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📍 Kim’s p.o.v🌺

“You need to say whatever is it that you want to say. I don’t have the time for all this”. I told Marcello over the phone.

The man thought I was a joke do I look like a clown to him. He kept bringing me back and forth,he kept saying ‘meet me here today m gonna tell you what i want from your father’ and I stupidly obliged too but I have had enough of his games and I am really beginning to doubt if he wanted anything from my father or he just wanted to taunt me.

“Call me when you are going to the hospital,I might as well settle your curiosity sweetheart”. He said again.

“I am not your sweetheart” I snapped.

“Easy,easy okay” he paused “give me a call when you are going to the hospital. I would meet you there”.

“No. I don’t want to go with you, you should just tell me whatever is it that you want and I am gonna convey the informations to my dad”.

“And I said no. I want to be the one to tell him myself. we understand each other more and I believe you wouldn’t wanna hear what it is yourself”. He explained

“But my dad isn’t feeling too well right now. Just tell me okay? You going there might cause his health some harm”.

“You think too lowly of me. I don’t blame you though, let’s see who is in a tight spot after this. Call me when you are going to see him or we are all gonna regret this”.

“Don’t threaten me” I snapped again before hanging up,i rubbed my temple.

I was getting irritated at every little thing right now and it sucks because I was more irritated with myself,I felt like thrash and I didn’t like what was happening in my life presently.

Since that unpleasant morning Ashton haven’t been home since and to be very honest it didn’t bother me in anyway,we both needed time alone and I was kinda glad he had the decency to leave his home for me to rethink my life decisions and I don’t think I could face him without making a mess of my emotions this time. My emotions were all over the place and sometimes I just seat and cry because this particular contract did more harm than good,i wasn’t in my right state of mind either,I felt used, disgusted and most of all I hated myself.

When I looked at the mirror I didn’t like the person that stared back at me. I have been wallowing in self pity and self hate for the past three days,I rarely picked calls,who wanted to call me anyways? I haven’t gone to see my dad because he needed his own space too and in my present state of mind I can’t offer any word of comfort to him,I needed comfort and I didn’t want to bother him and I highly doubt he would be able to comfort me when something was bothering him too. Something I didn’t know.

I searched for an affordable house online because let’s face reality,I would pack out of this house by the ending of the week and I didn’t want to go back to our apartment. If the news eventually came out that we have broken up,I wouldn’t be left alone and I didn’t need that.

I needed a peaceful life after this,a peaceful place where I can pick the pieces of my life and probably find a job,dad would be transferred to another branch of the hospital for sure and thankfully he would be discharged. I have to cater for him too, because he wasn’t in the position to start working yet.

The house I took a liken too was a three bedroom apartment and it was pretty affordable too,there was a fire place and the interior was kinda homely too. It would suit us for the time being until my dad gets better and we would leave NYC,the house was in a peaceful area of the city more like the boundary between a town and a city where everywhere would be peaceful. I just hope the house in reality would be like how it was in the picture.

I was going to check the place today and I would probably branch at the hospital to tell the doctor about my father’s transfer. He has to be in an hospital near where we were relocating too,he didn’t even know we were relocating but he has no choice.


“I need an alcoholic drink” Marcello told me making his way to the fridge behind us.

The guy was sick and I hated the fact that he had to come here with me,I sincerely hoped that whatever he had with dad was not something dangerous or bad because Marcello was dangerous and I shouldn’t be seen with him.

I cared less about wherever he went to as long as he left my side and Scott stopped giving me the weird look. I didn’t call him after I left the house I went to check but I don’t know how he knew I was already on my way to the hospital and he cornered me with his van and he have been following my car since then. I was scared at first but I had many things bothering me than a criminal.

“Kim? Is that you?” I heard someone ask and I turned to see Ashton’s uncle. I do forget that his wife was here too.

“Mr bustamante. Good afternoon” I greeted him but as usual he drew me for a hug. I needed one now,it was not choking it was comforting.

“Kimberly,is everything alright?” He asked me.

I nodded “yes,why?”

“You don’t look so good. Is it your dad?”.

I nodded to the negative “no,he is getting better”.

“Then what’s wrong?” He asked gently.

I might just cry now.

“Nothing,I am okay,I am probably stressed out” I told him forcing a smile.

“You sure? Take care of yourself,your health comes first and you are still young to be this stressed. Tell me how is Ashton”. He asked.

He probably shouldn’t be asking me that,I was not even okay myself.

I was about to say whatever came to my mind when a nurse interrupted us “miss Kim,you can come see your dad” she informed me.

“Excuse me”. I told Ashton’s uncle.

“See you some other time Kimberly” he said.

I highly doubt that. I nodded my head before strolling away with Marcello on my trail holding a drink, I am very sure he would be wondering who the man with face tattoo was but honestly i cared less.

“Dad,how are you doing today?” I asked immediately I entered. Surprisingly I didn’t go to give him a hug and he didn’t budge unlike before that makes the both of us.

