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At the moment she landed on my shoulder, my hands were around her waist, we stared at each other, I felt the cool breath coming out from her nostrils and her eyes looks so charming and those beautiful lips of hers so inviting and kissable that the lips were tempting me to kiss it, she so beautiful and so charming too.

I felt this butterflies around my stomach that I have never felt for any woman before, my heart was beating so fast like drum for her, the way I was feeling at the moment is to kiss her but I cant do it.

I was too starring into those her beautiful eyes and the urge keep on persisting me to kiss those lips, at a moment I fell in to the temptation and just about to kiss her she now interrupted.

“Am sorry sir!

She said and ran out immediately.

“What was I trying to do? She will now think that am like that”

I thought as I sat down on the bed.

I need to apologize to her.

I rubbed my body lotion put on my clothe and rushed to meet her.


“Why did he want to kiss me? Had it been I did not ran off immediately he could have succeed in kissing me?

I shouldn’t have landed on him but his body is so comfortable, I felt this shock around me that I can’t explain the meaning of it.

I will not denied the fact he looks so handsome and his hands around my waist makes me feels so relaxed.

I was thinking all these and I heard him called out my name.

“Yes Sir! Did you need anything?

I asked him.

“No! I just to apologize for early, am sorry for wanting to kiss you”

He apologized.

“Is nothing sir”

I replied.

“I will like you to show me around the age-wife/”>village this evening”

He said.

“No problem sir, let me tidy up then we can now go”

I replied to him and he went to the sitting room.

He is just a good person, he even apologized to me for his early behavior.

Few minutes, I was done with thekitchen and I met him at the sitting room sleeping.

I stared at him and smiles.

“He looks more handsome while sleeping”

I smiled as I said that.

I was there staring at him and smiling for over five minutes until he wakes up, it seem he felt my presence and waked up.

“I slept off while waiting for you, have you been standing here for long?

He asked as he straights his body.

“No sir, I just got now”

I replied.

“Are we ready to go?

He asked and stood up.

“Yes sir, where will you like to go?

I asked.

“Anywhere you have in mind”

He said.

“I guess we should go to the stream”

I suggested.

“It sounds good”

He said.

We went out and used the car.

I wanted to sit at the backsit but he insisted I should sit with him at the front side.

Hewas driving and glancing at me with smiles through the mirror of the car, I wonder what he is thinking that is making him to smile.

The starring was too much and it was making me so uncomfortable so I decided to keep my face side way and being watching people through the toriperi stories window.

“So Joyce!

He said.

And I turned looking at him.

“Have you kiss before?

He threw that question on me and I became so shy and turned my face away from him.

Why did he asked such question, I kept silent on him.

“Joyce did you get my question, I said have you kiss before?

He repeated the question.

“But sir why did you ask?

I said still not looking at him.

“I want to know so am waiting for my answer”

He said.

“No sir, I have not”

I answered being so shy.

“Wow! That means had it been I happened to kissed you early today you would have gotten your first kiss from me?

He sounded.

“So you got no boyfriend?

He asked.

What could his reasons of asking such questions.

“Sir, you have to park here because the car can’t go inside”

I said immediately we got to the small road that leads to the stream and I aslo avoided his question.

“Okay, so we will trek inside?

He asked.

“Yes but the stream is not that far”

I said.

He parked the car and we came down and started trekking to the stream.

I led the way since he doesn’t know the road.


I shouted as he was about to fall because of the stones we were walking on top.

We got to the stream, a lot of people were there both young and old including children. some fetching water, somewashing clothes while some swimming.

We sat down at one of the big rock.

“This stream is so big”

He said as he starring at the whole place.

“It is one of the biggest stream in this village”

I said with smiles.

“is the water drinkable?

He asked.

“Why not? The water is so good no bad odor, you can drink and also use it for cooking”

I answered.

“Can this stream dawn somebody?

He asked.

