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My heart is broken into pieces and shattered like a pieces of mirror, it is so painful to believe that I don’t belong to the family I called mine, it is still like a film to me that mother is not my biological mother, all this while I have been thinking and wondering where I have offended mother that warrant this hatred and wickedness towards me, now I know the reason why mother hate me with passion even the ground I matched.

Why this world so cruel and painful? How could a mother abandoned her baby and live her to suffer?

What could leads a mother to did such a abominable act to a child who knows nothing?

It Is so painful, the pain I was feeling inside is beyond human imagination.

People were looking at me, asking me what the problem could be, I ignored them and cried out.

I have nowhere to go, nobody to turn to, I ran to the stream and cried out.

I wept bitterly, catarrh was rushing down from my nostrils like a river.


It is still shock me that Sister Joyce is not my sister, I find it diffcult to believe.

Now I know why mother hate her so much and despise everything she does, maltreating her like a nobody.

How can mother have the heart to abandon her own child?

It hurts me so much, where will sister go to, she has nobody expect us, where will I look for her.

I check the wall clock it is already 10pm and she is not yet back.

“Mother it is already late and sister is not back, please mother let us go and look for before something bad will happen to her”

I cried out.

“You are disturbing me with that your cry, if anything happen to her how is it my cup of tea, she did not belong to this family”

Mother shouted.

“Please mother, where will she pass the night you know she has nobody in this age-wife/”>village expect us, we are her family, please mother”

I cried out.

“Ohhhhhhh! Bia this girl! You are disturbing my peace ooooo! Enough of this cry nah, that stupidgirl is not your sister and instead of you to happy that she have leave your father’s house you are crying over her”

Lucy shouted.

I don’t know what to do, mother and Lucy are not helping matter at all and mother will not allow me to go out and look for her.

I pray and hope that she will come back home tonight.


Night is fast approaching, nowhere to go to, nobody to turn to, where will I spend the night?

I have to go to back to the house and apologize to mother to accept me back because they are the only family I have.

I went back to the house and I pray that she will not send me out.

I knocked and knocked.

“Mother I hope that stupid girl did not come back to this house?

I over heard Lucy said.

“Who is there?

Mother asked.

“Isme mother”

I answered with a very low voice, I have lost my voice because of the cry.

“Is sister!

Rita shouted and her voice seem to me that she has been crying.

“You better go back to where you are coming, you have no place here anymore”

Lucy shouted.

“Please mother, am sorry forgive me, you know have nowhere to go and nobody to turn to, you are the only family I got, please forgive me Mother”

I pleaded for her to accept me back.

“Rita go and open the door fir her”

Mother said and my heart felt a little joy.


Lucy shouted.

“I know what am doing”

Mother said.

Rita opned the door and

hugged me so tight with tears rushing down.

“Sister thank you for coming back”

She said with a tearful heart.

I went inside and knelt in front of mother asking for forgiveness.

“If you want me to accept you back in this house, you have to accept my conditions”

She said.

“Mother I accept any condition you will give me”

I said.

“You have to resign your work at James’s place then you will tell him how good Lucy is that she is very much better than you twist it in a way that he will fall in love with her making him to understand that you are not the right one for him rather Lucy is the right one for him because I know that he is interested with you”

Mother said.

“I will do as you said mother”

I said.

“Better for you”

She said and went inside her room.

“Make sure you will make him to love me, don’t go there and mess up because if you do you will not like what I will do to you”

Lucy shouted andwent inside the room.

“Sister am so happy that you came back to us especially to me, you are my sister and you will forever be my sister”

Rita said and hugged me.

“And you will forever be my little sister too”

I said.

“I know you will be hungry, let me go and get you food”

She said and went out.


I can’t hide my feelings anymore, I have to confess to Joyce how I feel about her,I know she also have feelings for me and love me like the way I do but she is only waiting for me to confess it to her.

Today will not pass by again, I will make her to understand how much I love her right from the first day I set my eyes on her and how special she is to me.

I can’t wait any longer before I will die of hiding my feelings from her.

I look at the diamond ring I brought for her and smile.

I also want to propose to her and I believe in my heart that she will accept my proposal.

I went downstairs, waiting for her to come to work, smiling as I glance at the ring.

“I know she will like it”

I thought with smiles.

I switch on the television and the program I put were showing a wedding ceremony.

I smiled and said, “I can’t wait to walk on the Aisle with my heart beat Joyce”

I will give her the surprise of her life today.