He was about to reply when his faced paled and he looked shocked.

“Dad what is it? Are you okay?”.

“No. He is not,he isn’t happy to see me and I am hurt” Marcello said dropping his drink on a nearby table dramatically feigning hurt with his hands on the chest.

I didn’t find this funny,I knew it was a bad idea bringing Marcello here to see dad. Whatever they had together wasn’t a good thing and I didn’t like how that made me feel. I had enough problems now and I definitely wouldn’t want to compound it.

“Kim,give us a minute to talk” my dad said and Marcello smirked.

“No,I can’t leave you alone with him,what if he hurts you?” I panicked.

“I didn’t hurt you Kim so why would I hurt your sick father?” Marcello asked.

“Because he doesn’t look so happy to see you and I can’t risk another possibility” I retorted.

“Give us some time alone Kim. Is it too much to ask for?” My father asked.

“No” I insisted.

“I insist you leave. The doctor wants to see you” he deadpanned leaving no room for argument.

I looked at them both before leaving the room reluctantly,that doesn’t mean I was not going to hear whatever they were about to say. I would go out and I would still eavesdrop on them,dad wouldn’t be happy about that but I cared less,I wanted to know whatever was between them and a part of me thinks it isn’t a good thing but I still wanted to know. It would look creepy to the medical attenders passing but I cared less.

“It have been a while Young”. I heard Marcello say.

“What do you want from me?” My dad hissed.

“My money,I want my money”. Marcello said again.

Money? Or I probably heard wrong. Their voices were relatively low but I still heard it.

“Look at my condition,how do you expect me to pay that with the huge interest on it”.

“I don’t care. You should have thought of something like this when you borrowed money from me and you left the country with it,then you came to take hostage here in new York”.

“We had an agreement Marcello”.

“Yes we did but you broke it off first. You had ulterior motives when you ran off with the money I borrowed you then you and your daughter were having a nice life. I went to prison Young. I used three years there”.

“You went to prison because you broke the law. That has absolutely nothing to do with me because i wasn’t involved in whatever led you to prison”

“Sure you weren’t. But I need my money now,you have no idea how much time I spent searching for you”.

“How do you find me?”

“I didn’t find you,I found your daughter and she led you to me. I hope you know what that means, she have grown pretty and more feisty over the years,I love that”.

“Don’t you dare touch my daughter”. My dad seethed.

“I wouldn’t dare if you pay me my money already. I need my money back Young,by the ending of the week”.

“Where do you expect me to get such money?”

“I don’t know Young. I don’t know. Get my money ready before the ending of the week,I have to leave the country this weekend,I got into trouble. Get my money ready or you wouldn’t like what would happen to you or your daughter”. He threatened.

“Marcello give me more time,when i get outta here I am going to get your money in no time”. My dad pleaded.

“And i said no” he snapped then there was a sound of something crashing. I ran inside.

“Dad what is happening here?” I asked and Marcello looked at me like I was a prey and dad couldn’t being himself to look at my face.

“Get my money ready Young before the ending of the week or we both wouldn’t like what would happen” he said,then winked at me before strolling out of the room.

I rubbed my temple,there was bound to be more troubles now. My fear was confirmed already “dad care to tell me what just happened now?” I asked him and he still didn’t look at me “dad, you need to tell me what is happening,why are you owing Marcello money. I heard everything,you yourself told me Marcello was a dangerous guy so why would you borrow money from him?” I asked again.

“It all started when you wanted to get into college”. He paused raising his head to look at me “I am sorry Kim,it have been eating me up for a long time,I didn’t just want to tell you because it was a huge amount of Money and then the interest was high too”.

“Dad I don’t understand you. Talk to me,what happened when I wanted to get into college?”.

“Before you finished high school,you always told your mom and I that you wanted to study overseas and believe me we saved for it. But when the time came and you got an admission to study the course you have always wanted to study in Harvard. Many things have changed already,first it was the death of your mother,then it was only me taking care of you and managing the company that has gone bankrupt already”.

“Bankrupt? Dad you didn’t tell me that”.

“I didn’t because I didn’t want to bother you and debar you from following your dream. Then Marcello got this huge deal and he promised to borrow me some money to get back on my feet and try to save my company from going bankrupt” he paused “you remember when I travelled out for some months?”

I nodded my head “yes,what about that?”

“I went to Italy to see Marcello and he promised to give me the money and he eventually did,he gave me fifty million dollars”

I gasped “that’s a huge sum of money dad”.

Fifty million dollars? That was debt.

“I wish I didn’t borrow it then ,i came back home and the shareholders already took over the company since my shares weren’t much again and you badly wanted to….”

“Dad you told me you sold the company when we got a new house” I interrupted him. He haven’t been lying to me all this time right?

