I don’t want to eat only”

He said with smiles.

I got no choice but to accept his request, he dished out from his food and gave me.

“Thank you sir”

I replied feeling uncomfortable.

“Ouch! This taste awful”

I shouted as I tasted the coffee.

He started laughing at me and the laugh makes me to look so embrassed.

“Don’t you like it?

He asked still laughing.

“I don’t like it taste so bad”

I replied still feeling the taste of the coffee.

I don’t know that coffee tastes so bad, I thought it tastes good filled with milky since is rich people that used to drink it, I don’t know is this bad.

“If you see how your face is you will laugh until your ribs start to pain you”

He laughed out loudly again making me to be more ashamed.

I covered my face with my hands and stood up to leave.

“Don’t walk out Joyce! I didn’t mean to laughed at you that way, it just that the way you kept your face was so funny”

He said holding my hand.

I kept mute, still shy.

“Am sorry Joyce! There’s Milo at the cupboard there you may go and take it”

He sounded.

“Thanks sir, I don’t want to drink again”

I said still feeling ashamed.

“Why Joyce, is it because of the way I laughed at you but I said am sorry”

He apologized holding his ears.

“No sir, is not it”

I said and dont know the excuse to give him.

“If it is not it then why are you now refusing to have the tea again with me?

He asked.

“Its really nothing Sir”

I said not to upset him.

“Since you said is nothing can you now go and get the Milo let drink together my coffee is getting cold”

He said.

I went and brought the Milo we started drinking, I felt so uncomfortable glancing at my tea to aviod eye contact with him waiting for who will start up a conversation you know it won’t be me, it will definitely be him.

“So Joyce tell me more about your life”

He break up the silence after a few minutes.

“Sir, there’s nothing special about my life”

I sounded still not looking at him.

“Why is that? There suppose to be something interesting about you?

He said so surprised to heard that.

“Sir, you Won’t understand”

I said.

“Then make me to understand you Joyce”

He said being so interested to know.

“Sir, let just live it for another day”

I said.

“I will not force you to tell me the reason why you said so seem its personal to you”

He said.

“Thank you sir!

I sounded.

“C’mon Joyce I have told you several times to stop addressing as sir or are you wishing me to grow old so soon?

He sounded with smiles that’s when I looked at him since we started with the tea.

“No sir! It just that you are my boss and I can’t address you by your name”

I replied.

“It is okay by me so stop the sir of a thing and call me by my name”

He sounded with smiles.

I nodded my head in agreement of what he said.

Done with the tea, cleared the dinning table, washed the dishes. He went outside probably to take his bath.

Nothing to do anymore so I decided to go outside and see how big the compound is.

I walked around the compound glancing at everywhere, the garage is so big with cars parked in.

“Good morning Uncle!

I greeted the gateman as I came cross him.

“Morning Joyce!

He responded, he even knew my name.

“Uncle I wonder how you manage to live in this big compound only you without any fear?

I asked.

He laughed and said, “This house is like my own house so why should I be afraid of staying alone beside I have lived for almost four years now”

He replied chewing his chewing stick with his radio near to his ear.

“No wonder!

I sounded.

“This my Oga here, he Is a very good man and very rich too, he Is the only son to late Chife Kanu a very popular man”

He said as he spit out the chewing stick water and brush his teeth.

Why is he telling me all this?

I thought.

“Oh I see!

I said.

“Any woman he will marry will be on pot of soup”

He added again.

Some mintues later, I over heard my name.

“It seem my Oga is coming me let me go and answer him”

I said and ran inside.

“You called me Sir!

I said as I met him at the sitting room.

“Yes, I came down I did not see you so I called to know where you are”

He replied.

“I was outside walking around the big compound”

I answered.

“Okay, I hope you know how to prepare soup?

He asked.

See question ooo, me wan be chef of the house.

“Yes sir, very well”

I replied.

“I will like to eat afam soup it has been long since I had that soup, I hope this 20k will be enough to buy the food stuff?

