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Warning_ There are violent scenes ahead so if you are not acquainted to scenes like that or if it triggers something inside you that makes you comfortable you are excused from reading this. Under 18 stay away from this 😹😒.

I am bad in something like this but you just have to manage it 😹.

Let’s get to the story😊

Enjoy reading 📍

💐 Ashton’s p.o.v🌷

“Dude if you continue like this you are gonna get drunk” Sean scolded and i scoffed at him.

I wanted to get drunk tonight and as much as I have tried to do that,I am still quite sober. This is ironic because when I don’t want to get drunk,I get drunk but when I badly want to get drunk,it never just happens.

For the record I have never felt frustrated like how I was today. It was nothing about my work because my uncle have released my funds and my project was already in full swing,I also invested in mom’s clothing line so I had absolutely no problem with my work.

I am confused,very confused about what is happening inside me and it just doesn’t feel right,I have never felt like this and I don’t want to ever feel like this again. I don’t know where my sudden attraction for Kim came from and believe me it sucks because I don’t know whether she was attracted to me or not but I could have sworn at some point she looked like she felt some kind of emotion for me.

Emotions? When did I start noticing emotions? I was bad with mine and I absolutely know next to nothing about anybody’s emotions. It sucks that I think of her all the time,it sucks that I want something more from her and I don’t know if it is just sex…I might have dropped the conclusion that I was just sex starved but after I got laid the following week it just didn’t feel right,it sucks that this was all a deal and I was giving too much attention to it,it sucks that we have one week left together.

In a space of 5 months many things have happened not specifically to our lives but I hsve seen myself changing a bit,trying to be a good person but it sucks because a good person persona doesn’t relate well with me and I was messed up beyond repair.

I am f-----g confused and I don’t know what to do about it because it sucks and this was a f-----g new feeling.

“You don’t have to snatch the girl from the dude”. Jerry told Jeremy.

My problem were far different from theirs all they talk about is ladies,money and more Ladies. Like I wasn’t just talking about a lady? I gulped down another glass making a weird feeling in the pit of my stomach.

“I didn’t snatch her dude. She felt an attraction for me so why the f--k shouldn’t she go after it”. Jeremy defended.

“No you felt it and you wanted to f--k her that bad that you had to f--k her in a bathroom stall when she obviously came with her guy”. Jerry argued.

He liked ladies no doubt but he was surprisingly morally uptight.

“What’s with you dude? What’s with you huh? This is obviously none of your business,why didn’t she say no when I was about to f--k her”. Jeremy retorted.

Sean and I were quiet watching them bicker. They argue alot but they still get along the best.

“Have some dignity dude. Have some,if you wanted to f--k her badly you could have booked an hotel or something or you should have prolly waited till her f-----g boyfriend left the club but no you just had to f--k her in a bathroom and her boyfriend saw you both coming out together. Put yourself in the dude’s shoes idiot” Jerry snapped,this was bound to turn into an argument,it might involve a punch or two too.

“You don’t have the f-----g right to interfere in whatever I am doing because I don’t judge you. The girl wanted some good d--k and her weakling of a boyfriend couldn’t give her that and I was….”

“I am not a weakling”. A man snapped banging our table and several heads turned to our direction.

The guy was high on hard drugs because it was obvious he just sniffed a white substance, obviously cocaine. The dude looked like he could bang Jeremy’s head on the table.

Jeremy scoffed “you sure you aren’t? Then your girlfriend probably needed a good d--k”.

His face turned paler, Jeremy would have a bursted face today not like it was the first anyways.

“Dude that’s enough” I tapped Jeremy and he threw me a menacing gaze.

“Why are you cautioning him you probably know it was a bad move on his side or y’all are weaklings like he is,you can’t throw a punch”. The guy taunted.

Wrong moves dude,wrong move.

“But we can f--k a lady senseless we can f--k guys too” Jerry added. Remember when I said him and Jeremy fought alot but they are quick to settle.

Like a flash the man banged Jerry’s head on the table and the glassware clinked. Jerry raised his head and blood was already dripping from the side of his face.

D--n if the man was going home okay today.

“What did you do dude? You hit him? You sure like violence huh?” Jeremy taunted rolling the sleeves of his shirt. He punched the dude squarely on the face and they got into a fight.

We didn’t separate them because the man deserved it and Jeremy had the upper hand until two guys with face tattoos came and dragged Jeremy. We couldn’t seat watching them,those guys were probably the man other friends,I stood up and punched the hefty guy in the face just after he bursted Jeremy’s lips.