“Yes sir, the stream is very dangerous oooo, it can eat thousands of people at a go, I can remembered a story my father told me, he said during in the olden days a woman was coming back from the farm with her child and decided to drink water at the moment she dropped the child, he crawled to the river and the river carried the child, the fishermen searched and searched thoroughly and couldn’t find the child, that’s why the river is called o eri nwa(Child eater)

I said.

“This is so bad”

He exclaimed.

“Did you see that palm leaf that is tied there?

I pointed.


“That’s the boundary you should not swim and pass because that side of the water is so deep”

I explained.

“hmmmmmh! I need to go inside the water”

He said.

“You can go sir!

I said.

He folded his trouser and went inside the water, touching the water and feeling the coldness of it.

“The water is so cold!

He shouted.

Splashing the water with his hands.

Few minutes, he came out.

“I enjoyed the water all this while I have been coming to the village for Xmas period it has not occur to me to visit the water”

He sounded with joy.

“Sir, we need to start going now, it is getting late”

I said.

“Okay, I really enjoyed the stream all thanks to you”

He said with smiles.

We walked out from the stream and got to the place we first met, I stopped.

“Did you remember this place?

I asked.

He looked around the whole place.

He shooked his head and said,

“No I don’t”

“This is the place we first meet”

I sounded.

“Oh yes! I remembered the place you poured water on me”

He shouted.

“It was all fault, you bumped me”

I said.

“Oh no! It was your fault and not mine”

He sounded.

“How is it my fault?

“If your eyes were on way you are going you wouldn’t have bumped me and poured water on my clothe”

He sounded.

We started arguing like a kids seeing who will accept the fault.

“Okay! It was all my fault”

I said as I got tried of the argument.

“At least you have accepted it”

He sounded with smiles.

“Okay! Can we go now?

I asked.

I walked and turned to see if he is coming, the devil that always make me to slip and fall came and I slipped and landed on his body again.

I starred into his eyes and my heart started beating so fast, I looked at his lips and I felt he should kiss me at that moment.


I looked into her eyes and those are kissable lips inviting me to have a taste of it, I can’t control the feeling anymore I have to kiss her right now.

I kissed her and she didn’t withdrew herself so I decided to kiss her deeply, we kissed so passionately like it wasn’t our first kiss.

We kissed for almost thirty minutes and she withdrew herself from the kiss and ran out immediately.

“Joyce wait!

I called her and ran after her.

“No! Sir this shouldn’t have happened”

She sounded feeling so shy and ran off again.

“Joyce wait!

I shouted and she keep on runing.

I thought she will wait for me at the car but she did not.

“Why is she acting this way? I thought she also want the kiss?

I said and enter inside the car to zoom off to catch up with her.

I did not see her on the road maybe she followed another road that leads to her house and I can’t go there.

I got home went straight to the room, lie down thinking about her.

I know I have feelings for her right from the first day I set my eyes on her.

That’s I why I always wanted her around me.

She is so caring, lovable, humble and honest.

She is so different from other girls I have met and dated.

She got all the quality I need as a wife.

I have tested her and she passed all my tests.

The first test I gave was I left some dollars in my pocket and she returned the dollars back to me unlike other girls I have met.

The second test was I pretended to be sick and she took so good care of me.

She is just the right woman for me.

I thought about the kiss and smiled.

Her lips tasted so sweet like honey and sweet to kiss.

I keep on thinking about the kiss, his beautiful face and smiles until I kept off.


I ran direct to my room, I enjoyed the kiss so much and I wish I would have stay for more of his kisses.

It just happened like a movie, gotten your first kiss from the man you have fallen in love with.

Oh yes I loved him right from the moment I set my eyes on him but I keep on avioding him because am not sure of my feelings for him but since I started working with him I have fully understand that I have fallen for him but still keeping my feelings away from him.

Is it not romatic that I got my first kiss at the place I met the man I have fallen for?

I keep on smiling starring at the ceiling fan, recalling back the passionate kiss we had.

The way he smiles to me are so unique.

I have never felt the way am feeling at right now for anybody before.

How may I sure that he aslo love me?

I was still thinking and smiling to myself and Rita came inside.

