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🦋 Kim’s p.o.v🥀

“Dad because the doctor said you would leave soon doesn’t stop you from taking your medications”.

He sighed “and who told you I am not taking my medications?”

“The doctor and the chief nurse. They said you throw a tantrum whenever they wants to give you a medication”. I said not too pleased with him.

He raised his eyebrows “I don’t take the drugs any longer because I think there aren’t good for me any longer. Unlike before I needed them to feel good but recently whenever I am being given the injections,I feel so sleepy and it’s like I am not in control of my body. Like i am in another world” he explained frowning.

Okay maybe I was too harsh on him.

“Did you tell the doctor about this?”.

“Of course I did and he told me that is exactly what the drug does.”

“Then you have to keep on taking it”.

“But I am better already. Look it remains two chemotherapy before I would be discharged from here then we can both go home”.

Home? Home sounded foreign now.

“Yes. You will go home,but you have to continue your medications. It was the medications that made you better so you can’t just stop now”. I told him gently.

“I said I don’t want to”. He snapped and I flinched.

Okay that was a first,he never shouts on me on minor issues like this.

After realizing what he did he looked like he wanted to hit his head on a wall “Kimberly I didn’t mean to snap. I am sorry”.

I shook my head “no it’s fine. I pressed you too much and you are probably worked up”.

“I shouldn’t have snapped that way though”. He frowned his face.

I moved closer “dad it’s fine. If you don’t want to continue the injections because you don’t feel comfortable with it,I can tell the doctor to give you capsules. Would you take that?”. I asked rubbing my temple.

“I don’t want to”. He said gently. “I don’t just want to take more drugs”.

I smiled gently even though I was not comfortable inside “that’s fine. It’s totally alright as long as you are alright”.

“Thanks Kimberly, thanks”. He smiled at me.

I don’t know why he doesn’t want to continue with his drugs and I don’t want to pressure him more than I just did. Dad have been behaving different for some days now,he snaps at every little thing and he tends to get angry on whatever the doctor says.

I once witnessed how he struggled with a nurse because she wanted to inject him, that’s so unlike him and I don’t feel comfortable about it. Something is wrong with him and the thing is taking a toll on him.

After our little talk he faced the other side of the bed and hummed softly,i might as well take my leave now because I wasn’t comfortable with his behavior.

“Hmm,dad I have to be on my way”. I say standing up.

He didn’t even turn to look at me.


“Hmm”. He still didn’t turn.

“Dad,did I do something wrong? Are you mad at me?”. I asked him.

He shook his head “no,I am not mad at you,I am mad at myself”.

Okay that is new.

I sat down back “dad what’s wrong? Is there something you aren’t telling me?”.

“No, nothing you should know of”. He replied curtly.

He haven’t gone out of the hospital to cause trouble right? And moreover he was barely healthy so why would he get onto any type of trouble. He isn’t a criminal right?

Criminal? No my dad isn’t a criminal.

“Dad you need to talk to me if something is bothering you. You don’t need to bother yourself with thinking,you just got out of risk and remember if you don’t tell me I won’t know how to help you”. I pressed him.

“Kim I said you should drop the issue” he instructed.

“Dad,you need to talk to me if you ….”

“I said” he snapped this time more harshly and he didn’t look like he wanted to apologise.

I might just cry now.

“I have to be on my way then”. I stood up,I went to his bedside to kiss his cheeks before I exited the room.

He didn’t even pass me a sideway glance, something was definitely bothering him or I was just over thinking this. Dad have been in the hospital for close to twelve months now,he is probably worked out,he haven’t gone outside for a while so it’s definitely taking a toll on him.

I dismissed the thoughts of daddy involved in something shady. He was probably worked up.


“Hello?”. I asked over the phone and the call ended immediately.

This particular number have been calling me for a while now and I was beginning to get scared. It can’t be a serial killer right? I am just twenty four and I haven’t even had sex yet so I can’t just die now right?.

Julia threatened me but she can’t go that far can she? She wouldn’t kill me because of a guy right? Julia it was all a plan alright? I may be sharp mouthed but I am a scaredy cat inside and to be honest I was scared when she threatened me and I just wanted to tell her that this is all a plan but the witty part of me took over and the truth Is I don’t know whether the thing between Ashton and I is just a plan anymore.

I looked at the back of the car,no one was following me. That’s a relief.

Ashton allowed me to go alone today and you have no idea how glad I was. But I am not glad anymore because I think I would still get into trouble.

The number called me again,this time I didn’t pick up,I focused on driving even if my hands were getting wet and clampy on the wheel. I was f-----g scared and I occasionally looked at my side mirror to ensure no one was following me.

The number called again and I said a silent prayer before picking it up “hello?”. I called trying so hard to sound normal. I can’t give myself away that way.

“Kimberly?”. I heard the man call from the other side of the phone.

He even knows my name. More trouble “yes,who are you?”.

“I am Marcello”. He said curtly.

“Marcello? I am sorry but I don’t know you”

“Yes you probably don’t remember,but your father knows me well, it’s a pity you don’t know me. I heard he is down with cancer,how his he doing now”. The man asked in his rough voice.

He sounded dangerous.

“Mr Marcello,what do you want from me”. I asked ignoring his question.

“Meet me at no 2 Allen street now”. He ordered.