He asked bring out money from this wallet.

“Sir, it is too much”

I replied.

“Don’t worry you can keep the remaining balance”

He said.

“You mean I should keep the remaining balance that will come out from the money?

I asked to be sure that I heard correctly.

“You heard me everywhere”

He replied as he stood up to switch on the television.

“Okay Sir, let me run along to the market before lunch time will be ready”

I said and went out.

20k to prepare afam soup and keep the remaining balance that will come out from it, this one scatter my brain oooo.

He is good but looking at him you will thought he will be harsh and arrogant.


“Mother how did I look?

I asked as I got dressed up to go and see my love.

“Turn your back, shake it for me”

Mother shouted, she knows whatsup well well.

I turned my back shaking it for Mama.

“Oh yeah! That’s how I like it, you look so s£xy and I like the way your bre@st pump out looking so attractive”

Mother said with smiles.

“Thank you mother”

I thanked her carried the basket of the food we prepared for him.

“I think we already to go?

She asked checking herself up and down.

“Yes mother we are, I don’t want to any more time again”

I sounded.

“cat walk my me nah”

Mother said and laughed out.

I laughed as I started cat walking for her.

“That’s it Lucy!

Mother laughed out.

That woman sabi stuff like that well well.

Mintues later, we got to the house, it is really a big mansion.

The gateman opened the gate as we came inside.

“Is your Oga in?

Mother asked.

“Yes, he is inside”

He replied.

“We want to see him”

Mother said and the gateman looked at us from head to toe.

“Follow me”

He said after his nonsense look on us.

He took us inside and went up to call his Oga.

“Mother see house, very big oooo”

I shouted slowly touching the beautiful glass table.

“They are very rich so you must try everything to win his heart and make him fall for you so that we will smell this riches”

Mother sounded.

“Mother don’t you know what am capable of doing again?

I sounded.

“I trust you my child”

She said.

“Anybody that block my way whether human or animal will put them to their place”

I said and sat down immediately I heard footsteps.

“He is coming”

The gateman said and went out.

Within a short while he came down looking so handsome and charming.

“Good afternoon James!.

I stood up and greeted with a smiles.

“Evening! I think you are Lucy?

He asked and thank God that he remembered me.

“Yes am Lucy, she is my mother”

I replied with a smiles.

“Good afternoon Ma!

He greeted mother and sat down.

“Afternoon son, my daughter told me that you are in town so we came to say welcome, you know your mother our president of the woman wings has been so good to us especially to the widows and we really appreciate her handworks”

Mother said with smiles.

“Oh! Thank you ma!

He said not even looking at us focusing at his phone.

“We brought this to say welcome home”

Mother said.

I stood up give him the basket doing my cat walking making my bre@st to shake a bit.

“Thank you, you can keep it at the table”

He said still on the phone.

“My daughter will come back later and get the basket”

Mother said.

He stood up and said, “No proble, you know I was doing something when you people came so I hope you won’t mind if I exit myself”

I said looking at us.

“There’s no problem, we will even start going”

Mother said and we walked out.

I felt so bad that he did not looked at me only focusing on his phone.

“Mother am not happy at all, he was on his phone through out he did not even looked at me”

I complained immediately we came out from the gate.

“Is that why your face is like this? Cheer up maybe he was doing important thing on his phone you know he is a business man they are always busy”

Mother said cheering me up.

“Okay mother, I will go back there to collect the basket then I will seduce him with this my awesome body”

I shouted.

“I trust you nah I know what you can do”

Mother said as she gave me high five.

“Mother you will be going I need to branch somewhere”

I said we immediately we got to the road that lead to the house.

“Where are you going?

She asked.

“I have some client that I need to settle”

I said.

“Lucy now you are after James you have to focus on him and keep this your clients aside but I will permit you today”

She said.

“Thank you mother, I will do that”

I said that giving her a hug.

“Don’t be late oooo!

She shouted as walked out.

“I will not mother”

I replied to her hearing and made my way to meet my client.

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