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🦋 Kim’s p.o.v🦋

“You can’t just talk like that bren. I am really sorry and you need to believe me”.

“You have no idea how crossed I was when I saw the news on the TV some months ago,I didn’t believe until my colleagues in the office informed me”. Brenda said over the phone.

“But you didn’t call”.

“You didn’t either. You made me believe you didn’t like the boss or something not knowing there was something going on between you two. I am not happy with you I won’t lie about that”. She said again

“I am really sorry and believe me I wanted to tell you about it but I was caught up on so many things. You know I wouldn’t have done something like that on purpose”.

Brenda call came in when I was about to retire to bed and believe me it haven’t been easy calming her down. She is angry that i didn’t tell her I was dating Ashton and stuffs like that,that she heard the news from others but not from me considering how close we are but I didn’t tell her because this was all a plan and I wouldn’t want her to take it as anything serious and get angry when this is finally over but she won’t just understand so I won’t tell her.

“I am sorry Bren and i promise it isn’t gonna happen again,you just need to believe me”.

“If you say so. I believe you anyways and I ain’t mad anymore,treat me to dinner tomorrow”. She requested.

“Sure I will. What time?”.

“You decide that as your punishment”.

“You know I am not good in things like this”.

“I know and that is why I want you to do it this time”.

“Bren, let’s not do this. Why don’t you suggest a place”.

“I am not suggesting a place Kimberly. You are treating me to dinner and you are suggesting the place”. She insisted.

“Then get ready to eat by the roadside”. I joked and she chuckled.

“Nah. That’s low coming from the future Mrs bustamante,you are more than that Kim and I know that”.

“I already told you. Dress in casual clothes,we are gonna eat by the roadside and play in the park”. I said again

“In the park? What are we? Toddlers? You won’t dare Kim,you won’t dare do that”.

“Watch me just stay back and watch”. I told her and she yawned.

She is sleepy already and she has to go to work tomorrow.

“Come with a flashy car okay? The boss would allow you to use any car you want right? I might just use the opportunity to take some cool pictures”

“Aye Sir. Aye. I am hanging up now”

“Goodnight, sleep tight”.

“You too Bren. Sleep tight”. I said before Ending the call.

Brenda have been my friend since college,we weren’t really close in college because she was the type that partied every day of the week. She was the carefree type and she loved lavish spendings,I remember how she wastes her monthly allowance on designers clothings and whenever I try to talk her out of it she gets so angry and ditch me for other girls.

Things were like that for a while,every little time we quarrel she ditch me and she comes back later probably when the other girls ditch her for other girls too. I cared less then,I had my fair share of partying days too…like who doesn’t party in Harvard? But I definitely never spent money like she did.

Her life changed when her mom went bankrupt and she got paralysed in one side of her body and her dad wouldn’t give her things her mom was always giving her because he had another wife and other children, I remember how distraught she was then and it was during that period she had a rethink of her life and she learnt to be responsible and she got a job.

A well paying job at Ashton’s company and when my father’s illness struck she was the one that recommended me to Ashton’s company. We had our bad days but the good days overshadowed it because she helped me in my darkest moments and that’s what friendship is all about. Brenda is one of the people I wouldn’t wanna lose in my life and i know she feels the same.

She might be doing fairly well in financial aspect even though her mom is down with stroke but duh, Ashton’s company pays well and managing stroke isn’t like managing cancer but I know better than to bother her for cash even though she wouldn’t refuse,i know how hard managing a parent with a terminal disease can be.

I washed my face, applied my moisturizer and the likes on my face,then I retired to bed. But before I did that I checked the time,it was few minutes past ten and Ashton wasn’t back yet.

It have become my daily routine to check the time and a part of my mind always hoping he would get home early. I have no idea why it have been like that lately, probably because he was actually beginning to act nice towards me and he was kinda sweet too.

×shut up Kim…Ashton isn’t sweet.

Ashton and I where getting pretty close and one part of me hated the idea and the traitor part of me liked the idea. Since the Hook up night he have been surprisingly calm and sometimes nice even though he still snapped sometimes. Of course he was still Ashton.

The day of the auction after that scene that happened in the Millie’s house. I told him to keep the drawing because I was shocked when he was telling one of the bouncers to give the drawings to the security head.

I told him to keep it because the drawings were beautiful and why would you bid this amount of money on a drawing just to gift it to someone. To be honest I have also thought about where the previous drawings he always bidded where and he took me no time to discover he have always been giving them to the security head.

I talked him into taking the paintings home and he looked at me like I was insane and walked past me. I had to politely collect the paintings from the man and ran after him. Immediately we got home, I hanged the pictures in the living room and it looked beautiful,he must have noticed it too but he didn’t tell me anything and focused on the television but I could see him looking occasionally at the painting with one corner of his eyes. He had said “this isn’t a studio. What’s with the rainbow colored paintings?” And I have rolled my eyes in return earning a scoff from him.

I later briefed him on considering repainting his house to more lively colors. He didn’t give me a feedback but he didn’t reject the option either and most importantly he didn’t snap,he might have pretended Like he wasn’t listening to me but I have caught a tiny smile on his lips before he quickly covered it with a scowl.

I think there is nothing wrong in smiling and everyone should smile more because that’s what life is all about. He was handsome without smiling so imagine how he would be when he smiles.

I thought of many things before I finally fell asleep and that’s is how it have been for a while now,I guess thinking of things you weren’t able to process during the day before you sleep is therapeutical and it helps in calming you down.


I woke up pretty early this morning and I have no idea why, probably because I slept quite early yesternite because I didn’t wait for the rerun of any of my favorite shows,I just wanted to sleep.