We joined the fight and it was bloody,I might have received a punch or two probably a bursted lip but the condition I left the guy was in no way better than mine. I used all my pent up frustrations on him and when I finally calmed down I wanted to help him get an ambulance but i decided against it.

He wasn’t even the boyfriend of the lady neither was I the one who f----d the lady. We both weren’t minding our business,we both got hurt but for no reason I felt calmer than I was some minutes ago because I just let out my few months frustrations on him and I was still intoxicated not quite sober.

I was f----d up.


I imputed my password and to be honest I don’t know how I drove myself home,I must have some super powers I haven’t discovered yet because I was quite intoxicated, wounded and most especially I was not feeling too good inside.

Kim wasn’t in the living room she probably already went to sleep,I clutched the side of my head tightly. F-----g migraine

I needed an aspirin right now or probably a coffee. Yes a coffee, Kim makes really good hangover coffees,I might do with one right now but I didn’t just want that,I wanted to see her too.

I found my legs going in the direction of her room,it took me few minutes because her room was down the hall and I was not feeling too well. There was migraine,body pain and a bursted lip.

I opened the door of the room,I didn’t knock because she probably wouldn’t hear me so why would I knock. She was sleeping peacefully on a side of the bed so I thought until heard I voice.

“You want something?” She asked with her eyes still closed.

I f-----g need something and I don’t know what it is.

When I didn’t reply she finally opened her eyes,she gasped when she saw my face. Was it that bad? “Oh my gosh,what Happened to your face?” She asked standing up and all I could look at was the thin material of her pyjamas.

I am pathetic,I know.

Before I knew she was already on my side “do you get into a fight?”

“I think so” I said and she gave me a flat look before leading me to a sofa in the room.

“Do you have a first aid kit?”.

“Yes, it’s in the kitchen”. I told her.

“Let me get it then”.

“No I am alright,just a bruise or something” I told her.

“Just a bruise or something? You have a purple eye,bruises on your face and a bursted lips. Have you seen yourself in the mirror?” She asked looking at me like I was full of shit before exiting the room.

I will full of shit and I know it because even in my state I badly wanted to kiss her. I was f-----g h---y, the logical part of my head told me to leave the room before I did something we would both regret but i didn’t find the decency or will power to do that. I stayed fix on the sofa.

She came back after with the first aid kit,she dragged a nearby stool and she sat on it. She brought the equipment she needed and she started cleaning the injuries,I didn’t flinch because if anything else I was enjoying looking at her face fully concentrated on whatever she was doing.

Don’t say it Ashton. Don’t.

But I said it. It was probably the alcohol but I wanted to say it if not I may just die. The f-----g tension was too much.

“Can I kiss you?”. I asked her her face grew pale.

🌺 Kim’s p.o.v🌺

“Can I kiss you?” Ashton asked and my heart stopped.

Can he kiss me? I don’t know if It was right for him to kiss me in this state but d--n it I wanted him to kiss me,to kiss me senseless.

I am stupid,very stupid for wanting something to do with Ashton but the stupid part of me wanted that still. It wanted him to kiss me,to touch me and probably take all my worries away.

I know this wasn’t right but I wanted to do the wrong thing and throw all cautions to the winds. There was a way I felt whenever he touched me even though it was just a slight touch,a way i felt whenever he was beside i grow so uncomfortable, uncomfortable in a good way. I have no idea what that means but whatever.

I wanted him to kiss me because i wanted to feel his lips on mine. Isn’t that what kissing means?

“Yes you…” I didn’t finish my sentence before his lips crashed on mine.

This was different because we weren’t in public,this was different because we both wanted it,this was different because it took my worries away,no dad,no Marcello,no Julia and it looked like I was in another planet and nothing else mattered. This was f-----g different because it was not like any of the kisses we have shared.

It started as slow and gentle until it became forced and rough,my lips would definitely be bruised. I enjoyed it,I f-----g enjoyed it even though it was just clashing of teeth and moans and it f-----g screamed sex.

SEX,I haven’t had sex yet but I definitely wouldn’t refuse if he wanted to have sex with me because I stupidly wanted it even though I know there was a bigger chance we were going to regret it and I never wanted my first time to be with a guy in a deal,I wanted it to be with a guy I loved and we were already a family. The typical wedding night stuff but I stupidly wanted him to be the one to touch me and feel my feminity.