What is keeping her nah, she is suppose to be here by now”

I thought as I checked my wrist watch.

My blood is too hot to see her.

Within a few minutes, she entered.

“Good morning Sir!

She greeted with a low voice which seem to me that she lost her voice.

“What happen to your voice?

“Is nothing much Sir, I waked up this morning and find my voice like this”

She said.

“have you have taken something that will help you to clear the throat?

I asked.

“Yes sir, I drank hot water”

She said.

“I have been waiting for Joyce and I need to tell you something”

I said with smiles.

“Even me sir, I need to tell you something too”

She said without a single smile on her face.

“You can go first”

I said.

“No sir! You go first, since you have been waiting for me”

She said.

I cleared my throat and knelt down in front of her.

“Please sir, what are you doing?

She asked looking so surprised.

“Just listen to me Joyce”

I said.

“Joyce from the first day I met you have not been myself, I have been thinking about you all day and night, I try to close my eyes because I might see you.

I try to close my mouth because I might say your name.

I try to close my ears because I might hear of you,

but I can’t close my heart because I can’t forget you, me loving you has nothing to do with me. It is actually about you, who you are, what you are, how you look and what you do. You are my everything, and I couldn’t ask for more. I love you simply because it’s YOU”

I said and she was looking at me so confused.

“Why are you saying all this to me?

She asked.

“Joyce don’t say anything, if loving you is a crime that means am a criminal, Believe me, you are the one,

Whom my heart finds,

Whom my mind reminds me of,

Whom my destiny wants,

Whom I love the most and My love for you is like water,

Falling countless…

The beating of my heart,

For you is so heavy and soundless,

The feeling of being in your arm is so

Precious and endless, Please Joyce marry me and make me the happiest man in the whole universe”

I said with smiles presenting the ring to her.

“No Sir! No! I can’t marry you sir”

She sounded.

“Why can’t you marry me, marry me and I will take away all your sorrows and pains away from you”

I pleaded still kneeling down.

“Sir am not the right person for you, am not who you think am, i can’t marry you beside I came to tell you that I will be resigning, I don’t want to work for you anymore”

She sounded.

I took up immediately, holding her.

“Why are you resigning your work? Did I do anything wrong to you?

I asked and being desperately to know.

“You need nothing to me but am tired of working for you, please leave me let me go”

She sounded.

“Don’t live me Joyce, I love you so much and if you live me my life will be meaningless with you”

I pleaded.

“I don’t love you sir and I will not love you”

She sounded being so bold.

“Don’t say that to me, I know you love me so much, my heart tells me that you have feelings for me”

I said feeling so sad.

“My heart lied to you, I don’t have feelings for you, someone else is dying for your love and why can’t you marry Lucy instead of me, she loves you very much and she will make a good wife for you”

She said.

“C’mon Joyce! Don’t say that, you are the one I love and the one I will marry”

I said holding her hands.

She threw my hands, “Live me! I don’t love you and I will not love you, my sister is the one that deserve your love and not me”

She shouted.

“Stop with this your sister of a thing, I will never love that prostitute, you are the one I will love and marry”

I shouted.

“i beg your pardon Sir! My sister is not a prostitute, it won’t work between us”

She said being so bold.

“No! I can’t believe that, I know you love me, Joyce look into my eyes and deny that you never have feelings for me”

I shouted dragging her closer to me.

“I don’t love Sir”

She said looking at somewhere else.

“Look at me Joyce and admit it, tell me that you don’t love and you have never have feelings for me”

I said making her to look at me eyebrow to eyebrow.

“Sir, I don’t love you”

She said.

“I don’t think so, your eyes is telling me something else”

I said.

“Sir, you can show whatever you want”

She said and walked out.

I know she loves me and have feelings for me, her eyes proved to me that she is in love with me but I don’t know why she is denying the feelings and also saying I should marry her sister instead.

I think something is going on and I need to find out what could be the thing.


It hurts so much rejecting and turning down a proposal from someone you love so much, I could have yes at that minute he proposed to me but I can’t because of the promise I made to mother, it is better he marry Lucy so that I will live in peace with my family even due am not their blood am willing to sacrifice my love for the sake of mother to love and take me as her daughter.

I know I can cope and soon forget him in my life, the feelings I have for him will soon die and be burial.

I have to find another work that will help me to disattract myself from thinking about him and move on with my love.

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