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🌹 Julia’s p.o.v🌹

“You wouldn’t just shut up and stop oozing out useless stuffs from your mouth right?”. I snapped at Ariana.

Ariana was a really dumb girl and sometimes I think she was just so lucky like really lucky to be with someone as perfect as I am. Let’s face it,Ariana isn’t really blessed with looks,she is just plain like PLAIN and it pisses me off that she is a scaredy cat to go for cosmetic surgery. Duh I might have done a plastic surgery some years back,I did a liposuction and I might have raised my hips a bit,now look I am just so beautiful and perfect.

I was here with two of my friends,I wouldn’t call them friends,I would call them my minions because since high school I have been their master,their leader and sometimes I get so tired of them. They can’t do a simple task perfectly,I know they don’t like me and they are only with be because of the popularity and the hot boys they can come across but I don’t like them either,I am only with them because of what they can do for me and their parents are elites too. I don’t like anybody except from Ashton and he would love me whether he likes it or not.

Kiara on the other hand was the exact opposite of Ariana. She doesn’t like me and it is obvious,she is only with us because her mom wants her to be with people of her class.

She rarely interferes in my issues and if she does,she is always the antagonist. She is pretty and I don’t like it,I feel intimidated whenever I see people more beautiful than I am.

She knows she is more beautiful and she might have snatched some hot guys from me but I don’t care as long as it isn’t Ashton,what I need from other guys is just sex and nothing more but I need more than sex from Ashton,I need his attention and care but that’s just hard to get. But Julia never gives up on something she wants.

“You don’t take to corrections and that have affected a large part of your life”. Kiara said.

Remember when I said she was the antagonist.

“I didn’t remember asking for your opinion”.

“I didn’t remember lending my opinion either,I just told you what Ariana is scared of saying”. She pinpointed.

“I don’t like you”. I blurted out.

“And I don’t like you either”. She deadpanned.

“Then why are you here?”.

“Because my mom wants me here but believe me the moment I get enough cash to sustain me for ten years,I am leaving this country and you ain’t gonna see my face again”. She told me.

She have been saying this for close to two years now,I wonder when her cash would be complete so she can just disappear from my every day view. Or I might just tell her mom about her plan to elope.

Let’s tease her, shall we?

I put my lips in a flat line “or I should just tell your mom about your ‘little’ plan”.

Her face got paled,if there was one person Kiara would never disobey,it was her mom and she did every f-----g thing to please her. why was she with us anyways? Because of her mom.

“You wouldn’t do that. She won’t believe you”. She said after gaining her composure.

That was a wrong move on her part,I smirked “really? You think she wouldn’t. Why don’t we experiment now if she would believe me or not. Ari are you in?”. I asked Ariana and she gasped before nodding her head vigorously and Kiara looked like she could hit her head on the nearby Wall “good girl”.

I dialed Kiara’s mom’s number and I couldn’t help but smile at the thought of Aunt Mary gasping for air and calling the security team to go find her only pretty daughter.

“Let’s dial her number shall we?”. I asked Kiara biting my lower lips and she fisted her knuckles tight on the table like she wanted to hit me in the jaw. My perfect jaw.

“Okay okay. Don’t do that”. She said through clenched teeth.

I looked at her fazed “you are commanding me?” I asked her. She knows better than to command me.

“I just said you shouldn’t call her right?”

“Ari come over let’s do this,be careful not to pour your smoothie on me. Like why the f--k are you taking a smoothie in the first place? You are fat at it is,take a drink without milk or anything,now put that away”. I instructed her and she did that immediately looking at the drink pathetically and Kiara sighed and I guess she was about to drop a snarky remark when I threw her a ‘don’t dare’ look.

“Okay please don’t call my mom. You can’t do this to me right? My mom would freak out if you tell her that and she might just double my security team and she would question my everyday move”. Kiara said calmly.

She finally came back to her senses. Kiara was feisty and outspoken but with a few buttons I can still control her. Her mom adores me and I know that,she adores Kiara also and she was overprotective of her.

She was controlling too like Kiara is twenty four or so and she has no say of her own. My mom knows better than to control me,instead she bends to my own will. Yup,my mom is cool.

“Are you scared Kia?”. Ariana taunted her.

“Oh just shut up you idiot,I am nothing like you” Kiara retorted.

“Really? Julia maybe we should really call aunty Mary. You are pathetic and you know that Kia,you fear your mom like she is your God,you are still a toddler a big toddler”. She teased and for no reason I laughed and Kiara’s face went red.

It was usually funny whenever Ariana acted mean because Ariana’s look is weird imagine combining her looks with her mean character, that’s a weird combo.

“For the records I am still better than you. I fear my mom,you fear Julia. You even dropped your drink because she asked you to”.

“I dropped it because Julia knows what is best for me,right Julia?”.

“Yup Ari,I am the only one that knows what is best for you and with this your weight you shouldn’t be taking milk”. I told her and she beamed with smile.

Ariana was wrapped under my pinky finger.

“Oh really? I didn’t know you were a nutritionist and…”

“Enough Kiara. I might just call your mom and see you shrink with fear on your seat”. I told her sternly.

