My Baby’s Father

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I made my way to my boss office with a pounding chest,I have never been this scared all my life. I have made several mistakes over the past twenty four years of my life but I couldn’t have made a mistake this stupid. i am a careless, stupid girl and I know that. Out of all mistakes to make I shouldn’t have made this? my boss is like a beast always growling over every little thing and d--n it if that doesn’t piss me off too,I can’t imagine the embarrassment I would get today. I straightened my skirt before knocking the door.

“come in” he said.

i entered and I locked the door,I turned my back to see him already starring at me. my boss was so hot no doubt,he was the second most eligible bachelor of new York and ladies flocked over him but he has anger issues,he gets mad over every little thing and he is so rude and I can’t help but wonder how someone like him can head a successful company with his character. I also can’t help but pity myself,I suffered so hard before I got this job and the pay was barely enough to cover dad’s medical expenses for a month not to talk of my expenses.

“Miss Kim are you gonna stand there all day and zone out” his voice brought me out of my trance.

“I am sorry”.

“the meeting is in a minute or so,let’s go” he said standing up. “did you bring all that is required?”.

i feel like dying now.


“let’s go already,no time for chitchats” he interrupted me already on his way out.

I was about to tell him that I forgot the flash and as usual he thought I wanted to say something stupid. I arranged the documents well,but I know without the flash this presentation would be a mess and right now I AM A MESS.

My Baby’s Father - S01

My Baby’s Father - S01

1 day ago