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NB_ we are gonna be focusing on Kim’s life for the next few chapters. If you noticed,we haven’t heard anything about Ashton that is because nothing significant have happened in his life yet but if something significant sure happens in his life I would let you guys know. Like,comment and share.

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🌺 Kim’s p.o.v🌺

The last few days haven’t been easy in anyways but I was assimilating whatever have happened over the past few months and believe me that was alot.

I packed out of Ashton’s house over the weekend to the new place he still didn’t come home. I got a few helping hands with my luggage and they were adamant in letting me go because they haven’t heard anything from Ashton,I was quick to tell them that whatever happened was between us and nobody else’s business. I didn’t look twice at the house because it held so much emotions mostly pain and I don’t feel comfortable about it either.

Dad got transferred to a nearer branch and thankfully the expenses of the month was still covered by the previous branch that means less money to spend.

I already paid off dad’s debt,don’t ask me how because it wasn’t easy. I got some pretty good stuffs out of this deal it was just that the bad aspect overshadowed the good aspects. I just had to sign up for an online clothing app,took photos of the clothes, shoes and bags and within hours I already got buyers. I didn’t expect those clothes to be this pricey but it was and since when I haven’t worn some of them I sold it off for a good price so I was left with my usual wardrobe before the whole thing. But I wasn’t complete.

I am not mad at dad anymore,even if I wanted to be mad at him for everything,I couldn’t stay mad at him for so long,he is my dad and I really love him. He have been the only one I had and vice versa,he was still awkward with me and I guess he was just feeling guilty and I have alot on my mind lately. A whole lot.

The money left could barely sustain us and even if I did,it wouldn’t be long before we run out of funds. I know I needed to find a job but I needed time to clear my head too because I definitely wasn’t in a good condition inside either.

The neighborhood was quite peaceful and two or more older women might have come to drop cookies at my door because I saw the package some mornings when I open the door. It was a usual practice practiced in neighborhoods like this to welcome a new neighbor.

I haven’t gotten out of my house since the day I went to see that. And for an odd reason,I felt at peace staying alone and recollecting my thoughts even though there was no significant difference,I still enjoyed my peace.

My life was a mess now but I am gonna make it better than it was before. I promise myself that even though it was gonna take a long time,I was gonna make it better.

My cell phone rang,i looked at the screen it was the hospital,what do they want again. I didn’t feel like living the house today or this week.


“Miss Kim?”

I sighed “yes,good afternoon”

“We need you to get to the hospital now”.

“Is something wrong with my dad?”. My throat constricted.

Don’t think about it Kim. Don’t.

“Please get here fast” the lady said before hanging up.

Okay,I hope nothing was wrong with him.

I know I looked a mess now but I didn’t care,I washed my face and I put on a short and a shirt,I tied my hair in a bun,I didn’t even wash my hair. But I didn’t care.

In times like this,I was grateful I grew the balls to rent a car because I couldn’t imagine getting a cab in this position. The drive to the hospital was one of the unpleasant rides of my life because I thought of many things that could have gone wrong,I hoped none of them were true. I don’t think i could handle if something went wrong with Dad.

I got to the hospital in no time,I threw the keys to the car to an intern to help me park it well and I ran into the hospital.

“Mr Young”. I told the receptionist.

She imputed something into the computer before looking at me “are you miss Kimbe…”


“Get into the elevator,go to floor 2. Talk to the receptionist there” she instructed.

What’s with them and their protocols?

I nodded before half walking,half running to the elevator.

“Mr Young” I told the receptionist on the next floor.

She was about to reply when a doctor beat her to it.

“Are you Kimberly?” The doctor asked and I nodded. “Please follow me,you need to sign this document” the man continued walking ahead of me.

“What’s wrong?” I asked

“Your dad might have gotten into a convulsing state and we needed a family member signature before we take him into surgery” the man explained.

Convulsion? What’s that?

“Is it that bad?” I asked panicking.

“Hey,hey,you just have to sign this papers,we would see what we can do. We are gonna try our best”. The man assured handling the documents to me which I signed hastily. I didn’t even read what was there.

“Can I see him?” I asked

“No. We are really running out of time. You just have to pray for him” he said before he exited into another hall.

“You should have a seat Miss. The orl team passes through this hallway” the receptionist said bringing me out of my mini trance.

I nodded gently before going to seat in one of the empty seats.

I have never been a religious person like I believed in God but I never really prayed like a normal person so why don’t I start today,I hope wherever God is he was gonna hear me. I don’t know how i was going to survive if something happened to my dad,here was I thinking we were going to travel together,but he was getting better so I had no idea what would have caused him harm again.

The time rolled slowly, people went in and out but I was still in my own head oblivious of whatever was happening around me. I prayed silently,hoping God would answer my prayers even though it was this one time. God keep my dad, please.