“Don’t do that”. She paused “please”. She added and Ari and I bursted into laughter.

Dear Kiara.

My dear Kiara.

“Okay,I wont do that if you behave like a good girl,don’t antagonise any of my choices today okay?”.

She frowned looking at me “but you are always doing the wrong thing”. D--n if I wasn’t hurt by her statement.

“Okay?”. I asked leaving no room for her stupid corrections.

“Okay”. She nodded her head.

Sick b---h.

“Now let’s head for dinner,I am famished”? I announced standing up and my bodyguard went to clear the bills.

“I am famished too”. Ari added earning a scowl from me.

“You are still gonna eat tonight? Aren’t you full?”. Kiara asked.

Let’s talk about gluttonous Ari,she isn’t helping her body at all. She eats junks and all the bad food you can think of,she Hates vegetables like she hates the devil.

“Yes, aren’t you hungry too? Why shouldn’t I eat?”. She snapped back.

“Because you just consumed two cupcakes”. Kiara said looking at her disgustedly.

Yes they never get along and the evil me likes it that way. They can barely stand each other so they can’t plot anything against me. Most times Ari and I are usually a team then we frustrate Kiara until she bends to my will,just like what happened today.

“That’s none of your f-----g business you…”

“Okay girls that is enough. Ari I am ordering for you”. I said sweetly and she gasped while Kiara smirked.

Remember when I said she hated vegetables,I guess that is what she is taking tonight.


“Ari you should really try to stop picking your food. This is a public restaurant for Christ’s sake and they are hot boys here. I can’t imagine anyone who would want to approach our table with your worst eating habits”. Kiara scolded.

She was picking on Ariana more than usual and I guess she was still frustrated with what just happened.

We were currently at the ‘diners’ one of the most popular eatery in New York and it was private too because we got a private wing. We are VVIPS anyways. Ari was probably picking on her food because I ordered her a pure vegetarian meal,she doesn’t need meat with this her weight. Kiara and I were vegetarians so what Is stopping our dear Ari? Junk foods just junk foods and meatballs. Sadly she didn’t get any of that tonight.

“I am not just hungry and me picking my food is none of your business”. Ari retorted.

She isn’t hungry any longer when there is no beef or chicken on her food,the food is purely green.

I watched them as they bickered munching my food gently and winking at the few hot guys here who were probably wondering what was wrong with my talkative friends. My bad.

“At least I got a boyfriend I dumped because he ate too much. What about you? Do you ever have a boyfriend for a week except from the nightly hook ups?”. I heard Kiara asked.

Kiara always hit the sour points and I felt bad for Ariana. Kiara waa always the one getting her male friends drunk so they can hit on Ariana and spend a night with her when Ariana felt like getting laid badly.

Not our fault though,I doubt if any guy in his right senses and not drunk would want to have anything to do with Ariana. Me as a lady wouldn’t even want to f--k her not to talk of a guy. She was just bad with beauty and it sucks but I was kinda happy she wasn’t pretty because all the attention remains on me and me alone.

“I don’t have a boyfriend but I get laid okay?”. Ariana said,that was a wrong move because we both know how much trouble we pass through before she can get laid.

Kiara laughed loudly “you aren’t that dumb are you? You can’t say you don’t know the troubles Julia and I usually pass through before our dear friend gets laid. We drug the guys Ari,we F-----g spike their drinks. Why? Because I highly doubt if a sober man would take you home for a night,no sober man would do that. That is why you don’t have a boyfriend”. She said the last part too sweetly that it hurts even though I wasn’t the one she was referring to.

Kiara was mean no doubt but I was too,we all were so we are kinda a good combo. They isn’t any nice person amongst us.

Ariana was red with rage,it looked like she wanted to yell,cry,punch her and most importantly she wanted to use the toilet.

Ariana’s size was a touchy subject for her but sadly that is the aspect Kiara and I find joy in teasing her with. I guess Kiara wasn’t just teasing this time,she was saying the bitter truth.

This wouldn’t end well,we were in public and right now,it looks like Ari was gonna turn this table and do some Jackie chan moves.

P.S… only if she could carry herself but pathetically she can barely do that.

She resulted to verbal attack,she was about to do that when we heard a familiar voice and we all turned to the direction of the sound,it was the table beside us. Lo and behold Kim stood there with a girl beside her,she was talking to the waitress. The waitress smiled at her before her and the girl took a seat,the f-----g waitress didn’t even give me a smile.

Why does it looks like everyone likes her? First it was Ashton, Millie and then the f-----g waitress. I remember how hard it was for me to win Millie over and I still didn’t win her over,she just hated me for no reason and I badly wanted her to like me because all mom’s friend does.

All I did was to fake a very sweet persona and boom they fell for it unless Millie of course. The first day Millie met Kim,Millie already liked her and it sucks because for years she didn’t like me and it looked like she was charmed.

She even invited her to the auction and she didn’t send an invitation to my mom this year,at least if she did I would have gone with mom and take the opportunity to see Ashton and probably taunt Kim but she didn’t and mom wasn’t bothered either.

“She is more pretty in person than in tabloids and I think more beautiful in personality than you guys described her to be”. Kiara said looking dreamily at her.