“Sister what is it, is the way you are blushing, what’s the secret?

Rita asked as she lie down beside me.

“Am I blushing? No am not blushing Rita”

I sounded with smiles.

“See now you are still blushing, sister talk to me what happen at Mr Jame’s house?

She asked.

“Nothing happen Rita”

I sounded.

“Sister I did not believe that one ooooo! The way you are smiling and blushing at the same time is not ordinary and I have never seen you in this mood since I was born so can you tell your little sister the secret behind the smiles?

She said being so adament to know.

“Rita just take it this way am happy today”

I said.

“This mood passed happiness, Sister are you in love? Because this mood you are seem to be that you are in love”

She asked.

“See this small girl oooo! What did you know, since when did you start knowing the mood of being in love?

I asked her with laugh.

“Sister you know am no longer a kid oooo, am now eighteen years old, a full grown person so I suppose to know why somebody is in love, sister tell me who is the lucky man? Is he Mr James? Because i will be so happy to welcome him as my brother in law”

She sounded.

“Am not in love with anybody”

I shouted.

“Is a lie sister, you must tell me the person”

She said.

She started twinkling me so bad that I was laughing uncontrollably.

“Rita stop twinkling me”

I laughed out rolling on the bed.

“I will not until you admit it, Is it Mr James”

She shouted and speed up with the twinkling.

I can’t control myself anymore I just have to admit it.

“Yes is Mr James can you stop now”

I shouted and stopped immediately and started jumping on the bed.

“I knew it, he Is the one, have you tell him how you feel about him”

She shouted still jumping on the bed.

“Stop jumping and stop shouting too before someone will hear you”

I said.

“Beside I don’t even know if he has feelings for me”

I sounded.

“But sister, did you look at you in a special way asking in a romatic way?

She asked.

“Why did you ask?

“To know if he loves you too”

“Looking at me in a way romatic way did not give me the reason to say he loves me so I don’t want to confess my feelings to him when he did not loves me and making me to act like a fool so it is better forget about the feelings l have for him and also let the feelings die”

I sounded.

“Sister don’t say that, maybe he also feel the same way for and there is a way to find out”

She said placing her two hands around my shoulder.

“What are you saying?

“Sister I got a plan”

She said rolling her eyes.

“And what could be the plan?

I asked being so serious to know.

“Sister you will not go to work for four days and he comes looking for that means he misses you thats the only way to find out if he has feelings for you”

She sounded.

“What are you saying? I should not go to work? Nope I have to go to work because I know he has no feelings for me and what am feeling for him will soon go away”

I sounded.

“Sister don’t sound that way, I know that he loves you so you have to stop work for four days immediately he comes looking for you that’s the love speaking”

She said.

“I will try but I know that he will not show up so what will I tell mother if she find out that I will not be going to work you know I don’t want her to nag and shout at me or even beat me up and you know fully well since I started working she has stopped nagging and beating me like a kid”

I sounded.

“Sister you don’t have to worry just live that to me, I will know how to handle mother”

She said with so much assurance.

“I need to start preparing dinner before mother will come back oooo”

I said and stood up.

We went to the kitchen and start preparing dinner.

I still have double mind about the plan because I know that he will not show up beside the kiss did not proof to me that he loves me, I know he just kissed me for a kissing sake.

A day passed he didn’t show up and second day passed still the same thing, I don’t think if I still have hope of waiting for him.

On the third day, I was washing clothes with Rita outside the house while Lucy was doing what is good at that’s making up.

“Sister, I told you he will come, look at him, he is coming”

Rita shouted with so much joy.

My heart started beating so fast and my face was written with so much joy at the moment I saw him coming to us, looking so handsome.

“Sir good evening!

Rita greeted with smiles.

“Evening! How are you?

He asked with smiles.

“Am fine sir”

She replied and excused us.

“Joyce what happen? I have not…………….

Lucy ran out from inside and interrupted him.

“You came to see me, how did you know where I live?

Lucy shouted and hugged him.

I became so shocked and confused.

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