The kiss got rougher and before I know he was pushing me towards the bed. I moaned when my back hit the bed and in few seconds he was hovering over me capturing my lips again making inhumane sounds.

He lifted his lips from mine and looked at me for a second before he started peeling my pyjamas from my body,he feathered peppered kisses or whatever from the sides of my face to my neck then my cleavage. Mind you I don’t know whatever this is because the farther I have gone in issues like this was making out and my last boyfriend was Jimmy so I wasn’t expert in cases like this but one thing I know is I felt good.

The peppered kisses went on and gradually my clothes were being peeled from my body.

He paused “are you comfortable with this?” He asked looking at me and i gulped nervously before nodding my head.

“You sure?” He asked again.

“Yes” I let out.

“You are comfortable with us having sex right?”. He asked again.

Sex? Was I sure? I don’t know if I was sure but I wanted it.

I nodded my head “yes”. I managed to let out and he muttered something under his breath.

“If you don’t feel comfortable with anything let me know”. He told me and I wet my lips with my tongue because my lips were suddenly dry,for a reason unknown to me he groaned before smashing his lips on mine roughly.

This went on for some minutes before he started pulling his clothes off and I just stared drinking in the sight of him. You might think I was rethinking my decision but the truth is I wasn’t,I know this would be a mistake but a side of me thought we were not gonna regret it.

In no time,he was already naked with no clothes on or anything so was I. I took in the sight of his manhood,he was large no doubt and aroused as hell.

He repositioned himself in between my legs before capturing my lips again,this time it was slow,gentle and dare I say passionate in a sick way. This continued until I feel his blunt tips in my entrance and he drove into me without warning,I screamed,the shit hurts like hell. He groaned before driving into me again,it hurts but it wasn’t like the first time,he drove farther into me and this time I f-----g screamed because it hurts. I am very sure tears were already on the side of my face.

He paused not moving before looking at me “you are a virgin?” He asked rhetorically looking at me dumfounded.

I nodded gently.

“Shit I didn’t know. F--k it Ashton”. He cursed.

“It’s alright”. I told him. I wanted this.

“I would be gentle now,m not gonna be rough like I was before”. I heard him say before he t----t his hip forward and he slammed into me again.

This time he was gentle and he continued like that and to be honest the pain was already subsiding. There was pain but it already subsided and there waa pleasure because we both moaned as he rode me.

This went on for a while until I felt my body vibrating from my o----m,I was already on the edge. My first ever c----x. I moaned,it was a complete combination of pleasure and pain and somersaulting thoughts inside me.

“F--k…f--k..oh my f-----g God” he said gibberishly this time thrusting into me more harder and deeper,I guess he was on the edge too. He thrusted deeper before letting out an inhumane groan and I felt warm liquids spilled between my legs. He kissed my sweaty forehead before slumping down beside me,I was f-----g tired too and there was bound to be pain in between my legs.

I didn’t have time to think of what just happened and how f----d up I was considering the fact that I had about one week or so before we went our separate ways and I f-----g promised myself not to let this happen but it already happened. I hope we don’t regret this tomorrow.

Sleep over took me immediately.


My biggest fear came to pass the next morning when I woke up to see Ashton pulling his hair angrily,he might go bald soon. My worst fear was confirmed when he said.

“We weren’t supposed to have sex. This was all a f-----g mistake,I wasn’t in my right state of mind yesterday. You could have f-----g stopped me,we weren’t meant to do this” he said pointing to the tangled bed sheets.

I wanted to yell at him,I wanted to curse him,I wanted to tell him how much of a jerk he is. But I didn’t,I decided to stay quiet because I knew all this and i stupidly went over the promise I made to myself.

I felt hurt,ashamed,angry with myself and most of all I hated him. I hated him for saying this to me,I hated him for coming into my room last night,I hated him for crushing me this way but I hated myself for being this stupid and I desperately wanted to cry now. I am so stupid and I learnt my lesson the hard way.

“F--k this wasn’t meant to f-----g happen…” He was saying until I cut him off.

“Enough” I snapped “don’t remind me of how stupid I am”. I seethed.

He looked fazed for a second “right,this was all a mistake and it wasn’t meant to happen,we mixed business with pleasure”. He paused “this was a f-----g mistake,pack out at the ending of the week”. He said before strolling out of my room.

The last of my composure fell and the tears dropped. I was very stupid and this was all my f-----g fault. There was tears,anger,pain, more tears and hatred.

I felt disgusted with myself and I hated myself but I hated him more.

I sobbed more louder into my palms.

I was f----d up.


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