“I can’t meet you because I don’t know you. For all I care you might me a serial killer or a kidnapper or even an armed robber. I can’t do that”. I told him,I might be naive but i wasn’t stupid.

No one was safe now,how would I go and meet a man I didn’t know from anywhere. What if he removes my heart of my eyes?

“You are quite bold Kim I must commend but you must find your way here and don’t keep me waiting. I repeat don’t”. He said menacingly.

“I can’t come Mr Marcello. I don’t know you”.

“But your father does and this is about your dad. You know how important that is right?”.

“My dad? Did he do something wrong?”. I asked my breath hitching,I pray i don’t get into an accident. I would have parked to take this call but I was scared to park,what if someone hits me or something.

“Yes your dad. If you want to know why don’t you come over”

“I can’t”. I deadpanned my earlier resolve coming back.

“Okay let’s see then. You are in a red sports car, wearing black jacket and loose jeans you are driving towards the downtown area,you just left the hospital some minutes ago. My guys should probably corner you before you get into the main road”. He paused “I should probably send them over now,right Kimberly you wouldn’t want us to do that right?”

My breath hitched “please don’t do that. You wouldn’t hurt me right?”. I wanted assurance even though I know it was a stupid move.

I should just call Scott or Ashton that I have gotten into trouble but I didn’t want to. A part of me wanted to know what my dad have gotten himself into. Marcello sounded Italian,what business does Dad have with an Italian?

“Don’t over think this Kimberly. If you come yourself I promise I won’t hurt you but if my guys come,who knows they might and they might not. You don’t want to risk that right? Now take a turn back to downtown no 2 Allen now”. He instructed.

I didn’t want to go because I know it wasn’t safe but I wanted to go too for my dad and I was somewhat thankful this has nothing to do with Julia or her threats.

I turned the car around and back to downtown. Downtown wasn’t a safe place and I know it. It was a safe haven for touts and thugs and street gangs,I shouldn’t be there but I couldn’t help but wonder what my dad did and I don’t have a choice either.

If I called someone I wasn’t sure no one would get hurt,someone might get hurt and I didn’t want that and I was curious too.

“Good girl. Downtown no 2 Allen don’t forget,my guys would take care of the rest”. He said before ending the call.

I took a deep breath.

“Kim what have you gotten yourself into?”


“Can you please try not to touch me”. I told the guy leading me to where Marcello was and he smirked in return with his hands still on my lower back.

This was a dangerous move and I know it. I was more scared than nervous. The young guy leading me should be about my age or a little older if he wasn’t looking older because of the numerous tattoos on his body and the piercings. He spelled dangerous,I couldn’t help but wonder how Marcello would look like.

“Where is the boss?” The tattooed guy asked when we walked through another hall.

The place was big and it looked like an abandoned house or they probably killed the owner and took over the building.

They thought made me shiver.

“The last room down the hall”. The guy replied.he was bald unlike the tattooed guy and he had fewer piercings and tattoos but that didn’t make him less dangerous.

They were dangerous people.

We walked for few minutes before we reached the last room in the hallway. The tattooed guy opened the door and led me in,he greeted a man that had his back facing us and exited the room,I was left alone with the man and I was already panicking inside.

Is he faceless?

Doesn’t he have an eye? It would he great if he has none, at least I can escape if he tries something funny.

Is he a monster or a one faced alien?

“Fancy seeing you here Kimberly”. The man said and he turned revealing his face. He looked familiar and I think I have met him somewhere before.


“Yes Kimberly,you remember me now?” He said removing his cap.

Why didn’t I think of this before?

I knew this man, Marcello is one of dad’s friends and I might have seen him in my house once or twice. He was dangerous no doubt and I regretted coming here,he didn’t hide his intentions that he was attracted to me even after I called his bluff that my dad was his friend and I was like a daughter to him. When he didn’t budge I had to report him to dad and since then I never saw him again.

He was still the same except from more piercings and a few more tattoos on his arms and neck.

“What do you want from me ?”. I asked him after finding my tongue.

“That’s not a greeting Kimberly you know more than that,you are feisty and I like that,you have also gotten more pretty over the years” he said moving closer to me and I moved back on impulse.

” What are you doing?” I manage to let out.

“Nothing” he said innocently “i just wanted to see your face from a more closer view. Does that makes you uncomfortable?”

I nodded my head “yes. It makes me uncomfortable” I admitted. I was scared,so scared. He wouldn’t hurt me would he?

“Sadly I am also uncomfortable too,I am stirring up here”. He said pointing to his lower abdomen and my eyes widened before I looked away “still innocent as usual”. He muttered.

“You said you weren’t gonna hurt me” I reminded him.

He looked fazed “no,about this I can take care of myself later,I won’t do that without your consent.”

“Why am I here?” I asked him.

He smirked before moving back and I took a deep breath calming my nerves down.

“It’s Marcello,just Marcello” I assured myself.


What do you think Marcello wants?

I know this was short and a filler chapter,my bad 😥…but I just wanted to add a new character to the story because he has a role to play too.

I know at a point, y’all thought it was Julia. I also thought like that too lol 😂

I would offend everyone in the next chapter and you guys would be like ‘it is too early, you are not meant to write this,they were meant to form a relationship first’. But I just have to write that.

Let me remind you Kim has less than two months or so in Ashton’s house.

Why don’t we get into the real game?

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