I brushed my teeth,washed my face and I packed my hair in a uptight bun not ponytail because I wanted to work out. I might have added more pounds in weight because I have been eating well, sleeping well and worrying less because my dad was getting okay and probably because Ashton wasn’t that rude to me anymore.

So I got a yoga mat and laid it in my room. My room is wide enough and it scares me that I am the only one staying in the room sometimes. I didn’t do basic work outs because I might have taken some yoga classes back in high school and college and running, jogging, cycling doesn’t just work for everyone.

I love yoga practices because it helps me meditate and I have been doing just that for the past one month now and it have helped me to a point. I changed into a leggings and tank top,I turned on my music player and I made sure wasn’t in high volume and just low enough for me to hear before sitting on the mat and I started my practice. I usually do this for an hour or so before having my bath and going downstairs for a cup of coffee.

🥀 Ashton’s p.o.v💐

I walked down the hall to Kim’s room to be very honest I don’t know why I was going there. Probably because I didn’t see her yesterday when I got back and it is very rare because she was meant to be watching the rerun of her favorite show ( the Kardashians) that she have surprisingly forced me to start watching with her,the show was airing 10 pm to 11 pm and she wasn’t in the living room when I got back.

I don’t know why I wanted to go there because to be honest I haven’t gone to her room since she packed in but I have gotten my fair share of the strawberry scent whenever I was passing through the hall.

I might just find a useless excuse if she asks me what I wanted. For the umpteenth time I don’t know why I wanted to go there maybe because I just wanted to see her.

Why do I want to see her? I have no idea why. Prolly because I didn’t see her yesterday and I wanted to make sure a serial killer haven’t gotten into the house to harm her. Dumb excuse I know.

I eventually got to the front of the room and I was hearing faint sound like a music or something. I knocked the door,no reply. I knocked again,no reply and I opened the door.

The sight that I beheld was something else. Kim was sitting on a mat, crossing her legs with her hands on them and her eyes shut close,she looked like she was outta this world oblivious of her surroundings and the only sound in the room was the low music playing and probably my hitching breathe now.

I swallowed hard and looked away because I was getting more frustrated,even without opening her eyes she was still hot like what the actual f--k.

√she is just a lady Ashton. Just a lady.

I looked around the room,she didn’t really change anything there except from the photographs by her bed side and the homely scent of strawberry,the room was tidy nothing was out of place except from her pajamas jacket on her bed folded neatly.

My stare was cut short when I heard clearing of throat,Kim already stood up and the music have stopped playing. Right,you were caught in the game Ashton.

What to say?

She was looking at me with a questioning look and I stared back at her flatly.

“You startled me”. She said moving towards the bed before removing the band from her hair and her hair fell on her shoulders in tangled mess and d--n if that was not beautiful,I looked away. I might just die now,I guess I am just sexually starved and nothing more.

“I knocked but you weren’t responding”. I told her when I eventually found my voice remembering she said something.

“I prolly didn’t hear. Was in another place entirely”. She told me.

“You do yoga?” I asked dumbly. Dude didn’t you just see her doing it when you entered.

“Yes I do. The basic one though,I am not that perfect in yoga and it have been a while since I stopped it so I can’t be efficient like I was before”. She told me.

It was the basic one that turned me on what if she did the main one.

“You need something?”. She asked again.

Right,what did I need?

“Yes I wanted to tell you something”. I said still not knowing what I was about to say.

“What is that?” She asked looking at me.

“The housekeeper said she might have given you some clothes yesterday and mine is part of it because there are few of my laundered clothes I didn’t see”. I said.

Perfect excuse. The problem is I wasn’t looking for any of my clothes. The housekeeper probably knows the difference from a male and a female clothe. But what would I have said?

“You didn’t see some of your clothes?”. She asked crossing her arms.

“Yes I didn’t. You should probably check yours she might have taken my clothes for yours” I said with a flat look and she probably thought I was being serious because why would I come to her room if I was joking.

“Okay I would check mine but I highly doubt if I would see your clothes. Because I sorted my clothes myself and I didn’t see yours.” She said again.

“Just check it”. I said curtly. I didn’t want her to drag the issue because she might just know that I didn’t come here for that.

“I will. I might want to borrow one of your cars if that is okay with you”.

“Are you going somewhere?”. I heard myself say.


“Then Smith would take you”. I told her

She shook her head “no,that won’t be necessary,I want to go myself”.

“But that won’t be possible either, remember what happened when you went to the hospital yourself and you were almost mobbed”. I reminded her.

That day wasn’t just her lucky day.

“That was few months ago. I prolly won’t be followed anymore like I was followed then. The issue have died down”.

“You might think it have. But every reporter would take every chance to get a picture or two if you go out alone and we can’t risk it”.

“I won’t be going out during the day”. She told me.

“Where are you going exactly?”. I asked her calming my curiosity.

“I want to see a friend. It have been a while,I won’t take long and we are definitely not going to somewhere that would raise attention”. She said again.

“If you say so but Smith would still go with you even though he isn’t gonna ride with you. You can take the car you are familiar with”. I said stopping myself from asking if the friend was a guy or a lady. It should be a lady.

“Thank you”.

I nodded slightly before turning to leave the room when she called after me “I would search for your clothes”.

I stopped myself from telling her not to bother that I wasn’t looking for any cloth.

I hummed an “okay”. Before leaving the room.

Who was she going to meet? I hope it wasn’t that person she was talking to on phone,the one that made her Chuckle.

Ashton what the f--k is wrong with you?.

To he honest I don’t know what is wrong with me but I can’t be falling for kim can I? That’s not just possible,I wouldn’t let that happen.

“Don’t get too attached Ashton,don’t get too attached. In less than three months every things would be over.” I assured myself as I walked down the hall.

I was just sexually starved and I could have just hooked up with the hot dancer yesterday.

Ashton you are just sexually starved.

Just starved.


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