Yes Kiara was bisexual.

I think I was the one about to turn the table now Kiara have never told me that I was pretty. Yes Kim was pretty and it sucks and there was this kind of aura that she had that drew people to her,not to talk of the sick long hair that I desperately wanted Aunt Rosa to cut it for her.

“Would you just shut up you fool”. I seethed. Kiara was a big fool for saying that Knowing how much I hated Kim. Kiara wasn’t at my birthday party because she had a surgical procedure to undergo so this would be her first time seeing Kim in person.

Kim didn’t look around the restaurant,she just sat down peacefully and her and her friend seemed so Engrossed in whatever they were saying. They haven’t even placed an order yet,but there was a wine in front of them. I noticed Smith standing at the far end of the restaurant keeping an eye on her. She flipped her hair and the diamond ring stood elegantly on her fingers,I wanted to yell right now. That Ring is supposed to be mine and she shouldn’t be this beautiful either. I would teach her a lesson,a lesson that no one takes what is mine.

“You are starring too much and she might just notice this”. Ari said tapping me gently.

“I don’t give a f--k”. I told her on the verge of snapping.

“Right. You don’t and you are staring at her like you want to throw a dagger in her chest. I don’t blame you though,the girl is pretty and hot”. Kiara said adding salt to my injury.

“Look at the bag. It is the limited edition of Louis Vuitton,they made only 100 pieces this year and 5 pieces alone was sold in new York and she has one”. Ariana said. She was the living encyclopedia of fashion even with her size.

“Just shut the f--k up”. I seethed and she flinched. “I can get it too if I want. But sadly Louis Vuitton is too common and I don’t use common things”.

“No Julia. This isn’t common,we all know how badly you wanted this bag just last week and how angry you were that it was already sold out. Don’t just say anything to bad-mouth the pretty girl”. Kiara remarked drily.

“I hope you know she isn’t a lesbian so stop whatever you are thinking”. Ari defended.

“And she isn’t bisexual either”. I added glaring at her.

“She isn’t any of that but she has something you have always wanted. First, Ashton. Second,the three piece cut diamond ring. Third,the Louis Vuitton hand bag and lastly she …”

“Just shut the f--k up idiot and if you don’t you know what I can do,don’t you?”. I asked her.

Kiara sipped her wine before bringing out her phone and she was tapping on the screen totally ignoring us.

“Get ready girls,we are going to Kim’s table”. I informed them tilting my chin up.

Ari looked dumbfounded “Julia I don’t think this is a good idea, remember what happened the last time, Ashton came to her defense and she is quite a force to reckon with,she might look so innocent but she doesn’t take people being mean to her”.

“Last time? What Happened last time?” Kiara asked raising her head from her phone.

“We met Kim at Julia’s birthday party and…”

“Just shut your mouth. Fool”. I scolded Ariana and she shut her mouth immediately. “What Happened is non of your business Kiara and Ari, Ashton isn’t here to defend her today so girls get your asses up let’s go meet Kim”. I said and they all stood up somewhat reluctantly.


“Look who we have here. Kim I didn’t expect to meet you here”. I said immediately we got to her table.

“I didn’t expect to meet you here either”. She replied.

“No you should expect to meet me here because this type of place are my settings but you see sadly you don’t belong to places like this. The junk food at the roadside fits you”. I told her.

She chuckled “what an irony,I told Bren that we should eat there but she didn’t want to she said she wants something formal and we got the best table here”.

“I have seen you somewhere”. I told the brunette and she smiled at me immediately.

“Yes I work at Ashton’s company”. She replied.

I smirked “you might have seen me coming in once or twice right?”

“Yes. Fancy meeting you here. I follow your YouTube channel”. She told me smiling.

“I do good vlogs you know. We should go out for a drink sometimes,with my friends”. I told the lady and she was about to reply when Kim beat her to it.

“Why are you here at my table Julia? Do you want something from me?”

“No I don’t. What is yours would soon be mine anyways. Yes Ashton would soon be mine”.

“You are pretty pathetic for a loser. Pathetic losers don’t leave things they already lost,they cling to it like it is still theirs. Sadly you are like that”

“You are more pathetic if you think you are gonna marry him”. I told her seething. So much guts

“He already put a ring to it Miss”. She said flinging her fingers.

“I get what I want and Ashton is what I want. Watch me as I take him away from you”. I threatened her but she didn’t flinch.

“Good luck Julia. Good luck”.

“The game is on Kim. The game is on”. I promised her.

She looked at me squarely muttering something under her breath. I turned to the Brenda girl “think about having a drink with us sometime”.

The girl only nodded. I gave Kim one last look before I strode away from her table with the girls following closely. I knew they weren’t gonna say anything I just wanted to go with them to have more confidence and intimidate Kim.

I was gonna do whatever it takes to have Ashton,Kim just have to look and watch.

I was gonna do whatever it takes even if others requires force. I was gonna do it.

Ashton is mine and Kim was going to regret ever meeting him and taking him away from me.

I promise her that.

“Watch and see Kim. Just watch and see,it would be like a nightmare to you”.


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