“Kimberly?” A doctor asked searching through the faces of people sitted,it was evening already.

I stood up immediately earning a stare from the old lady beside me. “Yes, that’s me”

“Follow me please” he said already strolling through the hallway and I followed him closely.

“Doctor,please talk to me” I told him still following him.

He opened the door to his office and I went it.

“Have a seat please” he said and I sat down immediately.

“How is my dad doing?” I asked

“The surgery was successful but” he paused “miss Kim,I am sorry to say this. But I don’t think your dad would last this night”. He informed me and I gasped for air.

“Look,you need to stay calm. Yes we performed the surgery and it was successful but the cancer has eaten deeper into his lungs,there was absolutely nothing we could do again. According to his files that we got from the hospital,he was getting well already and he performed astoundingly well in the chemotherapies but it was a rise before a fall”.

“A fall? Doctor please do something about it,look” I grasped his hands “my dad can’t just die please do something. Please” I pleaded like my life depended on it,yes at this point it depended on it.

“I am sorry,I really am. I know this isn’t easy for you considering how he have been battling with it since he got into the hospital,I also thought he was getting better and would be discharged soon. But the cancer came back and it is a very rare case after the several chemo he already did,I did everything in my power,I really tried my best but it was just above me. Above us,I am really sorry” he said.

“You can’t just do this to me. Please you can do something,do something,just do anything. Look my dad is the only one I have left,I can’t live without him, please try to understand. Doctor please do something”. I pleaded.

He shook his head sadly “I am really sorry miss Kim,there is absolutely nothing we can do about this” he sighed.


“Dad you can fight okay,you have always been a fighter you can’t just give up now” I told my dad crying,as much as I didn’t want to cry in his presence but the tears couldn’t just stop.

“Why are you crying like you are the sick one?” He joked.

Not funny at all. Not funny.

“People with cancer like mine rarely survives it, Kimberly look at me” he commanded and I raised my head to look at him “look I have spent the most important part of my life with you and if I eventually leave this word,I am grateful that I got to spend most of my days with you”

“Dad stop talking like this,you can still fight this. You can,dad remember you can”

“I really tried” he paused “Kim I tried but it didn’t just leave me alone,I really tried. I tried to fight for you,for me but I am getting tired”

“Dad you can still fight. You can’t just give up now”

“I already did Kim. I am really tired of the backs and forth,I have lived a fulfilling life and I know at some points I made grievous mistakes that I really regret but I didn’t regret the most part of my life because It was spent with you. What more can a man ask for” he chuckled softly.

It was ironic that I was sobbing like a kid and he the sick one was looking contented and dare I say satisfied.

“Dad if you are saying that to make me feel better,it isn’t working” I muttered.

“Kim I am really sorry for letting you down”

“Dad you didn’t let me down. You promised you won’t let me down right?”

“I tried not to let you down. I sincerely tried but I got tired of all of it and I couldn’t fight anymore”

“Dad you can’t do this to me. You are all I have left,I can’t survive dad”.

“No Kim,no,you can and you will. Remember you are a strong girl,you can pick the pieces back and get back on your feet. Kim what has to be must be, it’s inevitable,I always knew a day like this would come but I wasn’t just prepared for it” he said and his facade fell off,he was indeed sad,he just wanted to put up a strong front to comfort me but that was not working.

“That is more reason why you have to fight. You don’t want to leave me and I don’t want you to leave either. Dad please”

“Kimberly,I can’t. I already tried but I can’t” he looked defeated.

“Dad please you can’t do this to me,we have places we would go together and…”

“I can’t Kim,I really can’t. I am sorry, forgive me baby. Forgive me for letting you down”.

“Dad no. You can’t do this to me,you just can’t do this to us” I sobbed the more and he couldn’t bring his face to look at me.

My dad eventually gave up the ghost before midnight and everything happened so fast. He was talking and he started hiccupping,he coughed blood and he convulsed,I screamed and the doctors ran in.

They tried their best,they really tried but their best wasn’t just enough and moreover we all know he wasn’t going to last the night but I was hoping he would. It was like my soul was detached from me,I saw myself screaming,crying for him to get up and tell me everything was alright that he couldn’t just die now.

But he didn’t move and I was transfixed to one spot when the doctor covered him with white clothings,I didn’t move because I was shocked and tears were just rolling down my face and the nurses were trying to calm me down. It was not working because the pain was unbearable and I wanted to scream and I did just that.

All this from the beginning was just a waste,the person I did it for couldn’t even fight anymore and I was left alone and lonely with no one.

It is ironic that I was telling myself I was gonna get back on my feet. I don’t think I could do that even with all the time in the world because my life just crumbled twice in six months.

There was nothing to live for any longer.

Nothing. Absolutely nothing.


What do y’all think 😦

Ik it was sad,ik…but it has to be. Everything happens for a reason

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