“I didn’t sell it,they took over it and I sold my remaining shares,then we got a new house and relocated from there. I used the money I got from Marcello to see you through school,I didn’t want you to neglect your dreams because of lack of funds and it was your mother’s dream too”

“Dad you could have told me when all this was happening. I would have gone to a college in the country if you have explained all this to me”

“I wanted to, believe me I wanted to but I decided not to after I got the money from Marcello. I got a job and we lived fairly well,the job was not paying so well so I had to support us with the funds I got from Marcello. I had it in mind I was gonna pay him until I got a call that he was in prison and he needed money to bail him out” he paused. ” I had the Money they needed believe me I had it but I didn’t want to bail him out because I stupidly thought he was not going to get out of there and he would never find me to ask for his money”.

I gasped “dad that was selfish,you lended his money you have to pay back”. All my life I thought my dad was a straight forward person and he would never do something shady,but this was shady. He wanted the man to rot behind bars so he wouldn’t ask for his money.

“I know it was. I know but I didn’t know what got into me then. The money was huge already not to talk of the interest and I never wanted to pay him back. I learnt he got out of prison some years back that was why we relocated to new York City”

“Dad,this is not right. You shouldn’t have done this,if you have told me all about this and you haven’t kept it to your self we probably wouldn’t be in this mess because I would have gone to a college that was affordable”.

“Kim,I did it for you. To make our lives better”. He said.

“Dad no,you didn’t do it to make our lives better,you just made it worst”. I snapped “look i attended Harvard but look at my life,look at me,I am not even happy with myself. Where do you expect us to get this money from,look dad I have been through alot,I have done a lot for us,I have even done things I never wanted to do. You shouldn’t have compounded this to our problems now. Fifty million dollars with interest? Do you know how much that is dad?”

I was angry,a part of me said he did this for us. Accepted he did this for us but he has interior motives,he never wanted to pay Marcello back the money and he refused to bail him which led to the man being in jail for three years. We relocated frequently over the years and I just thought it was a frequent stuff,I don’t even know we were running away from something.

He should have told me he didn’t have the funds to send me overseas to study,I would have gladly studied in one of the local colleges. At a point I saw the signs that something was bothering him but I just let it slide because I was so selfish thinking of me alone.

We were both selfish but the money was a huge sum and Marcello was dangerous,I was hurt because he didn’t leave me with a choice right now than to be the one to pay the money. He was in no state to get any money.

Yes Ashton paid me alot and he have sent my final payment some days back but I f-----g spent most of the money on dad’s health,I paid for a new house today and I couldn’t get a refund. We needed to survive right? I needed to transfer him to another hospital and that required money too. How the hell am I meant to see the required sum,if I send all the money left to Marcello,we would barely have enough,we might not even have any. I was lost again and I felt like crying and I did just that.

Dad shouldn’t have done this,yes I enjoyed the luxury life but I didn’t miss it when we started living normally so he shouldn’t have gone far to do something like that just because we wanted a luxurious life.

“Kim I am sorry. I really am,I know this is a heavy load on your shoulders but believe me I didn’t mean for any of this to happen that was why I never told you,I never wanted to pressure you”.

“But you did Dad,you did. I am lost,I am f-----g lost,this is too much for me. It is too much dad,too much”. I said through tears.

“Kim I am sorry. That was why I never wanted to tell you that I discovered I had cancer three years ago because it would be too much for you to handle”.

My eyes widened and I wiped my face hastily “I didn’t just hear you say that right?”

“I discovered I had cancer three years ago but I never wanted to tell you so you wouldn’t be bothered until it got worst last year. I was taking few medications and it worked until the cancer got worst”.

I looked at him dumfounded,that explains the drugs he took daily and he said it was pain reliefs, that explains the blood tissues I usually saw while taking thrash away.

“Dad you discovered you had cancer three years ago and you never told me until that heavy attack you had last year that I rushed you to the hospital and it was diagnosed. Dad you were self medicating?”

This explains why the doctors usually said the cancer has eaten deeper into his lungs because it obviously wasn’t new to him. If he had gotten to the hospital the year he was diagnosed he would have been better and i definitely wouldn’t have spent this amount of money.

“I was. I didn’t want to bother you and I also…”

“You didn’t want to bother me? Dad don’t say that again. All what you never wanted to bother me for is out and it is bothering me the more,dad you couldn’t have done this. Not at this time dad,not this time”

“Kim I am really sorry and believe me…”

“I don’t know dad. I don’t. This is too much for me to handle,you have been lying to me the whole time dad. I never believed you could do this dad”.

“Kim,listen to me…”

“No” I shook my head “you didn’t think of me in all, you didn’t think of me at all, this explains your grumpy mood for sometimes now. I can’t think of this now,I need Time”

“Kim I am really…”

“You would be transferred next tomorrow”. I told him picking my bag.

“Kim please…”

“Dad give me time” I snapped before leaving the room.

I was hurt no doubt,it is ironic that I needed comfort from my dad when he was just going to shatter me the more.

I loved him no doubt and a part of me thinks he did this for us but I needed time. Just time.

I needed time away from everyone. Just me and myself. I needed my sanity back because I was definitely not okay now and most of all I needed help.


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